tagNovels and NovellasChallenge Accepted Pt. 01

Challenge Accepted Pt. 01



It was the beginning of her senior year. Orientation day in fact. She was eighteen and so ready to be done with school. This year was a wash anyway. She only needed like four credits to graduate. But they were making her take a full schedule of classes. How fair was that? College seemed so far away. She longed for the days when she could get out of this small, conservative town.

She walked past the booths advertising the many clubs the school had to offer with zero interest in any. She was already the head cheerleader and one of the hottest girls in the school. The rest of the clubs were for people looking to belong. She didn't want to belong.

Being a cheerleader served two purposes. She was rather good at tumbling and was looking into scholarships; she so badly wanted a ticket out of this place. And, it was more than fun to wear the skimpy outfit and watch boys drool. In her cheerleading uniform, she could get whatever she wanted. That power really got her off.

As she passed the booster booth, her most recent conquest caught her eye. He had been fun. He was on the football team and his abs were nice to look at. Plus, he had been dating this really awful goody girl she couldn't stand and that was a bonus. Yeah, she decided that she could really go for another round with him.

She tugged her yellow tank top lower to frame and display her perfect teenaged tits; her best feature in her mind. Then she smoothed her dark brown locks and sauntered over.

. . . . . . . . .

He saw her walking his way and his cock twitched. He fought the urge to readjust and stroke it real quick. She was already the star in all of his spanking sessions. The girl oozed sexuality.

"What? I'm so sorry. Could you repeat the question please?"

Damn! He'd gotten carried away in yet another daydream of him losing himself in her chest and sucking in and nibbling her delicious nipples. Down boy! He reminded his struggling staff. He shifted so that he could no longer see her. She was going to get him in trouble one of these days.

. . . . . . . . .

"Hey there sexy," she said, touching his arm to turn him around.

"Oh, hey, um..." he was flustered, but she could see the lust in his eyes. "Remember my parents?" he asked pointedly, gesturing to the conservatively dressed lady and man talking with the football coach. His mom's jealous glare didn't faze her. And his dad's shameless desire-filled breath and stare she was used to. But the coach didn't react. He didn't glance at her chest or check out her shapely legs. What the hell?

"Have you gotten your schedule yet?" She strategically moved around him to put herself in the middle of the group, showing her apple-bottomed ass to the coach. Maybe that would produce the reaction she was looking for. "How about your locker?" she asked her hand on his jersey, pulling herself closer to him. "We should try to get our lockers close together again," she purred, her eyes twinkling with the true meaning of "lockers." He got it.

"Not yet." He managed. "We can head over there in a minute or two."

She noticed the coach took a quick glance at her body, but not the normal reaction she craved. That gave her an idea.

"Take your time. I still have to fix my schedule."

"My mom doesn't want me to see you anymore," he whispered in between kisses and licks on her neck. His hands reached around and grabbed her ass. He squeezed, working his way toward the center.

"Does that bother you?" she asked, tugging open the button of his jeans. Successful, she reached in and pulled out her prize. He was already hard and ready to go. His defiance of his mom was working her up; he chose her.

"Not really," he answered. "It's not like you're looking for a boyfriend anyway." She had been very blunt about that fact.

He guessed he wasn't moving fast enough for her because she shifted off his lap to tug her shorts down. It gave him a second to move over to the middle of the backseat and pull out a condom.

She helped him quickly pull the condom over his pulsating member and within seconds she was mounting him. She aimed his dick at her already lubricated opening, her small thong pulled to the side. She relished the fact that they could be seen if anyone walked past the school parking lot.

He groaned as he inched into her pussy. She felt so nice and wet for him. He lifted her shirt over her breasts leaving it on and pulled her red bra under her tits so that he could get his hungry mouth on them.

She worked her pussy lips down his thick pole, rolling her hips back and forth, up and down like an ocean wave. She picked up the pace, riding him faster and faster the further his cock sank into her. Up, down, back and forth. He was so thick, his meat completely filled her up. He was all the way in now and she was riding him as fast as she could, his cock buried deep into her sex hole.

