tagNovels and NovellasChance: A Day in May Ch. 04

Chance: A Day in May Ch. 04

bythe Troubador©

Chapter 4 and Breakfast

Duncan could hardly believe the morning. Not one day could he recall that had dawned so bright and cheerful, with so much promise. Looking at the beautiful woman walking beside him, her hand in his, he knew exactly why the day was so grand. Grinning wryly to himself he realized it could be the middle of a blizzard and he would feel the same.

The fact the woman looking up to him with 'that look' in her eyes was as lovely a person as she was beautiful certainly didn't hurt. She was not only comfortable with their being together, but seemed to be enjoying their complete nudity.

Maybe almost as he was.

In his long life he had met and seen many women, lovely and beautiful women. In the few instances where he had seen them nude, he had privately agreed that they were more attractive with some packaging than being completely displayed. Very few women could be naked without niggling little imperfections marring an otherwise perfect form. Helen was one of them.

When they got to the motorhome, he opened the door and tossed their clothes inside. Then he shut the door and gave the now puzzled, and still nude, Helen a quick kiss before striding to the back of his rig. Helen stood, proud and seemingly unaware of her nudity as she watched bemused as Duncan opened a small door on the outside of the motorhome. First Duncan pulled out an ordinary garden hose with a showerhead fastened to the end. Setting that aside he opened another larger door low on the side of the rig. From that compartment he pulled out a pole and a wooden grid. As she tried to understand just what in the world her naked host was up to, he attached the hose to the pole before fastening the pole to the grid and setting the whole thing on the ground.

Helen suddenly understood, Duncan had just set up an open air shower. As private as their parking place was, no privacy screen was needed. Suddenly she was looking forward to her first nude outdoor shower. This lifestyle would take some getting used to. Just think, nude shower dipping!

"Tell me, my love," Duncan asked her, "do you like your showers hot, or will warm be alright with you?" Then he reached inside the first small door and turned on the spigot. Within seconds water was spitting out of the showerhead, soon settling into a smooth flow.

"Helen," he asked, "we have a limited water supply. Come join me in the shower." Not waiting for her reply he picked her, carrying her under the water.

The water was comfortably warm. In the morning air it felt almost hot. Grabbing soap out of the hose compartment he lathered her up then quickly rinsed her off, careful not to get her hair wet.

Helen found herself laughing at his antics and enjoying the shower. More so with his hands on her. She sobered as she took the soap and returned the favor. She took much longer than needed on some portions of his person but Duncan never said a word despite the amount of water they were using.

Once they were both sluiced off, Duncan hustled her into the motorhome and out of the soft breeze now raising goosebumps on their naked skin. Inside he produced a couple very soft and very large towels. There they again took turns, this time carefully drying one another off.

Standing back Duncan let his eye lick over her again, delighted to feel his erection growing. Leaning forward and bending his knees he wrapped both arms around her, pressing his lips to the softness of her throat. Straightening he lifted her off her feet, holding her close. Delighting in the smooth softness of her breasts just under his chin he slowly rocked her from side to side, sliding her still damp skin against him.

Helen wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling his face more tightly to her throat and upper chest. Then wrapping her legs around his waist she clasped him tightly. To her delight she discovered this brought his now full-grown erection to push against her sex. Feeling the tingles as his crown brushed against her lower lips she realized he was in just the right place. Slowly and carefully Helen relaxed her grip on Duncan while undulating her hips. This allowed her body to slip down his body, and his cockhead pushed between her labia. Once he was just entering her she relaxed another little bit, felling herself slowly filled by precious a visitor as it had ever received. In a moment she was again filled with him.

The moment she began a slow undulating humping a totally unexpected orgasm swept over her. If it had not been for Duncan's strong arms, she would have fallen, spinning off the pole now stuck so completely up into her belly.

Duncan, feeling Helen engulf his manhood shuddered with the pleasure. She was held sealed tightly to him from his groin, where he was speared into her, and along their entire bodies to where his face was now nestled against the side of her neck. With his lips tasting, licking and sucking the soft skin at her throat, Duncan slowly walked to the bed in the back. There he lowered the two of them to lie locked together.

