Cemetery Summons Ch. 06


Elassa apparently lost the struggle and the entire front side of her body was pressed flat against the translucent shower door. Her massive breasts looked like two big, flat pancakes against the glass. Jack saw Fain's nose and forehead against the glass. One blurry blue eye looked around for him.

"Fain, let her up," Jack said. A grin appeared on the succubus' face, and her cheek was split by her leering grin. Jack could even see her teeth against the glass.

"Like what ya see? Come on in and you'll get ta touch 'em all you want. And my name's not Fain! It Niaf! Get it right," she snapped. Elassa was pulled off the shower door and it opened. Jack was promptly pulled in with a wet arm and thrown against the opposite wall. Warm water covered him and made his boxers stick to his thighs.

"Niaf, let me get my underwear off first. Jesus, now they're wet," Jack groaned. A hand wrapped around his cock and prevented him from pulling his boxers off. Niaf knelt down and licked her lips as water spread across her form. She grabbed his cock as well, and the succubi glanced at each other.

"He's mine," Elassa snapped. "I got the first fuck."

"Yeah? Well Fain got a load before me, and I still got one before you, right here," Niaf snorted in return, opening her mouth to let a blue tongue roll out of her mouth. And yes, it did literally roll out of her mouth.

Jack's eyes went wide as he saw the length of the thing. Jesus! It was like a snake! The thing had to be at least eight inches long. It curled up like a snake and she tied it in a knot. She closed her mouth and let a smug grin rest on her face.

Both hands started to pump Jack's erection through his boxers and his attention was taken away from the ungodly long, blue tongue. He put his hands flat on the tiled wall behind him and watched as both succubi gazed up at him with want in their eyes.

"Master, me please," Elassa begged, pulling at his boxers.

"Ya never gave me a good fuck, master. Nor Fain for that matter," Niaf said, arching a brow. Jack felt a pang of fear pass through him. Something was going to get very ugly very soon if he chose one over the other. Their hands tightened around his shaft and he bit his lip.

"Both of you, go ahead," he said finally. His boxers were on the floor within the second, and the two succubi had their heads together, glaring at each other.

"I get him first."

"Wanna bet?"

"Knock it off!" Jack snarled. Two heads turned to face him.

"Who are you to tell us what to do?" they asked in unison. Jack's eyes narrowed.

"I'm your master, and I'm telling both of you to shut up and suck up to me. I'm not exactly happy with either of you at the moment," he finished, folding his arms over his chest. Niaf's right eye turned orange, and then her mismatched eyes crossed.

"I told you master was not going to be pleased by this."

"Oh, shut up."

"You two first! Gods, I've heard nothing but complaining all night, even from that French guy!"

"Hey, shut the fuck up!"

"Shut your face!"

"Stop bickering with us, Elassa. Master is growing even more displeased!"


"No y-"


"Shut the fuck up!" Jack roared at the top of his lungs. Everyone looked at him. Jack grabbed both bodies by their hair and lifted them off the ground, furious. He'd had enough. He was horny, tired, and unhappy. Three women fighting in his shower, when he had gotten so close to getting sucked off again, was too much.

"I sense a disturbance in the force," Niaf joked snidely.

"Hey, I said shut the fuck up. And I meant it." Jack ground his teeth together and glared at her. A pair of wings came out of Fain's body, and Elassa followed in suit.

"Oh baby, that was hot," Elassa moaned.

"Gotta say, not bad kid."

"Master is very arousing right now," panted Fain.

Jack growled, but said nothing more as he let them down. Almost instantly, they both scrambled for him and Niaf-Fain only won the fight because her tongue was long enough to wrap around his cock. Elassa grabbed the base of his shaft and grinned at her new adversary.

"I've got something you can never match, schizo," she mocked.

"What's that?" Niaf replied, pumping Jack with her abnormally long tongue.

"I have tits!" the older succubus exclaimed, lifting her chest to swallow his cock and Niaf-Fain's tongue in a mass of alabaster skin. Jack groaned with pleasure.

"Vafft if not fair!" whined Niaf-Fain as she pushed the tip of her tongue against the tip of Jack's cock. He curled his hands into fists again. The succubi glared at each other, and then did something Jack would have never expected.

