tagErotic HorrorChanging Ch. 04

Changing Ch. 04


Joy led the way over to the couch not taking her eyes off the pink haired killer now inside her apartment. The woman's fangs were plainly visible in her mouth and she looked around as if admiring the art hanging in a museum.

"I don't have any blood here for you." Joy said to break the silence.

"Sure you do, eight quarts to be exact." the woman turned to Joy smiling wickedly. "But who's counting?"

"What did you want to tell me?" Joy asked fear cracking her voice. Nervously she sat on the couch while the woman sat on the opposite end. For a moment they just stared at each other in the dark living room and Joy got the distinct impression she was being sized up.

"I'm sorry about my reaction to you the other night, Darius has a way of bringing out those kind of emotions in me as of late. He decided quite a while ago that I was no longer of any interest to him."

"Who are you?" Joy asked her voice low.

"I'm called Whisper. My real name is lost to history even to my own memory. Darius saw to that. I can only hope now that I am rid of his influence that I can re-gain some semblance of identity."

"Are you here to tell me how to kill him?"

Whisper laughed humorlessly. "I could do that myself with hardly the effort I just don't feel like putting it forth. You're the only one who needs to worry about him here."

"So what am I becoming?" Joy could hold it in no longer, she had to know what was happening to her.

"Not one of me. I don't know to be perfectly honest, Darius has transcended us or so he believes. He has become a demon of sorts although not a true demon. Demons can only exist in spiritual form on this plane."

"What is he doing to me?" Joy burst out.

"So many questions. Since this is going to take a while do you mind if I smoke?"

"Go ahead Devon smokes in here all the time."

"But you don't?" Whisper raised an eyebrow as she pulled a cigarette and lighter from her purse. Joy handed her a nearby ashtray.

"For the ones you love you make sacrifices." Joy watched Whisper's surprise grow on her face as she lit up her smoke. "Let me guess, you're a vampire that is so old you've forgotten how to love?"

"Hardly, the final piece of the puzzle just fell into place. Who is Devon? Is he your fiance?"

"She, yes."

"Ahh Darius knows this I'm sure. Something else to use against you."

"Devon?" Joy whispered.

"Shes fine for now hes searching for other prey. More importantly, what are we going to do about you?"


"The vampires. Humans can't be changed unless they are willing to, they only change partly but it always fades away over time. Darius seems to have found a way around that." Whisper inhaled a long drag of the smoke and let it float from her mouth naturally. With no need to take in breath the smoke lazily made its way from her lungs of its own accord.

"So I'm becoming a demon like Darius?" Joy fought back tears as the truth hit her like a sledgehammer.

"You're far into the change but its different in you somehow. Its hard to explain but if you were changing into a vampire I'd know exactly what was going on with you, right now I don't. As far as stopping it, its too late, I'm sorry."

"No you aren't." Joy hissed.

"Actually I am. You've got a long road ahead of you with no end in sight. Literally. Anyway, we've gotten off track Darius is probably the most dangerous creature out there to human beings. He has developed the power to enter into a human's mind and feed off whatever it is he feeds off of. You see Darius sold his soul to a demon named Lucifer."

"He sold his soul to the devil?" Joy looked at Whisper in disbelief.

"Not the one devil, no such thing. Lucifer, Satan, Devil, they're all out there but they aren't one being. See you need to understand one thing about them, they're just a demon like any other demon you may run into. Just because they're the most well known and have been around the longest don't mean shit. They only have power over you if you give it to them. Thats what I came here to tell you. If you want to beat Darius, if you want to kill him just imagine it and believe that it will happen."

"He can hold me into a trance, he can paralize me..."

"All in your mind." Whisper leaned in close to Joy so close they were almost nose to nose. Joy could smell the smoke from the cigarette in Whisper's breath, what there was of it and she could feel something else. A coldness that she had never felt before, the cold of death.

"You're not alive." it was more a question than a statement.

"Soon, you won't be either. No matter what. But if I were you, instead of becoming one of Darius, I'd become one of us."

"No, I don't want to be either." Joy pulled back from Whisper and curled up on the other end of the couch in the fetal position. Whisper slid in close to her, so close their bodies touched and this time, Joy felt the coldness of death on her skin. It sucked the warmth from her body with a speed no freezer could manage.

"Get away!" to her surprise Whisper pulled back to the far end of the couch, mashed out her cigarette and sat waiting for Joy to speak. For a minute or two Joy sat taking in all that had been said trying to make sense of it. All she really managed to absorb was that she was dying, changing, becoming something else but neither her nor Whisper knew what.

"What should I do?" Joy asked after a long silence.

"I can't tell you that. All I can tell you is that you have one chance now to change what's coming. One chance to remove Darius from your life forever are you going to take it?"

"By letting you change me into a vampire instead of a partial demon?"

"If you change into a demon at all, most likely you'll just die at Darius hands and Devon with you."

"I can't beat him as a human can I?"