On the bed, Duncan began the slow insertion and withdrawal of his length. As he wallowed in the exquisite pleasure found inside her passage he grew aware Helen was in the continual throes of soft orgasm. There didn't seem to be either an end or a beginning, it just seemed to be constant. Only when he concentrated could he even feel her breathing.

Leaning up from her he began licking her face and throat. Tiny soft licks, never two alike he tasted her completely. Moving further down he began gently, softly, completely ravaging her breasts. He stayed away from her nipples. She was locked in the soft orgasm and he didn't yet wish to explode her into something more. Looking into her eyes, he saw a soft, dreamy-eyed woman, lost in an Eden of their making.

Duncan shifted his hips from side to side, withdrawing his cock while rubbing it along one side of her cuntal walls, then reinserting it when he moved his hips back to the center. Continuing the rocking motion he dragged his rigid pole against first one side of her sheath, then the other side. The sensation were continual, her climax constant.

The constancy of the orgasmic convulsions sweeping through her began to worry him. Was the constant orgasm to much? Pulling his cock almost completely out of Helen's vagina he kissed her, sealing his lips to hers while pushing his tongue deep into her mouth. Then hesitating just a moment with his shaft nearly out of her sheath he waited, then drove his rod home, yanked it out and fucked it home hard into her again and again and again.

She screamed into his mouth as her whole body exploded again into orgasm. The walls of her channel collapsed around him so hard he could no longer move inside her. It triggered his cum. He felt it surge up from his balls, through his belly, shaft and out into her womb. He jammed deeply inside her he felt her suck his balls dry, felt them collapse. The ecstasy was so great he felt it as pain. A pain he never wanted to stop. Duncan realized he was lying atop Helen, fallen partly to one side, and she was kissing him softly and sweetly.

"Hello, lover," Helen whispered into his ear. "Are you back with me now?"

Confused, Duncan asked, "Where had I gone, Helen?"

"I don't know, love. I do know you've been there for several minutes. I was beginning to get worried." She gave him another small kiss, "Do you often go visiting like that, lover?"

Meeting her lips with his, they kissed softly before Duncan answered, "Never before to my memory love. Never before. You are an incredible lover!"

"Look who's talking," Helen giggled. "Do you feel up to getting up? Oops! Well you know what I mean. I promised you breakfast, and I'm beginning to feel a bit peckish myself, with all the exercise of the past few hours."

Rolling over the rest of the way Duncan sat up on the side of the bed. Rising, Duncan gave her a hand, popping her to her feet. Unembarrassed at her nudity she walked into the kitchen area, her hips gently swaying, stopping only to scoop his shirt off the floor. Slipping her arms into the sleeves, she absent-mindedly began buttoning it while examining the contents of the refrigerator.

Duncan, watching with a quiet smile on his face, noticed she was buttoning the shirt unevenly. It took her a moment to realize there was no hole for the last button. They grinned at one another for a moment, before she gave up, leaving it as it was. Ignoring the shirt, she pulled eggs, link sausage and a block of cheddar cheese out of the refrigerator.

Seeming to be in another plane for the moment she absent mindedly went about assembling a cheese omelet, cooking the sausage, starting coffee and toasting English muffins. As she was cooking she wondered at the full pantry. She would have to tease him about preparing ahead of time to rescue a fair damsel in distress.

While she busy Duncan slipped on his sleeping shorts, flannel shorts that doubled as running shorts on occasion. Then he set the table, after turning the radio to find a news station that didn't concentrate on farm news. This close to Spokane finding one turned out to be easy. He then sat and admired the woman he had only met yesterday.

Musing, he wondered how women could be so many people in one. Helen seemed to be dozens, all singularly attractive, all remarkably competent. Watching the crisp efficiency with which she prepared the meal, his mouth began watering. He was hungry, and no one as openly competent would put less than a chef's meal on the table.

They would had to talk today, after breakfast certainly not much later. Her car wouldn't be repaired before tomorrow or the day after. Unless she told him to leave, he would plan spending the next couple of days with her. He was a bit afraid his heart was about to be severely strained as he did so. They had known each other less than 24 hours, so he dismissed the possibility of heartbreak. Still, she had a pretty good hold on him already. But she was married.

