byJoe Peters©

My name is Mark Stone and I have been married to Linda for 25 years which have been very enjoyable except that our sex life has been very ordinary even though we talk about changing things. Linda came from a very straight laced family that seemed prudish at times but our personalities gelled together so great that I overlooked a lot of things to be with her.

My wife is an attractive woman with a great figure but she just seems to set on the ordinary things in life and doesn't look at herself as pretty. I have tried to buy her exotic things that suggest a lot of sexiness but she either returns them or won't wear them. All that changed the day I read the article about hypnotic suggestions!!

I was browsing through the computer when I stumbled over the article and became very intrigued as the more I read the more I thought about giving this a try but how to do this was the question. I saw a section about how advertisers slip images in their commercials for the viewers to get a thought without really catching on and found out that music could be the same if done in the right way. I knew Linda loved her music so I came up with a way to record some very easy suggestions on to a CD to check out this theory. I put in a suggestion about her wearing nothing but a bra and panties at the dinner table every time I mentioned the word "source". I found an artist she liked, recorded the suggestion into the music and told her it was something I found on line and thought she would enjoy some new music. The next day I came home and she was listening to the music singing along cooking dinner and just enjoying what was going on at that time. I smiled said "Hi", gave her a kiss and she told me we were going to eat soon.

The food was ready and I couldn't wait to see if this was going to work or not! Linda came into the dinning room with our meals as I had set the table and made sure everything was in place and we sat down to eat.

"Mark. How was work today?"

"It was pretty hectic. There were some small problems but once we arrived at the source of the trouble we were all set."

Linda stood up and began to take her blouse off and finally her slacks and stood there in her bra and panties before she sat down and continued with her meal. I tried not to chuckle and acted if everything was fine and continued with our conversation and our meal. Once we were done eating she seemed to snap back to reality and asked why she was dressed like that. I told her I thought maybe she was warm and that talking her things off helped cool her off to which she just shook her head and put her clothes back on. I knew I had reached stage one and that I needed to read further to see where I could go with this.

My article mentioned a pre hypnotic state to be able to add further information. I made two CDs, one containing the hypnotic suggestion and the other contained my wildest sexual instructions to her. It was everything or bust!

I had to do this on a Saturday when we were together and I could be there to make sure everything was ok. I gave her the first CD when she was sitting down reading her book so I put it in a walkman with headphones and told her to enjoy both which she usually did. I came back an hour later to find her sitting straight with that far away look in her eyes. I changed the CD to the one I put all the sexual thoughts and instructions on and pushed the play button and watched for any signs of disgust or strange reactions to. She just sat there starring off into space so I went into the other room and came back just as the CD had finished as the last thing on it was for her to take a nap. I took her walkman away and hid the CDs and checked the clock for the time and I took my clothes off and sat on the couch across from her and started to play with my cock to get it hard.

Linda opened her eyes and saw me playing with my cock and a sexy smile appeared on her face when she stood up and took her clothes off slowly walking towards me cupping her tits asking me if I wanted to suck on her nipples.

I told her to sit down in the chair and masturbate for me. She didn't even flinch an eye as she sat down spread her legs and started to finger her pussy when I told her to suck the juice off her finger and stick two in and work her clit with her thumb. She obliged without hesitation so I asked her to play with her tit with her free hand which she had no problem doing for me. I couldn't believe the article had worked and that she was doing this in front of me!

"Cum baby. Cum for daddy!"

She worked real hard and had a mind blowing orgasm as she let out a scream.

"I need my cock sucked. Come over here and suck me off!"

Linda was between my legs in a flash sucking my cock like a porno star, licking my head, shaft, sucking on my balls, throating me to the base like it was common practice. I couldn't hold on any longer and dropped a big load down her throat as she swallowed and gulped finally finishing me off licking my cock clean!