"Probably though it won't be easy. But as a vampire he'll be easy pickings. He has little real power over vampires." Joy sat on the couch thinking for a long time. Whisper smoked another cigarette while Joy thought finishing it by the time she was done. It would take another cigarette for Joy to make her decision.

Heaven walked around the growing crowd trying to keep track of the orders that were piling up. Her arms had almost healed and she could feel the itching of scabs forming under the bandages. Soon she'd be back on stage making real money again.

The lure of the club was strong for Heaven, she enjoyed the danger of it being exposed to complete strangers watching her naked body as she danced on stage for their pleasure. For now she was just some waitress desperately trying to serve drinks to the throng who paid her about as much notice as a child paid to a dying ant on the sidewalk. When she had finally served the final order she walked around trying to get some more orders before taking a break. As soon as she'd sat down though a familiar man walked up to her.

"I was wondering if you could fulfill my dreams sweetheart." the man asked smiling, Heaven couldn't help but smile. "I'd like a private dance."

"I'd love to help you I really would but I'm sidelined." Heaven held up her arms showing the bandages. "You wouldn't want to see me in all my cut-up glory."

"You sure sweetheart? Even bandaged like that you're still the most beautiful girl in here." Heaven finally recognized him as the man who had been with Joy the night she flipped out. Oddly she didn't feel the least bit threatened by him. She blushed and finally gave in.

"Let me ask the boss, its forty bucks for the dance." Her boss gave her the ok and she walked into the back to change. She decided to wear a top that would cover her arms but she could pull up over her tits so he could play with them. That and the shortest skirt in her wardrobe completed the outfit that she wore into the private room. The customer was patiently waiting for her to arrive, he took up most of the only lounge chair in the room. Heaven sat on his lap waiting for the next song.

"So aren't you Firehawk's friend?"

"Yeah, what happened to her?" his voice carried genuine concern.

"I don't know, she checked out and I haven't heard from her since, I hope shes ok."

"I'm sure she will be." the next song started and Heaven began to dance on his lap, she told him to undress her but not to pull her top off, she wanted to keep her bandages covered. His hands roamed all over her body massaging her tits and pulling her skirt down to her ankles, she kicked it off and stood in front of him leaning over him to press her tits against his face. One of his hands played with her nipple while the other made its way between her legs, anyone else and she would have pulled his hand away but she had no desire to do so with this man. She felt perfectly comfortable with him as if he had been her lover for years.

Moaning softly Heaven turned to sit back on the man's lap and he held both of her tits playing with her nipples and kneading the soft flesh of her love mounds seductively. Without thinking about what she was doing she moved one of her hands into his pants using her wrist to push open the snap of his jeans and open his zipper. Stroking his rapidly growing cock she breathed heavily and writhed on top of him, he began playing with her pussy again driving her wild with lust.

The song ended and Heaven asked if he wanted another dance, he said yes and she continued stroking him as he finger-fucked her and sucked on one of her tits. Sitting up and turning around she pulled his pants down and took him into her mouth without so much as a second thought. She had never done anything like this with any other customer but she couldn't help herself. Something about him drove her wild with horny desire, desire that she intended to see through till the end.

The customer was more than happy to oblige her, he grabbed a hold of her hair and helped her slid her mouth up and down the shaft of his dick, she moved her tongue all around teasing the tip of it whenever her head was high enough and doing her best to deep throat him when he pushed her head down around him as far as it would go. The customer moaned and groaned as she teased his cock and finally pulled her off of him. Another song had passed and Heaven stood up and leaned against the far wall spreading her legs. Darius knelt down behind her and began running his tongue around her sex lapping up all her juices and teasing her clit. Occasionally he would slid his tongue inside of her driving her wild. Loud moans and some soft shrieks escaped her mouth as she neared orgasm, his tongue was magic in her pussy.

Just at the moment when she felt she was going to explode all over his face he stopped and sat back on the chair, quickly before her passion had a chance to die down she stepped back and sat on his lap again. He teased her pussy with his dick before entering her slowly pushing himself all the way up to the hilt. Just the motion of him entering her made her want to come again and she sat with him inside of her trying to push herself back from the brink. Heaven rode him slowly at first and gained rythum as her passion took over her actions. He filled her up completely almost stretching her open even more than she ever had. Her head thrown back onto his shoulder she grabbed the arms of the chair and held on as tightly as she could as he fucked her. She was going crazy with lust and could feel her orgasm reaching a fever pitch, she couldn't control herself and no longer wanted to, she came all over him as he slammed her down onto him over and over. Her body shuddered and squirmed on top of as wave after wave of passion passed over her. Her orgasm subsided and he stood her up again, bending over at the waist she guided his into her pussy from behind so he could fuck her doggy-style.