His hands mauled at her chest. He wrapped his hands around each one and pulled the two mounds together so that his mouth could suckle at both. Her nipples were erect and sensitive. His tongue flickered at them and they seemed to reach for more.

"That's right," she whispered roughly. "Lick my titties. Just like that, mmmmm."

He loved that she talked dirty and didn't just moan quietly and lie there like some girls. He couldn't get enough of her. He dropped his legs to the sides of the car. He got his feet under him, his shoes hampering his efforts minimally. Reluctantly, he dropped his hands from her boobs and grabbed her hips. He began thrusting into her, his only thought to get as deep into her as possible.

"Fuck yeah," she moaned. "Don't stop! Fuck me harder!"

He sunk lower into the car seat, and pulled her down with him. Her hands clenched the top of the seat and she leaned over him, her tits jiggling just above his face. Her eyes were closed, as she rolled with each pleasure filled thrust. Fast but deep he rammed his rod into her, watching her breasts keep their rhythm. His palms gripped her hips as he plunged his final stabs into her, his hips raised and off the seat.

"Unnnnhhh!" he groaned. He knew she wasn't quite there, but he couldn't stop. He emptied his balls into the condom, jerking his ass with the waves of his orgasm, not wanting to slip even a little out of her warm, inviting box. His eyes reopened slowly, and caught sight of her breasts, poking out and pushed up by the bra. "Fuck!" he moaned as one last wave jerked through him. His mouth found her left nipple and pulled it down with the slightest bit of a bite and then he suckled.

"Yes! Yes!" she exclaimed, triumphant. "Keep going, I'm going to cum."

He needed no further encouragement. His mouth continued its rough assault on her nipple. Working hard on not losing any ground inside her cunt, he maneuvered his weight to the left and brought his right hand to her pussy. Not sure if he had the right spot, he began to rub the top with his thumb. Yes, he was sure he felt it. He rubbed faster as she ground into him and made those wonderful female sex noises.

"Don't stop, don't stop! Oooohhh yesss!" she cried as she began shaking on top of him.

When he was sure she was done, he let his butt drop to the seat. Crap! His neck hurt. He was scrunched in a weird position.

She rolled her hips a couple times, wanting another orgasm. But he was limp and already falling out, even though they had barely shifted.

She sat up and saw the school librarian walk swiftly past. Had she seen them? Did she watch? Oh, she hoped so.

Then, just as she was getting ready to dismount him, the librarian glanced back at them with a dirty look. Very aware that her shirt was still raised and showing her boobs, she licked her lips and blew a kiss to the librarian. She was probably just jealous that her and her husband only ever did it in bed at night with the lights off.


He knew she wasn't attending all her classes. How much he wanted to call her into his office, if only to get a look at her.

He also knew she was having sex during school hours. His scary hope was that he would catch her. He'd never known he was voyeuristic, but his desire to see her fuck someone in front of him was all he thought about. He prayed for the day he could watch her cum.

A beep on the intercom woke him from his daydream. His obsession with her was beginning to interfere with work. And at home.

. . . . . . . . . . . .

The football coach hadn't reacted properly to any of her seductive advances. Granted, she wasn't trying too hard. It was all just to prove that he (or any male) wasn't oblivious to her sexiness.

She had switched her schedule to have two of his classes. She changed her study hall to a body management class and had dropped her accounting class to take a track and field class. Her parents were thrilled to see the study hall gone, but wondered about the body management class.

"You're in perfect shape," her mom had argued.

She didn't argue, but didn't change her schedule either. How could she explain that she wanted the attention from a grown up? That she needed to know that she could make him want her? It was sick really. Even to her. He was pushing forty at least and all because he didn't get a woody when she walked past like every other male in the world, she now had a mission...

But, when he hadn't responded, she began cutting his classes. It was just a stupid prank anyway. She didn't need the credits.

. . . . . . . . . . . .

They won their first football game. It was a home game and the whole town showed up in support. It was normal. Every business had a school spirit poster, or banner in their window. This was only his third season in this town and already they were the team to beat.

"I'm just going to grab the game video and I'll be up in a few minutes," he assured his new wife as he clicked shut his cell phone. His first wife had never attended his games. Not when he played or when he coached, he remembered.

