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Change of Faith


Father Felix O'Bannen's face stung from the blow just delivered to it. He winced in pain and tried to shy away from his attacker, but was held by the coarse ropes that bound him to the rough, wooden chair.

"Where is the damn map?" O'Bannen's attacker, a medium-sized, trim man with perfectly combed hair and a hawk face demanded calmly in his clear voice.

O'Bannen simply stared up at him in silence, inwardly praying that his ordeal would soon be over.

"Fucking bastard!" roared the other man as he backhanded O'Bannen across the cheek once more. "Tell me where the goddamn map is, you ignorant son of a bitch!"

"Please," said the woman standing with O'Bannen's attacker. "Just tell us. Then this will be over." Her voice was sweet as honey and smooth as silk, fitting her lean, lithe body, angelic face and long, shimmering black tresses perfectly. "Tell Tyson where you've hidden the map and this will all end. I promise you."

"Trisha!" Tyson snapped. "Shut the fuck up! You shouldn't even be here. You've got no stomach for this shit. Get your ass back to your room and wait for me!" He turned back to O'Bannen. "And you, you religious freak, tell me where you hid that fucking map or I'll start breaking your fucking fingers until you do!"

The dark-haired woman gently laid a hand on Tyson's shoulder and softly said his name.

He whirled around, snarling at her. "Get your fucking ass back to your room before I beat it for you!"

"Let me spend some time with him, Tyson. Alone. Just him and me. He'll tell us where he's hidden it. I promise you."

He sneered at her. "You think you can make him talk?" His sneer turned to open laugher in her face. "You?"

"Yes. Please, let me try."

Still laughing, he shook his head. "You're too soft. Your idea of torture would probably be to tickle his feet with a fucking feather or some shit like that!"

She stared at him, her gaze locked with his, unsmiling. "You've no idea what I'm capable of, Tyson."

His laughter gave way to a frown. "You threatening me, bitch?"


"Sounded like a threat to me, whore."

"It wasn't."

"Stupid cunt." He lifted a hand, as if to strike her, then glanced back at O'Bannen. Lowering his hand, Tyson smiled. "Tell you what, I'll give you till sunrise tomorrow with this asshole. If you get the information by then, I'll not only apologize to you for doubting your skills, I'll not beat the shit out of your ass for interrupting me here. If you don't get the map..." He trailed off, shaking his head. "I'm going to beat the hell out of you till you can't even stand to have any clothes on that hot body of yours. Then, since you'll be naked for a few days healing, I'm going to fuck you over and over and over until you're raw and bleeding and if you so much as ask me to give you a rest, I'm going to beat you and start all over. Understand, bitch?"

She held his gaze steadily. "You'll have your map, Tyson. I promise."

He snickered and glanced at O'Bannen. "You'll probably die from the beating I'm going to give your ass, bitch." Then he turned and walked to the door, knocked for the guards and left when they opened the door for him.

Turning back, Tyson peered in through the tiny barred window. "Sunrise tomorrow, you ignorant fucking cunt. That gives you about twenty hours until I drag your ass to the bedroom, then wail it and fuck it. Understand?" Without waiting for a reply, he slammed the small door that covered the window. His voice was muffled but audible when he spoke to the guards outside. "No one goes into or comes out of that cell until I come back tomorrow morning. Got it, shit-heads? And don't even open the window to check on them. Let the bitch have her fun. It may be the last she ever has."

Tyson's footsteps receded down the hallway.

"Why do you deal with that?" O'Bannen asked.

Trisha turned a sweet smile on him. "Money. I'm going to have a lot of it soon, thanks to you. You'll tell me where the map is, I'll tell Tyson, he'll take some of them to find it, use the map to find the golden statue and we'll be rich. Then, I'm going to kill Tyson. He deserves it. You've already seen that. With him dead, the men will fall in line under me. I'll be rich, powerful and happy, Tyson will be dead and gone, and you, Felix, may I call you Felix? Call me Trisha. And you, Felix, will stay with me as my new lover!"

O'Bannen stared at her in open astonishment.

Before he could speak, she went on. "You will. Trust me, Felix. Starting now, you're going to devote yourself to a new faith and the worship of a different kind of deity. I'm talking about sex, Felix. As a priest, you've probably trained most, if not all, of your life. Correct?"


"So I'm guessing you're still a virgin."

He felt his face flush.

She smiled. "Thought so. And you're past middle-age, too." Her smile morphed into a sad little frown with a hint of a pout to it. "I'm sorry to hear that, dear Felix. We've got to make up for lost time. And we've got to start now. I've only got a few hours to begin to undo all the damage your religion has done to you."