They kissed.

And Jack hadn't seen anything like it before. They closed on each other and locked lips like they were going to each the other's face. They both moaned lustfully, and their attentions to his body increased. Soft skin coupled with warm tongue and Jack's immediately response was that his knees buckles and he dropped to the floor, stifling a moan creeping through his teeth.

Elassa pushed her tongue into Fain's mouth and the latter's tongue turned a deep blue. Her eyes turned entirely blue and glowed like two fiery suns. She yanked Elassa's head and pushed their heads together more forcefully. The water from the showerhead made them seem like two goddesses. Light glinted off their forms, and Elassa's breasts looked like they were polished marble almost.

God, did he have to cum so bad. He closed his eyes and let his arms go slack. Well, he was getting a blowjob and a titfuck at the same time technically. He had a right to-

They began sucking him off in earnest, their mouths moaning all over his cock as they brought it between their kiss. Jack threw his head back and it hit the wall. He didn't care if he was hurt or not. Every part of his being was focused on trying not to grab one of them and fuck them until half dead, rinse and repeat until unusable.

Jack saw that Fain's eyes were blue again and her tongue had returned to a healthy pink again. Her hands were still locked tightly around the back of Elassa's head, and the two hadn't even noticed Jack's cock had become a barrier to their kiss. In fact, they had begun kissing it instead!

Elassa's lips fell full on the tip and her tongue was attacked by Fain's longer one. They fought for dominance as they roved over his cock, licking and wrapping around every part they could find. Elassa's breasts were firmer now, and every time she pumped them, she let out a high moan in pleasure. Jack had never seen anything like it.

It was as if they were horny because of him, instead of each other. It was almost like they were turned on by the thought of pleasing, or even touching him. Their lusty gazes were focused on him, well, a part of him. They looked like two lionesses watching something about to keel over and die. They looked hungry, predatory, patient.

God, Jack could have settled for anything at this point if he had that picture in his mind. Elassa's motherly gaze, Fain's pleading one, Niaf's confident and slightly fear-inspiring one; they didn't even come close. Jack had always thought that he would be attracted to a woman's breasts, or her ass, or the hourglass shape he'd thought was attractive.

He was wrong. Even with tits and tongues and full lips trying to swallow him with all the hunger of a star-eating god, it was their eyes that got his gears grind for sex. The way they watched his cock while they beat it with all they had, that was what got him hot and bothered, that was what got him hornier than anything.

He let a small smile pull at the corners of his lips.

"You girls ready?" he asked, watching them closely. His reply was a wanton moan from all three of them. Fain and Niaf had put off their feud for the living effigy they shared to get an orgasm from Jack. Jack reared his hips back and them pushed his cock against everything they offered to him.

His orgasm was almost violent. Fain closed her eye in time to avoid having it filled with his seed, and she managed to smother the rest with her tongue. Elassa whined, trying to obtain something. But when the tongue turned blue, there was no chance for her to do anything.

Niaf shoved her aside and consumed Jack's erection entirely. He pumped the remainder of his orgasm into her mouth and she continued to blow him with her tongue. Elassa grabbed her by the hair and threw her into the opposite wall. She squeezed his cock until it turned deep purple.

"No, no, no! Please give me something! Anything!" she wailed, sucking his cock again. Jack was hard again, but he was spent. He had nothing left tonight.

"Elassa...I can't...c'mon, no more..." Jack panted, stars flashing in front of his face. Hot water rained down over the both of them. Elassa's cheeks were stained with dark red tears. Her eyes were Dartmouth green again, and she pleaded with him for more.

"Jack! Please! Give me something!" And without another word, she hugged him to her body and sobbed. Jack was completely oblivious to the entire situation as he was shaken back and forth, vision turning black. His ears throbbed to the fast beat of his heart.

"Sorry...but the show's...over..." Jack's body went slack.

His world faded to black again.

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by Jackspeed2u07/12/17

I agree to a point

I agree that it's not schizophrenia. However I don't know anything about the other disorders mentioned.

I've got severe depression and when I went to hospital for an unrelated incident I was picked upmore...

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