tagBDSMCh. 01 The Knock

Ch. 01 The Knock


Chapter 1

A Meeting with a Master ...

She stood there hesitant, but so excited. Knocking again - but this time louder - growing impatient now, waiting and straining for any sign of life inside this gigantic house. She had come to this place to experience something never before even contemplated and here she was waiting, so expectantly, for what she knew not. Finally there were footsteps and the huge door opened slightly, then, opened wide to reveal a man who smiled gently down at her.

"Hello, I am Sarah ..."

His smile broadened. "Hello Sarah, come in please."

She entered the house, shaking slightly and, with her eyes adjusting to the dim light, he ushered her into what looked like a waiting room. He asked if she would like a drink.

"Water please."

She looked around the room; this could be her dentist's waiting room if she did not know better. It was not long before he came back and handed her the bottle of water - he gestured for her to follow him, which she did - undoing her bottle as she walked. He led her along a corridor and down some steps - she had an almost unbearable tingling in her spine. Taking a very deep breath she followed him till he stopped outside a door, turned and smiled.

"I will be blindfolding you now, this is normal and is only a precaution."

He took out a silk Red handkerchief and tied it around her eyes. She was now at his mercy and was not sure how she felt about this at all. Opening the door and gently guiding her through it, she could smell his skin and his touch was electric on her hand and elbow. He started talking about how she must remain calm and not become over excited. This made it worse for her, as she could only imagine what was to come next.

This room smelled different to the rest of the house, she was not sure what the smell was but was certain she would find out soon enough. Unlike the rest of the house the floor was wooden in here and it seemed colder too. Feeling her shaking he gently led her over to a couch, took the bottle of water and her handbag away from her. She sat with head down and hands clasped in her lap on the edge of the sofa.

He looked at her and felt something more than he usually did; a sense of how special she was. He had not felt this for someone for a very long time. She already had the look of someone who completely trusted him without knowing him at all. Perhaps that's why she seems so special, that all consuming trust is very rare and is a gem to behold. He sat down in front of her.

"You know why you are here, Simon told me about you, what your needs were and that he thought you were special and should be treated as such. This is why I have asked you to come here - I do not normally take untrained slaves on, but Simon told me I should at least try you and see. This is what I will do for today."

"How long will you be able to stay?"

"Until 5.00 pm, if needed." She said hesitantly

"OK, then we have eight hours. Good, that should give me plenty of time to assess you."

She felt queasy in her stomach, eight hours with this man and she did not even have a clue what the first hour was going to be like, let along eight of the buggers!!

"For those eight hours, you will be here to do my bidding; you will do exactly as I say and when I say it." His voice now sounded stern and in total control. She was now very scared and her head was reeling. What had she done, what had got her into this mess?

"You will not speak unless you are spoken to and when you are spoken to, you will always refer to me as 'Master' after every reply. If you do not use this sign of respect you will be punished."

He could see that she was starting to get flushed underneath the blindfold and he noticed that her hands were clasping more tightly together. She was very good; she gave nothing away, now here was the test - the acid test, to see how well she had listened and to see if he could trick her.

"Now," he was using his softer voice now, "tell me, why did you knock twice, the second time sounded as if you were getting impatient with me..?"

She swallowed and started her reply...

"I thought no-one was in and I just thought I had not knocked loud enough, sorry, Master."

"Good, you passed my girl, my first very simple test, you passed."

She held her face well, but he saw a very slight twitch to her lips - was that a smile, yes it was. Oh dear, she had made the first mistake though with that involuntary movement, he had spotted it and decided instantly what he would do about it.

He then asked her to stand, looked her up and down and decided what her size was. He then got up and moved towards the other room he brought out with him an outfit for her to put on. She stood there motionless and felt him brush past her. In no time he had handcuffed her hands behind her back, she was a little shocked at his speed, but did not move, she now knew better. He then started undressing her, starting with her blouse. He unbuttoned her blouse, very slowly, painfully slowly; she felt his fingertips on her skin like bolts of electricity running through her body. One button was undone at a time until they were all undone. He then opened her blouse to display her very buxom frame; her nipples were fully erect and thrusting through her lacy bra. Her breasts were magnificent, he had not seen any bigger and he was relishing the eight hours with these beauties. He smiled and touched her right nipple to see her rise to his touch. He was very pleased with his new flesh, he would really enjoy this one, he thought. Un-cuffing one arm he slid the blouse off that arm and then off the other one. He then re-cuffed her hands behind her back again.

She was trying very hard not to breathe too heavily, she knew enough about these things, to know that would definitely be frowned upon. She did not want to get punished by this man, she was fearful of him, but there was the gentle side that really appealed to her and she wanted him to like her too. She wanted to be a good girl or good slave in this case.

His hands brushed her waist slightly to undo her skirt, she lifted one leg and then the other, his hands sliding down her legs, guiding her as to which one to lift and fall, then the next leg before the skirt fell to the floor. He stepped back and looked at her, her head bent, her arms behind her back, she was an amazing looking woman. She had very full breasts, (he could do so much with those he thought - with his fingers on his chin - smiling) on a tall athletic frame - 5'9" he guessed. Her shoulders were wide and she looked a strong Amazonian woman, someone not to be trifled with. Her waist was shapely and full, she was no skinny model, but someone more substantial. She was wearing a lace bra and thong, with suspender belt and stockings. Her nipples straining against the delicate fabric of the bra'; the thong was cutting into her buttocks and looked very enticing, as if beckoning him to come closer and wonder at the darkness where the thong disappeared between her cheeks. He would get to that bit later, he thought to himself. The suspender belt and lace stockings were looking tasty too. She had teamed this outfit with black stiletto shoes, with metal heels and red soles, she knew how to dress to impress. She truly was a beauty to behold, he was very pleased with his new piece of property, he now knew he would thoroughly enjoy himself and so would she.

He then undid her bra, and watched as her nipples rose to their full erect state, they were marvellous, he just wanted to touch them and suck them, but he must maintain his composure. He then took off her thong, he could now smell her and he was now straining at his clothing, this was going to be one of the most difficult he had ever experienced. He felt a quickening of his pulse and just revelled in it. Next, he un-cuffed her arms and placed them in a breast harness, which had its own set of cuffs at the side, just under her elbows, then snapped them shut. Wow, her breasts were truly a wonder to look at and he stood there for a moment admiring them, taking in their beauty. He admonished himself, he is the one that is the master not her, but God this was going to be a trial for him as well as for her. She had so much power in her body and she was submitting herself to him. He felt elated at this very thought. He then placed the ballet boots on her feet and laced and buckled them up to her thigh, all the time he could smell her ripe and ready for him. She was now ready - at least her body was, but he suspected, from that slight flicker of a smile that her mind would need more persuasion.

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