tagNovels and NovellasChance: A Day in May Ch. 10

Chance: A Day in May Ch. 10

bythe Troubador©

Edited by Melado

Helen tossed and turned for hours, trying to sleep. Her mind had other ideas.

Her feelings for Duncan jumbled, bumped and danced through her head. She nearly hated him when she remembered his giving her that detective's report on Gerry. Then she would remember how wonderful he had been on that high hill in the moonlight. Every time she did, goosebumps chased one another across her belly accompanying a throbbing in the center and her belly going liquid.

Later the memory of that morning in the restaurant with the two farmers sitting behind her, talking about the "scream of the Mountain Lion." Even now lying in bed her face burned recalling the words of the old farmer. She flounced over onto her side, "Mountain lion indeed!" Then she giggled!

Then as she lay remembering she again felt the terror and helplessness, feeling that big, tough cowboy's arms around her, overpowering her. She was helpless in a roomful of men; men just sitting, watching the monster paw her. That was replaced by another kind of fear roiling through her as Duncan rose to challenge her tormentor. Duncan looking a foot shorter, easily 30 years older placing his impossibly small self on the line for her. She saw again his defiant body, a boy defying, denying a giant. She had known the next time she saw him would be in the hospital! She had known that devil would destroy him, kill her knight! Then impossibly this Lilliputian David somehow slew the monster Goliath, rescuing her.

After defeating the dragon her knight had been concerned he may have done serious damage to the thug was attacking her! Her pride in him filled her to overflowing!

She giggled remembering Duncan's cry, "Hi, ho silver!" as he drove out of the parking lot.

The memories flew through her head and the room grew hot; she tossed off the blankets. Then when she was able to force the memories temporarily out of her mind the room felt chilly and she would pull the covers back up. The cycle repeated several times before she realized the memories of Duncan were what made her hot.

With that understanding she recalled being in his arms, kissing him, giving herself to him in the hotel... Only to have him push her away so gently, the longing she saw in his eyes enough to make her cry. The man had wanted her so deeply but even so understood what his acceptance of her offering would do to her feeling of self.

The strength of his character stunned her. She had felt his body reverberate with his need, knew he was aware she was offering herself to him totally. Had already sensed this was totally against her code yet she still felt a need to give herself to him. Somehow he found the strength to resist.

All for her as he understood the self-loathing she would have felt the next morning.

She thought about how he dropped everything to drive here when she called, just because she needed someone to talk to.

And she would forever remember the feel of his arms around her.

She lay in her bed, twisting, burning for him. All this time she felt his presence just down the hall, sleeping on her sofa. All she need do was walk down the hall to be with him. She hadn't even closed the bedroom door tonight. She always closed her door, every night, never failing. She often locked it once her children grew out of the toddler stage.

After hours fighting herself, Helen found herself rising from bed to walk toward the hall. As she walked she felt her gown was soaked through and stripped if off over her head. She dropped it on the floor, but ignored the robe lying on the chair by the door.

In the hall she found herself walking, bathed in the soft light of the moon bathing the living room with its silver. That room was still, the sight of the opened hide-a-bed somehow seemed erotic. Like a man's sex, unrolled and grown out of its nest?

The opened drapes allowed the moon's light to fill the room with soft luster but cast mysterious shadows, mysteries holding joys unknown.

Duncan lay quietly on the hide-a-bed in a shaft of moonlight. Standing looking down at him she felt warmth for him sliding through her again. He looked so strong, so masculine, so good there on her couch. What her ambivalence must be doing to him!

She felt how inadequate she was! The man she had loved, who she had given herself to unconditionally, had found her less than adequate. All the signs pointed to his abandoning her. Helen had always been confident in her sexuality. She had always been sure, confident in her beauty, strong in being a woman. Now she felt empty, wondering if she was adequate.

Her husband had discovered after years together that she was not woman enough for him. She felt herself shrivel inside, wondering how she could expect any man to find her attractive.

