Champ Ch. 04


i know my stories are not that good but im still learning. and thanks again to kash for correcting it.

I woke up to the sound of my home phone ringing. Kendra was irritated by this but she just rolled over me so I could get to the phone. I looked at the clock and it was five in the morning.

I went and picked up the phone.

"Hello" I said groggily.

"Hello. I am a producer and I saw how great an actor you were in bloodlust and I want to sign you to our next big movie trilogy." Said the producer.

I was instantly wide awake.

"What kind of role would I have?"

"Well you're going to play the bad guy, but in this first movie you''re only going to be on at the end because of you having to train for your next big fight."

"That sounds awesome! Will I be in the next two movies?" I asked.

"Yeah. You will pretty much be the main bad guy?"

"Sweet! Do you have any names yet for who else is going to be in the movie?"" I asked.

"Well we have already signed two big names."


"Jessica Alba and Jessica Biel" Wow. The two hot Jessica's. that will be awesome. "And if you sign the whole three movie contracts that is 50 million right there."

"I would love to do this?" I said rather excitedly.

"Great! We will probably only need you here two days max, so if you could come in next week, Monday and Tuesday that would be great."

"Yeah that is awesome! Thanks a lot!"

"Alright see you Monday then."

"Ok bye." I said and hung up. Wow a big movie role worth 50 million. This is going to be awesome.

I went back to bed and woke up to Kendra sucking me off. I looked around and Holly and Bridget were not to be seen. I pulled her up to me, sat her on my cock reverse cow girl style.

She rode me up and down for a little while. Then she came. She then positioned herself over me so that I was in line with her ass. She then slammed down and started riding me.

Very soon I came. She then snuggled up against me. I told her the great news about me in the movies. And then she said something rather weird.

"I bet that you won't sleep with them before shooting is done." she said

"What?!" I asked.

"You heard me. If you don't sleep with them then you have to do something for us three, but if you do we will do what ever you want for 3 days." She said.

"Well won't you girls care that I am sleeping with other people?"

"Not really! As long as you satisfy us." She said.

"OK then. You have yourself a bet." I said.

Next week rolled around pretty fast. As soon as Monday hit I was ready to go to the studio to start filming. I jumped in my car and headed over their.

I got there in half an hour and walked into the studio. Immediately the director came to me.

"Good, you're here." He said.

"Yeah I m a little nervous."

"Don't be! It's going to be great. OK, here is your script and my assistant will take you to your trailer where your makeup is going to start and then after an hour we will be filming. So I will see you then!" He said and then left to go to the stage.

His assistant took me to my trailer where the makeup team sat me down and went to work where I started reading the script.

It's called last chance. It is about two women who are the best in a secret organization for America fighting national threats.

The two Jessica's were the main roles. I read ahead to my part and I have 3 lines. Apparently I take out my boss at the end before the two women get to him. They see me kill him and try to get to me but I get away.

It sounded really good. The makeup team got me all set up and then they sent me off to the set.

I had already rehearsed in my head so I was prepared.

Soon after we began and it went off without a hitch. Jessica Alba seemed to not take here eyes off me, which was cool for me. Jessica Biel on the other hand was always talking to me in between takes.

When it was all done Jessica Biel invited me back to her trailer for a drink, since filming was over for the day.

I followed her back to her trailer staying behind her watching her ass sway back and forth and man did she have a nice ass.

She opened the door and I followed her in.

"So this is where I am pretty much sleeping for the next couple months." She said.

"Wow! They gave you a huge trailer." I replied

"Yeah they gave me And Jessica Huge trailers." She said walking to the kitchen to get a drink.

"What would you like?" She asked.

"Just some water. I have a fight in a couple months." I replied

"OK." She said. "I am getting myself some Vodka."

She came back and gave me a bottled water and had a glass of vodka for herself. She sat down and started sipping away. She was wearing camouflage pants and a white tank top which showed off her rack very well.

