tagLoving WivesCh. 04: Going Deeper

Ch. 04: Going Deeper

byWilson Spalding©

[NOTE: This is Chapter Four in the series of Rick and Janie. It might make more sense if you've read the previous chapters, though it's not absolutely necessary.]

Rick cracked his eye open. The bed was empty but there was deep breathing coming from somewhere in the dark. It sounded physical, sensual, almost sexual. It was enough to inspire morning wood.

"It sounds like I'm missing out over there."

"Jesus!" Janie yelped.

"Scare you?"

The rhythm had stopped. She was only panting now.

"Uh, yeah."

Jane climbed onto the bed and crawled right over Rick. It was so dark that she was invisible – but damp heat radiated off of her. He could feel she was naked even before she dropped her soaking body on him.

She wrapped in him in a tight hug and squeezed herself against him, grinding her sweat into him. "Am I gross?"

Rick ran his hands up her tight legs and over her slick dancer's ass. "You're slippery. I like slippery." His hands caressed up her sides, causing her a shiver as he grabbed her healthy globes. "So... What? Morning calisthenics?"

Rick couldn't see her nod, but he could feel it. "Power yoga. Goes with the gig," she explained.

"So what time is it?"

"A little after five."

"Did you sleep?"

"Not much, but no rest for the wicked."

"So you wanna get in an early dive?"

"Sure, but... I am a little horny."

"Didn't you just get done working out?"

"Working out makes me horny."

Rick blinked a moment. "Don't you work out a couple times a day?"

"Uh-huh." Janie leaned forward and found his lips with her own.

"You always get horny?"

"Usually." She kissed him again, letting this one linger.

"And you just go through the day horny?"

"Not lately." She found his cock and squeezed it though the sheet. "Let's just say it's a good thing the ladies' room stalls have doors."

"You kinky little bitch."

"Uh-huh." She reached under the sheet and wrapped her hand around his tool. She slowly started stroking as she dropped her lush lips to whisper in his ear. "Are you going to think about me the next time I'm at the studio?"

"I think about you anyway." Rick slid a hand down her body and twirled a finger through her well-trimmed Dorito. "What do you think about? When you..."

"Whatever. I've only been regular about it for the last week."

"You've been getting 'in touch'?"

"I have." Jane held her breath, then nibbled his ear in the dark. "...Is that still what you want?"

"Afraid I'll change the rules on you?"


"No, babe, you're still my party girl." Rick brushed a finger over her clit and felt a ripple pass through her body. "But you didn't answer the question... So what do you think about?"


"Cool. Anything else...?"

Janie tilted her head back. She was being coy, but that didn't stop her from stroking his shaft.

"Out with it."

"I thought about last Sunday." She meant Brian – the threshold crossed. Rick's cock twitched and she squeezed it. "And I've thought about... the guys." That would be Dave and Bill. Interesting. "And I've thought about a few friends of mine..." <*DING*> What's this? "And I wondered what would happen if one of the girls walked in on me..."

The girls? Janie was fantasizing about her dancer associates? Very cool. "Seems like you've done a lotta thinking."

"Like I said – I've been getting... In touch."

"You've been getting a lotta 'touch'." Rick swirled his finger over her clit, then let it slip between labial lips. It seemed like a thousand degrees between her thighs and she was soaking wet. "What were you thinking about just now?"


She pushed off, sliding down his body, and her legs slid open. Her hand was still wrapped around his shaft and she kept it steady as she lowered herself onto his lap.

Her guiding hand was cool compared to the hot wetness between her thighs. Rick felt her pussy brush against his tip, then a moment later, she sunk the slick shaft deep inside.

It was a soft, velvet heaven. She put her hands on his chest and clenched herself around him, squeezing his cock with her pussy.

Rick followed her arms up until he found her boobs. The handfuls were begging to be squeezed and that's what he did, kneading and massaging, rolling her nipples between his fingers.

Jane started circling her hips, grinding the bottomed-out cock through her pussy. The motion was slow and sultry, but it felt too good to be teasing – she was belly dancing with a cock deep inside her. She was the ultimate harem girl.

"Oh... Janie..."

Janie settled into a rhythm, her hips dancing, her breath hypnotic. Her hips circled and went into figure-8's, then circled again and shimmied. As her breathing picked up, the circling slowed down, her hips plain bouncing as she started pounding herself onto his cock.

Her breath was starting to catch. "Oh God – Oh God – Oh God..."