He shut off the light in his office and headed out to the locker room. The team had changed and showered and the locker room smelled of dirty socks, soap and after shave now. Usually, it only smelled of dirty socks and sweat. There were towels everywhere and helmets and pads strewn about. They were going to have to run some extra drills for this mess, he thought to himself.

He found the light switch and turned the locker room lights out as well. Up the stairs of the locker room and into the empty gymnasium he headed. The tech student usually met him in the classroom at the back of the gym. Then he heard it. Some muffled voices were barely audible, coming from the weight room.

Quietly, he crept across the hardwood floor. The door was ajar, but barely. It was dark in the room and he couldn't see much. But the noises were a dead giveaway. Someone was having sex in the empty room.

His eyes adjusted. It was his star player and the cheerleader he was screwing. The football player was naked and laying on his back on a weight-lifting bench. She was straddling him in reverse cowgirl, leaning forward and using her arms as leverage on the bench. His hands were at her cheer skirt, rocking her hips back and forth. Her cheer top was on the floor at her feet and her breasts were flopping back and forth in time to his rocking.

The coach watched for only a few seconds, barely resisting the urge to linger and watch longer, before his hands flew to the light switch.

"Get up son before I tell your mom you directly disobeyed her," he bellowed causing the football player to sit up abruptly. The cheerleader however didn't stop rocking, he noticed.

"And you," he said to her, looking her directly in the eye. "Cover yourself up and get out of here." He threw a towel at her but she ducked out of the way, allowing it to sail past her head and on to the floor.

She held his gaze just as shrewdly as he held hers, proving she was completely up for the challenge. Never taking her eyes from the coach, she slowly lifted herself off the football player's still pulsing jimmy. As she straightened, she let her gaze fall to the coach's groin and deliberately gave the football player's prick a couple strokes. Then, she quickly took the head only into her mouth and sucked gently.

"See you later," she mewed to the football player. She grabbed her top and matching cheer coat, leaving her breasts exposed and her bra on the floor and walked out the door, taking care to brush the coach's dick as she floated past.

The football player was in shock and still fully erect.

Seconds ticked by as the coach shook out his thoughts. "Well, don't just sit there boy. Let's go!"

He plunged into his wife, one last time. His groin slapped loudly against her ass and his cock twitched inside as he came forcefully. His hand was tangled in his wife's hair as he pulled it even harder through his orgasm. His right hand smashed her breast underneath it and then he turned his fingernails into it. She had already climaxed twice, but he wouldn't stop. His urgency had turned her on at first; the violence in his touch gave her the chills in a very intense way. But right to the end, he ravaged her and pounded her pussy from behind with a brutality she'd never witnessed before tonight.

"Your team needs to win all the time," she joked.

He didn't answer. He simply pulled out of her and stuffed his still hard prick back in his pants and walked away. "I'm going to shower."

She nodded nervously, wondering if she'd done something wrong.

He looked back at her from the doorway. He had gotten her shirt off her, but her skin colored bra sat above her breasts. Her boobs were quite large and hung heavily, used and abused with red marks still dotting where he had slapped them. She was running her fingers through her now tangled hair. He wondered how she was able to get her jeans on so quickly, and then remembered she had barely lowered them before he was ramming his cock down her pussy. He had thought he was going to explode. He did. But he wasn't quite satisfied. Still, she was his wife and had just taken a violent pounding and some humiliation as he had spanked and slapped at her calling her his slut.

"Care to join me," he asked after a second.

She smiled. "I'd like that."


She knew he would find them. She guessed she wasn't really okay with his ability to ignore her. He was a challenge she would conquer. He would notice her.

But he hadn't even watched for a full minute before stopping them. His gaze didn't linger on her exposed chest. And she didn't feel a hard erection when she brushed by on her way out. But she thought she saw a look in his eye. Maybe she was finally getting to him? She had to find out.

He hadn't turned her in for the sex episode in the weight room. But he had called her parents a week later about her skipping class. She was going to confront him today.

