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I work at an accounting firm where there are mostly male employees. I get more than my fare share of men flirting with me even though they know I am married. My name is Tiffany and I am 23, and I keep in very good shape due to working out regularly and good genetics. I am 5 ft. 6 with auburn hair, long legs, and a natural 36 D chest. I love to show off by wearing skirts and tight tops or tops that reveal a fair amount of cleavage, much to my husband, Jeff's dismay.

He argues that I should dress more professionally at work but I tell him not to worry about it. Jeff tries to play the authoritative male, but we both know I am the one in charge. I get a lot of what I want from my husband using my pussy. Some women might say it's wrong to use sex to get what you want. My argument is I get everything I want from my husband using sex, or rather the threat of withholding it so why stop? He must have pussy and I know this so the threat of him not getting any makes Jeff do anything I ask.

Even though I dress sexy at work, my husband knows I've always been faithful to him and it's just fun to show off and flirt occasionally. He doesn't know how much I flirt or how much fun it is for me turning on my male co-workers, but some things are better left unsaid.

Recently a new guy started working at my firm and that had me worried. See, I have this weakness for macho, cocky guys that know how to take charge and this new guy, Mack was just that type. From the day he started, he began hitting on me, trying to seduce me. The fact that I was married didn't deter him at all. As a matter of fact, I think it turned him on more to know that I was married. I can see that. The slut wife fantasy is big for a lot of men.

It turns out I was right because soon after he started I began hearing stories about how he had fucked Susan Troyer. She is a woman I don't know very well, but I know she is married and has never seemed the type to do anything crazy. She always struck me as the conservative, prim housewife. That was how she portrayed herself at work anyway. I also overheard other female co-workers talking about what a stud he is. He just started working here and already there's rumors floating around.

One morning I was in the coffee room getting something to help me wake up for the work day when Mack walks in. I was facing away from the door, where the coffee was, and I could feel his presence even before he said a word. I could imagine his view of my ass in a short skirt that went down to about mid-thigh and my perky ass staring right back at him.

"Morning Mack," I said with only a quick glance behind me. I wanted him to know he didn't have an affect on this married co-worker.

"I came in here to get something to wake me up. I sure found what I was looking for." he said walking up really close behind me. He was so close, I could feel his breath on the back of my neck, but otherwise, he hadn't touched me.

I was use to this sort of behavior from him. The truth is that it turns me on because he is so sexy. His cocky attitude makes him think he turns me on and I was trying hard to not let him know he was right.

"Pour me a cup of coffee." he said.

Normally I don't like being ordered around, but with Mack, I just started pouring. This was when I felt something touch my ass very gently.

I turned around quickly to stop the contact, but under the pretext of handing him his coffee. It was then I noticed what was touching my ass had now moved to just above my pussy. It was his erection pushing out the front of his slacks. It looked huge, but I remained calm and took it in stride.

"Why do you keep pushing me Mack? I told you I'm not interested, so you should try someone else." I said while standing my ground.

"I've had others, but I still want you. You're the hottest woman here and all I want is what's between your legs."

I was use to this kind of talk from him. "I already told you I'm married and I won't cheat on Jeff."

"I can tell you are interested in me by the way you haven't moved away from my dick poking you."

He was right. I was trying to play it cool, but I liked the feel of his hardness there. Knowing that I turned him on this much made me wet. I could feel my panties start to get wet the second I turned around and faced that dick from the front.

"Fine Mack. So it feels nice, but I'm not going to bend over for you because of it." I can't believe I had said that, but I was turned on and decided to have fun with it.

"Just go out with me once Tiffany. I can't promise you I won't try anything, but nothing has to happen that you don't want."

I was worried because I wanted a lot to happen, but I didn't remain faithful to Jeff for 3 years by putting myself in bad situations. "There's no point in going out with you. Nothing could come of it because I am married."

"That's never stopped me before. I'll tell you what. We'll make it a double date. You bring a friend and I'll bring a friend if it'll make you feel more comfortable. Just once and I'll leave you alone after that."

