tagSci-Fi & FantasyCentaur Breeding Ch. 02

Centaur Breeding Ch. 02


After about a week, Rolan realized that he had been rather remiss.

Galloping up to his house he looked in to see his human girl cleaning the floor; her upturned buttocks looking most inviting. He grinned, she was almost at his biggest dildo and then he would finally have the release that he'd so been longing for. Clearing his throat, he smiled at her as she turned to look at him and smile shyly back. They were getting along very well indeed.

"What's your name?" he asked her, and was startled as her smile got even bigger, very pleased.

"My name is Laurel," she said, and she was genuinely happy that he had finally asked. Over the past week she'd grown rather fond of him, and truthfully things weren't any worse than when she'd been in her father's house. In fact, she had less work to do here, and she was getting used to her naked state. More than anything, she appreciated the morning and night-time sessions of teasing pleasures, she only wished for the completion of whatever it was her body was yearning for. Right now the large dildo stretched her out so wonderfully and made her itch dreadfully inside, she could feel herself burning all through out the day. Yesterday, when he'd put his tongue down there, she had actually been able to feel herself building up to the brink of something wonderful, and just then he'd taken his mouth away and reinserted the dildo, smiling happily at her frustration.

"Laurel." he said, "That's beautiful."

And with that he was gone. She smiled to herself as she continued to work, she was getting used to his abrupt ways.


The next day Rolan fitted his biggest dildo into Laurel, it was 10" long and 2 and a half inches wide. She moaned and writhed as he fucked her with it, her body aching with the need to orgasm, and he watched as her skin flushed and her breasts jiggled merrily. But again, she was to go through the day frustrated, just as he was. All week he'd been looking forward to taking her, thinking of her tight pussy. Even though the dildo he'd just used on her was about as big as the biggest peasant man he'd ever seen, his own horse-like cock was fully 12" long and 3" around. Which meant that she would still feel very tight and lovely around him when he finally mounted her. But she also wouldn't be in too much pain, and with the sexual anticipation that he'd been building in her, he doubted that there would be any problem in her enjoyment.

That night he was merciless in his teasing, until she was begging him to finish her, pleading for some kind of release. In order to make sure that she wouldn't play with herself, he bound her to the bed again for the first time that week before she went to sleep.


The next day Laurel was tied up again and writhing, but this time it was with gleeful anticipation. She was bound to the breeding post, her wide hips and delectable ass wriggling with lustful intentions; Rolan smiled as he watched her spread labia shake and quiver, a few droplets of succulent pussy juice leaking down her thighs. Below him, his brother's female spread some oil on his already hard cock - not too much because he didn't want to ruin the sensation of splitting open Laurel's tight pussy, but enough so that he would be sure not to hurt her. Even though she was lubricating herself quite nicely in her anticipation he wanted to be sure.

With his gleaming cock at the ready, he trotted up behind her and put his forelegs on the pedestals that aligned his body perfectly with her upturned buttocks. He could feel the tip of his cock rubbing up against her body and his rump quivered in delight as his tail flipped anxiously. While his brother watched, the female lined up his cock with Laurel's pussy hole. Quickly, roughly, he began to push forward, groaning lustfully at the tightness of the fit.

Squealing and moaning alternatively, Laurel wriggled as the huge cock invaded her, it stretched her deliciously, much more than any of the fake cocks he'd ever used on her. She felt full to bursting, and still he was pushing more of his length into her. The smooth, soft hair of his underbelly rubbed against her back and buttocks as he invaded her body. Although she'd never thought it would happen to her, she'd always wondered what it would be like to be stolen away by a centaur... when she was just 13 a young maiden was recaptured by the humans of her village. The girl, named Cherie, had told Laurel and her friends all about the way centaur's bred, their huge rampaging cocks and their sweet tempers. Really it had sounded like a much better life than the one Laurel had been destined for, and now with this huge cock invading her and the unbearable sexual itch in her pussy, she thought it was a much better life.

By the time Rolan was pushing the last inch of his monstrous dick into her Laurel was on the verge of orgasming, the pleasure was so intense. Rolan grinned at his brother and his friends, who had come to watch with their females. The girls who had already been in Laurel's place on the breeding post looked envious at her writhing ecstacy, the others looked anxious and slightly worried. The size of Rolan's cock while splitting open a small pussy like Laurel's looked incredibly intimidating. Two of his friends urged their females forward, slowly they knelt under Laurel's body before lifting their lips to suck on her hanging nipples. She shrieked high and loud as the pleasure began to sweep her away; her passionate cries drew quite a crowd as Rolan continued to fuck her.

Although her orgasm was long and intense, Rolan was still pumping steadily in and out of her when it was over; a centaur's staying power is much longer than a human's or a horse's. The girls below her continued to suck on her nipples, adding their teeth to the mix so that they nibbled delicately on her flesh. Laurel sobbed her passion, it was almost painful as the pleasure began to build to higher and higher heights, her body feeling raw and oversensitive.

Rolan could see that he had drawn quite a crowd with his female - mostly young male centaurs who had yet to capture their first female, they looked on jealously. He could feel the sun warm on his back as his flanks became streaked with sweat; wrapping his hands around the bar in front of him he plowed into Laurel hard, once, twice, thrice, and as she screamed high-pitched her impending orgasm, he flooded her reddened pussy with white cum, his horse-cock almost touching her womb. Laurel's cries became their highest yet as the girls below her bit down on her nipples, she could feel everyone's eyes on her as she came underneath the centaur who had claimed her as his own. She could almost feel his sperm swimming up her body, to impregnate her with a creature both alien and familiar.

As Rolan dismounted from her and she came out of the shadows into the light, her entire body streaked with sweat and lumps of sperm beginning to slide down her splayed thighs, the surrounding audience applauded. The females helped her out of the breeding post and over to the nearby mattress where she immediately fell asleep. The crowd didn't disperse however, Rolan's brother was already setting up the breeding post for his female, his own tool hard from the display his sibling had put on.


Almost exactly 9 months later both Rolan and his brother had fine young colts, cradled gently in the arms of Laurel and Brianna.

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