tagBDSMCh. 03 The Bench

Ch. 03 The Bench


Chapter 3

The Third Hour ... The Bench

He walked over to her head and looked down at her.

"Did you enjoy that?" he asked with a slight smile on his face.

She noticed that he had his soft eyes on now and did not have the cold look she had witnessed earlier, before the crop.

"I do not enjoy doing that, but you left me with no choice. You do not struggle when I do anything to you or you get 3 whacks with this crop, he put the crop to her face and she winced looking at it.

Her buttocks were just so enticing, whilst she was thrashing and struggling, it took all of his willpower not to take her there and then, but that would have been a big mistake, she needed to learn what punishment was and what pleasures he could give her. The two needed to be separated or she would never submit fully to him. She could be a very dangerous adversary for him, even though he was a big man, she was strong and her anger was vehement. He watched as her breathing forced her ribcage to rise and fall and her buttocks and torso were shiny and soaked with sweat from her exertions.

She was so exhausted and angry, how could someone do these things to me? Her bottom was so sore and she hated this man with every fibre of her body. If she had not been so trussed up, she would have punched the living daylights out of him, or died trying to. Her exhaustion lasted for minutes but she soon recovered; she could not see him, as he was standing behind her. She could feel him, she could feel his eyes cruising over her body like a shark, waiting to take the next bite of her. She hated this man, she hated him so much, she was seething that she had been placed in the hands of this man. She thought her friend Simon was helping her, helping her to find out why she did not cum when having sex, why she could not release her orgasm when with someone intimately. She felt like a freak and was hoping that this encounter would enable her to orgasm with whoever she wanted to be with. But this, this was just too much, this would put her off men for good, she was sure of it.

He then started to stroke her arms- she flinched at first, not knowing if it was the crop again, but as she realised it was soft kisses that were being bestowed, she calmed down. He started to kiss her slowly up her arm and onto her back, her neck and cheek; her breathing started to become rapid again, he quickly looked at her eyes, which were closed, and he could see it was not anger on her face now but a calm and sensuous look. He continued his kissing and stroking, moving along her body and using the slickness of the sweat to carry his fingers and hands across her body. Her back was strong and muscular, but soft and feminine at the same time - strange, that she could instil in him such passion. He was normally a very controlled and focused Master, but she instilled in him such passion, that it was difficult to focus on the job in hand.

She started gently moaning as he expertly massaged her aching muscles and tendons. He moved his hands down her spine and into that enticing crevice leading to her sex and beneath. She stiffened slightly and he could feel her try to move away from his hand but he knew which spot to reach before she could grow angry again, the sweet spot, just inside her lips, the button which would switch her anger into passion. He felt her inner lips and found the wetness beneath, she was so wet, and he had hardly touched her yet.

So her anger was a front, wow, what an actress, it seemed that she has always been in control of everything. She did not smoke, drink or do drugs of any kind. She did not even partake of caffeinated tea or coffee, so Simon had told him. But now she was really getting turned on by him, and he knew just how to make her wetter than she had ever been before. This knowledge made his cock grow full and large, knowing that he turns her on by simply talking to her and massaging her, was a pleasure indeed. He moved down to her buttocks and knelt down, whilst still playing with her and her wetness, it was almost too much for his now fully erect cock to deal with. He moved his head between her legs and started to lick her wet pussy, she tried to move away again but was restrained by the cuffs on the bench, she then sent out a long moan and he grinned, understanding that moan and how it changed over the next few hours was his key to producing a very well groomed slave. He used his tongue to circle and flatten her clit, he used his fingers to encircle her lips and gently pressing his tongue onto her soft wet flesh he started sucking and pushing his tongue into her. At the same time his fingers were winding their way to her dark wet hole, pushing a finger into her whilst licking and sucking her clit. He heard her moan again, this time it was a more intense and guttural sound. When he pushed the second finger into her, she started to move away, but seemed to change her mind as the fingers started meandering inside her, and she could feel the pleasure of them both, waving inside her muscle driven wet tunnel.

She could feel him move down her torso and it felt very good. He was an expert massager and she was feeling calm and warm under his touch. She felt him kissing her neck and moving down her back and onto her buttocks, his fingers manoeuvring themselves into the crack of her bottom and down into her darkest abyss beyond. She now knew what was to come and started to move away, but before she could even engage her limbs, he had touched her sweet spot and she was now melting into his hands, he was clearly a Master in this department, she was receiving shivers of excitement down her spine and disappearing down into her crevice. His hands for now not torture implements but exquisite pleasure givers and she was feeling everything he was doing to her, from his fingers pressing and circling her clit to now. Oh my God, his tongue, his tongue, oh my God, her head was reeling at this pleasure, she would not normally let anyone, do this to her, as it was just too much for her to bear. But oh my God, it was blowing her mind; she tried to move away again, but alas she could not move at all. He was pleasuring her, like nothing she had allowed before, she could not believe that she was in this place being licked and sucked into oblivion, by a complete stranger, someone who only a few minutes before, she hated and hated with everything about her.

It was good to hear her enjoying herself for a change. He was very pleased and was grinning whilst sucking on her juices, she tasted so good, her perfume, overtook him now and he realised what it was, Pchouli oil - smelling that scent would never be the same again. His cock was now so hard and she was so wet that it seemed a pity to waste the moment; he continued to lick her and fondle her insides, gently waving his fingers inside her, pushing them up high to another sweet spot, deep inside her. She felt it too and started writhing beneath his fingertips. She was now pushing her buttocks into his face and he was filled with her juices. She was only able to move slightly but her writhings were driving him crazy, he had to put his cock inside her and revel in her wetness and warmth.

She was breathing heavily again, in her throat she was groaning and her body was writhing. He could stand it no more and stood up slowly withdrawing his fingers before thrusting, he thrust his now enormous cock inside her. She received it with a sharp intake of breath and he started slowly but forcefully, pushing his cock inside her warm wet funnel of pleasure, feeling her muscles contracting around his cock. The feeling was almost overwhelming, flushing his brain with adrenaline, so that he was almost blind, he closed his eyes now and with his hands gripping her hips tightly, pulling at her, he plunged his cock deeper and deeper inside her, eliciting, heavier and louder groans of pleasure from her. He then realised he had left her gag on and expertly and quickly released the harness from around the back of her head. He heard her now gasping and groaning even louder; that was what he wanted to hear. His cock was almost completely inside her now and she still writhed and groaned louder and louder. He was moving faster and faster, plunging deep inside her, she was taking all of his cock now and swallowing it whole. Faster and deeper, his balls and thighs were slapping against her now and he felt a feeling of warmth welling up inside his balls and moving slowing and gently like a wave across into his cock, down his legs, into his torso and chest, he was ready to cum and as he did so, he let out a guttural groan and felt his sperm shoot into her as an explosion of warmness covering his cock and oozing out of her, as he continued to thrust inside her. She was groaning now and he felt sure she would cum soon, but no, she was definitely enjoying herself, but coming she was not, he continued as much as he could. But then he slowly stopped pumping her and laid his head on her back with his cock still inside her, thumping and throbbing.

They were both spent and utterly exhausted; she was covered from head to toe in sweat and filled with semen and he in turn was dripping from his face, onto her heaving back. They were both calming down now and he removed his now flaccid cock from her warm orifice. She seemed calmer now, less fractious and warmer as an individual too although, he still did not trust her and would not perhaps for a very long time to come, she was a tricky one.

He lifted her up using the chain until she was standing again at her full height. She shook her head, still having tears in her eyes, he wiped them and held her head in his hands. He was a big man 6'5" at least and he was at eye level with her.

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