tagIncest/TabooCh. 06 The Party

Ch. 06 The Party


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Since moving into our new flat, my relationship with my sister Julie had grown into a full blown love affair and for all accounts we now lived together as a couple. We had all the privacy we craved for when living back at home to indulge in our kinky pastimes but with no one to disturb us.

We spent the evenings dressing up in Julie's sexy club outfits, such as her tiny miniskirts and sexy tops with a pair of nice heeled shoes or one of her cute little cocktail dresses. Other times, Julie would dress me up in some of her sexy underwear for me to parade around in front of her.

Other times, we just lounged around the flat dressed in our sexy underwear or we would dress in our skirts, tops and sexy dresses, and take short walks, arm in arm around the town. We would both get a huge thrill from the possibility of getting caught out.

Then other nights we would just have mad, passionate, and spontaneous sex on the lounge floor, couch or on our huge brass bed. At night-time Julie and I would dress up in her sexy babydoll nighties and have the most wonderful passionate sex before going to sleep.

Most mornings after showering, I took to wearing Julie's underwear under my work clothes. I'd help myself from her drawers, or Julie would just hand me an item which she wanted me to wear. Throughout the day I'd walk around with a huge erection, as I felt my lacy underwear and silky smooth stockings against my body. If only my fellow office colleagues knew!

About two weeks after we'd moved in together, Julie announced that Wendy was holding a 'girls only' party at our flat, that following Friday evening. Wendy was the local area demonstrator for 'Ann Summers', the sexy lingerie and sex toy retailer that sold its products through home demonstrations for girl only parties.

The hostess, in this case Wendy, would be expected to demonstrate some of the items from the catalogue, whilst the girls would be able to have a good laugh together playing raunchy party games. Each party would have a theme and Wendy's would be, 'Sexy Nighties' where everyone would be expected to wear a sexy nightie provided by the hostess. Throughout the evening everyone could try the latest clothes, lingerie and toys, before placing their orders at the end of the evening.

"You'll have to make yourself scarce this coming Friday night, until at least 11pm. before coming home," Julie added.

"I don't believe the other girls would be too happy with you around, darling," Julie continued.

"Julie, what am I going to do until 11pm?" I enquired, pissed off at being ordered out, when the girls were having a party.

"You'll think of something. Why don't you go to the pub with Andy and Rob?" Julie replied.

I reluctantly agreed but before letting the subject drop, I asked Julie whether it would be all right if I popped home a little early, maybe 10pm. Julie replied with a mischievous smile on her face, "Think you might catch us out, having some girlie fun?"

I smiled awkwardly, "No Julie, honest. Well, perhaps we could have some fun together?" I tentatively enquired.

"Well I'm not going to let on to Wendy or the others, because if I did the party might not even get off the ground," she replied.

That Friday evening I helped Julie and Wendy set up for their party. Julie had me running up and down the stairs to empty Wendy's car of the boxes and boxes of clothes and merchandise. Wendy hung the clothes on a metal clothes rack, which was crammed full of every description of lingerie possible, from bras to bustiers and babydolls to chemises, skirts, tops, and dresses. Even some sexy costumes were on display.

On the coffee-table Julie had displayed an assortment of different sex-toys. Vibrators, strap-ons, dildos of varying sizes and colours, creams, lotions and an array of other gadgets and toys.

After carrying the last box up the stairs, I asked Julie, "Who's coming to the party?"

"You know everyone except Kelly. She's one of our part-timers at the restaurant," Julie replied. "Diane will also be here, and you know what a crush she has on you," Julie added.

I was then ordered out and told not to return before 11pm. I left the flat and made my way to my local pub where I enjoyed a few drinks with Andy and Rob, while constantly checking my watch as the time slowly ticked by. It seemed to take forever for seven o'clock to become eight o'clock and eight o'clock to become nine o'clock, but eventually I decided to make my excuses with Andy and Rob, telling them that I didn't feel too good and was heading home for an early night.

Once outside the flat I looked up at the lounge window. The curtains were drawn and the lights were on, and the party appeared to be in full swing. As quietly as I could, I opened the front door and tiptoed in. Slowly climbing the stairs, I paused just before I reached the top and holding my breath, I listened intently. They were playing their music loudly and I could hear the girls talking, giggling and laughing.

I couldn't wait to see what they were up to, although I had a good idea what happens at an 'Ann Summers' party... Taking a large deep breath, I stood up and climbed the last remaining stairs before announcing myself to everyone present.

