tagNovels and NovellasChanges Ch. 05

Changes Ch. 05


Two of the attendants had moved over to April's chair and were in the process of releasing her. The had her stand up, and Dr. Campbell quickly pointed out the large area of dark and damp cloth that had been under April's bottom. He also reached over and ran his hand up along her thighs. "Yes, just as I thought. Watching your mother get so much pleasure from those two run of the mill cocks my two assistants let her use certainly got your juices flowing! I guess, to be a kindly sort of guy, I need to let you get a little of your pent up arousal taken care of also. It really wouldn't be fair to let dear mom have all the fun. And just as the serum in dear ole dad took a lot of his maleness out of him already, I bet the serum I gave Robert has him about ready to ram his hard on into the first hole he can get to; male, female, animal or object. So why don't we kill two birds with the proverbial one stone here? I mean, I'm sure his cock is no stranger to your well plowed pussy, am I right?"

April looked up at the doctor and simply shook her head up and down , very quickly.

"No April, I need you to answer that question with your voice, loud enough so that dear mom and dad can clearly hear the answer. Not that, I'm sure, they already just knew. But let's get it all out in the open here dear. Tell us, Robert has fucked you several times already hasn't he?

April, with tears streaming down her face simply let out a "Yes, Sir."

"Well, April, tell us, has he also gotten his dick into your mouth and down your throat?"

"Yes, Sir."

"And how about that cute little butt of yours. Have you let him fuck your asshole too?"

"Oh god NO!" And with that she broke down and started really crying hard.

"Well, April, enough of that. Now just relax and let my able assistants get you all situated into this aerial sex swing." (The kind they used in the old porn classic Behind the Green Door, with Marilyn chambers) Which is exactly what the assistants had been doing the entire time the doctor had been talking. Here now was my oldest child, my daughter, strung up like a porn star, totally nude, and now with every part of her whole anatomy held open and completely exposed for everyone not only to see, but available to be used. In fact, one of the assistants was now nude and sitting in the sling that would place his cock at her mouth. This guy was hung too. His cock had to be about 10" long, and probably at least 4-5" around. My mind screamed to stop the abuse my baby was about to experience, but my body once again began its outrageous betrayal, releasing a steadily increasing flow of vaginal juice out and onto my own chair seat.

(Now from April)

My body was shaking from the humiliation and shame that not only I had been through, but from what I had been made to witness as my own mother and father were so completely debased and abused. And yet my body was screaming its arousal. Imagine sitting just a few feet away from your boyfriend, and both of you tied to a chair without a single thread of clothing on, and this not just in front of your mother and father, but in front of your sister and little brother two! If it had been possible to die from embarrassment, I surely would have by now. But no, it just kept getting worse.

Now I was the one that was going to have to put on a damn sex show for everybody, and dammit if my body wasn't downright flowing with obvious anticipation and even eagerness. Yes I was horny, damn horny. I had been sitting there watching two enormous dicks ravage my mother's body, and my own body was screaming ME, ME, I NEED THAT DICK IN ME! Now, here I was, about to get double or quite possibly from the questions asked, triple raped right in front of my family. My ass was in a sling, literally. I was suspended just high enough for someone to have easy access to my wide open pussy, as well as my asshole from behind, while the guy in the other sling was being raised up to obviously ram his huge cock down my throat. My arms were spread out from my body secured at each wrist. I began to wonder why they were strung out like they were. Suddenly I was completely surrounded by nude males. All four of the assistants had stripped. Now there was one standing behind me and one on each side of me. I quickly found that my hands had each reached out and grabbed the massive cock that had been moved into position by it. Then they brought Robert up in front of me, and damn was his cock hard, oozing pre-cum and ready to have a go at my glistening wet pussy. Well, at least it wasn't one of those outrageously big cocks like mother had had to deal with. I just gave in and let it happen. I mean I obviously couldn't keep it from happening anyway. And quite frankly, I was so damn horny that I don't think I would have refused even if I had been given the option.

Robert started the process by simply stepping forward and gliding his dick up into my dripping wet pussy, and oh how good it felt sliding up into me. My hands were already pumping up and down on the two 9-10" cocks standing at my sides, and then I felt fingers slipping down underneath me, gathering up my own juices and smearing them around and then into my exposed asshole. I knew that was going to hurt, but again what could I do. The guy who was swinging up above me was moving his dick into position for my mouth, so I simply opened up and let him in. I had never had a cock as big as him in my mouth before, and it was stretching my lips as wide as they could go. I really didn't like giving blow jobs, but somehow I didn't seem to really mind this time.

The guy behind me had taken first one and then slowly two of his fingers and had worked them into my virgin asshole. It hadn't really hurt yet, and was actually feeling quite good. Then he inserted a third finger. OMG it felt absolutely fucking GREAT! He began moving his fingers in and out, pumping them into and back out of my asshole, and twisting them in a kind of slow rotation. Robert was pumping into my pussy with a slow steady pace that felt absolutely wonderful, and my mouth rapist was actually matching tempo with Robert. He had managed to get my throat muscles to relax, and had taken possession of my throat. It had been invaded a few times before, but not this fully or deeply. I now had four cocks my body was pleasuring. Somehow that thought alone made me extremely happy. I had never know any other girl to lay claim to doing four guys at once.

