Chances Are


My mother bought me my first Camden Joy book for Christmas two years ago. I wanted this book for almost six months after reading about it in Geek Overthrow zine. When I tore open the shiny Christmas paper and my eyes beheld the orange paperback baring the title The last rock star book; or Liz Phair a rant, my heart leapt and a guilty tingle went down my spine.

Now here I was two years later waiting in line at Border's bookstore for Camden to sign my copy of Palm tree 13. I had butterflies in my stomach I sat thinking of all the clever things I could say to him. Nervously I looked to the front of the line trying to see him. From what I could see he looked unhappy, and I don't blame him most everyone ahead of me and said something along the lines of "Camden dude, I liked your book it was so like me."

I just sighed and thought to myself. "No, it is not like you, you slacker moron!" a big smile came to my lips when I realized I would be the last one in line. I didn't know whether or to be excited. Slowly I approached his table. Camden looked up at me the tiredness in his eyes seemed to dissolve away as he saw me smile.

"Hello, and what's your name?" he smiled back at me and I felt that tingle again only this time it wasn't anywhere near my spine.

"Laura." My voice sounded far off and distant to my mind. I watched him signing my copy I felt my lip tremble I wanted to say something but couldn't.

"Well, Laura how would you like to go out to dinner with this old writer?"

"Yes." I about jumped out of my skin onto him. he laughed looking at me.

I watched him as he gathered up his coat and briefcase and finished his business with the storeowner. A shock of electricity passed through me as he grabbed my arm to walk with me.

"So, you actually read my work?" Camden sounded so amused.

"Oh, yes sir, I even did a monologue from your Liz Phair book for my forensics piece."

He laughed and turned to look at me. "There are no monologues in that book."

I had to crane my neck to look up at him "I know but the way I did it, it was"

At the coffeehouse we talked mostly of my aspirations as a writer over cheesecake.

"So, you write erotica?" he asked as we waited for another slice.

"Yeah, you don't think I'm sluttish?" I giggled as my foot touched his leg under the table.

"No, I like a woman who knows what she wants." He smiled a slightly devilish smile.

As we sat in the coffeehouse the world seemed to disappear or go on with out us, I always felt that it didn't matter now that I was being heard, actually listened to.

Soon the second round of cheesecake came, and we started talking about my father not wanting me to write, then about how he decided to write. Soon we were on a third slice, time seemed to be whizzing past us.

"Would you like to come to my hotel room, and continue our chat?" Camden said smiling hopefully. I breathed in deeply to calm myself so I didn't sound like a total idiot.

"Yes." Was all I managed to say, but it was all I needed to say.

Camden's hotel room was lovely with a modest pastel theme, I was really impressed that his publisher actually paid for this.

"Have a seat, please." Camden said taking off his tweed coat. I sat in the chair next to the desk. "Thank you." I said softly.

The first kiss was so electric I thought I was going to fall over dead, but instead I melted into him. He laughed as he pulled me to my feet. We spun in a wide circle and Camden let me fall backwards on to the bed. We were both flushed. slowly I unbuttoned my blouse. My breasts hung there full my heart pounded as my nipples became erect.

Camden looked at me with a sense of wonder, like I was a mythical goddess. I undid the snaps on my cute little plaid mini skirt.

"My little schoolgirl." Camden teased me, stroking my cheek.

He knelt leaning forward his fingers lightly tugged my nipple as his mouth began its assault on my other nipple. I cried out running my fingers through his hair holding his head in placed as he sucked. He eased me down onto my back. Kissing down my stomach. He pulled the front of my bikini cut panties down kissing the delicate flesh admiring my neatly trimmed pussy.

"Can I take these off?" he asked while pulling them down, he flung them across the floor.

I was left in just my high-heeled Mary Jane's; he looked pleased as he spread my legs laying a blanket of kisses on my thighs. I shivered feeling my juices drip.

"Camden, please, " I rested a foot on his shoulder.

Camden inched forward his tongue trailed over my clit. he lapped at it quickly. I scooted down closer. Camden lifted his head. "That's it baby." He groaned pulling me closer still his tongue swirled around my slit bumping into my sensitive clit. I moaned as Camden poked his tongue into my hungry slit I wrapped my legs tightly around his head. I rode his tongue until I started to orgasm. He was very slow as my cum poured into his mouth.

He stood his full length I was so blessed out from the intensity of my orgasm I didn't even notice him climbing onto the bed. He rolled me so that he was underneath me. I smiled down at him. I rubbed my pussy on the head of cock teasingly.

He lowered me down on the full length of his cock; I rocked slowly rising slowly then slipped back down. Faster I went he raised his hips to meet me, we fucked like that for an hour or more I screamed his name as he seed flowed into me.

"Can we do it again?" I asked sounding as innocent as a little girl.

He looked me over for a moment, smiling. Camden reached out stroking my ass. I purred pressing against his hand.

"Such a soft ass, so inviting Laura you are such a temptress." He kissed from my neck down my back. He crawled in between my legs his cock rubbed on my cheeks.

"Please." He growled softly.

"Yes." I squeaked out.

Camden entered my asshole with force yet was very gentle. I pushed back against him. I had never done this before but had fantasized about doing it. He pumped me hard striking my ass with hand, it landed with a loud slap.

"Ahh, yes more please." I cried out in sheer ecstasy. he spanked me again. I couldn't believe it but my body shudders in another orgasm, Camden came as my asshole squeezed tightly on his cock.

As we lie there still shaking and sweating I knew he was indeed the best lover I would ever have.

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