She trailed kisses up across my stomach to my chest where she licked and sucked on nipples for a few minutes before planting a big wet kiss on my lips driving her tongue down my throat. We continued our kissing and groping of each other when my cock became hard again and I asked her if she was ready for some fucking. Linda looked down at my cock and dropped her head on my lap and teasingly licked my shaft like a popsicle looking up at me with those soft sultry eyes.

I grabbed her hand and headed for the bedroom for some comfort and more open space for our fuck session.

"Mark honey I want to be fucked doggie style. Fuck me real good. I want to cum all over your cock!"

The usual fuck for us was missionary and maybe doggie style if she had a drink or two but nothing like this!

"Linda baby I'm going to eat your pussy first so get on your back and open your pussy for my tongue!"

She was on her back licking her lips and had her fingers stretching her cunt open so I buried my face in her pussy lapping like a puppy and fingering her like a piston. I found her clit and slipped it into my lips and pulled back a little causing her to whimper and plead with me to stick my cock in her cunt.

"Please Mark. Please fuck my cunt with your delicious cock."

I told her to get on her knees, bend forward with her head on the pillow and aim her ass at the ceiling. I found the bottle of vaginal lube and smeared some on my shaft and drizzled some down the crack of her ass so that it would run into her pussy.

I took hold of my cock found her pussy lips and slid in with one easy thrust burying my cock in her belly as I fondled her tits and tweaked her nipples causing her to moan and buck back against me causing me to slam into her like a stud fucking a mare. I looked down at her ass and saw the glisten of the lube and slipped a finger into her ass hole which brought a moan of pleasure from her lips so I slowly withdrew my cock and placed it against her pucker hole. She asked me to fuck her ass so I pushed forward very slowly getting the head in first and she backed up against me causing my cock to be sucked in. God was that tight and hot! I brought my hand around to find her clit so I could work it over only to find she had beat there and was fingering herself so I helped out massaging her clit which caused her to start slamming against me which forced her to cum all over our hands. I was enjoying the hell out of this so I pulled out and told her to roll over so I could shoot a load on her tits and spray her face.

I pumped my cock a few times and blew my load splashing her tits which she started to massage in when I aimed at her lips and gushed out an other load splashing all over her face which she kicked clean and gathered the rest on her fingers to suck off. We fell asleep in each others arms!!

We must have slept for a couple of hours when I awoke to someone nibbling on my neck and ear as Linda was still horny. I told her we were going to dine out tonight and suggested we take a shower so off we went to clean each other. The hot water felt great along with Linda washing my body paying a lot of attention to my cock and balls which brought an erection that she started to jerk off. I stopped her and said that she needed to save that for later in the evening. I helped her wash her body paying plenty of attention to her tits and nipples especially as she was getting pretty turned on so I teased her a little and slowly worked my way to her pussy as I cleaned it very thorough causing her to orgasm again. I held her so she wouldn't fall because she said her legs where weak and gave her a loving kiss and explained to her that I always had a fantasy about eating a bald pussy so she kissed me and said that she would take care of that and for me to get lost so she could trim up and shave.

I was dried off and going through her things finding some nice sexy garments for our trip to the restaurant later that evening when she appeared out of the bathroom asking how I liked her pussy now. I turned and smiled devilishly as I admired the fantastic job she had just completed.

Linda stared over at my semi erect cock and told me should would like to trim my pubic hair to showcase my member. Before I could answer she was kneeling before me with a comb, scissors, and my cordless shaver doing her barber special on my balls and cock area. After a few minutes she had me just in stubble and asked if she could get rid of the rest so I told her to go for it. When she finished I was as bald as her!!

I had placed her garments on the bed for her to wear and she looked over them very thoughtfully as she inspected each item before she started dressing. I had selected a white thong, black stockings to the thigh and a demi black bra that pushed her tits up and together. She looked amazing standing there! Linda chose a light blue skirt that zipped on the side that dropped to 4 inches above her knee and a black silk blouse that showed her beautiful cleavage. A pair of short spike heels accented her firm ass and great legs. Linda put the finishing touch of makeup on and she was one hot looking babe! I had a hard time keeping my eyes on the road while we drove to our dining destination.

