Chance Meeting


"Oh, gosh, Ethan, please!" she begged him, raising herself in an effort to get his fingers where she needed them.

"Soon, baby, soon!" he promised, releasing her leg and finishing the task of undressing her.

He took her hand and led her to the couch in the great room on the other side of the island. Pushing her onto her side, he settled himself behind her, and slowly swept her body with his warm hand. She tried to turn to face him, but he kept her back to him, and tormented her with his wandering fingers, kissing her neck and fondling her breasts, before moving down to the hard, aroused point of need that had been wanting his touch, needing it since he had kissed her that first time in the car. He walked his fingers up and down the length of her slit, and circled her clit, never touching it, making her squirm and whimper. Finally, because he was on the ragged edge himself, he plunged a finger inside her, then withdrew it to slide it up to the peak of her arousal. Teri groaned.

"Like that, huh?" he whispered, and had to clear his throat to continue speaking. "Damn, Teri, you're so wet! You're ready for me, aren't you, sweetheart?"

He turned her head and kissed her, then turned her over completely, till she was on her back. Just looking at the way her breasts fell, at the smooth mound of flesh over her leaking pussy, at the long legs opened for him, made Ethan impossibly hard, and he knew he dare not wait another second. He moved, shedding his clothes and settling on top of her.

Teri raised her legs and wrapped them around his waist as Ethan slid slowly inside her. The position gave him total access, and she felt as though he filled her completely. She wanted this man, whom she had not really met until that afternoon, with a desperation that defied her ability to understand. She realized, as he pumped in and out of her, over and over again, and as she pushed back, giving him all of herself, that she had never really gotten over that crush on him. She had merely pushed it down, down, down, until it felt like it had gone. When Ethan reached between them and rubbed her needy clit between his fingers, she forgot to think at all. She felt herself nearing the point of explosion, when he withdrew completely.


Her question never got asked, for she felt his mouth where his hand had been, licking her weeping sex, and sucking her turgid clit, and she came. Hard. And then she came again, when he thrust a finger inside her. And then he reared up and thrust his cock back inside her, pumping into her hard and fast, over and over again, seeking his own release. His groans of pleasure pushed her right back to the edge, and she came a second before Ethan's whole body clenched, and he shook with the force of his orgasm. Teri squeezed him, milking his cock until he collapsed on top of her, sated. He panted, as though he had just run a fast race, and she hugged him to her.

Ethan was speechless. For the first time in a long time, he didn't know quite what to say to a woman at the end of lovemaking. Because although he had a wife, and he loved her dearly, what had just happened with Teri was not just a good fuck. Something was different about her, and he wanted to do it again, at least one more time, before he had to go back to his real life. He rolled to the side again, pulling her with him, so that they were spooned again in the long couch.

"Ms. Boynton, you were great!" he whispered when he had caught his breath.

Teri turned her head to look at him, and he slanted a wet kiss over her lips. She turned fully, facing him, and wound her arms around his neck.

"And you were incredible, Mr. Dunn," she whispered back.

She let her breasts push against his chest, wishing she understood why she needed him to fill her up again. She looped a leg over him, opening herself to him again, and pressed herself against his cock. She felt the jerk as he responded, and she pulled his face closer for another kiss. When he resisted, she looked into his eyes.

"What do you want this time, babe?" he asked, smiling into her eyes.

Despite the desire racing through her again, Teri blushed. Ethan chuckled.

"And you're cute, too, sweetheart!" He hugged her, and pushed back, rubbing his cock against her clit. "Don't be shy! Tell me!" "I'll do anything you want," she admitted, and hid her face in his neck.

Ethan made a decision. "Then let's go take a shower first!" When she looked puzzled, he kissed her and added, "Ever heard of foreplay?"

Teri blushed again, but let him pull her up. They picked up the scattered garments and she led him down to the basement, to the bathroom in the guest quarters. She had only that morning cleaned it, so the fruity smell lingered still. She turned on the tap, and water flowed cold through the massaging showerhead. She set it to the temperature and waited, a little self-conscious, for it to adjust. Ethan came to stand in front of her, taking her hands in his.

"I'm loving every minute of this, you know," he said, and bent his head to kiss her. "And it turns me on when you're shy with me."

He put his arms around her, and pulled her with him onto the shower stall, turning her around and asking for the shower gel. "Over there," she said, pointing.

"Shampoo?" he asked again.

"Right next to it."

She went to take the washrag, but he held her hands.

"This time, I'm bathing you!"