There was no game today so she wore regular clothes. She had put on a mini skirt this morning, despite the cold weather, and wore her favorite pale pink bra and underwear set. She attended class as if nothing had happened and as if nothing were going to happen. But she was ready; she was going to make him pay for getting her into trouble. And she was going to get him to succumb to her.

She knew his planning period was the last period of the day. Her friend was an office aide and took care of her attendance for this period. She waited for him to head into his office and she followed him in.

He started when he heard the door shut and click after him. He turned around to see her, glaring at him.

"My parents got your phone call," she said to him.

He didn't answer; he just walked around to his chair and sat down behind his desk. He still wasn't sure why he had made the call. Maybe he needed to see her in class. He hadn't had sex since that night with his wife despite her numerous requests and he hadn't seen Her in class since before then. What was going on with him?

"Why didn't you tell them about that night? Did you like what you saw? Maybe you want to see some more?" She walked slowly, deliberately into the room.

"Aren't you supposed to be in class," he muttered, unable to avert his gaze. She had begun lifting her sweater, exposing her slender, tight belly. His mouth watered, but he tried not to show it. He wanted to see her tits again.

She wasn't even making him uncomfortable, she thought angrily. He didn't even blush or look away. She lifted her sweater off her head, shook out her dark tendrils and continued toward his desk in her bra and mini skirt. Deviously, she ran her hands and fingers over and around her breasts, playing with them for his sake. Her hands ran up and down her abdomen. She would grab and massage a bra clad boob, then she would let her hand fall to her skirt, rubbing her thighs and her center through the skirt.

"I'm a senior," she answered. "I decide which classes I attend." Was this seduction even working?

"That's right. You're a senior. Whether you walk across that stage after not attending any classes is up to you. But the grade I dole out to people who don't participate in my class is up to me."

She scoffed. "You and I both know you don't care about class. So why don't we make a deal?" She was at his desk now and stopped just in front of it. Her heart was pounding in her chest. She'd done a lot and not cared who watched and who didn't. But this guy had never been affected. She would conquer him. She would give him a hard on. She was going to have to undress.

One by one she lowered the straps of her bra. "I continue to attend class when and if I want," she said as she unclasped the front of her bra. "And you give me the A I deserve for letting you see these." She hesitated for a second, hoping to draw out the moment. Next she unsheathed both breasts and let the bra fall to the floor. She felt liberated as she felt the cool air hit her nipples. He didn't react so she pushed a little more. "Don't you like them," she pouted, lifting the left one up toward her mouth. Her small tongue popped out of her mouth and grazed the nipple. "Would you like to play with them too?" She let go of her tit and her hands went to her inner thighs. "Mmmm. I'm getting so hot hoping you'll join me," she hummed.

He couldn't believe it! He had expected her to throw a fit or hit on him some more and then try to blame him for harassment. Maybe she still was. He gripped his chair and tried not to let her see a reaction.

Damn him! she cursed. Still, she pressed on. She made her way around the desk and sat on its edge. She was right in front of him, he was still lounging lazily in his chair. "I'm really quite sweet," she coerced. "You just have to be nice to me." How far was she going to go with this, she wondered? As she lifted her leg and brought her left foot to the desk, she guessed she was willing to go quite far. Her skirt was obstructing his view, so she pulled it back. Her legs were splayed, with one foot hanging off the desk and the other bent at the knee on top the desk, he had a direct shot to her pink thong, visibly wet and resting in between her outer pussy lips.

His sharp intake of breath was the only giveaway. But she caught it. Almost there, she thought.

"Now where were we," she questioned knowingly, catching his gaze with her finger. His eyes followed her finger as she knew he would, and she led his gaze back down to her pink folds. She ran her finger up and down her glistening slit while she spoke. "You don't call my parents or mark me absent from class." Her finger was still sliding over her wet opening, fondling her swollen lips while he stared, captivated by her masturbation. She continued, "I get an A in both classes, and you get to see all this..." but her voice caught. She was on the verge of orgasm. She was sopping wet and she continued to stroke herself. She wanted to... she had to... -- she slid her finger into her hole. Oh yum! she thought as she quivered through the first small orgasm.

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