tagMind ControlChanged Ch. 02

Changed Ch. 02


This is the continuation of the “Changed” story, I recommend that you read chapter One first. This is a work of fiction and all the characters and events are fictional. If you are under the age of 18 or are in an area that prohibits erotic fiction then leave now. This story depicts lesbian sex and mind control, if that’s not your thing then leave now. You’ve been warned…

I awoke the next morning to the sound of running water and female singing. Julia was in my bathroom taking a shower and singing something but I couldn’t tell what the song was. The thought of her naked in the shower made a fresh surge of arousal surge up in me and I savored the feeling.

My nipples became almost painfully stiff and I felt myself becoming wet again. This new sexuality was something. And being attracted to women was wonderful. No sex I had ever had with any man, and there had been quite a few, had ever been as good as what I had experienced last night with Julia. That had been incredible. I didn’t know I could feel anything as strong as that. It was more pleasure than I had ever dreamed possible.

I looked down at the ring on my finger, such a simple little thing, and it had done that to me. It made me desire Julia in a way I never had before, sexually. The idea of girl/girl sex had never done anything for me before. I had made out with a friend of mine once at a party on a dare, I was drunk and it I thought it might be fun. It had been pretty good, very different from kissing a man, much more soft and tender but it didn’t really do anything for me. I still only desired guys in that way. But now…

The thought of that lesbian kiss at the party years ago set me on fire with desire. I could have had that girl between my legs that night! Her name had been Christie and she would have, she was so drunk I could have done anything with her. I had been so stupid! If I had known then how good it was… but I didn’t. But now I did.

I could have any woman I wanted with the ring. The ring would make it happen, I could do anything I wanted with them. But how did it work? I had made Julia into my lover yesterday and I had given her a longer tongue to better please me but I wasn’t really sure how I had done either of them. How do I control it?

I will respond to your thoughts.,. Came a clear feminine voice, not spoken aloud, but in my head.

“Marcellene?” I asked quietly to the empty room. Marcellene had been the sorceress whose soul was bonded to the ring. She had told me of the ring’s power yesterday before we had bonded, but I had not heard from her since. “Marcellene, is that you? Where did you go yesterday?”

I did not go anywhere. I cannot. I had to regain my strength after the bonding yesterday. I draw my strength from my master while he… sorry, force of habit, she, is sleeping. I am sorry for the pain you felt during the bonding yesterday, it is not normally like that but because it has been so long I was very weak and had to draw a lot of you life force into me to complete the bond. I am so sorry master, or would you prefer mistress?

Hearing that soft feminine voice call me ‘mistress’ gave me another little thrill. “I like the sound of Mistress.” And it was very true. “So are you always going to be with me now?” I asked, already knowing the answer.

Yes. I can never leave you. I am here to serve you in any way I can. Is there anything you wish of me?

“Well, you can start by explaining exactly how this ring, or you, or… whatever, how it works. I changed Julia yesterday. I altered her mind to make her my lover and I made her tongue longer to please me better but I don’t really know how I did either of them.”

Aaahhh, Julia. Yes she is very beautiful, I can see why you took her. And that long tongue you gave her was wonderful. Marcellene said in a lusty tone.

“Wait a minute! You can see her? And what do you mean ‘her tongue was wonderful’, you felt that? How?”

We are bonded, I see and feel everything you do. She said simply.

Hmmm. This would take a little getting used to. “OK, we can come back to that later, tell me how you work.”

I make your thoughts and desires happen. When you want something from a woman or desire a change in a woman I make it happen.

“So all I have to do is think something and it will happen? What if I’m out shopping and I see a beautiful woman. What if I think ‘I’d like to see her naked’, will she strip for me right there? What if I really didn’t want her to do it, it was just a dirty thought that crossed my mind. How do I control it?”

You have to actively want it to happen, you must push your thoughts to her, you must make her do it. It is difficult to explain, to put in words. It is like moving your hand, you can think ‘I want to move my hand’ but not move it or you can think ‘I want to move my hand’ and then you move it. It is the same thing. You must use your mind to move your thoughts. It is all learned through doing, you must practice and you will see.

“What do you mean practice? Who should I practice on?” I asked, knowing the answer.