SHIT! The bastard behind me had removed his fingers and had suddenly replaced them with his hard damn dick. Now to give the guy credit, at least he didn't just slam the damn thing into me all at once. He took his time and worked the head in first, but the damn head felt as big as a telephone pole, and as it pushed its way up into me, it hurt like hell. I would have screamed, but I had another telephone pole stuffed down my throat at the time, making a scream impossible. I'm amazed that I didn't bite the damn thing off though. Tears streamed out of my eyes and down my cheeks. It hurt. It hurt bad. But then the hurt began to feel good, and the more of that big stiff cock he managed to shove up into me, the better it felt. I of course had never had two cocks stuffing me at one time, and had never even dreamed I ever would. I was moaning around the cock in my mouth it felt so good. In addition, the two cocks in my hands had moved closer, and they were now rubbing against my exposed nipples, sending a constant stream of tingles to my pussy and clit. I was on fire. I had never, of course, experienced anything this hot and wild in my life. Suddenly my body exploded in orgasm so strong I think I passed out. I don't really know.

Whatever happened, it didn't stop anything that was happening to my body. The five cocks that were ravaging my body kept right on pumping in and out, possessing my body harder and deeper than I would have ever dreamed possible. I was absolutely hooked. It was like I had never had sex before this time. The difference in what my senses were feeling now as to anything they had ever felt before was like the difference between a barren desert and a posh spa, absolutely no comparison possible. I moved from one mind blowing orgasm to the next in such rapid and escalating succession I could not keep up. And then, when the men began to ejaculate it tripped me out even further. As the one began pumping his gallons down my throat, the wonderful tree trunk up my ass spewed his hot torrents deep into my bowels. Then Robert filled my ravished pussy with more spunk that I had ever known him to spew forth before and the two stiff poles I had been jerking off by hand, rubbing against and even into my stiff and now sore nipples and small breasts shot torrents on to my tits and up onto my neck and face. I was in heaven. A very blissful, spaced out, floating on clouds heaven. How could getting filled and coated with so much male jism feel so damn good? I was not even over this experience, and already I was craving it's repeat. I already wanted more.

But then, as the men moved away, I was in for yet another shock. They brought my father over and made him clean me up with his tongue. I was so drained of energy and emotional strength, I didn't even object. His eyes were downcast, refusing to even look at me as he meekly came over and licked away the spunk from my face and neck. As his tongue moved to clean my breasts, I realized how mush more sensitive they were. Each swipe of his tongue sent shock wave after shock wave of pleasure coursing straight to my pussy. Then his tongue made contact with my still throbbing and spasming vaginal opening. He licked and licked, pushing his tongue up into me like a little cock, then widening and drawing out glob after glob of Robert's cum. My mind knew it was my own father doing this, but my body didn't care. What his tongue was doing to my well fucked pussy was steadily pusing me towards yet another orgasm. I couldn't help nor deny the intensity of the pleasure I was feeling. The second his tongue swirled around and ran across my poor battered asshole I shot off like a roman candle on the 4th of July. This in turn caused my muscles to spasm out of control, and my ass to expel great torrents of spunk left up in me by the bugger who spewed his stuff up my ass. Dad locked his lips around my asshole and swallowed every single drop of cum and anything else that erupted from my asshole. I was so totally worn out I just drifted off. Sometime a little later they lowered me back to the floor and released me. My legs were so weak and wobbly that I had to be helped, almost carried to my chair.

(From Amy)

I sat and watched as both mom and then April were raped right in front of me. The degradation I had gone through on the exam table paled in contrast to what I saw mom have to endure. The very size of the cocks she had to take scared the absolute shit out of me, and then to see the blood seeping out of her raped pussy made me cry. Why couldn't somebody do something about these monsters who were raping and tearing my mother apart. But what I couldn't understand was why she wasn't fighting. And then when I saw her go from one orgasm to another, I almost died. How could she? She was being brutally raped! And why was my own body, watching her be so horribly brutalized, spewing a constant stream of vaginal secretions out and onto my chair? My nipples were so hard they hurt, and the rape scene playing out right in front of me was turning my body on! I wanted to die. I couldn't understand it.

Then when they took my sister April and gang raped her it was even worse. Mom had to deal with two rapists shoving their huge cocks into her, but April had five, five, all at once. And one of them was Robert! I thought he loved her, how could he just get up and use her like that? But again, April didn't even try to fight; in fact she really got off on all the abusive pounding she had to take. I didn't understand. Worse yet, I really didn't understand why my own body was reacting as if it was something really good, something that was turning me on. How? I guess the doctor was telling the truth when he told us that the drugs he shot us up with would do this to us. How I wish I could get out of here and forget all this crap. I wonder what they are going to do to me. So far all they've done is show everyone the complete inside of my vagina, not shove a big dick up into me. Thank god I'm still a virgin. That seems to have made a difference. Thank god for small miracles, but what now? Well I didn't have long to wait to find out. None of us did.

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