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Changes Ch. 07



"At the meal this evening, Amy, you willfully failed to obey a command, and it was required to bring about corrective action. Now you must submit to the punishment that will always accompany any failure to obey. First, you will be disciplined, then, in this case, additional punishment will be meted out to Keith. This should remind you not to fail in your immediate obedience again. Your body will receive 12 lashes from the hand of our Enforcer. You will count out each stroke, followed by 'Thank You Sir!' failure to immediately respond upon the landing of the strike will make that and all previous strikes void, and he will start over. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Sir." Very meekly from Amy.

"Upon completion of your punishment, you will be released and Keith will take your place. He will receive an equal number of strokes, in total that you received, so if you fail to respond verbally and cause the count to start over, Keith's punishment just grew along with yours. There are two instruments to be chosen from for each of your punishments. Keith will choose yours and then you will choose the one to be used on Keith." With that said, Keith was led up to a small table beside the one post. The first instrument was a riding crop that had five thin lengths of leather, each about 3-4" long fanning out from it's flared end. The second was a long whip device that then split into three long leather strands. Each of these strands had been soaked and were dripping wet. Both looked very painful, but Keith chose the riding crop. Amy could not see what had been chosen.

The Enforcer took the crop and after measuring off the distance he wanted stood and swished it in the air a couple of times, making whoosing sounds. I could see the fear in Amy's face. It had been ages since she had even had a parental spanking and that never on bare skin. The first lash landed squarely across her left buttock, the five fingers wrapping around her outer hip. She screamed in pain, then quickly spat out a "One, T H A N K Y O U S I R. " the loathing in her voice could be felt. The next blow landed just below the first, and she dutifully counted out the second. He switched sides for the third and fourth lashes, and all was going ok. Amy was crying non stop, but was able to keep up with the counting and the humiliating thank yous. Then The enforcer moved around to the front. Amys eyes went wide with sheer terror as she watched the next blow strike out and land squarely against her left nipple. The five leather fingers reached out and wrapped around the contours of her small breast, almost like they were grabbing it. The scream of pain Amy let out was the most awful hurting sound I had ever heard. My baby was in dire pain, and I could do nothing about it, I had to stand here and watch her be beaten. I saw the tears running down April's face just as I heard my own sobs. Amy had lost control of her bladder, and urine had shot out of her, pooling on the floor beneath her, some running down her legs. I had not even noticed that she had failed to count. By the time Amy remembered to count, it was too late.

"Failure to keep count has now brought the count to Zero!"

His arm flexed, and the crop landed once again on her small tortured breast. Amy was now almost out of control with pain. She hissed out the count and the thank you. Five more times the bastard flogged Amy's little tits. You could see the welts rising, turning first red then purple. After a total of seven lashes to her breasts, he returned to her backside. There followed four more on her buttocks, bringing the count to a total of four on each buttock. That left two to go. I was too afraid of where those last two would land. I had hoped that he might show some mercy, but that was not to be.

The next lash whipped out and straight up between her legs, landing squarely on her wet and open pussy, splitting her opening in two. This time, just as it landed, he drew back quickly on the crop, causing the five fingers to whip around and lash into her pussy. Her scream of pain was ear splitting, but then she did get the count out just in time. The final blow found the exact same mark, and caused her to pass out from the pain. Mercifully they did not hold that against her, and released her from the bindings. There was a female attendant who had come in, and she took Amy away.. I could only hope and pray that they would be somewhat merciful, and rub ointment on the wounds to help provide some pain relief and healing. I was in shock. My body was trembling and I felt nauseous. How could any human being do that to another? And yet, I suddenly realized that the wetness flowing down the insides of my legs wasn't urine like Amy's had been, it was my vaginal juices in such copious amounts, I had also left a small pool of moisture on the floor beneath me. My nipples were so hard they actually hurt. What I had seen had both repulsed me and excited me all at the same time. But I barely had time to think it through. Keith had been placed in the restraints, and would now receive a total of 17 lashes.

"Since Amy is not able to choose the instrument to be used on Keith, that duty will have to fall on someone else." The assistant looked around, staring for a moment at each of us, then his gaze came back and centered on me.

"Alice, you will choose the instrument!"

I walked over to the table. What I saw there on the table frightened me even more. There was a cat-o-nine tails, and each of the ends had been cut down to a fine point. The other choice was one I had never seen before. It had a handle which led to a oblong piece. From this oblong piece there extended three bamboo canes, each about three feet long. The oblong device holding them had a turn-screw device which would apparently allow the distance between the canes to be adjusted to some degree. Tears again began flowing from my eyes, knowing the pain that either one would inflict on poor Keith. Keith was not a strong gorilla type person. He was the quiet, sensitive overly caring kind, and I knew he would not be able to withstand the amount of pain either one would inflict. It was enough. I had to risk taking a chance. I picked up the cat-o-nine tails and rather than hand it to The Enforcer, I planted my feet and said:

"I choose the Cat, but use it on me, not on Keith!" and I stared defiantly at The Enforcer.

I saw a brief look of anger, but that was quickly replaced by the evilest grin I have ever seen.

"Well now, this is an interesting turn of events. Trying to protect dear wimpy hubbie, how noble. Well, I'll tell you what. I'll take you up on your challenge, but only to a point. You can take his 17. But since you dared to speak out without permission, he will take six for you.!"

Well, I figured six was at least better than 17, and if I spoke out any more, I was sure it would get worse, so I shut up and just stood there.

I watched as they released Keith, and I meekly stepped into position. The secured me, but spread my legs even farther apart than Amy's had been. I figured that meant bad things vor my pussy. I was right.

Once again The Enforcer started out on my buttocks. The blows hurt like hell, but I maintained my ability to withstand, and meekly called out each blow, with the thanks required. Four landed across each buttock, from opposite directions. The pain was getting bad, but the heat in my pussy was getting bad too. I would have thought after all the sex I had had already, my body would have been worn out sexually, and all I would have felt was the pain. But after about the third or fourth stroke, I felt my wetness all anew. By the sixth stroke my pussy was on fire. I could feel the throbbing of my clit throughout my entire body. It was as if I no longer felt the pain, each stroke of the Cat brought instead a wave of erupting need. I needed something in my pussy. I wanted to be fucked and fucked hard. The Enforcer had landed ten blows on my backside, and I was panting from the exertion of the blows as well as from the building sexual need in my body. Then came that long dreaded first stroke up and onto my pussy and whole pubic area. If I hadn't been chained down, I would have leaped high in the air. Several of the Cat's "tails" parted my pussy lips, one or more landing directly across my swollen and throbbing clit. I was so wrapped up in the action, wanting and needing the next lick to kiss my swollen, throbbing labia and clit. I took every blow, climaxing in screams of fulfillment on the third. Every one of the last four sent me higher and higher into ecstatic oblivion. I had never cum so hard or so long in my entire life. Finally it was too much and I passed out from the overpowering sensations.

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