I see you in your chair. The computer's on, but you're not typing. Papers are spread like litter across your desk, but you pay no attention to the work before you.

I sneak closer and look upon you. Your eyes are closed; your head's turned to the side. There's a modest smile upon your face.

You lick your lips and once every few seconds your luscious mouth opens to take in air in a slight gasp. You moan every so often.

My eyes follow your right arm and I see your hand hiding in the fabric of your skirt. I kneel down on my your knees.

You still don't notice me. Your focus is elsewhere. Before you I smell the intoxicating fragrance of musk. Your hand continues to stroke - to pump the moisture from your sex.

I lean and kiss your bare knee. You startle, then smile to see me. I take your right hand and kiss it. I taste the salt, I taste you, I taste your arousal.

With my tongue I lick your fingers one by one. I return to your knee and kiss it again. My mouth then travels up the inside of your thigh. Kissing lightly. Pausing once or twice to give a caring and caressing bite on your soft flesh.

I feel your fingers in my hair. You stroke my head as you stroked your pussy just moments before. My hands reach forward under your skirt to capture your ass. I cup the cheeks and slide you forward in the seat of your chair. You slouch so your head rests on the back of the chair; your bottom is at the edge of the seat.

My hands move from your firm, tight ass to the waistband of your panties. I gently tug at the sheer nylon. You briefly lift your ass so I can pull the panties down. I slowly lower the garment down your silky legs. You bring your ankles together and after the panties are off your feet, you spread your legs in an invitation.

You wiggle your bottom forward on the seat then lean back in the chair. Your ass is barely on the cushion. You lift the hem of your skirt like the unveiling of a statue. However, it is not cold hard stone that meets my gaze but your warm, yielding sex. I lean forward to smell, to taste and to feast.

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