"So I read about you dating those three blondes. They're really pretty."" She said.

"Yeah I know. They make me feel happy." I said.

"What exactly do they do?" She asked.

"Well you know sex is great and they're always around me. I never really feel alone anymore." I said.

"I bet the sex is the most part though." Jessica said with a giggle.

"Well, yeah!" I replied.

Then in an instant she was on top of me kissing me with ferociousness. She was using just the right amount of tongue and it was great. I started pulling her tank top over her head revealing her braless tits. They were great. She started pulling off my shirt while I started pulling down her camouflage pants.

"I know. I am better!" She said getting off me and dropping to her knees. She looked up at me and smiled. She put her hands behind her back and put her head right in between my legs and bit the zipper and pulled down.

She was really skilled with her mouth. She used her hands to pull down my jeans but used her mouth to pull the waistband of my boxers down and off me.

"Come to momma!" Jessica said giggling. My dick was already hard the second she was on me. She put my tip in her mouth and sucked hard on it making me gasp. Then she used just the right amount of teeth behind the head to make me moan. She was good.

Then she started bobbing up and down like a true pro. She increased her pace every time. It seemed every girl I had sex with could deep throat. And I was about to find out if she could.

I guess that's why she kept increasing the pace so she could go farther and farther down each time. She reached the end and her nose was buried in my pubic hair. Then she twisted her head from side to side like a wrench screwing in a nail. It felt awesome.

I was so close. She then did something I have never seen done. She started working my balls into her mouth along with my cock.

"I'M GOING TO CUM!" I shouted.

She pulled off and started jacking me off on to her face. My cream exploded all over her beautiful face. It hit her cheeks then her forehead and then above her lips. She was covered in cum. She sucked out the last couple drops and smiled up at me. I was hard again.

"You are good!" I said.

"The best!" She replied grinning up at me.

I had the feeling this naughty little vixen liked it rough. I pulled her up by her waist and pushed her down onto the couch. I crawled up and grabbed her thong with my mouth pulling the thong down and off her feet. I went straight in.

I dove my tongue right into her cunt. I started swirling my tongue around on the inside. I looked up and she had her head back moaning while she caressed her own tits. My right hand went to her clits and started rubbing in a circular motion.

She started moaning louder.

"DON'T STOP YOU LITTLE FUCKER KEEP GOING!" I obliged and kept swirling my tongue around on the inside. I switched positions with my hand and swirled my tongue around her clit while I fingered her with two fingers.

"HOLY SHIT!" Jessica screamed flooding cum onto my face. When she was done she looked up at me with an angry yet horny look.

"I knew you liked it rough." I said.

"SHUT UP AND FUCK ME!" Jessica screamed. I picked her up roughly in my arms carried her to her bed and threw her down. I got on top and pushed her feet behind her head and impaled myself on her.

She gasped. Then I pistoned in and out of her as fast and hard as I could. It seemed like she never had one as big as me because I kept hitting the back of her. And every time I did she shuddered. She seemed to keep cumming and cumming. Then she went limp.

"Jessica?" I said.

No answer. Apparently it was too much for her and she fainted. I did not feel right to keep going so I pulled out. But I started smacking my dick against her soft luscious lips.

Pretty soon I came into my hands. I went into the bathroom to wash up. I came back out. She was still asleep.

I left and it was late at night so I went back to my trailer. I was worn out by that little vixen. I fell asleep as soon as I hit my bed.

I woke up to a strange feeling. I looked down and my dick was out and in between the soles of two feet. I looked further and there was Jessica Biel, feet fucking me. It felt good but I have never woken up to it before. It was kind of nice because her feet were that of an angel's.

"Good morning sleepy head!" Jessica said grinning as she jerked her feet up and down.

"What time is it?" I moaned.

"It's around 5 in the morning." She said. "We have to be at makeup in like a half hour and I thought you could use a good wakeup call."

"Thank you." I moaned.