I was virtually speechless, as I took in what I saw before me. Julie was sat on the couch wearing her pink babydoll nightie, and on one side of her was Helen, a twenty-two year old work colleague of Julie's wearing a black babydoll; on the other was Diane, Julie's best friend who also was wearing a white sheer babydoll. Both Helen and Diane's nightie had sexy peek-a-boo splits which exposed their nipples and were both wearing matching g-strings. They were cheering and laughing at the demonstration in front of them.

Wendy, Julie's forty-five year old colleague from the restaurant was standing before them wearing a tiny black sheer babydoll nightie with open cups that exposed her huge melons. Between her legs was a large black rubber strap-on, which Kelly, an eighteen year old college student who worked a few part-time hours at the restaurant, was demonstrating to the girls present her blowjob technique. She was wearing a white lacy see-through babydoll with a tiny g-string.

I was totally mesmerised by the whole scene before me, as all eyes turned around and stared at me. I stood there speechless with my mouth open.

"What are you doing home so early for?" Wendy quickly barked.

"What time is it?" I asked sheepishly.

"You know fucking well what time it is. You've come home deliberately early to have a nosey, haven't you?" Wendy replied.

"No, honestly I haven't," I denied nervously.

"Well girls, you know what we do to Peeping Toms," Wendy taunted aloud, realising the opportunity that was quickly unfolding.

With that, she gathered the girls together and began whispering. Whatever it was they were whispering about, they all agreed before Wendy stood up with her huge black dildo dangling between her legs.

"Come here Steve," Wendy ordered.

Feeling somewhat threatened, I obediently complied and slowly walked towards her. Wendy stood directly in front of me, and I gradually took in what a fantastic body she had for her years. Her tits were like large melons, although they did not sag too much and she didn't carry any excess weight. She looked quite attractive with her glasses on, and her high heeled shoes. I also noticed her thick trimmed hairy bush that was clearly visible through her tiny see-through g-string.

Once I'd approached her, she quickly grabbed my arm and ordered the other girls to 'get him'.

"What's up, what are you doing?" I asked nervously.

"You'll see in a minute. You'll see what we do, to little 'Peeping Toms' who don't do as they're told," Wendy teased.

Wendy was clearly in charge, and ordered me to sit on the floor. I nervously looked at Julie for signs of help or support, but Julie just smiled and winked at me.

Once I was sat on the floor with the other girls towering above me, Wendy declared. "You're a little overdressed for our party, so we'll just make you a little more comfortable, Steve."

Suddenly, the girls pounced and held me down, flat on the floor. Kelly straddling my legs, so that I couldn't move while Helen and Diane both held an arm each. Julie meanwhile knelt next to me, watching the proceedings while Wendy swung her leg over my waist, and announced to the other girls that first we were going to take the 'Peeping Tom's' shirt off him.

To the cheers of the girls present, they all shouted "Off, off, off," in unison, and with that Wendy unbuttoned my shirt. As each button was undone my kinky secret slowly became known. Helen laughed out aloud as she realised, just what I was wearing under my shirt.

"What have we here girls? Is it a boy or is it a girl that we have before us?" Wendy called out, as the last two buttons of my shirt were undone to reveal a dark blue lacy bra.

"He's wearing a fucking bra," Helen screamed, as if the others couldn't see my lacy bra.

My face went bright red with embarrassment as Helen, Diane and Kelly gawked at my blue bra. Of course, it was no surprise to Julie and Wendy, but I couldn't help but notice that even Julie was joining in the fun and games, and having a laugh at my embarrassing predicament. Why on earth had I left Julie's underwear on before going out for the evening?

Helen and Diane removed my shirt, then tossing it aside, they held my arms firmly down so I couldn't move, while Wendy rubbed and caressed my chest and firm torso.

"I didn't know that you were fucking kinky, Steve. I'd never have believed that you were 'into' wearing women's bras," Helen remarked sarcastically.

"I take it this is Julie's bra?" Helen taunted.

I meekly nodded, before Wendy turned around so that I was greeted by her large ass in my face. She then ordered Kelly to remove my shoes and socks and at the same time, expertly began unbuttoning my jeans. She soon had them undone, and between Kelly and herself they were tugging at my jeans, slowly removing them off my hips to reveal an even bigger embarrassment for me.