Holding tightly onto her hips Darius slammed his cock into her repeatedly grunting with each stroke, her cries of passion also grew in volume as he fucked her, she didn't seem to care if anyone outside of the room heard them or not she was so caught up in the sex she could think of nothing else. Their fucking grew in speed and intensity as Heaven began to feel herself about to come again, grunts from Darius told her he was near the peak as well she tried to hold back long enough for him to come first. His thrusts continued to grow in speed and strength as he fucked her right to the edge and right when she thought she could back no longer he pulled himself out and exploded onto her ass shooting spurt after spurt of hot jizz. She released her self control and came again soaking herself with her own come and practically screaming.

Finished and spent Heaven collapsed to the floor underneath Darius and moved in close to kiss him. He brushed her hair aside and leaned over to kiss her neck but before he could a voice rang out from nowhere.

"Is this a private party or can I join in?" Heaven froze and looked at Joy in disbelief. She had never even heard Joy enter the room.

"He's a good fuck isn't he Heaven?"

"How did you get in here?" Darius spat angrily. He held tightly onto Heaven who was now trying to stand up but couldn't because of him.

"I opened the door, they don't lock."

"Let go of me!" Heaven ordered. Darius maintained his grip but Heaven managed to wriggle free anyway. She dressed hurriedly and stood away from Darius. "That was four songs." she said breathlessly trying to re-gain her composure. Darius looked at like her she was crazy.

"Pay the woman." Joy ordered. Darius obeyed and pushed his way out of the room. Joy closed the door after he left and sat in the chair in the room.

"You're starting to pick up my bad habits."

"Joy please don't tell anyone I don't want to get in trouble." Joy held up her hand and smiled.

"You didn't do anything I haven't done a hundred times, don't worry your secrets safe with me." Heaven breathed a sigh of relief. "He didn't bite you did he?"

Heaven looked at him confused. "No why?"

"You don't want to know, go back to serving drinks I'll take care of him."

Darius stormed from the club angry that he had been interrupted and walked out to his car only to find that a woman was standing next to it.

"What do you want Whisper?"

"Come now can't a girl say goodbye to the husband thats leaving her after ninety-four years?" she cocked her head to one side and exaggerated a frown.

"I've already said goodbye, I thought you had a plane to catch?"

"Not for two more days."

"Fine goodbye." He pushed her aside and opened the door to his car. Whisper leaned close into his ear.

"Goodbye Darius." she said with as much malice as she could muster. Darius stopped.

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"Nothing." Whisper walked away from him leaving him standing next to the over-priced sports car he had driven to the club. As she walked away he noticed Joy was walking towards him.

"I see." he said closing the door again. "My prey has returned."

"I'm not your prey anymore asshole. Whisper there told me something very important about you and about what you've been trying to do to me."

"Did she now?" he crossed his arms in front of his chest. "And what was that?"

"That everything you've done to me has all been in my mind. Thats how you attacked me and killed me, only I never died at all."

"So true, but the after-effects I assure you are very real."

"Are they now? I don't believe you."

Darius reached forward to touch her and she smacked his arms away, pain like he had never felt before rang through his arms, he screamed.

"A little sensitive? Your power is all in your mind Darius but my mind is my turf and when you step into it you're fucking with the wrong girl." She punched him in the stomach knocking him onto his ass.

"How are you doing this?" he spit blood onto the ground.

"The same way you've been dong this to me. Me and my best friend have been taking Tai-Chi since we started working together, our minds are the equivalent of Fort Knox to you." She grabbed his chin and lifted his eyes to meet hers. "If I ever see you again you son-of-a-bitch I'll finish this beating and take all the power you have and more and leave you to rot for the crows." Darius couldn't speak, he just stared at the woman he once preyed upon now holding all his power in her hands. Seconds later her form dissipated into the night mist leaving him alone in the parking lot.

Devon returned home to find Joy waiting for her on her front doorstep. Devon hadn't seen her in three days, not since the vampire had come to visit. Her lover was still human as far as she knew but the fact that Joy was visiting her at night didn't lift her spirits.

"Where have you been?" it was impossible to keep the anger from her voice.

"I don't expect you to forgive me but I just came to say goodbye." Joy stood to face Devon, tears welling up in her eyes. "Its not safe for you to be around me."

"So you are changing?" she said sadly.

Joy pulled the hair away from her neck to reveal two small holes left behind from Whisper's visit. "It was either this or whatever Darius was. He overcame my body's natural resistance to the bite somehow."

"So why do you have to leave me? Why can't you stay? You're not a killer Joy you never will be." Devon walked up to Joy and wrapped her arms around her waist.

"Yet." Joy whispered.

"Ever." Devon began to cry. "Its not in you you can't do it."

"I don't have a choice anymore." Joy pleaded.

"Yes you do, you can do it Joy if you let me help you. I'm not afraid of you and I never will be I know what kind of person you really are." Joy and Devon embraced and cried on each other's shoulders for a few minutes.

"I don't know what to do anymore." Joy finally confessed.

"We'll figure it out trust me." They walked inside Devon's apartment and spent the rest of the night talking about their future.

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