We pulled into the parking lot of a small secluded restaurant I had chosen for this evening as I figured if she was dressed like this some of our friends would have a hard time seeing her like this all of a sudden. Before we got out of the car I told her I loved her and that she looked beautiful, sexy, and extremely hot. She checked herself out in her mirror fixed her hair and then surprised me by unbuttoning the top button so that I would have a constant view of her tits.

When we entered the restaurant I was surprised to find only a few couples there as our waitress approached and asked where we would like to be seated. Linda glanced around to find a semi circular booth at the very back in a secluded niche and asked if we could take that. Our waitress smiled and directed us to the spot asking if we were celebrating an event to which Linda responded," You could call it a special occasion." I looked at our surroundings and noticed this booth had a high wall which encompassed the table area making it accessible only from the front where our waitress was standing.

"I hope this is the privacy you were seeking?"

"This will be just fine. Thank you."

We ordered a glass of wine each and told the waitress to return in about ten minutes for our order. Linda looked at me once we were alone and noticed I was gazing at her open blouse so she smiled at me and unbuttoned another button for my viewing pleasure.

"You like starring at my tits, don't you?"

"Baby I like looking at your whole body!"

She slid closer and we kissed with a fiery passion. I almost started to reach for her tits when I noticed our waitress had appeared out of nowhere to take our order. Normally Linda would have been embarrassed but she seemed to enjoy the fact that we had been caught kissing. The waitress had a big smile for us as we ordered and we continued some kissing and leg rubbing until our meal arrived. Once we were finished eating and the table was cleared Linda told her we would like a bottle of wine, something to keep it cold and would we be inconveniencing the restaurant if we stayed to enjoy the wine and our privacy. Our waitress told us there was virtually no business this evening and that we could stay to closing if we wanted. Linda asked if we could pay now and then just leave when we were ready so that the waitress could enjoy her free time and not have to check on us. Linda paid and gave her a sizable tip and remarked again on our privacy to which the waitress winked at her and told her not to worry.

We were alone again with our wine which she made a toast to our love and her new found being which I only smiled at as we sipped some cool wine.

Linda seemed very radiant as she kissed me deeply and pulled away for another surprise. She reached to her side and unzipped her skirt which she flopped over to one side which left her in heels, stockings, and a thong. I had a wicked smile as I eyed her body up and down when the next surprise came as she unbuttoned her blouse and removed it and her bra to leave her almost naked. I had a ragging hard on and she knew it!

Very casually she slid he thong off and started to play with her pussy which was glistening with juices as I suspected she had cum with the excitement of being nude in a public spot. In a million years I would have never guessed she would have ever done anything like this!!

She reached over and undid my belt and unbuttoned my slacks and slid them along with my shorts down to the floor. She told me to kick off my shoes and she used her feet to pull my pants off giving her wide width access to my balls and cock which she was stroking quite nicely as she gazed into my eyes with a very sexy look.

I reached for her pussy and slowly started to massage the area around her clit as I fingered her hole...... Man she was on fire inside!!

She looked me in the Eyes and said "Eat me you cocksucker!"

I was trying to figure a good angle on this when she shifted around straddled my lap and stood on the booth with her pussy in my face so I cupped her ass for support as he pushed her pussy into my face while she supported herself with her hands on the ceiling. I was lapping her pussy like a puppy getting his first taste of ice cream which drove her crazy as she drove herself harder into my face so I repositioned my hands on her ass so I could slip both my thumbs into her which brought her to a body shaking orgasm as pussy juice was flowing over my face.

I had a throbbing hard on which needed some attention, and I think she sensed that when she squatted down and placed her knees on either side of my hips lowering herself onto my cock. She rode up and down using her pussy muscles to milk my cock as I was loving every moment. I pushed her upper torso back so I could suck on her nipples which were inflamed and swollen larger than I could ever remember. I worked those things over until she pleaded for me to ease up as I could feel my balls starting to work and I told her I was going to fill her with the biggest load of cum I had ever produced.