Under my jeans I was wearing a dark blue lacy suspender belt, matching thong and stockings. Once Wendy and Kelly had removed my jeans sufficiently enough to reveal my suspender belt, she quickly announced.

"Let's leave the underwear on girls; he looks so pretty in them."

Wendy and Kelly successfully removed my jeans while holding me down. I hadn't bothered to struggle, as I was not afraid anymore. I knew the girls only wanted to have a bit of fun, and what bloke wouldn't enjoy a bit of sexy fun with five pretty women?

Wendy decided that my tiny blue panties needed to be removed, and ordered Kelly to remove them. I lifted my hips off the floor, just enough for Kelly to wrestle the panties off. Then laying there motionless, my semi-naked body dressed in Julie's skimpy bra, suspender belt and stockings. I felt truly embarrassed and humiliated, while everyone starred at my pathetic body. My secret was now out.

At this point my cock was still flaccid. Wendy, who selecting a five inch gold vibrator and a pair of black stockings off the coffee table, wrapped the stocking around the vibrator and my semi erect cock. Once the vibrator was secured against my cock, Wendy turned it on, and the gentle vibrating slowly brought my cock to life.

Meanwhile Wendy had now positioned herself on my left hand side by my head and was prodding, slapping and rubbing her rubber dildo along my face, urging me to kiss and suck her rubber cock. I reluctantly obliged, before Wendy pushed it into my mouth and caused me to gag.

"Suck Wendy's cock," Wendy taunted.

I tried for several minutes to lick and suck Wendy's rubber cock, only managing to get a few inches of it into my mouth, before she tired of her little game.

I now had a huge stonking erection to the delight of everyone present. It was completely swollen and fully erect, with its shiny bright red head, fully exposed at the top of the stocking. It was only now after I was fully erect, that Wendy removed the stocking and vibrator to expose my throbbing cock with its bulging veins running along my entire shaft.

No sooner had Wendy removed the stocking than Helen swapped my arm with Julie and positioned herself at my waist, tentatively prodding, tugging and admiring my cock.

"Fucking hell, that's a fucking beauty!" She exclaimed in her customary crude and coarse language, as she reached down to touch my swollen knob.

"It's been fucking ages since I've seen a cock this size," she added.

Suddenly I felt Helen's cool slim hands around my swollen member, and her long soft blond hair touching my groin as she bent down over me. Then I felt the tip of my cock touch her lips, before disappearing completely inside her hungry moist mouth.

She gobbled my cock, hungry for its taste and eager to humiliate me. Her head bobbing up and down the full length of my swollen erection until it touched the back of her mouth. She only stopped to draw breath, before allowing her hand to take over. She jerked me off so vigorously that Wendy had to warn her.

"Don't rush him Helen, there are four of us. We don't want him burnt out after a quick blow job!" Wendy anxiously ordered.

While Helen was giving me my blowjob, I noticed Wendy confer with the girls, on just exactly what was in store for me. Then, she asked, "Who's going first?"

A second or two later, Diane made herself comfortable on the couch, with her legs spread wide open ready for me. Her neatly trimmed pussy on full view, just begging to be sucked. Then Wendy ordered Helen off me, and I was told to kneel before Diane and start licking her juicy cunt.

As I began to lick and suck at her pussy, Julie and Kelly made themselves comfortable on the couch next to Diane, and immediately began kissing each other. Passionate French kisses, while Julie worked a small vibrator on Kelly's pussy. They were totally engrossed in each other, as I was in Diane's pussy until I felt someone's warm lips around my cock.

I winched sharply as I felt the sharp pain of someone's teeth glided over my swollen member, and quickly stole a glance at who was sucking my cock with such sharp teeth. I was surprised to see Helen again.

"Easy Helen, with those teeth," I urged before continuing on Diane's pussy.

Meanwhile Wendy manoeuvred herself, so that she was kneeling directly behind me; then she spread my thighs wide so that she had a good view of my ass cheeks and clean shaven balls. Next I heard Wendy ask Kelly to pass some lube off the coffee table, and only then did I realise just what Wendy had in store for me.

No, surely she wasn't going to use that dildo on me. It was far too big. I had experimented before with one of Julie's small vibrators on my ass and was quite surprised at how much I had enjoyed the experience. I tried to call out, as the thought of being buggered by Wendy's huge dildo terrified me. My cries for help were smothered by Diane, as she held my head firmly against her dripping pussy in a vice like grip with her thighs.