He didn't believe in poaching on a marriage. It was difficult enough maintaining a lifetime commitment without unprincipled jerks horning in for a quick count of coup. There were enough bastards around without him adding to the mix. Still, her husband seemed to be in the act of abandoning her. As attracted as he was he wanted to stay in touch.

Leaving his relationship with Helen alone for the moment, he began wondering about her husband, Gerry. His first thought on seeing and meeting him was labeling him a pompous ass. Having met Helen Duncan was wondering if he wasn't a fool as well. This jewel making breakfast should be treasured and coddled, not ignored and shunted off to the side. Judging from the small frown tarnishing her brow, she was probably thinking about Gerry along with her day and night with Duncan.

Whether Helen and he had any chance of ongoing an relationship, he owed her some help with Gerry. Checking the time, Duncan figured the man he had turned his company over to was probably working at his home office now. That was his usual schedule. Duncan stretched and slipped his loafers on his sockless feet. Telling Helen over his shoulder that he wouldn't be five minutes, he stepped out of the motorhome, snaring his cell phone on the way.

Calling Daryl him wide-awake and on the job. It was barely 7am. The man never seemed to sleep! Asking Daryl for a personal favor, he gave him the particulars to do a thorough background and ethics check for him. Telling Daryl it was for a business totally unrelated to the one Daryl was running, he asked for as fast a return as possible. Duncan wanted the investigators to do a complete confidential evaluation of a man for the top position in a Fortune 500 business.

Duncan gave his regards to Daryl's wife and asked Daryl to tickle his six-year-old daughter for him. Daryl was to tell her it was from Uncle Dunc. After disconnecting he stepped back into the trailer just as Helen was putting the last of the food on the table.

- - - - - -

Going through the familiar motions automatically, Helen assembled breakfast. Immersed in the task her mind was free to wander. "What was there about Duncan that had so overwhelmed her? He wasn't the first man who came on to her. If it could even be said that he had done so. She was as much the aggressor as he."

"But what was so entrancing her? Was it from the first glimpse of the poor man frantically adjusting his dark glasses, trying to hide the direction of his gaze as he admired her? Men often admired her, it was in their nature. But for some reason Duncan's interest was different. One thing surprised her at the time. When men so blatantly eyed her, it always sent a pulse of fear through her."

"Maybe that was part of the reason!" she mused. "Duncan had so very obviously been trying to disguise his looking. It had been cute, if totally ineffective. One reason it had been both cute and ineffective was the feeling this was something he didn't normally do. He had certainly been worried she would be offended."

But that was only in the first moment. What was there about him that attracted her?

Was it his intellect? Well partly, but she was used to intelligent, successful men. While she had found many of them attractive, she certainly had made no effort, no interest in becoming involved with any of them.

Perhaps it was his wit! His quick mind bounced around delightfully, keeping her just slightly off balance. Yet other men were as amusing and none of them had her aroused and looking for more than a friendship.

Lord knows it wasn't his looks! Not that he wasn't presentable, but without that certain something, the aura that clung to him, he could fade into the background in any room or crowd.

Yet she was a married lady, with a husband she had supported for many years, a man with whom she had started and raised a family. The marriage was in trouble for no reason she understood. Still the man she married and the marriage itself deserved more than she had been demonstrating the past few hours.

Gerry's actions yesterday didn't help her thinking. Well, being honest with herself, his lack of interest in her and the marriage had been obvious in its absence. That was what this two-week vacation away from friends, family and business was to have repaired. She understood and Gerry had agreed this was a time to reassess their marriage, their lives together and make them stronger. Her brow wrinkled recalling his sudden flight, leaving her alone and stranded with a stranger in a strange town, far from home.

With the meal prepared Helen sat down to wait for Duncan's return from what ever mysterious chore had called him outside. Thinking of Duncan again she blushed, recalling the night just passed she had spent with him. She hadn't looked at another man since her marriage began, feeling no desire or reason to do so; then came last night!

