Champ Ch. 08


Thanks to kash for helping me correct on my own.


Its been a while since Kendra died. My fight against Mirko was this Saturday. I put everything deep down. The girls were always asking me do want to talk about it. I never did. I kept everything bottled up.

I found a new trainer. His name is Ken. He was a cage fighter, great too. He was their at the beginning. He trained me good. I was really good at stand up. He showed me how to defend the takedowns.

I was turning into an all around fighter. I was set and ready to fight.

Night of the fight.

I drove my car out to Mandalay bay casino, where the fights were set to take place. The girls were with me. I was not the main event but I was still going to be shown. It seemed like they wanted me to be a stepping stone for this Mirko.

They were going to get something else. I went to the changing room. I changed into my trunks. That was when they were ready for me. I walked out with my old team and my new trainer.

Everybody was sort of cheering for me. But they gave more applause to Mirko. I guess he was a great fighter.

I went to my side of the cage.

"Ok Kody, this guys kicks are deadly. But your punches are deadly as well. Avoid his kicks and land something, then we will walk out of here with pride." Said Ken.

I nodded. Everybody left the cage except for me, him and the referee.

"Are you ready?" asked the referee looking at me. I nodded.

"Are you ready?" he asked looking at Mirko. He nodded.

"OK LETS GET IT ON." shouted the referee. We both got close and touched gloves. Then we moved back. We circled each other for a second then he came at me with a high kick. I put my arm up to block and with my right landed a hook that sent him reeling backwards.

"HES DONE GO AFTER HIM." shouted Ken.

I lunged at him. I started throwing hooks and uppercuts to his head. He fell backwards. I got on top of him and started pounding him into the canvas. The referee came and pulled me off him.

"THAT'S IT. ITS OVER." shouted the referee.

I got up walked back to my corner. My team rushed in and hoisted me up. I looked up. That was for you Kendra I said silently. The crowd cheered for me. They got us together. The referee was holding our hands then put mine in the air.

After that Joe Rogan came in an d asked me his usual questions.

"So what do plan to do next?" he asked.

"Well I think I proved myself here. The only way I could get a shot at the title would be to fight Rashad Evans." I said.

"Well I hope it works out for you. Ladies and gentleman Kody." he said. I waved at everyone in the crowd and then left the cage. My girlfriends followed me into the changing room.

They hugged me.

"You were great baby." said Trish.

"Yeah you kicked his ass big time." said Megan.

"Thanks." I said. Soon after I was changed back and I drove the girls home with me. They went to sleep. I couldn't fall asleep. It was like 1 or two in the morning. I decided to go to that good bar that's usually packed with celebrity.

I got their in a few minutes. I walked in and went to the bar table and sat down.

"One beer, please. " I said. He nodded and went and got one then brought it back.

"Thanks." I said. I paid him then. I heard a sniffle come from next to me. I turned and it was a women next to me she looked familiar. She was obviously crying. And maybe a little angry.

Her face was beautiful. She looked Latin. She had long black silky hair.

"You ok?" I asked her.

She looked up at me.

"Yeah I am fine." she said.

"Are you sure?" I asked.

"Yes thank you though." she said sniffling.

"My names Kody." I said.

"Eva." she said back. Now I remember.

"Your on desperate housewives. You're a pretty good actor." I said. She sniffled and looked at me again.

"And you're a great fighter." she replied.

"You know me as well?" I asked.

"Look up at the television." she said. I looked up and they were showing my fight. Must have played an encore.

"Oh." I said. I looked back at her. She seemed to be better now.

"You want to get out of here?" she asked.

"Sure." I replied.

She walked to her car and I walked to mine. I followed her to a hotel. I followed her up to her room. I got in and took a few steps. Their was a bed in front of me. It was pretty big. I turned around and she flung herself on top of me knocking me onto the bed.

She kissed me with vigor. We started French kissing. I went along with it. Because I mean she is really hot.

I broke away.

"I thought you were married." I said.

"And he cheated on me. I am returning the favor." she then pulled me back and went back to kissing me. She started pulling off her shirt and I followed. She went back to kissing me. She had no bra on. So it was a good view for me.

She then started kissing her way down my body. She got to my pants and rubbed her hand on the front. She then unzipped me and pulled my pants down. She pulled them off. Then she grabbed my boxers and pulled them off as well.

She gasped but did not say anything. She started licking the underside all the way down to the base. Where she licked my balls. She gave them a nice coating of saliva before returning to the tip of my penis.

Then she took the head into her mouth and used suction to make me moan. Then she started bobbing up and down like a true cocksucker. Her lips were really good.

She was too good. In less then a minute I was ready to go. I went to moan that I was cumming and she put her fingers to my lips to keep me quiet. I moaned once more and shot loads of cum down her throat.

My time to taste her. I grabbed her waist and rolled her over so I was on top. I started kissing and sucking her nipples. They tasted good.