She impaled herself on the cock, driving it deep inside.

Rick squeezed her tits, pinching her nipples between as she started to shudder. She was starting...

Rick was so close, he couldn't let her stop. He dropped his hands to her hips and started pumping himself into her. Her body felt weightless in his grip, her pussy the center of the universe.

His eyes were squeezed shut and in the darkness all he could see what white light as he came. Somewhere below, some other part of heaven, he could feel himself pulsing deep inside of her.

"Oh!" Janie squeaked.

She had a whole-body shiver, then she collapsed on him. They were still attached, him deep inside her as she pressed her sweat-soaked boobs against his chest. She laid her head on his shoulder and panted for a minute.

When she broke the silence, her voice was a throaty alto. "Rick, how intense...?"

"Airbags deployed."

"It felt like it. My God, you got huge!"

"You bring it outta me, baby."

Jane balanced herself on him, lifting her legs from the straddle to a scissors. It was a move worthy of a gymnast as it kept the softening cock inside her. She started milking him, massaging his cock with her pussy.

"Oh!" Janie gave one long squeeze with her PC muscle. "I did bring it out of you! ...And it's going to be coming out of me all day!"

### ### ### ###

The sky was a deep navy blue, with the eastern horizon edging toward pre-dawn purple. The Casino Point lights were on, barely spilling across the equipment laid out on the concrete wall. From masks to gloves to an underwater camera, just prepping the gear added a little buzz of excitement to the night dive.

The unseasonably warm weather was holding, but not by much. There was no breeze, but steam rose off their bodies as they doffed sweats to don fleece liners. Jane stepped into her DUI dry suit and zipped up. The CLX450 was state of the art, stylish even, but it still looked like a space suit. Somehow, though, she was still sexy as she pulled it on, pressure hoses and all. She even had a touch of "Bond girl" as she strapped her dive knife in place

The couple lost themselves in the pre-dive ritual. The only words came from the ocean, a gentle lapping of water on the rocks and over the entry stairs. Jane screwed the first stage tight over the tank valve and checked pressure, BC inflation and her back-up regulator. She got the air flowing and popped the primary in her mouth for a few test breaths.

Rick caught her eye and grinned. "Babe, you look natural with something between your lips."

"Rerry?" She closed her eyes and slid the mouthpiece in and out like she was giving head. She was practically cooing as she let the reg pop out from her lips – and she was running her tongue along the rim. "I have no idea what you're talking about..."

Rick adjusted himself and exhaled. "You know, I think those lips should be designated a national treasure."

"Cute," she smiled. "Too formal, though. National Park?"

"Yeah, I'll park something on those lips..."

"Promise?" She licked her lips, then bit the lower as she got a sultry look. "I mean... you're supposed to have a good time in the park, right?"

"Definitely." Rick was thoughtful for a moment, but he never lost the smile. "I know – I'll throw a holiday party... and invite all my friends. They'd come!"

Janie's jaw dropped. "In my mouth...?"

"Mouth, face, tits... Tell me you wouldn't love being the center of attention."

She put indignant hands on her hips but she couldn't muster much more than a sputter.

"See?" Rick grinned. "Gotcha."

Janie rolled her eyes. "I'm worried enough that Brian is gonna blab and all your friends are going to think I'm some kind of harlot."

"Harlot?" Rick started humming. "...Her thighs at night were lily white, by morning they were scarlet..."

"I'm serious."

"And I'm not?"

Janie looked down. "I don't know. When you're in the mood, you're kinky, but what are you going to do when you're not and they are? God, it's just wicked kinky to think of myself as your whore, Rick, but I don't ever want to be 'just' a whore."

"Never could be. You're the whore that we adore."

"Dammit, Rick!"

"Sorry." Rick turned away and took a pull from his regulator. The air was strong, which was more than he could say for his lungs right then. "Is this a respect thing?"

"A little."

"You know these guys, Janie. You've known them for years. There's not one guy that wouldn't run into a burning building to pull you out." Rick tested his flashlight and turned it off again. In one fluid motion, he lifted the BC over his head and shrugged into it. He was attaching hoses as insight came to him. "As for a reputation? We all have a past."

"A past that's only a week old now! It's a new past! Can we get past the past?"

"'We' or me?"

Janie looked away, out over the ocean, toward the distant lights of Long Beach.

"Didn't I just invite you to move in?"