Julia, of course. She is right in the next room. Change whatever you want on her, If you don’t like the change, change her back.

“But won’t the changes scare her?”

You can make it so she doesn’t even know that she has been changed or you can make her know of the changes and accept, love or even hate them. You control her mind as well as her body, completely.

Just then I heard the shower turn off. Julia would be out in a few moments. “What about physical changes? Do I change her body in the same way?”

Yes it is the same. You must actively think of what you want her body to look like, how you want her to change.

The door to the bathroom opened and Julia stepped out. Her short, firm body was wrapped in a bright blue towel. She had a brush in her hand and was running it through her still wet, black, shoulder length hair. She looked at me with those dark Asian eyes and smiled.

“Good morning beautiful! I thought you were going to sleep all day.” She said in her bright cheery voice.

OK, here goes. I thought of Julia stripping off her towel and going out to make me breakfast, naked. I couldn’t figure out how to get the thought to her. I envisioned an invisible hand pushing the thought to her, into her head.

She put down the brush, unfastened the towel and let it drop and headed for the kitchen. She called over her shoulder, “What do you want for breakfast?”

I smiled as I watched her tight little ass swaying as she walked down the hallway to the kitchen. “Surprise me!” I called out to her retreating backside.

That went quite well. You picked it up very quickly. Some men took months to be able to do that.

“Maybe it’s because I’m a woman, I think like a woman, not like a man. The thought patterns are the same or something.”

That could be true, but I do not know. Are you going to try to manipulate her physically?

Physical changes, hmmm. “I guess I could try it. But I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to hurt her.”

It is true that you could permanently damage her or even kill her with a poorly chose change. Just start small and be cautious, you will do fine, I will help you. Just don’t try to change her into a dragon or something silly like that on your first day.

“I could really do that? Change her that much?” I asked in wonder. I hadn’t really thought about what the possibilities were for the physical changes.

Yes, you can change her into almost any organic form you want, but be careful, you may not be able to change her back from all forms without destroying her mind. For example, you could change her body into a tree, it is a living thing, but a tree had no brain, no mind, no soul. So her mind would be lost in the transformation. You could then change her from the tree back into her human body, but her mind would not come back, it would have been destroyed. You would simply have her body, an empty, soulless vessel.

But small alterations of her form are harmless and easily changed back if you do not like them. Things such as skin color, height, length of the hair, body shape, and facial features. These are all very minor changes, very easy.

This was all a little scary but the thought of small alterations made a little thrill go through me. What could I change?

Sounds of sizzling and the smell of bacon were coming from the kitchen. I got up, threw my bathrobe on and headed after Julia.

“Marcellene, I’ll talk to you later.”

As you wish mistress, I will be waiting.

Julia was in the kitchen making bacon and pancakes. Julia actually was a very good cook and really enjoyed playing around in the kitchen. The sight of her tight little body walking around the kitchen naked was quite a turn on. I sat on one of the counter stools to watch.

She was expertly moving around the kitchen like a short order cook, flipping the pancakes, frying the bacon and setting two places at the counter.

As she moved around I studied her naked body and wondered what I should change. She didn’t have an ounce of fat on her so I couldn’t change that. She was so beautiful that I didn’t want to play with her facial features. What then? Better make it something small to start.

As she turned around I found myself looking at her crotch. The thin, soft dark hair that covered her pussy. There wasn’t very much down there but she didn’t seem to trim it very much at all. From eating her last night I remembered that it tickled my nose and got stuck to my tongue. I bet eating her would be better if she was hairless between her legs. Well, here goes nothing.

I concentrated on her pussy hair, imagined it getting shorter and shorter until it was gone and she was completely bald between her legs. Her back was to me and I couldn’t tell if it had worked. I watched her tight bottom wiggle as I waited for her to turnaround. I was getting impatient and was just about to order her to turnaround and spread her legs for me when she turned towards me with a stack of pancakes on a plate.

She was hairless between her legs! It worked! I squeezed my thighs together and wiggled my ass on the stool, this was all such a turn on I was having a hard time controlling myself. As I looked at her I couldn’t see any signs of hair, not even a little change of skin color or texture like shaving would leave. The hair was completely gone. She looked so smooth… smooth and sexy!