I then started kissing my way down her stomach towards her cunt. She still had pants on. I unzipped her and pulled her pants down. I then pulled her panties off as well. She was shaved just how I like it.

I then started kissing the lips making her juices flow faster. I then kissed my way up to her clit making her moan louder.

I stuck two fingers into her pussy making her moan even louder. I kissed and sucked her clit till she trembled making her legs wrap around my head pushing my face harder into her cunt. She came and I licked up all her juices.

I then positioned my dick at her entrance and rammed into her. I pulled back and then pumped back into her. I continued that cycle for minutes. I then decided to go faster and harder making her scream with pleasure.

She was cumming now while I continued to pump in and out of her. Her orgasm soon stopped while I continued ramming into her.

"Wow your probably the first person to outlast my orgasm." she said in awe.

"I have trouble cumming in cunts." I said.

"Well I am not going to leave you hanging." she said smiling.

She pushed me off her then rolled me back over so she was back on top.

"I guarantee you will cum soon." she said. She then put my dick in her mouth and slobbered all over it. She popped it out of her mouth then put my dick between her melons.

She then grabbed the sides of them and pushed them down and up. They were so soft. It felt really good. I moaned. She then started going faster and faster.

"OH SHIT." I moaned. She kept doing then put her mouth on the tip making me explode into her mouth. It felt like forever. She then smiled up at me and popped my dick out of her mouth.

"That was probably the best sex in the world." she said grinning.

"That's what they all say about me." I said.

"Well you have to leave now. No offense but I am more used to sleeping alone." she said.

"Ok." I said. I dressed and then kissed her one last time and then left her room. I was walking down the hall when I heard glass shattering from behind one of the doors.

I walked down to where I heard it. Then I heard a scream. I was at the door now.

"SOMEONE HELP ME." screamed a woman's voice from behind the door.

"NO ONE IS COMING TO SAVE YOUR ASS YOU LITTLE WHORE." is what I heard next. I stepped back then threw all my weight into kicking down the door. It fell down then I rushed in.

Their was a women standing against a wall with a guy walking closer to her. He turned around when he heard me. He had a broken beer bottle in his hands. He came at me swinging the bottle at me. I sidestepped threw a straight to the jaw. He stumbled backwards.

The women ran from the wall behind me. She was scared. The man then lunged again at me with bottle in hand. I threw a hook to his jaw this time and he went down. I grabbed the bottle from him. He was still conscious so I hit him in the jaw again and this time he was out.

"Are you ok?" I asked to the girl. I turned to look at her. Her face was white. She was wearing jeans and a shirt. She looked really scared.

"I am not going to hurt you. Your safe." I said. I went to her phone and called the lobby. I told them what had happened. I went and turned the door over and told them the number. They told me to wait and they would have security up there in a moment.

"Security is on their way. " I told her. She looked she looked exotic. Like she was from Mexico or somewhere further south. She looked really familiar.

"May I ask what happened?" I asked.

"It was a couple minutes ago. He knocked on the door saying someone had left flowers for me and that he was supposed to bring them up. When I opened the door he brought them in. then he walked back to the door and locked it from the inside. I asked what he was doing and then he went to the fridge and got a beer bottle and broke it. Then I screamed for help. He said something and then you showed up. " said the women.

"You look familiar." I said to her.

"Yeah I bet I would. I am an actor. I am Eva Mendes." she said. Now I remember her. She was in some movies that I had seen. She was hot. Soon the security showed up put him in cuffs.

"Can you guys just say he was trying hurt someone. I don't want my career to be in jeopardy because of that bastard.?" asked Eva.

"Sure." said the security. Then they took him away.

"Thanks for saving me." she said.

"No problem. It was lucky someone like me was here." I said to her.

"I don't understand." she said.

"I am a pro boxer turned cage fighter." I said.

"Wait I knew you looked familiar. Your Kody. You defeated those two Russians to become the undisputed heavyweight champion. And you're the guy who defeated Mirko last night. It was impressive." she said.

"Yeah I am surprised I finished him that fast. His kicks are deadly. I don't know who I would be fighting next hopefully it is Rashad. He is undefeated and he would help me on to fight for the title. " I said.

"Well I know you will probably be fighting for it soon the way you dismantled Mirko." she said.

"Well I should probably be going." I said to her.

"Would you stay here and watch over me? I don't feel very safe with the door like that. And the hotel people will not fix it till tomorrow. They have everything here they just do not have the people to fix it." she said.

"Sure. I think I could fix this door though. I will call them to bring the stuff up so I can fix it for you ok." I said to her. I then called the lobby and told them to bring up the tools. They brought them up a few minutes later and I went to work.

"I am just going to go try get some rest." said Eva.