Janie looked down. She nodded. For a moment, she'd forgotten. "I love you, Rick. I'm naturally kinky, and I like playing, but I love you. I don't want to lose love because I played with like."

"O, ye of little faith..." Rick growled. He looked out over the same dark waters, then dropped his gaze into the blackness of the Casino Point dive park. "Keepeth thine eyes open and kicketh not at my regulator, lest I swatteth thee on the ass. And thusly, wench, try to keepeth up!"

Rick smacked Janie firmly on the rear ("Hey!"); then he made a dash for the entry stairs, carrying his fins with him. He glanced behind and caught a glimpse of Janie madly pulling on her mask.

He kicked, lights off, and let himself sink in the blackness. The water was cool but he was dry and the low rushing sounds of ocean surrounded him. It was utterly peaceful, almost as black as the hotel room an hour ago. He pictured – felt – the memory of Janie riding him.

Too good.

Rick exhaled and the bubbles brought more life to the ocean. He pulled on his fins in the darkness and as he finished, he saw Janie's dive light burning a swath through the water.

With a flash back at her, they joined in the inky depths. At night, the kelp hovered like a ghost of the sea. Their lights were a lifeline, but each seemed to be watching the other, making sure everything was okay.

It was a good dive, but a familiar one as they explored the debris of sunken boats. As they made their way past the corner of the park, something glinted in the sand, right next to the buoy's anchor.

Janie kicked down to investigate – and found an honest-to-god treasure chest partly buried in the sand. It was a small chest, and it was new judging on the brass fittings.... But her eyes said it all: My God, There's A Treasure Chest!

The pair kicked back to the surface, Janie towing the chest in her goody bag. The second they broke surface, she started a running babble.

"A treasure chest! Oh! My! God! This is so cool! Did it fall off a boat? Should we drop it off at the police station? I feel like a pirate! Should we look inside? Holy shit! An actual treasure chest! It has a latch, but no lock. Should we open it?"

Rick nodded. "Definitely."

It took a moment to get back to land but Janie's dancer legs were kicking hard enough that she could've towed a boat. Above them, a pale blue sky was covering the last of the morning stars. The sun was just over the horizon.

On land, they sloughed off their tanks and doffed their masks. Janie swallowed, then pulled off her gloves. As delicately as she could, she slid the brass latch to the side. She slowly opened the lid and they both peered inside.

Inside, there was water, sand... and one closed clamshell. Janie picked it up only to see that it had silver hinges on the back. They glanced at each other, then she opened the clamshell.

Inside was a tiny scroll bound with a metal ring. As she turned it, the diamond came into view, sparkling in the white quartz light of the park. The scroll, she could feel, was plasticized paper.

She was almost hyperventilating as she slid scroll out of the ring. She unrolled it, then held it up to read it:

Janie: Dive with me forever. ~Rick

She stopped breathing and the ring trembled in her grasp. She turned around to face the man behind her but she could barely see him – both her eyes were welling over.

Rick grasped her shoulders, then slid his hands down to hers. He took the ring, held it up to the light and saw a rainbow scintillate through the diamond. He rolled it in his fingers, then held it out in front of hand, inviting her to slide her finger into the ring.

"Life is an adventure, babe. Let's adventure together."

She took one deep, gasping breath and held out her hand. She could barely keep it stable.

Rick met her halfway, putting the ring right at the tip of her finger.

The tears were streaming down her cheeks, her smile more brilliant than the quartz light above them. With courage and joy, she pressed her hand forward, sliding the ring onto her finger.

As it slid home, Rick took her hand and squeezed it in his own. She was open mouthed, barely breathing, still focused on the warmth of his hands as he covered her lips with his own.

### ### ### ###

The pair dragged their dive bags back to the hotel. Rick was starving so they did a quick change into sweats and dashed to Sally's Waffles. The whole time, Janie's feet never seemed to touch the ground.

It was blur for both of them until breakfast was over. As Rick finished his Tabasco juice (with a shot of tomato and a squeeze of lemon in it), he looked over to see Janie lost in thought. She was caressing her lower lip with the ring and there was something oddly erotic about it.

Maybe that wasn't a stretch. There was always a touch of Eros to her. Even sitting in the booth, her Patagonia sweats were rolled up like capris on the bottom (showing nice claves), and the waistband was riding low, the elastic rolled down once to bare a flat, toned midriff. She was either wearing a g-string underneath or she was wearing nothing at all. She had a matching sweat jacket covering her shoulders, but it was open in the front, showing off a no-jiggle tummy below an electric blue Nike sports bra that did nothing but jiggle, barely containing her c-cup boobs.

