tagNonConsent/ReluctanceChance of a Lifetime Ch. 2

Chance of a Lifetime Ch. 2


Courtney and Leigh had gone through the school day without showing any of their normal jovial attitudes. Both were dreading the end of the day when they would have to go meet with John. Leigh had been more upset after being forced to suck his dick, something she had never done before. Both girls consoled one another but neither spoke about it with their friends.

When school ended the two shapely 18-year olds got off the bus on their street. Went home long enough to put their books away, then Courtney went over to Leigh's house to meet up before the two of them headed to John's house.

John worked early so he was always home just before the bus arrived. He had been waiting eagerly for their arrival since the moment he saw the bus drive past his house. When he saw them coming up the walk, with Courtney's tits jiggling with every step, his dick began to rise with anticipation.

John opened the door before either could knock. Inviting the two girls in. He led them directly to his bedroom where they saw the camcorder already set up and focused on his queen-sized bed.

"Go ahead and strip, then get on the bed." He told them.

Both girls shed their jeans and tee shirts. Then removed their bras and panties before climbing onto the firm mattress to lay side by side.

"Let's see you play with yourselves again." John demanded.

The two girls masturbated while he undressed. After each had climaxed John joined them on the bed. Courtney shivered as he came to her first. She wondered what he was doing as he straddled her waist and moved up. Her questions were answered when he laid his large cock between her huge tits. Courtney had heard guys talking about tit fucking, but she could never see why she would want to do this. But now John was planning to be the first to slide his pole between her boobs.

John took her tits in both hands and pressed them together as he slowly began fucking her tits. "Suck my dick." He told her as he continued. Courtney titled her head forward and opened her mouth so that with every forward thrust she could take the head of his cock between her lips.

John squeezed her titties tighter as he picked up his pace. He used his thumbs to play with her hard nipples as he slide his shaft back and forth in the valley between her orbs. He clenched his ass as he felt his cum rising. "Here I cum!" He announced as the first volley of cum launched from his cock, striking Courtney along her nose and right cheek. He fired wad after wad, some of it landing in her mouth while most struck her chin and face. Then, as the pressure weakened, landed on her neck and upper chest. Neither girl had ever seen a man shoot so much cum before. Courtney's right eye was burning from the salty fluid that had run up the side of her nose and into her eye. She rubbed her eye but John refused to allow her to wipe the cum off of her face. Instead he instructed Leigh to use her tongue to clean her friend.

Leigh gasped at the suggestion. But seeing that she had no choice she leaned over and began using her tongue to scoop his cum off of Courtney's face and neck. She was happy that he had not gotten any onto her tits. Leigh had swallowed his seed the day before. But that was without seeing it. Now, looking at the massive amount that coated her best fiend's face, she felt like she was going to get sick with every tongue full she scooped up and swallowed.

Courtney was red with shame as she felt Leigh's tongue licking her face and neck. She imagined how bad this must look on tape. And then wondered if she would have to do the same eventually to Leigh.

When Courtney was cleaned to satisfaction John instructed Leigh to finger fuck her friend. Leigh shuddered at the thought. She had rubbed Courtney's clit yesterday. But now John expected her to stick her fingers into another girl's pussy. John insisted and Courtney lay still as Leigh pushed one, then two fingers into her tight hole. Courtney tried not to move as Leigh began pumping her fingers in and out. Then John got back on the bed and began playing with her nipples while Leigh finger-banged her. Soon her hips were gyrating until her pussy flooded with release all over Leigh's digits.

Then John had the two girls switch placed. He told Courtney to do the same to Leigh, then while Leigh was getting her twat pumped by her friend's fingers John climbed over her and began screwing her tits. Leigh tried opening her mouth to take the tip of his pecker as Courtney did, but only rarely did his shaft strike her target. She couldn't take her eyes off the bulbous head that kept popping in and out of view between her boobs. She suddenly was overcome with an orgasm but Courtney continued working her cunt. Leigh could see John's precum at the tip of his cock now and knew that he would soon be blasting her face as he had done Courtney's. John thrust his dick faster, groaning as he began cumming. His semen sprayed Leigh's face more widely than it had covered Courtney's. When he finished he rolled over and had Courtney use her mouth to clean Leigh.

Once she was done John had both girls lie on their backs. He got between Leigh's legs and began licking her young pussy. Enjoying the wonderful taste as he lapped at her clit like a thirsty dog. Leigh wanted to resist the pleasure he was providing. But John was doing far better than any teenage boy, so soon she was rocking her hips up and down as he continued. Leigh began moaning softly when John thrust two fingers into her hole while pleasuring her clit. Then she bucked as she climaxed. John reveled in the flowing fluids that splashed his face while completing her orgasm. Then he hopped over to Courtney and began again by sucking and licking her shaved slit.

Like Leigh, Courtney was surprised at how talented John's tongue was as it stimulated her against her will. He fingered her with one hand while groping her right tit with the other. Courtney was able to remain silent, but was unable to keep her thighs from trembling as John brought her closer and closer to the edge. Her breathing was getting more rapid and she involuntarily wrapped her legs around his back just before her pussy exploded with rapture. When John arose he could see defeat in her eyes. Courtney's will had broken after being forced to climax from his actions.

"Now I'll let you both suck me off together then we can quit for today." John told them.

He lay on the bed and positioned both girls so that they could lick and suck his cock together. Courtney and Leigh had ample opportunity to watch up close as the other fed on his large cock. They licked along his shaft. At John's instructions they took turns licking his hairy balls and sometimes taking them into their mouths while the other sucked on his cock. It was in that position, with Leigh sucking his cock and Courtney humming on his balls, that John came, filling Leigh's mouth with his jizm.

Both girls dressed in silence. Neither looking to the other until they were ready to leave. Neither was surprised when they heard John instruct them to come by at the same time the next day.

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