But what magic had been wrought atop that hill, under the stars with the soft spring breeze cooling their heated bodies just enough for comfort. She was still wearing a deep blush when Duncan climbed the steps back into the RV.

Sitting down across from her Duncan was aware they were now both self-conscious in their near nudity, uncomfortable at the passion that had swamped them. He found her blush delightful but knew enough not to comment. And even now neither had made a move to cover their near nudity.

For the next few minutes they concentrated on a really fine meal. With the long, wonderful night behind them they were ravenous, not a word exchanged beyond those with the meal. Finished Duncan gathered the dishes while Helen nibbled on the last muffin. Completing the washing he fnishing by wiping down the dinette table where Helen now sat studying her hands.

Sitting down across from her Duncan studied his troubled companion. "Helen," he started, reaching across and covering both her hands with one of his, not holding them just lightly touching. "You and I need to talk. I'll start if it's OK with you... First I need you to know yesterday and last night were something wonderful. But I'm worried the passion may damage something unintended but beautiful. Something that has become precious to me in an amazingly short time."

Giving her hands a squeeze to make sure he had her attention, he released them before leaning back into the dinette seat and laying his hands palm down and spread far apart on the table. "Helen, no matter our intimacy, I must keep your friendship. What I'm tryi..."

"Hush! Hush you darling man!" Helen broke in. "Please be quiet before you say something we may both regret. Hear me first." She looked up at him, a small worried smile creasing her face. "You're right, I am bothered by my actions last night. Before you break in, hoping to protect this poor little woman, I have to take most of the responsibility."

"But," he sputtered.

"Hush up, Duncan! Or do I have to hold my hand over your mouth to get a word in edgewise. I hope you noticed I chose the word responsibility, not blame."

She paused, Duncan thinking it wisest not to break in.

"What we enjoyed all day yesterday was precious indeed. And I'm not talking of the loving we indulged ourselves in on top of our mountain. Yesterday's hours were some of the most relaxed and enjoyable times I've ever known. But we seem to be on a sled going downhill and picking up speed. As exciting as the scenery going by is now, we have no idea what is beyond that next little rise or the curve coming up just beyond that."

Duncan raised his hand, chuckling, "Can I speak now, teacher?"

When Helen snorted, he continued, "You said it far better than I, young lady. And I'm afraid unless we take steps, we may hit some nasty rocks not too far down the way. First, I have no schedule to keep, and you are stuck here until at least tomorrow and maybe two or three days more. If you aren't offended, if you see no harm in it, I would like to stick with you and continue our camera study." Pausing, he looked at Helen.

"Duncan, that would be a treat as you know. But I am married! I gave vows, vows which I've broken. That is bedeviling me at the moment. If we spend the next few days together it will not, must not be traveling from one bed to the next. Companionship, great! Taking pictures! I never knew how enjoyable that could be and can hardly wait to see how my efforts turn out. Eating together I fondly say yes to, but don't plan sharing a bed with me again! If we are going to be friends we can't do that. My reading of the Duncan sitting across from me tells me casual intimacy with a casual friend might possibly be okay. But between you and I it would never be casual. Duncan we can't afford that kind of heartbreak. I certainly can't. And I'm still trying to save my marriage. I gave vows 'til death do us part years ago, and my word is precious to me. My marriage has been precious no matter whatever it is now. I hope may be so again."

They silently sat across from the little dinette table, looking searchingly into the others eyes.

Duncan finally broke the silence, "Helen, do you have some kind of ESP into my mind? You said exactly what I was trying to say, except you were able to put it into real words."

Looking at the clock on the microwave he continued, "It's after 8:00. Why don't we get dressed and go visit the garage. They may have an answer on how long you will be in town. By the time we get done there it will be past the time photographers consider prime for taking pictures. I need to do some running around today, replenish some of the supplies I keep in the RV, and if you are like every other woman I've known you would like to shop in this new town. Why don't we try that this morning, maybe into the afternoon. First task will be to reserve a couple rooms for tonight. I would offer the use of the RV, but that one bed is too inviting. Any other suggestions?"

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