tagLoving WivesCenter of Attention: Getting Caught

Center of Attention: Getting Caught


This is the last time I will tell you about my experiences with Jeff. After this time I will return to telling you about the affair I intended to focus on, the one with Russell.

The hospital I where I was working was going to have their annual Christmas party. This is a semi formal affair that happens at the local Marriott Hotel. In the past, my husband had always come with me to the party. This year I told him I wanted to go alone. I remember the confused and sad look on his face when I told him he wasn't welcome, but I stuck to my guns. I couldn't have him and Jeff together at the same party. Besides Jeff told me that he would be getting a room and wanted me to spend the night with him.

The night of the party I got dressed in a sexy little party dress that showed off my chest and my sexy legs. My husband had bought me some stockings and a garter belt that he was always trying to get me to wear. I thought this was a great time to wear it, so I put it on and put my panties on the outside of the straps so they could come off easily with the stockings and the garter belt staying in place. Before I left I checked the mirror and I looked fucking hot!

My husband commented on how great I looked and asked one more time if he could go with me, I told him no. He asked when I would get home and I told him I wasn't sure.

When I walked into the party I turned a lot of heads. Doctors and technicians who normally saw me in my nursing uniform could not stop staring at me. Their wives gave me dirty looks. As I mingled I got a lot of questions about where my husband was, and I just responded that he wasn't feeling well.

After about twenty minutes Jeff found me. We hugged and he said I looked great. He suggested that we hit the dance floor. The first few songs were fast and I don't think anyone thought anything about me dancing with Jeff. Then there was a slow sensual song (I don't remember what song it was) and the real couples came to the dance floor. Jeff and I stayed on the floor. We danced together way to close and way to sensual for a "just friends" dance. His hands were all over my body, including a lot of ass rubbing. This is when anyone who was paying attention began to notice that Jeff and I were more than friends.

I have always wondered why everyone does such a good job not telling a husband when they know his wife is cheating, but they always do. Doctors, nurses, technicians, friends, and husbands, many of whom knew my husband, all saw us dancing erotically and never told him.

After that dance, I told Jeff that I was too hot, and I mean sexually aroused, and needed to sit down. We sat at a corner booth in the back and no one was paying any attention to us. As soon as we sat down Jeff was rubbing my legs and he was running his hands under my short dress. I remember the pleased smile he had on his face when he felt the top of my stocking and my garter belt. As he rubbed my pussy through my panties, I closed my eyes and let out a low sigh. Then he told me I wouldn't be needing my panties tonight and he pulled them down. I had to squirm a little but he got them all the way off of me and then he did that bazaar thing men do, he crumpled them in his hand brought them to his mouth and breathed in my scent. Then he stole my panties and put them in his pocket.

After that friends came by the table to chat, my friend Laura and her boyfriend ate dinner with us , and in general the mood was far less sexual. At around 11:30, Jeff pulled the key card to his hotel room out of his pocket and told me to come with him. Anyone who was paying attention could see that I was leaving the party and heading, not to my car, but to the hotel rooms with a man who was not my husband.

When we got to the room we didn't just run in and screw, instead we did a lot of sexual play. Jeff had brought a camera to the room and wanted to take pictures of me. I told him the only way he could take pictures of me is if he lost some of his clothes and agreed to be in some of the pictures. He pulled of his shoes, socks, and his shirt. My god this man was sexy!

He rearranged the room to get the love seat in the best position for lighting and opened the curtains so he could have the lights of downtown in the pictures. I told you before that Jeff was a "take charge" man in bed, well his is also a take charge photographer. He had me positioned all over the room; at first in sultry fully clothed pictures, then with some of my clothes hanging open or my dress falling up exposing my butt and my snatch. Then he had me strip off my dress and had me in just my bra, the garter belt, my stockings, and my heels (men always want those heels to stay on). I few shots later he had me remove my bra. Later I saw the pictures and I these without my bra were the best ones.

I told him that he had to be in some of the pictures, so he pulled off his pants and his shorts. Now he was nude and that massive cock of his was standing erect. He came over to the chair I was in and told me to suck his cock. As I sucked, he snapped a lot of pictures. Later when I saw these pictures my hands and face looked so small on his huge cock. I ignored the camera and gave the best head I could give this monster cock. I knew that no matter how well I worked his dick he would not come from just my mouth.

He took pictures of his cock between my tits, pictures of his cock laying in the crack of my ass, and pictures of his cock spreading my pussy lips. It is such an undertaking getting his big dick into my snatch that we saved that effort for later.