Linda leaned into me to whisper in my ear that she wanted to suck all that cum out of my cock and taste it. I was amazed at what a slut I had turned her into but what the fuck; if she wanted to swallow that much cum who was I to deny her.

She slid off of me and disappeared under the table between my legs and started to fondle my balls while licking my head and then the shaft. The next sensation was her sucking on my balls one at a time then placing both in her mouth rolling her tongue over them driving me crazy when she slid a finger up my ass. I was panting and she knew it would be soon and she plopped my balls out to start her bobbing and throating while massaging my balls. It was time and I didn't think I could be quiet so I stuffed my napkin in my mouth as she felt the load travel up my shaft and started to suck like a Hoover drawing my cum out and down her throat. She slammed another finger in my ass and I exploded with the hardest cum shot I ever had in my life as I thought my asshole traveled through my stomach out my cock. I was sweating like a pig and grunting into the napkin trying not to draw attention to us. It seemed like Linda had been sucking on my cock for an hour when I was finally dry and she scooted up on the bench planting a wet kiss on my lips so I could taste my cum and she could have some of her pussy juices.

We sat there for about five minutes, still nude when she said we should dress and finish our wine. I smiled and told her to put her blouse on and we looked like we were dressed so we fondled each other while we finished up. She slipped her bra and thong into her purse just before we left and on the way out we thanked our waitress for everything.

The evening air was refreshing as we stood outside and our vehicle was the only one in the parking lot so I dared her to undress and walk nude to it and for the ride home.

Lind's response amazed me." Only if you do it"

We both undressed and walked to the car as if it was an every day occurrence and started our slow ride home with Linda gently stroking my cock while she fingered her pussy; giving me a taste every now and then which kept my cock rock hard. I told her to slip two fingers in and suck the juices off.

"How do you taste baby?"

"Umm, I love the taste of pussy."

"Would you consider tasting one other than your own?"

"Wow that would be exciting. Would that turn you on?"

"I could almost cum right now just thinking about it!"

Linda smiled and bent over my lap and licked my shaft while fondling my balls which caused my cock head to swell to an enormous size and turn a deep shade of purple. She formed an "O" with her lips and slid down my shaft wrapping her tongue around the head while she sucked with great vigor. I couldn't take it anymore as I shot a big load into her mouth which she sucked out like a vacuum and drained me completely. My heart was pounding as she raised her head looked down the road and planted a deep kiss on my lips swapping my cum into my mouth.

"Swallow your cum Lover."

I did as I was told and she planted another kiss with more cum for me.

"Mark honey I think we need another person to help our desires. Would you like to see me with another woman? I would love to see your cock slide in another pussy or ass!"

My heart was really racing now after that last statement and even though she just sucked me dry my balls were beginning to swirl with desire and my cock was slowly stirring.

Linda smiled at me as she fondled my balls and told me if I was hard when we got home I could fuck her ass out on the patio seeing it was a nice warm night

A couple of weeks had passed since our evening out with some great sex between us. I thought Linda had forgot about what she had said when the phone rang.

"Hi honey. How's work going?"

"I'll be done soon so it's great!"

"What's going on with you?"

"I was talking to my cousin Sandi this morning and before I knew it I had invited her over for a drink or wine after work." You OK with that?"

I hadn't seen her in about two years so I said I was cool with the idea.

I arrived home first with Linda and her cousin a few minutes behind so I brought out the wine glasses and poured the three of us a glass. We went out to the patio to enjoy the warmth of the air and fine conversation. Linda excused herself after an hour of talking and our second glass and said she would be right back. Sandi and I chatted for a few minutes when Linda appeared wearing a t shirt and short shorts which displayed a fine ass and a noticeable tightness which showed her pussy outline. Sandi commented that she wished she had something relaxing to slip into when Linda floored us with!

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