Never before in her life had Teri been so aroused by a shower. Starting with her neck, Ethan ministered to her, washing her thoroughly, cleansing her skin, and then when he rinsed her, caressing her breasts, stealing heated kisses from her swollen lips, massaging her clit, and when she opened her legs, stooping to taste her, feasting on her with hot kisses and deep pulls of his lips and sweeps of his tongue.

"Ohh! Oh God, Ethan!"

"Come for me, baby!" he commanded her, pushing inside her with two fingers, and she obeyed.

Teri plunged over the crest, and Ethan held her till she came down from her high.

"Oh baby, that was good, wasn't it? To watch you, and hear you cum like that!"

Teri turned in his arms and kissed her way down his belly to his erection, riding high and hard. She touched him with her hands first, and he flinched, but did not move otherwise. She slid her fingers up and down his rod, then circled it, teasing him and making him moan. She pumped him hard and fast, fondling his balls as she did, making them swell, and his erection grow even harder. When she couldn't bear to wait another minute, she took him in her mouth, the water falling on her back. She liked how thick and hard he was, and she swirled her tongue around him, like she would a melting ice cream cone. She loved it when he twitched, and groaned, and she raised the pleasure level by circling the rim around the head with the tip of her tongue. Ethan shoved his hands into her hair and held on as Teri loved him.

Ethan knew he was about to burst, and he wanted so much to come inside her, but Teri seemed to need him in her mouth.

"Babe..." he began, on the very edge of losing his control.

Teri ignored him, and sucked hard on his rod, taking as much of it as she could into her mouth, and pumping him with her hand as she sucked on him. When she felt his legs stiffen, and she knew he was ready to burst, she slacked off, and looked up at him.

"Ready for me, big guy?" she teased, smiling smugly.

"Witch!" he growled, and pulled her up, turning her around and spreading her legs.

Teri leaned forward, and Ethan slid into her, filling her so completely, she thought fancifully he could touch the back of her throat. When he started to move, Teri groaned, and before long, with the pace he set, his balls slapping her bottom, one hand around a breast, the other holding her steady, he poured himself into her, making her shake when he moved his hand from her breast to her clit and massaged it deliberately.

"Cum for me, sweetheart! I want you to cum with me!" His voice was ragged, and Teri felt the ache in her groin swell to a pitch that made her cry out when she came, Ethan pumping into her uncontrollably now, coating her channel with his seed. He grunted when his orgasm finally slowed, and pulled her back against his chest. He felt drained, spent, and it was the most beautiful feeling in the world. He held her gently and rinsed her off again, before shutting off the water and reaching for a towel.

"Where to, now?" Teri asked as he patted himself dry. She was dressed in a long sleep tee, with a fat cat curled up asleep on a rug.

"Is there a bed down here?" he wondered, wrapping the towel around his lean hips. "You wore me out, miss!" He chuckled as he said it, and Teri smiled back at him.

"Follow me!"

She led him into a fairly large bedroom next to the bathroom, with a queen-sized bed init. The bed was unmade, and Ethan looked questioningly at her.

"I've been sleeping down here."

She offered no explanation, and Ethan asked for none.

"Come here," he said, and pulled her down onto it with him. "Scoot up so I can hug you!"

Neither of them knew when they fell asleep, but a hard pecking on the glass door woke Teri. Ethan was nowhere to be seen. For just a minute, she panicked, thinking they had been discovered, but suddenly she caught a movement out of the corner of her eye. She turned her head in time to see him coming back into the room with a bottle and two fluted glasses.

"I thought you might like a drink, love," he said. "I know I do!" He poured a glass for each of them, and set the bottle aside. "What shall we drink to, Teri?"

He settled into bed next to her, and she sat up.

"To friendship!" she said without hesitating.

She took a deep swallow, and then set aside her glass, watching the television that the timer had set off again. A man and a woman were making hot, hard love on the screen.

"This is what you were watching last night?" Ethan wanted to know. Mirth, tempered with understanding, appeared on his face when Teri blushed.

"I can make you cum again if you like, baby!" he offered. When her eyes widened Ethan said, "I want you, honey! Bad! Tell me what you want. You'll make me harder when you tell me how much you want me, too!"

