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Chain links once more


Tracing circles around
Idly stoking the
girl as He ponders semantics

language is so slight a thing
Sounds convey more
sibilant hisses of acquiescence
throaty growls of hunger
whimpering mewls of
surrender and husky
voices of cravings unrequited
all at the edge
and Wanting

Hears indrawn breaths
which speak of truths she
never wanted revealed
yet reading her as he
does What does that
portend for her
in the path

Words given voice
Sounds forming shapes
Swimming mists flocking lights
unknown treadways taken slightways

Pull back look into eyes, vapid
Chomp hard
Wanting the rush, gouts of fluid
He takes from her
Drinks deep Feed.

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by Anonymous

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by susansnow02/20/15

Nuggets of Brilliance

Your work is refreshing and with the right focus, you'll have exceptional quality. I see you playing with the cadence language sometimes creates. Keep writing and posting.

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