Rick leaned over. "Where are you right now?"

"About 65 feet, finding a treasure chest."

Rick smiled. "Still feel like a pirate?"

Janie bit her lip and nodded.

Rick ran his hand over her fleece-covered leg. "Yup. Feel like a pirate to me."

Janie smiled back, her face glowing with near-heavenly light. She looked like she'd just stepped off a magazine cover. "Do I? I'll let you plunder my... treasure chest."

Rick glanced around – the coast was clear – and he slid the sports bra up to her neck.

"Rick!" She had to fight to pull it back down as he kneaded her boobs in the booth. She didn't bother swatting him away, just pulling the spandex down over his hands. "Bad boy."

"Pirate," Rick stated flatly. He flipped her top up again and tweaked her already hard nipples.

Janie was still pulling down her shirt as Rick undid the knot on her loose sweat pants. The waist was already riding low – it wouldn't take much to pants her – and Janie shot him a you-wouldn't-dare look. Rick just smiled as he reached across her lap and ran his fingers over her waistband.

She started shifting her hips – she was calling his bluff. She didn't even have time to be surprised. In one smooth yank, her pants slid all the way to her ankles, over her running shoes and pooled half on the floor.

Janie gasped and Rick saw her trimmed red dorito and a very swollen clit.

"Arrrr!" Rick growled. "Now that's what I call pirate booty!"

Janie leaned over the table to hide her nudity, but it was off-season and obscenely early – the place was sadly empty. It was them, a cook in the back and a waitress around the corner, watching television. "Are you trying to get us arrested?"

Rick shook his head but never took his eyes off her flat tummy. "Nah, it's L.A. County here. I know the guy."

"Thank God. I was waiting to hear: 'Yeah, and I know a way you could get us out! Wink-wink, nudge-nudge–"

"Say no more, say no more..." Rick completed. "Actually..."

"Don't even think about it!"

"I'm thinking..."

"How am I going to get my pants back?"

"I'll step out, you kneel on the booth seat, bend over nicely, pick it up, step off the seat, and put your pants on."

"You're kidding."

"Hey, who decided to wear no underwear?"

"The same girl that knew she'd have pants over her pussy!" Janie hissed.

"You know you want to."

Janie was staring at him, silent, almost pleading as he slid out of the booth and stood up. She was almost hyperventilating as she followed the plan, kneeling on the booth seat with her bare ass facing Rick, the front of the restaurant and the rest of the world.

He raised the ante, pulling her sports bra back up to show off her beautiful boobs. She bit her lip, left her breasts exposed, and leaned over. Her ass went straight up in the air like a beacon and Rick couldn't help but running a finger between her labia. She was soaking wet.

She paused, too, and Rick took it as a signal, plunging his finger deep inside her. He started finger fucking her and by God, he was getting close to pulling down his own sweats and doing her right in the little restaurant – when the front door opened.

Rick jerked forward, covering her, but she wasn't coming up. She was only down there a second more but it felt like an hour as the waitress greeted the newcomers. "Hello! Welcome to Sally's!" "Hey." "How ya doin?" Male. Two of them.

Janie spun on the seat, slipped her legs over the edge and pulled her pants on. She was standing as she pulled her top down. The waitress was clueless but the men had seen boob.

Janie was turning a deep shade of crimson as she slid past them toward the door. With her cheeks burning, she thumbed back toward Rick. "Beware the breakfast sausage!"

Rick tipped his ball cap to the thoroughly confused waitress and followed Janie out the door.

Outside, Janie rounded a corner and disappeared from view. Rick jogged after as she stormed up the hill. As he approached, she spun around, shot her fists at him and stomped her feet.

"You're crazy, you know that? You're fucking crazy!"

Rick covered his face, blocking the worst of her flailing, but he couldn't stop laughing. "...And you're beautiful."

Janie launched herself at him. She wrapped her body around his and planted a kiss on him that would echo on Catalina Street forever.

It took less than a minute to get back to the hotel. They nearly broke the door down and Janie wrapped herself around him again. Their lips were locked, their tongues dancing as he held her against him.


Her legs stayed locked around him but she let go long enough to pull off the sweat jacket and sports bra. Rick practically ripped off his t-shirt and sweatshirt and they came back together, mashing lip to lip and boob to pec. The feeling of her heavy tits pressed against him was... incredible.

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