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This is something that happened when I spent a week working in Berlin. I spent Monday through Thursday working but I had the Friday off. While I was there I had been complaining a bit about having a stiff back to one of the German girls I was working with she gave me the address of a massage therapist. I thought why not and called to make an appointment for Friday afternoon.

I turned up at the place which was just a residential house in a nice neighborhood and knocked at the door. It was opened by a woman in her late thirties dressed in what I can only describe as medical scrubs she had a nice figure and long blonde hair tied in a plat down her back. She was very pale and had very blue eyes. She was also barefoot and told me to remove my shoes as soon as I was through the door. This I did and followed her into an office space.

I sat down and she started to question me. She introduced herself as Gerlinde and started to ask questions about my health and so on. Fortunately for me Gerlinde spoke very good English. She decided that because of the problems I was having with my back a chair massage would be the best thing. I was led into a room which took me back a bit as it looked more or less like a dentists office with a large technical looking chair in the centre.

Apparently the chair is the sort of thing that was in old fashioned barber shops but is perfect for this kind of massage as it has a lot of movement it also has rollers with paper covering it which make it hygienic. It was only a small room and I was told to undress use the toilet and shower. These were in a little anti room.

I came back into the room wrapped in a towel to find that Gerlinde had closed the curtains and lit some smelly candles which made the room feel a bit less like a dentists. I was told to remove the towel and kneel on the chair with my arms over the back. I did feel a bit odd being naked in front of a stranger but I got on the chair as she said and she adjusted it till I was a bit more comfortable.

The massage started with my neck and shoulders. I started to relax into it a bit and the warm oil was very nice. Soon Gerlinde moved around and started to massage my lower back and this really did feel like it was helping the stiffness that I had around there. Then her hands moved to my buttocks and her hands gently caressed my pussy. I was a bit surprised by this but wasn't too bothered. She then told me to sit in the chair. I got up and turned around and sat. Gerlinde changed the position of the chair so that I was almost laying on my back. She dribbled some oil on my chest and started to massage my breasts. I could feel my nipples getting very hard and I was a bit embarrassed.

She gently started to massage my left nipple. I must have tensed up a little as Garlinde told me to relax. I was able to and soon I started to enjoy the sensation of having someone who knew what they were doing massage my sensitive nipples. By now I was starting to feel more than a little tingling down below.

After finishing massaging my nipples Gerlinde massaged my belly again, a few times her hand seemed to flirt with my pussy but my legs were together. She then put her hands on my knees and gently pulled my legs apart. I was a bit apprehensive but I opened my legs wide. Gerlinde stood to my left and gently started to massage around my pussy lips occasionally running a finger up to my clit barely touching it.

I could feel myself getting wet and then Gerlinde gently pushed two fingers inside me. This was unexpected but it felt so good. Her other hand started to massage my clit gently at first and then a bit harder. I could feel an orgasm building up inside me and I could feel the fingers inside me gently massaging in just the right place. As it grew Gerlinde backed off a little using her right hand to massage my belly while the fingers of her left were inside me, then as I felt the orgasm subside a bit she again massaged my clit.

This went on for a while until finally Gerlinde told me I could cum. I closed my eyes and let her fingers do their magic. I could feel her inside of me finding just the right spot to massage while she also worked on my clit and soon I had a huge shuddering orgasm. Wave on wave came over me and I could feel my whole body filled with pleasure.

After a while I started to calm down and Gerlinde gently massaged my chest while she still had her fingers in me. I think she was waiting for my heart to slow down a bit. She then removed her fingers and said I could lay there for a bit before getting dressed.

I took my time and then slowly stood up. The only way I can describe how I felt is high. I got dressed and went back into the office space and Gerlinde told me to sit down and gave me a cup of herbal tea. I was a bit flustered but we chatted for a bit. I didn't let on that not only had I not expected it to be that kind of massage but I had never had an experience with another woman before. Still I have to go back to Berlin next month and before I left I made another appointment.

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