Cemetery Summons Ch. 06


"So, how's life been treating you Jack?"

"Alright, I guess."

"Found anyone special to snuggle with while her daddy's away?" Stacy asked with a giggle. Jack shrugged and adjusted his vest.

"I actually did find a girl on Halloween." Jack smiled as Stacy's jaw dropped. Two customers walked in and she immediately snapped back to attention. Her face turned a little red at the cheeks and she handed Jack two menus.

"Actually, my wife is going to be here soon. Make that three?" one of the men asked. Stacy smiled and pulled out a third menu. She handed them to Jack and he walked the men to an empty booth. He looked around briefly as he set down the menus. Hell, half the restaurant was empty this time of day.

"Uh, what would you two be drinking today, and if you know what your third guest is having, then I'll get that too," Jack said as he pulled out his flip book and pen.

"Sure, I'll have a coke."

"I'll take an iced tea if you have one, unsweetened. And bring one for my wife if you could, with extra lemons too."

"Right away sir." When Jack returned, he saw the man's wife was now seated, and he se down their drinks with a slightly forced smile. He really didn't want to be here right now, especially with Elassa and Fain doing everything under the sun at home. He pushed the thought aside and pulled out his flip book and pen again.

"Any appetizers? Or would you like to go right to your meal?" Jack asked like a trained puppy, just as the Monsieur had nailed into his head time and time again.

"Steak au piovre with a cob salad for a side," the woman said impatiently.

"I'll have a Filet Mignon with a baked potato. Oh, and could I get some cheese with the potato, if at all possible?"

"I'll see what I can do for you sir. And you?"

"I'll have a Terrine de Saumon aux Epinards."

"Thank you. I'll put your order in and have it ready as soon as possible," he said, taking up the menus. He turned to leave and not five steps away...

"Waiter, come back here," said the woman. Jack spun on heel and returned with a very forced smile. He tilted his head to the side.

"Yes, is there something I can do for y-"

"Yes, my husband asked for extra lemons. Where are they?" she demanded, spreading her hands out to show that said items weren't present.

"I have only two hands. I was just now going to get them. I'm sure you can wait a few moments," Jack said, turning around again. He left the menus with Stacy and controlled himself. Just great, another self-absorbed problem. He got the lemons and set them down on the table for the woman, along with some steaming French bread and packets of butter.

"Is this bread fresh?" asked the woman. Her husband told her to stop being rude, but it was Jack's job to comply with as much finesse and humbleness as possible.

"Is it warm? Can you push the crust like dough?" Jack asked. She pushed the crust and it bent beneath her finger.

"Yes," she answered apprehensively.

"Then it's fresh. Would you like me to find you a new booth as well, or are you satisfied with sitting on this one madam?" he replied with all the eloquence he could muster. The man across from her slapped his hand over his mouth and her husband looked up at Jack guiltily.

Jack left the table and walked back up to the front, where Stacy was tapping her foot like a mother waiting for her child who had done something bad.

"Jack, you know whatever you did over there was wrong. Just look at her face. The Monsieur is gonna fire you if you have another slip-up, you know that Jack," she scolded.

"Stacy, she asked if the bread was fresh like it was a diseased piece of rotting carcass if it wasn't. And besides, you see her husband over there laughing?" Jack retorted as he jerked his thumb in the direction of the man being smacked in the head. Stacy gave Jack a warning look, but nothing more.


Jack was tired. He'd been working for almost six hours by now, and the people needing to be waited on were only now dropping off to almost nothing. Jack had managed to catch a lucky break and have all of his tables free for the moment, so he was waiting for someone else to come in. He'd gotten about ninety dollars worth of tips so far. His wallet was beginning to take on that old, familiar luster of being filled with hard-earned cash again. Unfortunately, ninety bucks for six hours of work at a restaurant like this was shit.

The front doors opened for the thousandth time this evening and Jack refitted his tie and got off the bench. He turned to the door.

"If I could impose upon you to have a waiter named Jack seat...oh, there you are," Elassa said with a bright smile on her lips, deep purple from her lipstick. Hugging her curvaceous body was a thin black dress that showed off her excessive bosom. He could see a black bra strap on her shoulder. She had her white hair pulled back into a pony tail.

Behind her stood Fain, in a blue dress with a spiraling green stripe running down its length. She smiled at Jack innocently, pink lips parted slightly. Jack would have lost it if she turned around. He could only imagine how close that thing was coming to ripping at her waist. Another waiter jumped at the chance to seat them, and bowed low.