"What are you talking about?"

"Poor, dear, sweet, innocent Felix. You were born to religious parents, weren't you?"

"Yes." He was confused, not knowing where she was going with this.

She shook her head sadly, her blue eyes fixed on him. "I'm sorry, Felix. I wish that I could have met you sooner. I could have spared you years of trauma. You see, you've devoted your life, every aspect of your life, to the praise and worship of a deity that demands its followers abstain from sex. Married couples are allowed, but no one else according to your doctrine. And you, poor, poor dear Felix, being a priest, aren't even allowed to marry. So your religion, the very religion that you've devoted yourself to, demands that you live out your entire life without even once having sex. That's wrong, Felix. It's wrong! Sex is life! Without it, none of us would even be here. Think about it! We're born because two people had sex. Without sex, no one would ever be born and the human race wouldn't even exist! As humans, we're literately born to have sex! Yet your religion denies people that. It forces people to deny that they're human, to bury desires and instincts and needs that are a part of us at a primal level. The very thing that ultimately drives us, your religion would deny us."

She paused, smiling at him once more.

"But now, Felix! Now I've found you. And I can rescue you from all of that!" Her eyes sparkled as she spoke. "Soon, you'll know what's like to have sex! In a few hours, you'll forsake your perverse religion in favor of life!"

"No," O'Bannen said, his voice thick. "Please, leave me alone. I want no part of your blasphemy!"

"You've probably never even seen a woman naked, have you? Now's the time, don't you think?" Without waiting for his response, Trisha unlaced her bodice and peeled herself out of her dress. Her underclothes followed a moment later, leaving her nude and shivering in the cool dampness of the stone-walled cell.

Beaming brightly at him, she slowly ran her hands over her lithe body, caressing her flawless flesh as she stood unabashedly naked before him.

O'Bannen stared for a moment, then squeezed his eyes closed and began to pray.

She chuckled, a warm, easy sound. "Felix, dear? That's what got you into this situation in the first place. Remember? Open your eyes and look at me."

He did not.

After a moment, O'Bannen felt her soft hands stroking his face, her long fingernails gently scratching along his neck, her warm breath in his ear.

"Felix? Open your eyes. Look at me. I know you want to."


She hugged his from behind. "Really? Your religion frowns upon lying as well as sex, doesn't it?"

"Yes," he admitted.

"So if you lie to me, you're sinning."

He swallowed hard. "Yes."

"So tell me the honest truth, Felix. Do you want to look at my naked body?"

O'Bannen hesitated a few moments, tears welling up in his closed eyes. "Yes!" he sobbed, ashamed at the admission, yet unwilling to tell more falsehoods.

"Then do it, Felix." Her gentle hand trailed along his face, telling him that she had moved to stand before him once more. "Open your eyes and look at my bare body."

Slowly, unwilling to give in, yet knowing that he had no real choice, Father O'Bannen opened his eyes and stared at her lovely, unclothed form. He took in every detail - the smooth, hairless perfection of her pale skin, devoid even of pubic hair which revealed her already damp genital slit, her toned musculature, flat stomach, petite, perky breasts, small, hard nipples, her graceful neck, her long, shining tresses of dark hair, her dancing blue eyes, the soft, angelic features of her gorgeous face, complete with soft, supple lips... O'Bannen squeezed his eyes closed again as he felt a stirring in his groin.

Trisha laughed and stroked his face once more. "Look at me," she whispered.

Again, he opened his eyes to gaze at her.

"That's better," she said with a small giggle. "You're a shy boy, aren't you, Felix? We'll fix that soon." She reached out to lay a hand squarely on his crotch.

"Don't touch me, harlot!"

She pouted, saying, "Are you trying to hurt my feelings? Most men can't wait for me to touch them."

"I'm not most men! I am a man of-"

"Stubbornness!" she finished for him. "Maybe once we get you out of those constricting clothes you'll loosen up." Without another word, she began to undress him, ignoring his protests and pleas and prayers. Leaving him tied to the chair, she wiggled and squirmed and twisted and pulled at his clothing until she had managed to undress him as best she could without releasing him.

O'Bannen sat, still bound to the chair, his shirt open to reveal his slightly hairy chest, his trousers open and pulled around his ankles, his underwear with them, leaving him effectively nude and exposed to her view.

"Isn't that better, dear Felix?"

"Why are you doing this to me?" He was nearly sobbing with shame.