"Just one double date and you'll leave me alone? No more asking me out or trying to feel me up at the office?"

"I promise. This Saturday, we go out and that'll be the end of it."

I thought about it for a second and then thought of the perfect to beat him at his own game. "You've got a deal." I said, thinking I had the perfect idea for a double-date partner.

Before going home that evening, I called my mother Maggie to tell her I needed her to go on a date with me. My mother is 43 but looks like she is in her mid thirties. She is a sexy woman because she gets just as many stares from men as I do. Despite her being hot, she always dresses classy, usually in a knee-length skirt and snug fitting, but non-revealing tops.

She would be the perfect person to go on my double-date because with her there, there's no way things could get out of hand. How could I possibly do something wrong with my own mother there?

I stopped by her place on the way home to talk to her more about my situation.

After explaining what's been going on at work (leaving out a lot of details) I told mom how I wanted her to go out with me on the double-date. "So you see mom, if you do this for me then he'll leave me alone and I won't have to deal with him anymore."

"Okay dear. If you think this is the best way to keep him off of you, then I'll do it."

"That's great mom. Thank you so much. I don't know what I'm going to tell Jeff though. What will you tell dad?"

"I won't tell him anything. I'll say I'm going out with you. He's going out with friends this Saturday so he won't even notice I'm gone. Tell Jeff you and I are having a night out, just the two of us."

The next day I told Mack that we could go out that Saturday and I gave him the address to my mother's house where he could pick us up. Mom said it would be alright since dad wasn't going to be home anyway.

The rest of the week went by uneventfully. I think Mack left me well enough alone because I had agreed to go out with him that weekend.

When I showed up at mom's place I had on a black mini-skirt that went a little above the knees and a white blouse that was semi-transparent with black satin panties and a matching bra on underneath. You could clearly see the bra beneath the shirt and it was all the better for me. I thought I would dress sexy to tease Mack, showing him what he is never going to get. I was getting excited driving to mother's just with the thought of all the fun I was going to have teasing him. Even though I knew I was dressing to show off my assets, I wasn't wearing anything I wouldn't wear to work. It was nothing too daring. Of course, ask my husband and he thinks I shouldn't wear transparent tops or skirts that don't reach the knees.

When I reached my mom's house, I was in for a surprise. "Mom, what are you wearing? You're supposed to be here to make sure I don't get out of hand. It looks like I'm going to have to watch out for you!" I said with a smile.

She was wearing a mid-thigh plaid skirt with a tight checkered sweater and black Mary-Jane shoes. My own mother dressed up in a school girl outfit. "Mom likes to dress up and have a good time every once in a while too." She said.

"Does dad know you're going out dressed like that?"

"What fun is it if I can't do things behind his back occasionally?" she said with a sly smile.

Just then, Mack pulled up and mom and I got in. Mack's friend is named Andrew and he looked every bit as sexy as Mack did. I was lucky I brought mom along, I thought, otherwise I might be in serious trouble.

Up until now I hadn't told Mack the friend I would bring along on our double date would be my mother. I thought I would let him in on this now as a way of letting him know not to expect to get lucky with me tonight. "Mack, Andrew, this is my mother, Maggie." They both smiled from ear to ear. Apparently they didn't care she was my mother and I'm sure the way she was dressed helped put them at ease also.

Andrew said, "You can join me in the backseat Maggie. I love the way you look. Very hot!"

I was surprised by his boldness since they'd just met but even more surprised when mom was getting in. Andrew held the door open for her and as she slid in, because her skirt is so short, a shot of her white panties was difficult to miss.

I got in the passenger seat with Mack and off we went to a club. I couldn't hear what was being said in the back because of the music playing on the radio and talking to Mack on the ride there, but I could here occasional laughter so it sounded like mom was fine.

I let Mack put his hand on my leg part of the way on the drive, thinking I would be a little naughty. I could occasionally hear giggling coming from the backseat, and only participated in there conversation when they spoke to me. The rest of the time, I have to admit I was having fun flirting with Mack.