"Excuse moi, mademoiselle, may I take you to your table?" he asked. Elassa frowned.

"Crétin, sortez!" she replied. The waiter, Hank, didn't know what the hell she was saying. Elassa pinched the bridge of her nose and grunted. "Get out of here." Hank immediately backed away and Stacy silently slipped Jack two menus.

"Elassa, was that really necessary?"

"Jack!" whispered Stacy furiously. "Shut your mouth and be respectful!"

"It's fine. I'm Jack's lover," the succubus said to smooth things over, kissing Jack on the cheek to reinforce her statement. Jack turned bright red with embarrassment and turned around to show them to their table.

"Uh, here, let me show you to your table."

"Fain, we can have Jack later. Control yourself." Elassa slapped Fain on the back of the head after she spoke. Jack led them over to an empty table and looked back up at the door. Nobody was there. Nobody was even coming in. Which meant that closing time was near, and that he wouldn't get any more tables to seat tonight. He'd be cleaning up with the others shortly. But for right now...

"Elassa, what in the flying fuck are you and Fain doing here?!" he whispered furiously. He pulled out a chair and took a seat, steaming angry and still red with embarrassment.

"We decided to come say hi. You're not angry, are you?"

"Master is displeased with your choice of action, Elassa. I stated that this was not going to make him pleased," Fain commented as-a-matter-of-factly.

"Oh shut up Fain. You're lucky I managed to find this place before he left."

"Elassa, what are you doing here?" Jack asked again, through gritted teeth. He slapped the menus down on the table. Fain quietly took on and began looking through it. A slight glow left her orange eyes.

"We came here to visit you, Jack." She wore a coy smile.

"Fuck it. What do you want? Or are you here simply to- Ah, Monsieur Benoît, I was talking with our lovely customers about the house special." The short Frenchman arched a brow.

"And why ees eet that you have managed to get a kees on ze cheek?" he asked. Jack touched a finger to his cheek and found a purple smear on it. He wiped the lipstick off with his hand and smiled, however difficultly, at his boss.

"I know her on a personal level. Monsieur Benoît, this is Elassa, and the one in blue is Fain. Ladies, this is Monsieur Benoît." Jack stood up and bowed low with a hand towards the short man. The Monsieur curled his mustache approvingly.

"Bonjour, mademoiselle," he said, raising Elassa's hand to kiss it.

"Merci, mon cher," she replied.

"Vous autres Françias?" asked the Monsieur in a surprised voice. Elassa smirked.

"Un peu," she said, holding her fingers up like she was measuring something tiny. Jack lost them after that when they began to speak full-blown French, so he decided to get a bit of information from Fain. When he switched seats to allow the Monsieur to sit down, Fain's eyes darted up from the menu to his face. She looked at him hungrily, as if she were ready to throw him across the table and rip her dress to pieces and fuck him until the sun came up.

"So, Fain, it was Elassa's idea to come here and see me, wasn't it?"

"Yes master."

"And she stole you these clothes, didn't she?"

"Yes master."

"And she teased you and told you that I would have sex with you here, didn't she."

"Yes master," she replied a third time, eyes downcast now. Jack ran a hand through his hair and looked at his boss and his lover. They were busily chatting away in another language. He saw hope fading in Fain's eyes, and he put his hand on hers.

"That last one wasn't a lie. Just wait and see," he whispered to her. Her eyes began to shimmer with renewed vigor. Jack tapped Elassa on the shoulder and she leaned back, her conversation unbroken.


"Keep him busy," Jack said. Elassa smiled like a weasel and nodded. Jack left the table and took Fain with him, putting a finger to his lips. She followed him into the bathroom and Jack made sure nobody else was even remotely near before he opened up one of the stalls and sat down. Fain's eyes were orange rings of light by now and she quickly did away with his belt, button, and zipper. She licked her lips with anticipation.

"Master, I request that-"

"Sure, I'll give you a big load. Now before someone comes in here," he said, helping her pull his boxers down. His cock hit her in the chin and she smiled happily.

"Fuck my brains out at home, wouldya boyo?" she suddenly said, rolling her jaw from side to side to tease him. Jack blinked in confusion. Had he just heard Fain speaking right there?

"Do not speak to master in such a way," she said, as if speaking to herself. Jack saw one of her eyes turn blue.

