tagCelebrities & Fan FictionChance Encounter with Justin Ch. 02

Chance Encounter with Justin Ch. 02


I couldn’t believe this was happing to me. He made me feel so good. Only a few minutes ago I had meet Justin but he was now touching me making so wet. His body was so built and his eyes were so blue. I wanted to drown in his touch.

After a few moments Justin was kissing me all over my body when his fingers grazed over my pussy I moaned with pleasure. He felt so good touching my body. His kissed started with my breasts then back to my lips. When his tongue touched mine my heart beat faster again. My hands went into his hair and all of a sudden his hair fell off. He just threw it to the side. I didn’t pay much attention. He was now kissing my stomach with slow soft kisses it was making me so wet and so horny for him. He pulled my thong off and his finger started to play with my clit slowly and then he started to finger me harder. I moaned with pleasure I could feel his hot breath so close to my pussy and it made me moan more.

“Taste me Justin,”

“I would be honored Zoë,” With that his tongue licked my pussy at first he was teasing me.

“Stop teasing,” I said with a soft moan “ Mmm. Lick me Justin,” and he did licked me and sucked on my clit. It was so amazing.

“Justin I want you inside me, take me now baby,” I didn’t have to say anymore. He started kissing me my legs were up in the air waiting patiently to feel his big hard cock to enter inside. He was taking his time making me wetter every moment his kisses on my nipples. He even nibbled them, a bit which turned me on even more. He took is cock and brushed it against my pussy. He teased my clit, my moans grew louder. I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Stop teasing me Justin,” He smiled and with no more hesitation he entered inside me. I was surprise at how big he was but was overwhelmed with an orgasm right away, he could feel me tighten around his cock and I shook with an amazing feeling around my whole body. He started to stroke in and out of me, I was still really turned on. His breath got heavier and small groans were starting to come out of his mouth. We got into a slow rhythm at first, but he pulled away.

“Don’t stop,” I moaned he gave me a sexy grin and helped me turn around.

“You don’t mind do you,” I shook my head and let him go inside me again but this time from behind. His hands were all over my body. He started going in and out of me now a bit faster while his hand was playing with my clit. I had never had sex doggy style before and was really turned on by it. It didn’t take long with his finger on my clit for me to cum a second time, this time it was more intense as my pussy wrapped harder around his cock and his cock throbbed inside of me. Our moans got louder and we were lost in the ecstasy we’ve never known before. I could feel him fill me with his cum, it felt so warm and wonderful. Afterwards I fell onto the bed on my stomach. Justin’s hands rubbed my ass.

“Mmmmm…” I moaned. He came closer to me and kissed my back. I turned around and we kissed. He laid down next to me and pulled me into his arms. We both sighed with satisfaction. Next thing I knew I was asleep.

The next morning I woke up and found Justin sleeping next to me. I closed my eyes when I heard him stir. I had thought I had dreamed it. I couldn’t believe what had happened but when I thought about it, it made me feel all turned on again. I had a feeling he was watching me so I moaned and pretended to wake up.

“You’re bad at that,” I started to laugh.

“I know,”

“I knew you were awake,” he said with a small laugh and got out of the bed. It wasn’t until then that I remembered the wig and saw him completely. My heart jumped in my chest. “I’m going for a shower want to join me,” he look at me. He saw my shocked look.

“You ok,” Not knowing what was wrong.

“Justin Timberlake,” I said slowly. He smiled.

“That’s me,”

“I didn’t know,”

“I know you didn’t, so do you want to come for a shower with me,”

I didn’t say anything and he went into the bathroom. I didn’t know what to think, but then my thoughts went to last night and I thought hey I only live once and I definitely won’t forget this ever. I got out of bed and walked into the bathroom and slipped into the shower with Justin.

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