"I've already told you. I'm doing this to save both our lives. The way your life is now, it's not even worth living! You spend every second devoting yourself to a sick, twisted religion that demands you deny that you're even human. And me, if you don't tell me where that map is by sunrise tomorrow morning, Tyson will kill me. You know that! He wasn't joking. He'll drag me back to his room, then beat and rape me until I'm dead. You've got to help me, Felix! Help me help you! Tell me where the map is."

"I'll not be part of your plot to murder your boyfriend."

"He's not! I hate him! You've seen how he treats me, Felix! I'm only with him to get this money."

"Then you'll kill him."

"He deserves it! And if I don't kill him, he'll kill me!"

"I want no part of this."

"You're already involved. You became involved the instant Tyson found out you'd hidden that map. Tell me where it is and we'll both live long, happy lives. Together!"


Trisha sighed. "You poor man. You've suffered so much. I don't know if I have the time I need to undo all of the damage..." Slowly, gently, she took hold of his semi-hard penis in both of her hands. "All I can do it try," she whispered as she began to stroke him.

"No!" O'Bannen cried out. "Please, don't!"

"Shhh. It'll be alright. You've got such a nice cock, Felix! Long and thick! It's a shame it's never been used. Poor man. You've probably never even masturbated before, have you?"

O'Bannen felt his eyes go wide at the very thought of doing such a thing.

Trisha continued to stroke and pet his organ. "Poor, sweet man... Middle-aged and never had an orgasm in his life... That's going to change. Very soon." She lowered her head and sucked him into her hot, moist mouth.

"No! Tramp, get away from me!"

Her only reply was to bob her head as she sucked on his erection. Her hands grew busy with other things, one of them kneading his testis while her other reached up to pinch and tweak his nipples.

"No..." he sobbed. "Stop it, please! Don't do this to me! My vows-"

"Keep you from a normal life," she interrupted before returning to her sucking.

During the brief moment it took her to speak the words, O'Bannen realized that he missed the feel of her mouth working on his penis. The realization shamed him even farther, bringing a mixture of self-anger that he had given in to her even that little bit and sadness at the knowledge that he wasn't stronger.

Trisha allowed him to slide from her mouth again for a moment, though she quickly jerked him with her hand, as she whispered, "Give me your cum, Felix! I want to taste it!" Lowering her head, she ran her long tongue over his length before sucking him back into her mouth yet again.

O'Bannen groaned, feeling things in his body that he had never felt before, yet he knew they meant. He gritted he teeth, trying, straining to prevent it from happening.

"Give it to me, Felix! Give me your sweet, creamy, virgin cum! Right in my mouth! I need to taste it! Fill my mouth with your sperm, Felix!"

"No!" The word was torn from him in a long bellow that echoed in the damp cell as he felt his semen surging upward through his erection. He squeezed his eyes closed, already praying for forgiveness.

Trisha's mouth enveloped him again, just in time to catch the load of burning hot sperm that gushed free. She sucked and slurped, coaxing as much from him as she possibly could. When O'Bannen's orgasm finally passed, she stood and smiled at him, wiping a stray bit of semen from her lower lip and licking her finger clean.

"Oh, Felix," she purred. "You taste wonderful!"

"Filthy tramp! Sinful harlot! Stop this at once!" O'Bannen screamed. "Leave me alone! If I am to die in this horrid place, then so be it! But at least be kind enough to allow me to leave this Earth with dignity!"

Trisha looked genuinely shocked, as if she'd expected a different reaction to having forced him to the unwanted orgasm. Then she smiled. "Don't even try to tell me that you didn't like that feeling, Felix." She strolled around to stand behind him, leaned forward, her pert breasts pressed against the back of his shoulders, and ran her soft hands over his chest, toying with his nipples. "You know that felt good!"

O'Bannen grimaced, saying, "What you just did to me wasn't even a natural form of intercourse! You talk about how you think I should be natural and enjoy the act of coupling with a woman, yet what you just did was a form of the act that was never meant to be! It serves absolutely no purpose other than pleasure!"


"It's sin!"

"It's sex! Without fear of pregnancy! Safe sex!"

"It's an unnatural perversion!"

"Fine." She whispered softly in his ear. "You want pure, natural sex as nature intended?"

His eyes grew wide. "No. That's not-"

"Then you'll have it now." She slid around in front of him again. "This is good, Felix. This is very good! I honestly hadn't expected you to ask for this for hours yet."