"Oh yeah, whaddya gonna do about it? Hey, boyo? Couldya give me a good fucking? My ass is dyin' for some love if ya know what I mean," she said. Fain's entire face turned red.

"Master, please ignore her. I regret to info-"

"Regret? Hell, you should thank me. If it weren't for me, you'd still be in the Sanctuary of Salvation climbin' the summoning stone ta get to the mortal realm! Gods, sometimes you can be such a fuckin' baphomet," she said.

"Master, please find a way to silence me," she begged. Jack took the back of her head and pulled it back. Fain grinned up at him approvingly and he rammed her down on his throbbing cock. Fain let out a pleased moan and Jack shivered. She put a hand at the base and pulled her head up. She grinned at him happily, lusty stare directed at him.

"That's the stuff. Yer a fuckin' beast when ya ram me down on yer cock like that," she slurred, licking up a string of saliva hanging off her lipstick-smeared lips.

"Am I talking to Fain?" Jack asked as she pumped his cock hard with her hand.

"Of course ya are. Fain's a schizophrenic though, so don't expect her ta keep me down fer long. I guess, for lack of a better name, you could call me Niaf, because it's Fain backwards. But, you could call me whore, slut, bitch, cum-dumpster, slave, cunt, whatever ya want really. I don't care as long as you got the cock I'm suckin' at the moment," she deadpanned.

Jack was about to object, but she shoved his erection into her mouth and rubbed it against the inside of her cheek. She grazed his cock with her teeth and Jack felt the tickling feeling in full. He pushed her down with both hands and she tried to swallow.

"Fuck, Fain, I'm about to cum. Get ready."


"Sorry," Jack said as he realized he was choking her words. He retracted his cock from her mouth, and the movement felt agonizingly good. She kissed the tip before speaking.

"I request that you hold for a few more moments, master," she said in her normal, monotone voice. Jack smiled at her and she licked his glans again.

"I can hold as long as you want me to."

"There is no more need. I will continue now." Fain starting giving him head, sucking hard as her tongue played with the sensitive nerve bundle in reach and Jack gripped the toilet seat with both hands. Fain continued for a few more seconds and Jack's desire to ram himself into her mouth got the best of him. He snatched up a lock of hair in each hand and smashed his hips against her face. She grabbed his ass and held him to her as he emptied into her throat. His hips jerked as he finished up.

Stars flashed before his eyes. Damn, he could never get enough of that. He looked down at Fain, and saw a different color in each eye. He pushed her head back up and she eagerly licked up the string of semen running down the side of her mouth. She swallowed noisily and Jack thought that he could see a lump running down her neck. He tried not to think about it.

"Thank you," came the dual voice. One prim and proper and robotic, the other wild and uncaring and untamed. Fain closed her eyes, and they were both fading to orange when she opened them again. She beamed up at him.

"Okay, good job Fain. Now let's get out of here before somebody finds us," he suggested. She wholeheartedly agreed and they left after Jack got his uniform back in order. He grabbed Fain's hand and led her back out to where Elassa was still locked in conversation with the Monsieur. Jack's boss looked like he was in love.

"Monsieur Benoît, I think my shift is over. I'm going to head off now, but you can keep Elassa here with you for the night if you'd like," Jack offered. Fain held his arm tightly.

"Ah, au revoir, mon cheri!" he said as Elassa stood to leave. She blew him a kiss and winked as she left with Jack. He headed to his car, and when he opened the door, a sharp whistle drew his attention back to the front door. The Monsieur waved him over and looked at him with a kind of eager, giddy expression.

"Yes?" Jack asked, hoping to get through whatever it was that his boss had for him quickly. He really wanted to get home and get out of this uniform and take a nice, long shower.

"Eef you bring her back, I weell geeve you a raise. Ees that understood? Ah, très bien! I am een love!" he cried. Jack looked at him boredly.

"I'll bring her back. Can I go now? I have other business to attend to."

"Yes, go, sortez! Crétin," he finished in a murmur. Jack shrugged.

"Auf wedersehen, dumkopf," Jack replied in the most German accent he could muster. He could see the short Frenchman's face turning red, but neither of them said anything more as Jack left and went back to his car. Shutting the door, he heard Elassa snickering to herself.

"You just told him off in German! I can't believe this!" she said, trying to hold back laughter that was pushing up her throat.

"What? It was just a little insult. He called me a shithead; what am I supposed to do? Sit there and take it?"