She just smiled at me while jerking her feet up and down. I was really close to cumming. Then she got up and I saw she was naked from head to toe. She got up over me and turned and grabbed my dick and put it between her butt cheeks. Then she bounced up and down.

"Jesus!" I moaned squirting load after load onto her back. She turned around and smiled at me.

"We still have time for a quick shower together." She said pouting.

"I would love to." I replied. I followed her into my bathroom and turned on the shower.

We helped rub each other down. Sadly there was not any more time for sex, so that's all we did.

We went to makeup and Jessica Alba was already there a few minutes into her makeup. Jessica Biel sat down on the other side of her, so I sat on the other side of Alba.

I was halfway through my makeup when Jessica Alba got up and stormed out of makeup slamming the door on her way out.

I looked over at Jessica Biel and she had a what did I say look on her face.

So I just wondered what was wrong and let them put me in makeup.

A little while later we started filming my last scene. We kept doing take after take and finally after a couple hours it was done. It was around one so I got up and went back to my trailer.

It seemed as though while we were filming, Jessica Alba always seemed to be glaring at Jessica. Biel. I guess she was mad at her for something. I went back to my trailer and closed the door behind. I started packing up all my things to go back home when I heard a noise. I went back into the living room near the couch and Jessica Alba was waiting for me in lingerie.

Before I could say a word she jumped on me catching me off guard knocking me on my back on the couch. She started kissing me hard while pulling my shirt off as well as my jeans.

I pulled off her bra going with it. I went to sit up and she just pushed me back down.

She got down on her knees between my legs pulled down my boxers. She started licking from my base to the tip of my cock. Her tongue was so soft and wet. It was truly heaven.

"Not that I am not totally in heaven right now but why are you doing this?" I asked through gritted teeth trying not to moan.

She pulled off.

"Because I wanted you first. You were supposed to only have sex with me. I told Jessica my plans and she went and tried to make this a competition." She said.

"Are you serious?"

"Yeah but then she went and got to you first and fucked your brains out leaving me horny and lonely and also pissed at what she did."


"Yes me!"

"You the one who says you will never go naked on camera?"

"And I never will. I keep my sexual needs on the down low."


"Shush enough talk." Jessica interjected putting her finger on my lips.

With that said, she preceded to suck me off. She put the tip back in her mouth all the while looking at me. She started bobbing back and forth swirling her tongue around my shaft while cupping my balls.

She started sucking faster and faster, going farther down each time. I was going to cum soon. She pulled off and moved up a bit and squeezed her tits together around my cock. It felt better then her mouth.

She started pushing her boobs up and down around my cock. She did not have huge boobs but she made up for it with effort. Her tits felt so smooth and soft that I knew I would not last much longer.


"WHAT DID I TELL YOU ABOUT TALKING?" She said with an angry tone. She stopped me from my climax.

I guess she likes to be the dominant one. I have never tried this before, but it made me harder then before. And I know it's hard to believe since I am 6'8"" and I probably have a foot on her. But that made it that much more arousing.

"STAY THERE!" Jessica said with the same tone as before. I went along with it.

I didn''t dare to look. When she came back into view she had her hands behind her back.

"GET UP AND GO TO YOUR BED!" She yelled.

I did as she said. I walked to my bedroom in the trailer while she followed behind me. Right when I was going to what I do next she slapped my ass.

"LAY ON YOUR BACK ON THE BED!" Jessica yelled again.

I lay down on my back on the bed.

"SPREAD YOUR ARMS!" She yelled again.

I did as she said. She grabbed my right hand. I felt something cool around my wrist then I heard a snap.

"What are you d-"

"I TOLD YOU NOT TO SPEAK AND DON'T LOOK AT YOUR HANDS OR YOU WILL BE PUNISHED!" I knew she could not hurt me but this whole dominance thing made me so horny.

I felt the same coolness on my other hand followed by another snap. I tried to move my hands but they would not move far.