"I'm not asking! I-"

"Shhh. It's okay." She stroked his penis until he grew hard once more, something that took only moments. She smiled. "You're a horny one! I like that!"

Tears were flowing down his cheeks. "Stop this, I beg of you. You're trying to drag me straight to Hell with you!"

"No, Felix. Not at all. I'm tying to save you from the Hell your perverse religion has trapped you in. I'm not damnation, Felix. I'm salvation!"

With that, she turned her back to him, spread her legs apart, then settled onto him, his hard shaft sliding quickly and easily up inside of her. Hot silken liquid ran from between her thighs and down his length as her sex gripped him tightly.

"Oh, Felix! You feel so good inside of me!" She wiggled her hips as she settled back against him. "You're so big!"

"Please," he sobbed in desperation. "Stop this torment!"

"That's exactly what I'm trying to do for you, sweet Felix!"

She bounced lightly, sliding his erection in and out of her, as she continued to wiggle against him. Her hands were on her breasts, tugging lightly at her stiff nipples all the while. Within moments O'Bannen felt her vaginal muscles tighten painfully around his shaft. He groaned, knowing that what was happening was out of his control.

Trisha's orgasm ripped through her, eliciting screams of pleasure from her as her body milked O'Bannen until his own orgasm tore through him. He felt a large load of semen jet into Trisha's vagina as well as her musky-scented honey gushing out onto his hot, nude flesh.

Once she had finally calmed, Trisha stood, slowly allowing his still semi-erect penis to slip from her vagina. O'Bannen looked and saw that he was covered with glistening fluids from their coupling.

Trisha followed his gaze and smiled broadly. "That's how nature intended. Are you happier now?"

O'Bannen, still staring at his twitching penis, was mesmerized at the sight of the milky white semen that still oozed from it.

"I didn't get it all?" Trisha asked playfully, then knelt and sucked him back into her mouth, helping herself to the fresh cum. After he was hard again, she stood, licking her full, pouty lips. "We taste good, Felix! Here, try us!" She leaned forward, kissing him full on the lips.

O'Bannen couldn't help but stick out his tongue and taste the mingled flavors her kiss had left on his own mouth.

"You're coming to like this, aren't you? No pun intended!"

He started to answer, then hesitated.

"No need to say anything, Felix. I know you are. And that's a good thing. Now it's time for something else."

O'Bannen watched her, waiting to hear what she would inflict upon him next. When she remained quiet, he asked, "What?"

"As I said, you and I will be staying together after this. We'll have lots and lots of sex. Believe me, Felix, I intend to put that gorgeous cock of yours to full use! But, there may be times when you need release and I'm not right there to give it to you. Which will leave you with a choice - wait, which will be very, very hard, I'm sure, for a horny boy like you, or pleasure yourself. Also, I'll want to just kick back and watch you practice getting yourself off. I can't wait to see your creamy white cum gushing out of your big, thick, tasty cock, Felix!" She ran her hands over her sensuous curves as she spoke. "So, it's time for you to learn to masturbate!"

O'Bannen's eyes went wide again. "No! It's not right! It's not natural!"

"It's sex, Felix. Just like oral or anal. It's a form of sex. To your body, it's the same thing. It's just as good. Speaking of anal sex, you'll be introduced to that, too, soon. But, for now, masturbate for me, sweet Felix!"


"Achieve orgasm by the touch of your own hand!"


"Oh, you're still tied to the chair, aren't you? I'll untie you if you promise me that you'll not try to harm me or subdue me in anyway and you won't try to escape. You promise?"

O'Bannen was abruptly very aware of the itchy, rough rope scratching at his flesh where it bound his hands behind him and his legs to the legs of the chair. He nodded. "You have my word."

She smiled seductively. "Good. Having your hands free with make everything so much better!"

Trisha stepped behind him again, her hand trailing over his bare chest, her long fingernails scrapping delicately over his hardened nipples. She then quickly unbound his hands before crouching before him to free his legs.

He stood, rubbing his wrists. "Thank you."

Trisha tossed the offending ropes aside, kissed him on the mouth and whispered, "You'll be thanking me for a lot more soon." She then pulled his shirt completely free of his body and tossed it away. "Step out of your pants."

He was about to argue, then thought better of it. After all, Trisha had already not only seen every aspect of his body, but touched and fondled them as well. Trying to figure out just when he'd begun to think of her by name and trying not to dwell on the fact that he was allowing her to finish undressing him, O'Bannen watched her kick his trousers and underwear away with the rest of his clothing. He now stood as naked as she was.

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