“Ready to eat?” she asked with a smile.

“Yes. Everything looks delicious, absolutely delicious.” I said with a sly grin.

We sat down side by side at the counter, I was still in my bathrobe, Julia was still naked. As we ate we talked about different things. Work, friends, lots of things. I was studying Julia for any other signs of change as we were eating, wondering how much I had altered her mind last night. I hadn’t heard her mention her boyfriend or any man for that matter during the whole meal. Usually talk about men took up about ninety percent of Julia’s talking. So it seemed she was still changed, I hoped she was but I couldn’t be sure.

Julia’s next words confirmed my hopes.

“Do you know the girl who just moved into the condo at he end of the row, I think it’s number 24? You know, she’s that hot redhead with the great set of tits. Did you know that she has a sister?” Julia asked this last bit with a wicked gleam in her eye.

“No, I didn’t know that, what about it?” Hearing Julia describe another woman as hot and talking about her tits was really kinky. I didn’t know how much longer I would be able to control myself.

Julia, still with that wicked smile, swirled her finger in the maple syrup on her plate, lifted the finger to her mouth and slowly licked the syrup off. “Well it seems that her sister is her twin. Picture that, their are two of those sexy little numbers walking around.” She slid her finger into her mouth and sucked the remaining syrup from her finger.

“Seems to me we should take a walk down to her condo some day and introduce ourselves.” Julia dipped her finger in into the syrup again and raised it up, the syrup ran down her finger and down the back of her hand. “She is new around here and he might need some new friends. We might get to know her a little more…” she pushed the finger covered with syrup between my lips, it was warm and sweet “intimately.” The last word came out as a soft purr.

With Julia’s last work the lust finally took over and I completely lost all control. I grabbed Julia and practically threw her onto the couch. I leapt on top of her and planted my lips on hers. We wrapped our legs and arms around each other as frantically kissed and clutched at each other. I felt Julia’s long tongue slide into my mouth and eagerly sucked on it. Her grasping hands ripped off my bathrobe and grabbed hold of my ass, pulling my hips tight to hers. She held me tight and we ground our hips together, crushing our pussies together as hard as we could. I was moaning loudly into Julia’s mouth and she was moaning into mine.

Julia broke our kiss and pushed me up so I was kneeling over her, she slid down and latched onto one of my nipples, one of her hands wet up between my legs and she slid a finger inside me.

“Oooohhhh, Julia, that’s soooo goood! Oh Julia, make me cum! Please, Make me cum!” I was delirious with pleasure, moaning uncontrollably, my mind was immersed in a hazy fog of pleasure.

Julia started furiously rubbing my swollen clit. Already on the edge of ecstasy, my pussy exploded with pleasure and I came in an intense rush. I screamed as my cunt convulsed, my juices dripped out onto Julia who continued to rub my incredibly sensitive love button.

Wave after wave of mind numbing pleasure surged through me. It was even more intense than last night, it was soul shattering, it was heaven. I looked a Julia’s beautiful face, still sucking on my hard nipple, a look of blissful pleasure on her face and thought she looked so beautiful last night when she was in the throws of passion. The thought came to me that she should be cumming too, she should cum whenever I do. Without realizing what I was doing I pushed that thought into her.

As another orgasm struck me, I cried out with the hot pleasure of it. I was delighted to see Julia cum at the same time. She screamed loudly but it was muffled because her mouth was still latched to my breast. She writhed underneath me with the intensity of her passion as I continued to enjoy the pleasures her body was giving me.

Unable to hold myself up anymore, I collapsed on top of Julia. She immediately rolled me over and we fell off the couch onto the floor in a heap. She turned around and spread her legs, sliding down between my legs so that out pussies touched. She grabbed hold of one of my legs, pulled our pussies tight together and started grinding herself against me.

It was like nothing I had ever experienced before. The feel of her soft hairless, cunt lips rubbing against my own swollen twat was so incredibly perverted, so naughty. “You’re such… a little… slut!” I managed to get out between my grunts of pleasure.

“I know… but I’m…Oooohhh….I’m… your little slut!” Julia said back between her own grunts and groans of ecstasy.