"Ok. Wait a minute. Um if I finish do you want me to leave?" I asked her. "No I would rather you stay. I still don't feel safe." she said as she walked into a room within the room. Probably with a bed. So I went to work. I found that I just needed to redo the sides of the door and the frame. And then I went to work. I was finished in an hour.

Their was glass so you could look in the bedroom that Eva was sleeping in. she was tossing and turning. I don't think she could sleep after what happened. I went over and sat down on the couch and turned on the television.

It was on the pay per view channel. It was showing another replay of my fight. I watched it. Their was not much to improve on because it ended so fast. Then I heard a door open. Eva came out of the room.

"I can not sleep." she said. She came over and sat down on the couch next to me.

"What are you watching?" she asked.

"Just a replay of my fight." I said. She did not look the least bit tired.

"So you been working on any new movies?" I asked her.

"Not at the moment. But I am still waiting. I have been interviewed for a couple things. Just waiting for them to get back to me." she said.

"That's cool. I will be right back." I said. I got up and went to the bathroom. A few minutes later I flushed and opened the door up to go back and watch the fights with Eva.

She was not on the couch.

"Eva where did you go?" I asked.

"Come here I have to show you something." she said. It sounded like it came from the bedroom. So I walked over and opened the door. I gasped.

Inside Eva took off most of her clothes. She was only in her bra and panties.

"I wanted to thank you properly." she said. She used her finger to gesture for me to come closer. I walked closer. I was getting hard. I got closer and she kissed me. She then pushed me onto her bed.

She started dancing slowly and erotically. She then started to strip. I think she has had practice. She slowly took off her bra. She had nice firm c cups. Then she took off her panties. She then straddled me and kissed me. She took off my shirt.

Then she kissed her way down my stomach. She unzipped me and pulled my pants down. Then she pulled down my boxers and took hold of my dick.

"Wow your huge." she said stroking me up and down. She then spit on the tips and gripped me harder.

She kissed the tip while stroking me up and down. She continued to stroke me while she licked my balls. She coated them with saliva then licked from my base to the tip of my cock.

She engulfed the head of my cock with her mouth making me moan. She pushed my cock into her cheek to make her cheek bulge out more. She kept doing that. It felt great. Her cheeks were made for this.

Then she just bobbed up and down on my dick. She was good at this. She looked up at me while she deep throated me.

She did not even gag. She has done this before. I was close to cumming. She sensed this and sucked harder. I did not even get to mutter a warning.

I shot loads of my seed into her greedy mouth. She drank it all down coaxed the last couple drops out of me and then pulled off.

"I love semen." she said. As she said that my dick retained its hardness.

She laid down then spread her legs. I got between her legs and positioned myself to fuck her hard.

I then plunged into her. I went to the hilt. Making her scream. She wrapped her legs around my back pulling me farther in. I continued to pump in and out. She was tight. It made it that much better.

I slammed in and out like a machine. Making her moan every time I slammed into her. I started to suck and lick her nipples as I fucked her hard.

"SHIT" she yelled. I felt her cunt tighten up and release her cum all over my cock. I still did not cum. I pulled off.

"No one has ever not cum in pussy." she said in awe.

"Well I have that trouble." I said.

"I bet I know what you want. You like feet don't you." she said.

"It is a weakness." I said as I smiled.

I moved down and kissed her feet. I licked the soles first coating them with my saliva. My dick was throbbing. I then took her toes into my mouth sucking them good and licking at the same time.

She then sat up and put me in the position she was just in. she then wrapped the soles of her feet around my cock. Her feet were so soft and wet. She then jerked them up and down my dick.

She was getting me really close.

"I am so close." I said through gritted teeth.

She giggled. She took her feet off my dick . Then put the head in her mouth and sucked hard making explode into her mouth.

She downed every last drop. She pulled off.

"We are even now." she said.

"I am really tired now. And I thank you for saving me. But I don't trust the hotel. They might have told someone that your in here. So you might want to leave." she said. I nodded.

I put my clothes on and gave her a kiss.

"This is my number. Call me if you ever want to do something." she said handing me a piece of paper.

I kissed her again and left. I left the hotel and got into my car. I headed home. As I walked into the house I thought about Kendra. I was still upset about it. Sex with people made me think about other things. But when I would go home to my bed it be a reminder that I would be sleeping alone.

Most of the time my girls slept in their rooms. I sighed. I walked up to my bedroom. I opened the door and walked in. Trish was sitting up in the bed reading. She looked up when I came in.

"Why are you here. I thought you liked your room better?" I asked her.

"Well I thought you could use the company." she said patting the side of the bed she wasn't laying on. I walked over took off all my clothes except my boxers and got under the covers with her.

I leaned over to her and kissed her on the forehead.

"Thank you. It means a lot to me. " I said. I was starting to tear up. She just hugged me.

"I miss her too." she said. I let go and put my head on the pillows. She put her book down and snuggled up against me with her back to my stomach. I put my arm over her fell asleep.


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