Wendy held my hips firmly as I felt the cool lube squirt into my asshole, before she began to massage it in. Suddenly I felt a finger slip inside me and gasped out aloud. No sooner was it in; Wendy withdrew it, before continuing to massage my asshole with her thumb.

I moaned with pleasure as I enjoyed this new experience, while Kelly looked on nervously. First a finger, then two fingers were inserted into me; then I felt the solid rubber dildo touch me. I began to panic and wanted to scream out, but I was held tightly between Diane's thighs, and I could hardly breathe let alone speak.

Wendy slowly stroked her rubber cock along the cheeks of my ass teasing me, and after a few seconds I felt it touch my asshole. She kept it there slowly applying gentle pressure waiting for my asshole to open. It wasn't long before my muscles relaxed and my eyes finally closed, then the rubber cock slowly entered me.

I winched and gasped out aloud as I felt Wendy enter me, my face contorted as I struggled to accept Wendy's rubber cock. Slowly but gently, Wendy inched her way deeper and deeper until I had about four inches of her cock buried inside me.

Once Wendy was in, she retracted and retreated, withdrawing the dildo completely before I felt it enter me again. I felt her warm hands firmly holding my hips as she slowly built up a gentle rhythm, pushing deeper and deeper inside me. I slowly began to relax, and the dildo slid effortlessly in and out of my asshole. I felt no pain, only a little discomfort as Wendy fucked me 'doggy fashion' dressed in Julie's lacy underwear.

Diane was still gripping my head firmly between her thighs, as Julie kissed and caressed her small petite boobs. Then, when Wendy paused to catch her breath, she would slap my ass two or three times making me yelp out in pain. She would smile at a nervous Kelly, and try to encourage her to join in.

"Just grab, pull or jerk his cock Kelly," Wendy called out, as Helen continued to suck and masturbate my still very swollen cock.

Although Kelly looked comfortable kissing and caressing her girl-friends, she seemed a little reluctant when it came to me. Perhaps she just enjoyed experimenting with other girls and not the boys.

Every now and again, Helen would disappear under me, and I would feel the head of my cock enter her mouth, where she used her tongue expertly on my sensitive head. Helen was an expert at cock sucking and hand jobs! Each time I opened my eyes I saw Julie kissing Diane, long, passionate kisses and by the sounds of their moans, I knew they were both enjoying themselves.

Amazingly I wasn't hurting as I felt the head of the dildo deep inside me. Wendy banging away at my ass, our thighs slapping noisily against each other with her vigorous thrusts, while our loud animal grunts and groans from our strenuous exertions could be overheard over the music. She was enjoying herself, as she fucked me.

If the truth be known, I was really enjoying myself too. Wendy's tempo was building up to a fast climax now, as I gasped, moaned and grunted. Wendy's breathing and grunts also became louder and louder as she frantically thrust her hips backwards and forwards, waiting for me to scream out as my cock erupted and spewed its thick cum everywhere.

I was ready to cum now, and it quickly began to build up deep inside me. I pulled myself free from Diane's dripping pussy and screamed out aloud as I flooded Helen's mouth with my thick warm cum. Helen, having resurfaced, leaned over Diane and allowed her mouthful of cum to run out of her mouth onto Diane's neatly trimmed pussy. She spread my thick sticky cum all over Diane's pubes with her fingers making a sticky mess, before licking each finger clean.

Satisfied, Helen then leaned over and ordered me to lick Diane's pussy clean.

"Clean your mess, you kinky fucker!" Helen snarled with a certain amount of malice in her voice.

I obediently complied, and licked every last globule of my thick salty cum, until Diane's pussy was completely clean.

"Open up, and let me see that you've swallowed it," Helen ordered.

I opened my mouth for Helen to see, and once happy that I had swallowed it all, she roughly pushed my head back between Diane's thighs and told me to keep sucking her pussy.

By now, I knew Wendy was beginning to tire, so I was hugely relieved when she finally withdrew. Ordering Helen aside, she then ordered me to lie on my back on the floor. I quickly complied before Wendy squatting over my cock, reached down between her legs, and guided my cock deep into her hungry pussy. It felt warm, wet and wonderful.

Meanwhile, Helen had straddled my head and had ordered me to start licking her pussy. My tongue gently probed her labial lips and wriggled its way up and into her wet cunt. She moaned as I found her clitoris, before sliding her labia over my nose. First in slow smooth movements, then in long fierce movements, using my nose to masturbate herself.

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