Hearing Julia say she was my little slut put me over the top. I grabbed hold of one of Julia’s legs and pulled our cunts tight together as I approached my climax. Finally with another loud moan I came as I frantically rubbed my pussy against Julia’s.

Julia cried out “I’m cumming again! Oh, your little slut’s cumming! Ooohh, ooohhh, AAAAHHHH!” She kept grinding against me as I felt her hot pussy juice squirt out onto me. Out hot fluids mixed together as we continued to hump and grind.

She’s cumming so hard I thought, I want her to keep cumming, one long orgasm till I make her stop, I pushed the thought into her.

Julia screamed louder and she continued to thrash against me only more violently. “Oh GOD! I’m still CUMMING! I can’t stop… don’t stop… cumming! OOOOHHHH!!! It’s soooo gooood! AAAAAHHHH!” she continued to scream. Her juices continued to flow out of her cunt and were soaking us and the floor.

I needed a breather and watching Julia having one continuous orgasm was so erotic that pulled off of her to watch. I backed up and leaned against the couch to rest for a moment. Even with out me touching her she continued to scream and writhe on the floor. Her beautiful body covered with sweat and girl juice as her own hands wandered her body, pinching, pulling, rubbing and stroking. After a few minutes of watching I began to get a little worried.

“Oh, I can’t… take much… oooohhhh…. aaaahhhhh!!! Can’t… stop…. soooo fucking goood! Oooooohhh! I… I… oooohhhh!” She was still moaning and panting but Julia’s movements were starting to become slower and her words were a little slurred, I thought I may have done a little too much to her so I pushed on her mind to make her stop cumming.

She immediately stopped moving and just lay still on the floor. A little more worried I went over to her and lifted her head into my lap. She looked up at me with a blissful smile and slurred out “I love you…” and then she fell asleep.

I picked her up, set her on the couch and covered her with a light blanket. I gave her a light kiss on the lips and went into the bathroom to wash up.

That had been incredible. Julia was an absolute animal in bed. Well actually we hadn’t had sex in the bed yet, just the couch… and the stools… and the floor. But the bed would come soon enough I was sure.

I stepped into the hot shower and fantasized about what I could do to Julia. What else could I change? I thought about our talk during breakfast. She had talked about the new girl in unit 24. Was Julia having fantasies about other women? Apparently. Well I thought, if she wanted to fantasize, thinking about the new redhead wasn’t a bad start. She was about our age, maybe 26 or so, red hair, pretty face, lots of freckles, nice ass and huge tits. Quite a combination.

But first I had to master my control, which meant practicing. And Julia was my practice girl. I just had to take it easy on her and not hurt her. The problem was that I got horny so easily now! Every time I’m around her I want to have sex with her. And this morning it had actually been her who seduced me, so I had apparently made her as horny as I was. How could I practice if I couldn’t stop having sex with her?

I would just have to resist the urge to have sex until I couldn’t hold out any longer. I had to master my new powers, and to master them I needed to practice.

I got out of the shower, dried up and put on a tanktop and shorts with nothing under them. Then I spent the next few hours cleaning up place. Made myself lunch and generally just tried to keep my mind occupied. Julia continued to sleep and it was hard to keep working while she lay only a few feet away, the blanket pulled down, exposing her small, firm breasts.

At last she woke up. She sat up stretched languidly and smiled when she saw me looking at her. The blanket had fallen away and she sat there naked, her body exposed to me again.

“Like what you see?” she asked with that mischievous smile again.

Oh no, not again. “You know I do, but no more fooling around just yet. Now go take a shower, you smell like sweat and pussy.”

She walked slowly up to me and in a sexy, almost careless manner, traced the side of my breast with one fingertip. “I thought you would have liked the smell of my pussy. You ate enough of last night.” The finger made it’s way to my nipple and she gently rubbed the fingertip around my hard little nub in small slow circles.

“Ooohhh.” I couldn’t help myself and let out a soft moan. She was seducing me again, my cunt was on fire already. I had to regain control. “Go take a shower.” As I said it I desperately pushed on her mind, knowing that if I didn’t get rid of her now, we’d be going down on each other again in just a few seconds.

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