"Just relax and enjoy the ride!" She said. I figured that she handcuffed me to my bed.

She then took off her soaked panties and hovered over me.

"BEG FOR IT YOU LITTLE WHORE!" Jessica said in that menacing tone.

It was kind of weird to be bossed around but like I said it has me so horny. So I begged and she impaled herself on me. She moaned and started riding me. Now I know how to break out of handcuffs. And I had a paperclip on the nightstand that I could just reach. I got it and started working away at uncuffing myself.

She didn''t notice because she was to busy enjoying riding me. I silently got out of the first handcuff. I then threw the paperclip to my other hand and surprisingly I caught it and soon, uncuffed my other hand silently.

She was still riding me while I pretended to be helpless. I was waiting for the right moment to take over and let her know who the real boss is. And there it was she was very close to orgasm I could tell by her moans.

That''s when I grabbed her waist and rolled her over, my cock pulling out of her at the same time and I pinned her arms against the bed.

"Who's in charge now?" I said grinning.

"PLEASE! I'M SO CLOSE! PLEASE PUT IT BACK IN!" She moaned. How could I say no.

I then rammed myself all they way into her. She came as soon as I went in. She then seemed to be out of the whole dominant thing. I pulled out of her.

"Sorry! I get sort of dominant during sex." Jessica said

"No need. I loved it. I was so hard, I felt if I just got touched I would cum, so thank you."

"But you didn't cum."

"Yeah I seem to have a problem cumming, unless I get a foot job or a blowjob or anal." I said.

"I can help then!" She rolled me back over. She moved back a bit and then put the soles of her foot on my cock.

Her feet were great. She started jerking her feet up and down. Her feet were so soft and smooth that I was getting close to climax.

"I'M CUMMING!" I shouted.

She pulled her feet away and put her mouth on my cock head and instantly I shot load after load into her mouth.

She got the last couple drops into her mouth then looked up at me with her mouth open showing off all the cum in her mouth. It was a lot. Then she gulped it down. It was really hot. She got up and went to the bathroom saying she wanted to brush her teeth. I had not packed there yet so I let her.

I kept packing and soon she came back out and kissed me.

"I don't know when I will see you again." She said.

"Well it should not be more than a year." I told her.

"Well here is my number, in case you want to talk or something." She said pulling out a piece of paper.

"I will do that. Thank you!" I said taking the piece of paper. I kissed her goodbye and continued packing. Once I was done I left.

I arrived home a half hour later. I heard noise coming from the bedroom. I went and stood outside the door because it was closed.

"Are you girls packed yet?" It sounded like Holly.

"Sort of. I cant believe we are going to leave him just because someone with more money has been fucking you two." That sounded like Kendra.

"I don't know if I can do this." She continued. I felt a weird tingling sensation in my body.

"You will be better off with us." It sounded like Bridget.

"You guys keep saying that, but I think Kody really cares about me he doesn''t just want me for sex." Said Kendra.

"Well you have to decide now." Said Holly.

"I cant go with you guys. I'm sorry?" Said Kendra.

The tingling sensation grew. I was angry at the others but Kendra just made me want to walk in and hug her. But I didn't want a big fight with the other two. So I went out to my car and drove around for a while.

When I came back as soon as I was in the house Kendra flung herself at me and hugged me. She told me what I already knew.

"I know I heard everything you guys said and I am glad you stayed." I said kissing her forehead. She just hugged me harder.

Later that night.

"It feels weird to be the only girlfriend of a guy." Said Kendra.

"Well I could probably find another one, but I could never find one that I like more then you." I said.

"I would really like it if you do that." she said

"Really?" I asked.

"Yeah it makes me feel like I have friends and my boyfriend with me at the same time. It makes me feel good." She said nuzzling up against me.

"We'll see. I promise." I said.

"If you do, I would like you to find someone around my age." She said.

"I will try."

Soon after I followed her up to my room and went to sleep with her nuzzling up against me. I felt better then I have ever had.


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