He set his own glass on the ground next to the bed and reached for her. He didn't understand this urgent need he had to possess this sexy woman completely, but he was burning for her all over again, and his hands trembled just a little from the anticipation of having her even one more time. He had seen the time, and knew he'd have to leave soon. He pulled her across his lap, so she could feel his hard rod, and she sighed into his mouth when he lowered his head for the kiss. God, how she made him ache! He deepened the kiss, caressing her back, shoulders, and arms as he did. He felt his desire for her rising inside him like a fever and he slid down with her on the bed rolling her under him as he did. He feasted on her – her eyes, her ears, her cheeks, her mouth, her shoulders. He took his time over each breast, kneading each one gently, sucking the hard nipples into his mouth, swirling and licking them, before continuing his way down past her belly button to the smooth mound of flesh he most wanted to invade with his tongue, his hands, and his raging erection.

Teri was a squirming mass of need before Ethan touched her in that place she most wanted him, and when his tongue slid around it, she almost died of pleasure. She couldn't help the moan that escaped her when he finally tickled it with the tip of his tongue, before sucking on it, hard. She came, lights bursting all around her like firecrackers. She could no more have held it back than Noah could have held back the Flood.

"Just lie back and let me love you, baby!" he said hoarsely, and Teri let him, for she had no energy left to do anything else.

Ethan rose up over her, smiling into her beautiful brown eyes. "Spread your hips for me, sweetheart, and let me bury my cock inside you!" His voice was shattered, so close to losing control.

Teri spread her legs, and he sank into her, feeling her lift up and place them around his waist. They were long, elegant legs, tapering down to thin ankles. She dug her heels into his back.

"That's it, baby! Rock those hips for me! Give me a real good ride!" He rocked into her, and she rocked back. "Squeeze me, sweetie!" When she did, he almost died, but he managed to speak his pleasure. "Yeah, just like that!"

"Oh God, Ethan, please!" The plea was torn from Teri's aching throat.

"I know, Teri! I can feel the little twitches. I know you're close. So am I, babe!"

He rocked into her again, and only stopped himself from coming by pulling out almost completely. Teri groaned, a low, raw sound of protest and desire.

"You taste so good, babe, and you smell so sweet. And you fuck me so good, darling," he said before sinking back inside her. He moved faster now, needing to cum and needing her to cum with him. "You're so fucking hot!" he exclaimed "Are you ready baby?"

"Oh, God, yes!" Teri almost shouted, her legs shaking, her belly clenching.

"Now!" The word shot out of him as he stiffened over her, and then he was pumping into her uncontrollably again, over and over, feeling her cum, feeling himself cum, feeling like a lit-up Christmas tree with musical lights. The spasms were slow to fade away, and he died a thousand deaths until they did. He realized he must be stifling Teri, and though he felt completely drained, he managed to roll off her, but he pulled her with him, and hugged her to his chest.

"Honey, this is the best evening I've had in a really long time." He kissed the top of her head. "I kinda wish I could stay another day, just to be with you." His raised her hand to his lips. "You're a beautiful, sexy woman. Thank you for tonight, babe!"

Teri turned fully to Ethan as he stopped speaking. She knew this was goodbye. She knew she'd probably never see him again after she dropped him off at his hotel. She knew he was married, and that this one-night stand had been wrong from the beginning. But she also knew she wouldn't trade the hours she had spent in this man's arms for anything in the world. She raised her arms to encircle his neck, and when he lowered his head, she kissed him hard, feeling the tears gather behind her closed eyelids. She pulled her mouth away, swallowing in an effort to stop them from overflowing, but one escaped. She lowered her head so Ethan wouldn't notice, but he did. He pushed her face up with a finger under her chin.

"Baby, don't cry! Please! I want to remember you the way you look when you cum for me." He dropped a quick kiss on her lips, and licked a tear off her cheeks. "You're sweet, babe, and very desirable! Don't ever forget that!" He pulled her over his chest and said, "Let's go shower again. I have to go."

Ethan let her shower first, and by the time he was ready, she had the car out of the garage, the engine purring gently. It was almost dawn, and the purply-pink clouds drifted across a cool morning sky. He let her drive back, and gave her directions to his hotel. The clouds were golden-pink by the time they got there.

"Thank you for last night, baby!" Ethan said, leaning over to kiss Teri's lips.

He wanted to keep the kiss light, but when she opened her mouth, he took the final gift she offered him, and kissed her deeply, wanting to leave his mark on her. He released her mouth slowly.

"See you online, sweetheart!"

He opened the door, and Teri watched him walk into the hotel lobby. He waved goodbye and blew her a kiss, then disappeared inside. She swiped at the tears on her cheeks, put the car in gear, and drove back home.

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