At the club, Mack was very touchy and I must admit I didn't do much to slow him down. I was enjoying the attention and I also saw mom being very open to Andrew. I saw them dancing and at one point while all four of us were out there, I was sure I saw Andrew with his hand rubbing one of her tits. It was difficult to tell because it was a slow song and they were close together. Afterwards, I was sure I didn't see what I thought I did.

After only a few hours, we all decided to leave the club.

"Let's take these ladies out to the lookout spot. It's always a nice view out there." said Andrew. I wasn't sure, but everyone seemed to like the idea of a lookout, including mom, so I said okay.

When we got in the car, Mack put his hand on my knee again while we drove. I let him do this since he had done it on the ride up. After a bit I felt his hand casually slide up my soft thigh.

"You can stop your hand right there Mack." I said out loud to sway him. I had a smile so he knew I wasn't mad, but wanted him to know his limits.

"Where can he stop his hand, honey? Is he being inappropriate with you Tiffany?" mom asked.

"He's moving his hand up my thigh mother. He shouldn't do things like that with a lady, especially with her mother nearby." I said still smiling.

Mack was glancing through the rearview mirror when he said, "You're not going to get mad at me, are you Maggie? Can you blame me sitting in a car with a babe like this?"

Mom said, "Every guy has to try and get some pussy on a date, honey. I thought you would know that by now." Followed by a giggle.

I was surprised she was talking like this. I glanced back and saw her cuddled up next to Andrew and he had his hand in her half under her sweatshirt where I could see he was fondling my mom's boob while she had her hand in his lap. I couldn't see what she was doing because it was dark, but Andrew was smirking at me in a way I didn't like.

"Listen to Maggie" Mack said. "I think she knows more about dating than you would. Besides, she is your mom."

I turned my attention back to Mack and said, "She said you could try. That didn't mean I had to let you." But he knew I was already turned on at this point.

My panties were definitely wet by this point. They were wet since we were in the club when I saw Andrew and my mom making out while he was openly feeling her up in a crowded club.

"You don't have to let them, but at least show him a little panty. Maybe a peek, couldn't hurt. There's no better way to keep a stud interested than a panty-flash." Said Maggie from the back.

I could definitely hear rustling in the back, but I didn't want to turn around so I could keep attention on Mack and what he was doing with his hand. I wondered if mom was giving Andrew a good panty show at that time though.

"I told you. Mother knows best. What do you say Andy?" Mack said with a smile into the rearview mirror.

"Mmmhh! Uuuhhh!" was Andrew's only reply from the back.

I thought I would play along at this point. Besides I was having a lot of fun teasing so I said "Fine. I'll show you, but your hand still stays where it is. Look, but don't touch!" I warned.

I lifted my skirt slowly showing him my bikini panties hoping he couldn't see the wetness that seeped into them.

"Black panties. And they're so small. I could rip through those with the hard-on you just gave me." He said in a deep voice. "Ooohhhh!" Andy moaned from the back. He must be able to see my bikini panties as well I thought even though I wasn't going to turn around now.

I had noticed Mack's erection before. It was difficult to miss and he was showing it off anyway, but to draw attention to it myself would show how hot I was.

Since he had pointed it out, there was no point in not looking now.

"You probably could. These are thin panties and your dick looks really hard, but that won't happen. That's one reason why mom is here. To make sure that will never happen" I said with my skirt still hiked up to my hips.

"I think I should get a little feel at least. Besides, I don't think Maggie would really mind anyway, would you Maggie?"

"Mmmmmmm." I heard some strange sound. "You could loosen up a little honey. Besides, look at the hard-on you gave him. The least you can do is help him out with that monster. A little feel wouldn't be too bad."

"You can't be serious mother!" I said while turning back just in time to see her sink her mouth down Andrew's very large cock.

"MOM! What the hell are you doing?"

With that, she gave one hard suck coming off, making that popping sound again. She glanced over and we locked eyes. She gave a naughty 'just got caught' smirk and said, "What's wrong honey? Are you surprised your mother knows how to suck cock?" while keeping a constant stroking with one hand on the shiny, wet cock.

To be continued...

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