But the masculine beauty of Duncan drove those thoughts from her mind. The hard plane of his chest, dusted with sparse fur in patterns. Her eyes drifted down the strength of his body, following the pattern of hair down to the joining of his legs. There her eyes stopped, mesmerized with the strength and size of his manhood thrusting along his belly.

Her mouth grew dry as she stared at its length. She felt her belly go liquid again in her already aroused body. Oh, God! It was magnificent! And her body recalled how it had filled her, driven her mad with joy.

A small movement, maybe a noise, snapped her eyes back upward to where his head was laying on his folded arms. The moonlight glistened off his opened eyes.

Suddenly the monstrousness of her being here before him overcame her. She had no right to be here, why had she come?

In those moments she knew she loved him, loved him with all her being. But she was married, married to a good man who somehow had changed. Or was she the one who had changed, somehow become inadequate? Even so, Gerry was the father of her children, the man who once had cared for and loved her all those years ago.

He didn't deserve her betrayal despite what he was now doing.

As she wavered, trying to turn back, Duncan stretched an arm out to her. Imperiously he beckoned her to him. She was helpless to disobey.

She stifled a sob at her dilemma. Her legs, barely able to hold her began carrying her toward the man, her knight, lying on the unfolded hide-a-bed. By the side of the bed she swayed, nearly falling.

**** Duncan sensed Helen's presence before she emerged from the hallway. Holding himself still he bathed his senses in the wonder of this woman he had known for such a short time.

But it didn't seem short, when he was around her she enveloped him and her essence became part of him. It seemed he had been reborn the morning he met her.

As she stood in the moonlight his eyes captured her beauty. Her breasts were so perfect, not as proud as they must have been many years ago, still they could be described as 'perky.' To the man lying on the bed they were perfect as they swayed gently on her chest. Her shoulders were so square, her strength so obvious and admirable.

His glance slid down and he memorized her belly, softly rounded, smooth, so slim and perfect. Duncan had never considered it before, but the slim waistline of the woman standing so still before him was perfect.

Then his eyes moved again and he was lost. The way her hips swelled, then tapered where her perfect legs met her body. His mouth grew dry as his eyes locked on the triangle gracing her loins. It was so perfect, so necessary to adorn her sex!

If she had remained still he may have spent the rest of his days bathing, drinking in the look of her. Then she swayed, for a moment he feared she was turning to leave him. Fear and panic nearly swept away his reason. She must not leave him, if she did he would be bereft!

Duncan's voice came to her softly from the stillness of he room, "You must be getting cold, Helen. I promise not to bite, come sit with me."

She stood quietly another moment before stirring. Then, taking little steps, she closed the distance to where Duncan lay. As she approached, he pushed himself back to lean against the back of the hide-a-bed. He arranged a pillow for her comfort, before placing a demanding hand on her hip and pulling her gently onto the bed.

She snuggled up next to him on the bed where they both lay back against the nest of pillows Duncan had arranged. Seeing her shiver slightly Duncan pulled the covers over them.

No words were spoken, the two erstwhile lovers and now fast, deep friends, lay quietly soaking in the presence of the other. After a while Helen's hand stole across the inches separating them to be met and engulfed by Duncan's. There the two sat for hours, intensely aware of the other. Thoughts of what could be, what might have been, engulfed them both.

The morning light was just beginning to be noticed when Duncan gently pulled her hand, drawing the exquisite woman over to lie across him. Her barely heard hum of appreciation sent chills through his body. He slipped an arm around her, holding her nude body close against him. Drawing her head against his shoulder Duncan nestled his cheek against the softness of her hair before closing his eyes to absorb her nearness.

Outside the day was beginning, inside the soft light of dawn painted the two in its rosy glow. Helen turned to lay alongside this man, intensely aware of her breast pushing into him. Her leg lay over his, the knee between his legs.

The comfort of his arms poured through her, but couldn't chase the bitter thought she belonged to another man...Gerry. The man who had once held the place in her emotional life Duncan now filled. Gerry, who she had once seen to be as staunch and solid as the man lying next her. The man she had vowed to support and strengthen with her life.

