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Chantz Fortune Christmas


Christmas Day

Santa came down the chimney dressed in red. He was in a mansion. It was a big mansion with a lot of fancy things and pretty decoration that shine like the stars. In the middle of the mansion was a big Christmas tree. This however was not own by a woman with a Christmas spirit. This was own by a woman on the naughty list. In fact she been on the naughty list most of her life.

The woman name was Chantz Fortune. She was a famous mistress with a love for strapons. She had blond hair and deep blue eyes. He breast were big like basketballs. She was spunky a full of energy. Chantz had the body of a porn start but the mind of the cruelest mistress you ever seen. She held a camera on and placed in on the table.

“What a naughty girl. Look like Coal again” Santa said to himself.

He got out the bag of coal and was about to put it under the tree when he step on something. It was a rope. Santa soon found himself hanging from the ceiling on the rope.

“What the meaning of this.” He said.

Chantz fortune came on. She was smoking a cigarette on her juicy red lips. She was dress in red fish net stockings and sexy red push up bra. She had 8 inch high heals and Santa hat. She smiled. She had no panties on and fingered herself. Santa could see she was dripping.

“Put me down this instant” Santa said.

“Don’t think so Saint Dick. You have been giving me coal for to long. Time to teach you a lesson you stupid bitch” Chantz said giving him a hard slap. She then pulled out some handcuffs and cuffed him.

“Why are you doing this?” He said

“Because you never gave me any toys I wanted. You think getting coal when you were a kid funny. Sure, I was bad. Sure, I blackmailed my entire teacher with picture of us fucking. Sure I made sure all the kids in school and I nail my nailed my guidance counselor with a strapon but does that make me a bad person. Is it bad that I did it in front of his wife? Ok maybe it does. However, I wanted a fucking choo choo train and you never gave it to me. Now your little elf ass going to pay. You a short little fuck now that I see. You are like a big butterball. Doesn’t worry will burn off that fat?”

“You never get away with this.” Santa said.

“Ohhh really. Tell me did the Easter Bunny show up anywhere last year.”

“What did you do to him?”

“Give you a hint taste like chicken.”

“Damm you…you..you naughty girl.”

“Such language Santa (laughing) think (slap slap) you like this deep down. I know you want this Santa. I can see that little tent in your pants.”

She took off her top showing off her big tits. Chantz put it in her face and gave her nipple. She kissed him tasting his sweet lips. She felt turn on by how perverse it was kissing Santa. She rubbed his hair and rubbed his ears. Her kisses were taking his breath away. She broke away and ran her finger down her clit. She entered it in fucking herself. Chantz then winked at him and pulled it out. She ran a wet finger across his lips.

“I bet that taste better then Candy. Yea look at these tits Santa bitch.” She said laughing.

She lowered him down and pulled his pants up to show off his cock. He was still upside down. Santa was fully erect. She started stroking it while smother him with her tits.

“Yea Santa likes it.” Chantz laughed.

She lowed him down show his cock was facing his.


“Don’t do it.” Santa said

“All you got to do to stop me is stay soft Santa bitch. All ways knew someone so nice had a deep down kinky side. Mmmmmmmm look at these balls” Chantz said.

She gave it a twist.

“aaaaaaaa not Santa balls.” Santa screamed “Anything but Santa balls.”

“You better lick my pussy well or I tear it off. Yea mmmmmm. Bet you never did this to Ms Clause. Yea that is good. Mmmmm higher bitch..higher. Yea that immortality of your must of made you learn something. Going to cum on your face soon. Made sure to make it nice and nasty just for you.” Chantz said.

She was riding his face hard. There was a bag by her.

“This is my toy bag. Keep licking.” Chantz said twisting his balls.

She pulled out some lubricant and started putting it on her fingers. She forces it in his ass finger fucking him while stroking his cock. She slapped him hard on the ass.

“Get it prepared Santa bitch. Mmmmm (looking at his dick) what we got here. Shit bout to cum. Ohhh yes. Taste it bitch. Don‘t stop licking.” Chantz said.

She took it in her mouth. She was able to deep throat his cock. His cock was not that long but nice and bat. It went deep in her mouth and across her lips. She would jam her finger deep in his prostate as his balls hit her chin. She sucked the life out of his cock. He tongue flickered across Santa balls tasting the saltiness.

“Like candy cane.” Chantz tease.

“Oh you’re going to make Santa cum.” He screamed.

“Cum you jolly bastard.” Chantz said.

He came deep in his mouth feeling her lungs with the sweetest cum she ever tasted. She savored it a bit and was delighted in the complete taboo of it. SHe held a gob of cum in her mouth and forces his open. She spit it in her mouth and made him swallow. Then she spit on his face.

“Mmmm you like that don’t you. You stupid fag.” Chantz said

She took a knife from her bag at cut him down. He still was handcuffed. Chantz kicked him hard in the stomach a couple of time.

“Fat bitch. Maybe if you didn’t eat too many cookies you would be able to get out of that.” Chantz said.

She went to the closet and opens it up. Santa saw a lady with wings with a ball in her mouth. It was the Tooth fairy. She was tied and naked with giant vibrators in every hole. There was a strapon on top of the closet. She pulled it out. It was big and black. She close the closet back.

“No. You can’t do that. Not to Santa. That’s to sick.” He screamed.

“Shut up you stupid cunt.” She said slapping him down to the ground. She bent him over and lubed it up. The strapon was 13 inches long and very fat. She slammed it deep in his ass. She was forcing his ass cheeks to be spread far apart then it ever did before. He screamed.

“You shouldn’t have eating all that food. Going to make this a whole lot more painful” She said squeezing and twisting his balls.

Santa screamed. Tears were running down his ass as she slammed it deep inside. She gave his ass hard spanking till it was turn red. He was leaving big red hand prints on each ass cheeks. She force the dildo all way into his ass. The rubber balls was slapping his ass.

“Here cum Santa Clause. Here cum Santa clause getting fucked like a little bitch. He a stupid cunt and I’m about hit him with a switch.” Chantz laughed singing all the way.

She lit a cigarette and continued to fuck him in the ass. She was grinding again him feeling the power. She grabbed his beard and felt the sensation of his ass grinding against her. She grab hold his beard and hard making his screamed louder. Chantz came with an explosion. She started stroking his balls.

“Nothing like a virgin ass Santa. Mmmmmm ahh little elf going to cry. Poor baby. Shut up and take it slut.” Chantz said putting the cigaret out on him.

“Aaaa” Santa screamed.

Chantz went into her bagged and took out another strapon.. She put it in his mouth and tied it around his head. He was choking as he she shoved it in. She continued stroking his hard cock.

“Damm Santa much like it.” Chantz laughed. The Jolly Saint Nick came at her. She licked her hand and then wiped it on her face.

“Smile for the Camera Santa bitch.” She laughed.

An hour later.

He had passed out twice till she pulled out. He was then force to sucked on the dirty dildo till he pass. She completely broke the elf into her slave. Santa was force to walk up to the roof. There Chantz saw his sleigh. Snow was frozen in the air. She saw a bird floating in the air.

“So the sleigh stops time around the world accept for the area you delivering presents in. All ways wonder how you do it. Well things going to change. Those Elves of yours going to have a new master. In fact I got a some special surprise for some bitches on my website that been acting up. Get in the sleigh bitch.” Chantz said.

“Yes mistress” Santa said.

“Today all the bag girls getting the presents. All the good boys going to be slaves for the bad girls.” Chantz said.

Santa put on the Santa suit and went on a run in the sleigh.

Merry Christmas.

The End

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