When the pictures were complete, we remained nude (him nude and me almost nude) and had a little more to drink. We flirted and played with each other's bodies. Then we started making out. Making out with a new guy is always sexy, but making out naked is incredibly sexy. All the kissing, rubbing, fondling, and caressing had my pussy soaking wet and completely ready for Jeff's massive cock.

We moved to the bed and Jeff positioned me on my hands and knees and then climbed in behind me. It is always difficult to tell exactly what is going on when I am bent over doggy style, but I could feel that massive cock head rubbing up and down my snatch. He put a finger in my pussy and then two in an effort to loosen me up (I don't think I was the first girl to have trouble with Jeff's cock). Then I felt the pressure of the head pushing into me, then I felt the sudden relief as his head slipped past my entrance.

He treated my kindly by letting my pussy adjust to his size before he pushed deeper into me. Finally he had the head of his cock pushed all the way to the back wall of my pussy (he probably had 3 inches of cock left outside of me) and we were ready to fuck. He started to fuck me with slow steady strokes and I had another one of those mini orgasms. My body trembled, my tits jiggled, and my pussy had a spasm on Jeff's cock. He commented that I was one hot lover.

As the pace of the fucking picked up there was a knock on the door. I felt a sudden panic; could it be my husband? Did he know I was here? Then we heard a voice. It was my friend Laura and she told me she knew I was busy, but she had to talk to me. I told her I would be right there.

I didn't have a robe to put on and did not want to get dressed, so I just stood behind the door, opened it, and swung my head around into the hall. Laura was there in a robe and she looked worried. She told me that Jimmy had called her hotel room and was desperately trying to find me. She told me that he sounded like he was crying and was worried that I might have been in a car crash. She told me she lied to him and said that she didn't know where I was. I thanked her and she left.

I was no longer sexually aroused. Now I was just worried. What should I do? What would I tell Jimmy? What excuse could I make up that he would believe?

When I walked back to the bed Jeff could tell something was wrong. He asked what was going on, and I told him my husband was looking for me. I told him I had to leave. He told me that I couldn't leave him with his cock so hard without any relief. For the first time I was how selfish Jeff really was.

As any good girlfriend would do, I got back on my hands and knees and told him to fuck me and to cum as quickly as he could. I reminded him he couldn't cum inside of me.

The change in mood made it hard for him to get his big dick back inside of me. Now for the first time, I wished he had a normal sized dick. He grabbed my ass and started fucking me hard. This time instead of feeling intense erotic pleasure, and felt the pain of his giant dick and I was quietly crying. Tears were trickling down my cheeks as this man, who I now realized was a stranger to me, was destroying my vagina with his freakishly oversize penis. After what seemed like forever, he pulled his dick out of me and began to ejaculate all over my bottom, my back, and my shoulders. This time I didn't turn around and help him cum. All I did was tell him not to cum in my hair.

As I hurriedly dressed, I realized I didn't have my panties. I told Jeff I needed them and he told me he intended to keep them. I was mad so I just let it go. As I hurried to my car I looked at my watch and saw that it was 2:30am. The party had been over for two and a half hours.

On the way home I was panicked, what would I tell my husband? I decided I would tell him that where I had been was none of his business. That he was too pushy for even asking. I would tell him that he was a manipulative and controlling man.

The other thing I worried about was that I looked and maybe smelled like I had just had the shit fucked out of me. I thought I would hurry into the bathroom and lock my husband out until I got a shower.

Then I saw his truck. He was on the other side of a divided highway, obviously looking for me to make sure I was okay. He must have seen my car because he turned around in the median and followed me home. I pulled into the garage and he parked in the driveway.

He rushed in as I got out of the car and I could tell that he had been worried sick and he had been crying. The first thing he said was that he was so glad I was okay and that he had been worried sick. The second thing was that he wanted to know where I had been. I went into my speech that it was none of his business. I was a fully grown woman who could go anywhere I wanted. I said he was possessive and controlling. He got mad!

He told me I looked like a slut. As I walked up the stairs he must have noticed I was wearing stockings and a garter belt. This made him furious! He reached up my dress and felt my raw naked pussy. Then he saw the glob of cum in the back of my hair. I was caught. There was no explaining away not having any panties and there was surely no way to explain away the cum. I ran to the bathroom and locked the door. I spent the night in the bathroom with my husband switching from screaming at me and calling me a whore to crying like a baby and pleading to tell him what he did wrong. It was the worst night of my life!

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This Is Why I Don't Let My Wife Go Out Alone

Having been burned three times, I realized that no woman is above cheating.

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This Bitch is dumb, the sheer entitlement of her attitude and disrespect for her husband is offputting. Not her Husbands buisness!? Of COURSE it's his business what his wife does. Privacy is left at themore...

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