She and Duncan lay quietly for hours, gaining strength together while they silently wondered where life was taking them. Each was afraid to ask the question, "Do they have a future together?"

The shrill ring of the telephone had Helen leaping from the bed. Once standing she discovered one leg had gone to sleep and she began crumpling back onto the bed. Duncan's arms caught her, steadying her, holding her upright to reach for the handset.

Lifting it to her ear she glanced at the wall clock. She was startled to see it was already 8:30. How in the world had it gotten so late?


She listened for a moment before her eyes strayed to Duncan. "I'll be there soon as I can, honey. Call me after you talk to your Dad and let me know how he is. If necessary I'll fly home. If I do, I'll take a cab from the airport so don't worry about meeting me."

She paused a moment before adding, "After talking to your father, decide if it's something the rest of the family needs to know at this time. You can let me know and we'll make a decision then on what else is needed. What you do need to do as soon as you pick him up is get him to our Doctor."

Hanging up the phone, she turned to Duncan, "That was my son, Conrad. He was called this morning and told his father will be landing at Boise airport in about fifteen minutes. Conrad was told Gerry is desperately ill.

"On a flight from Singapore via Manila his head began hurting, growing worse as the flight progressed. Gerald refused to accept it was serious enough to prevent his traveling. When they landed in Seattle he transferred to a plane for the final leg of the journey without mentioning the pain. About half way between Seattle and Boise he became nauseous. Conrad is scared. Gerry never gets sick but whoever was on the phone warned him his father is seriously ill now. I have no choice Duncan, I have to go home. Our photo safari is off, I'm so sorry."

Duncan had slipped off the Hide-a-Bed and the two embraced. Clasping him to her she gave Duncan a hard hug, then rested her head against his bare chest before heading to the bedroom, calling over her shoulder, "I'll make us breakfast after my shower."

Duncan watched her go with eyes filled with sorrow. When he waved her off at the airport would that be the last he would see of her?

At breakfast they discussed Helen's alternatives. It came down to her need to catch the fastest flight home. She was needed to take charge, as able as her son was he shouldn't have to take this on his shoulders alone.

Still, she couldn't do anything, even call the airline, until she heard back on what was happening at home.

It wasn't until after 10:30AM that the phone rang again. Duncan almost answered it, quickly reconsidering. This was Helen's Condo and some strange man answering her telephone could be mistaken. If it was Gerald it would put Helen at an unnecessary disadvantage. If it were her son, Conrad didn't need questions on his mother's behavior to further disarrange his life.

Helen answered on the forth ring, "Hello, is this Con?"

"Yeah, mom," came his voice in her ear. "We have dad home. I took him straight to the Doctor. He poked him a lot, then took some x-rays. When he got them back he turned all mysterious on me; wouldn't tell me a thing. All he said was that we needed Dad to take some tests, including a bunch more of his head. I told him we'd get back to him. The Doc told me it's not necessary to do it today but he really has to have the pictures as soon as practical. The way he acted has me a little scared, Mom. Can you get here today?"

"Honey, I could get there tonight, but it would be too late to go see the Doctor. I'll get packed and fly in tomorrow morning. Don't come get me, I'll take a taxi from the airport or maybe even the airport shuttle. See you tomorrow, sweetie. Oh! If anything sudden comes up, be sure to call me, okay? Use my cell phone, I may not be at the condo."

"Sure, Mom. See you then, by."

Helen explained what was happening to Duncan, then began stewing over having to store her car in Chelan. Duncan quickly told her he would get it to Boise for her, all she had to do was leave the keys.

After a brief pause, Helen agreed. They spent the rest of the day planning as Helen packed.

It was bittersweet, spending the day together. Helen consoled herself that at least she would see Duncan one more time, when he delivered her car.

Duncan was very sober all day, afraid this was the last time he would have Helen alone. She was going home to Gerald. The thought that he would never have another chance to see her again took the laughter and sunshine right out of him.

I had been planning on concluding this story with the 10th chapter. Instead, I've broken that chapter in three parts. The final chapters will be posted soon.

the Troubador

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