"No, but that was pure evil. His father was captured during the Fall of France and didn't get out until the American military found him in a prison camp in nineteen forty four. That's a low blow, even on my scale. He despises Germany," she said, wiping a tear from her eye.

"Well, tough shit for him."

"I guess so." Elassa patted Jack's leg and adjusted her black dress on her chest. Jack drove them home and the three of them had a good, normal conversation about going back to the mall to get some clothes for Fain because she had a dress and boy shorts to wear, and that was it. At home, after Jack had locked the door, he tossed his keys onto the coffee table and yawned.

"Damn, it's ten already. Shitty night too," he mumbled, pulling off his tie. Fain tilted her head to the side curiously.

"Why is that, master?"

"Because on a night when I work six hours, I usually get four or five tables an hour, and about ten bucks on average for a tip. That makes out to be about two forty a night. I got ninety tonight. Slow night, cheap customers, poor luck for the waiters," he said, tossing his wallet onto the table. He began with his black vest, but a pair of hands grabbed his own as he got the first button undone.

"Let me get that for you," she purred seductively. The remaining two buttons on his vest were undone by her slender fingers, and she stripped it off him gently. She began again with his shirt buttons. They popped open one by one, and she kissed his neck with the lightest of kisses every time one of the buttons came undone, as if she were rewarding him for standing still for the process.

"Elassa, I can do this, really. You should probably get out of your dress first," he said. He wasn't used to anyone undressing him besides, well, himself. It felt so foreign, and the way she kissed his neck was nothing like how she usually was.

"Oh?" She got the last button on his shirt and pulled his arms out of the sleeves. Her bare chest squashed against his shoulders. "I don't think that such a thing is needed." Dark wings closed around Jack's arms and caressed his chest gently. Elassa laid her head on his shoulder and kissed the crook of his neck again. She hummed tenderly and wound her arms around his midsection.

"Hey Elassa?"


"Do you have a family?" There was a short pause and then an inaudible sigh.

"Of course I do. I have hundreds of siblings, and a mother and a father. Although I would enjoy having your children eventually."

"You have hundreds of siblings?" Jack didn't know that a family could get that big. He didn't want to see what her mother looked like after that many births. He shivered at the thought.

"Of course. Everyone in my generation is my sibling. We are a family, those of us that dwell in the Sanctuary of Salvation. We quarrel and fight, but we are a family like any other."

"Who are your parents? Are they demons and angels?" asked Jack.

"No, my parents were an incubus and a succubus. I was never told which one of them was originally human, but it doesn't matter. They're both gone now," she said, pulling on his belt buckle.

"Gone? They're dead?"

"Yes. They've been gone for so long now, since before your first ancestor realized that waiting for something to walk by him wasn't going to get him fed. But I've said enough about that. You're probably wanting to get into the shower, right?"

"What about Fain?" Jack said, pointing to the other succubus as she lay splayed out on the couch in her usual attire.

"Her? She's of the third generation. Both of her parents are my siblings. Ashmael and Yarril. I have no idea how that poor girl ended up with such a thing like schizophrenia, but, it's an advantage too. She can get wild when that other side of her surfaces," Elassa teased, licking Jack's neck up to his ear.

"Hey Fain, you want to take a shower?" The succubus looked directly at Jack and smiled.

"I would like to take a shower with master. I request that Elassa be present as well," she said in a voice that sounded more authoritarian that her usual one. Jack shrugged.

"Have it your way. Let's go," he replied as he stepped out of his pants. Elassa slipped her thumbs under the rim of his boxers and swayed her hips back and forth behind him.

"You just sit tight and look sexy for us in there. We'll do all the work." Elassa promptly let go of his boxers and walked him into the bathroom, where Fain had already turned the water on in the shower and was inside already.

Elassa kissed Jack again and then appeared in the shower Jack could see two blurry shapes in the five by five foot shower now. He could tell Elassa was the one on the right not only by her height, but by the fact that her chest stuck out more than her chin. Fain looked like she was dancing in a circle with her arms raised. He could see her hands held up above the door.

"Hey, Fain, don't-"

"Oh yeah, my turn ya asshole. Tease my ass all night with that fucking rolling pin and then tell Fain that she's not allowed to have sex with Major Hardcock out there under his orders? You knew what she'd do! And she'd have taken this thing over if I had tried!" Jack saw Fain grab Elassa and they struggled for a few seconds.

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