tagNovels and NovellasCharismatic Billy Belair

Charismatic Billy Belair

byEgmont Grigor©


Until leaving for college Billy Belair lived above a grain and feed store in a small town. Two older bothers had gone into the business with their father, leaving no room for Billy, not that he wanted to have hayseeds in his hair for the remainder of his life.

His mother's married sister arrived for Billy's graduation after learning he'd been a top student and Julia wanted to reward Billy for taking after his mother instead of his father who had two sons similar to himself – yokels.

Julia hadn't announced it but she planned to present Billy with a check for $5000.

As Billy's proud mother Mae and sister Julia were entering the gymnasium for the ceremony when ninety-one students were graduating, Mae said, "Sorry you haven't seen much of Billy. He's been door-knocking still trying to find a job and has been writing a speech.

"What, he's giving a speech here?"

"I shouldn't think so. He's a bright spark in his class and is probably writing it for someone else. Here we go, there's two seats half way down on the aisle of the middle row."

"Mae I'm disappointed Jeff didn't come to see his son graduate."

"He's not into formal functions. He didn't go when Lenny and then David graduated either. But don't worry, Billy's glad you are here. He really likes you."

"Well, he's not shy of me and talks like he's educated unlike his brothers. I looked into his room this morning and with his pin-ups there's a photo of me taken some twelve years ago. Why am I there?"

"Don't ask; you won't like the answer."

Julia smiled and said Mae was no longer a kid playing guessing games. She wanted to know.

"You are in the female section. They are all women with breasts he likes – although he calls them tits."

Julia laughed and said her nephew liked her breasts?

"Don't flatter yourself dear; that photograph was taken almost fifteen years ago."



"Oh all right twelve to fifteen years ago smarty pants."

Nearing the end of the ceremony the school principal said, "It is the tradition at this school for the valedictory to be presented by our highest academic achiever of our graduates. For the past eleven years this honor has gone to a female. But this year it goes to William Russell Belair."

The two women gasped.

Julia said in disbelief, "You didn't know?"

"No, All he said was he came near the top of his class. That's the same answer I always get when I ask."

Good-looking Billy with his olive complexion and curly brown hair spoke with confidence about, 'The Largely Unspoken Things of a High School Education'.

The gymnasium hushed as he spoke about kids who went home and worked, and arrived at school next morning, tired, but there were teachers aware of the situation and showed those kids tolerance. He spoke about how school managed to inject discipline into most students but regrettably some students who'd not learned that lesson would go to work or to college with an attitude that would see some of them struggle in life. One of the greatest things he'd enjoyed was seeing struggling students getting their first C-plus or a little higher mark for a paper. He'd also seen with girls in particular the academically stronger girl helping out a friend to achieve a higher performance and he'd seen some teachers spending their own time coaching students.

"This is a form a love that is not spoken about. I recognize it because I've never had to work very hard because of my awesome retentive memory and so gave the time like those other people I've just mentioned to help pals who wanted to be helped. I simply had a love for learning and didn't mind sharing it. Teachers who have that attitude are great teachers. But who speaks about it? You teachers who go that extra yard to share your gift know who you are. Today I just want to say I salute you... indeed I go as far as to say most of us here today salute you. We are not one of the biggest high schools around but I say we are a school with a very big heart."

When he finished everyone stood and clapped as usual but Billy looked decidedly embarrassed as the clapping, cheering and foot stomping went on and on until finally the principal sent Billy back to his seat and looking decidedly elated called for quiet.

Julia and Mae wiped their eyes and then hugged.

Billy came to them outside when he managed to break away from well-wishers. Mae hugged him, weeping but laughed, "This is the end of an era young man. I'm so proud of you."

He hugged his Aunt Julia who said, "Billy, don't bother looking for a job. I'm sending you to college. Give me a list of colleges you'd like to attend – up to ten. I have friends in the right places you will get you placed."

Mae looked shocked. "But that will cost thousands and thousands of dollars."

"Lance and I have money to burn. This boy is a near genius and I heard from his speech he has sensitivity and humility. I like it."

"I don't know what to say," Billy said in awe.

"Just tell her she still has a nice shape up top for an older lady."

"What are you talking about mom?"

Julia laughed. "Your speech has given your mother an adrenalin rush young man, drawing out her naughty side.

* * *

At his next graduation a few years later, Billy left the university having completed a dual program highly successfully and now posses a Juris Doctor in Law and a Master of Business Administration. Six weeks later he left his old home and his tearful mother, moving to New York to live with his Aunt Julia and to work at the law office where Uncle Lance was a senior partner.

Julia had not seen Billy since his university graduation and had worried that he was not in the company of a female and instead went off that evening after dinner with his pal Raymond. She's worried that he might be gay but now watching him eye the breasts of her youngest daughter found it necessary to remind him of something. "You'll remember Sonia don't you Billy, COUSIN Sonia?"

"Yes indeed. Hi Sonia."

Julia watched in shock as her daughter gave the handsome 26-year old a full open-mouth kiss.


"Welcome to New York darling. My, haven't you grown into a hunk?"

Julia raced off to call Sonia's sexiest friend Caroline who replied yes she'd be delighted to accept the invitation to dinner.

And that phone call began the pre-marriage rutting life of Billy Belair. Billy had found available women hard to come by in small-town Kansas but one of his mother's younger friends held out her arms for him, being enchanted by him. A divorcee with a live-in boyfriend, they managed to not get caught, keeping out of sight and fucking like rabbits. Billy expected to find women around his own age in New York, a goodly number of them.

Billy Belair's rutting began auspiciously.

Over dinner that evening when Julia was out getting mains and Lance was taking a call Caroline asked Billy out to a movie next evening and after he said yes invited Sonia to accompany them.

After dinner Lance went off to sleep in front of TV watching sport. The young people stayed at the table chatting and Julia felt it her duty to remain with them. She kept on drinking with them and contributed lively to the conversations. At last Caroline yawned and went home and Sonia yawned and went to bed. Julia led Billy to the guest wing, acting coquettishly and telling Billy he wouldn't be able to find his way, ignoring her nephew had an awesome memory and was smart.

In the bedroom suite his mom's younger sister took Billy's hand and pulled it over her left breast. "You rather liked these when you were a lot younger?"

"I can see much of a problem with them today," he told the forty-four year old, realizing the time had arrived to begin rewarding his auntie for rewarding him. "Are you worried about them dropping towards your knees?"

Julia appeared outraged and swung at him. Billy caught her flying hand and stood waiting. She broke through her I-must-not-do-this barrier and they were kissing and groping.

"Oh Billy, this is a real beauty," said his aunt, sinking her saliva-laden mouth over the object of her wide-eyed attention. Billy flopped out the tits, and they did flop, not that he minded. A loose swinging tit gives a guy options: he poked out his tongue to lick a nipple as he swung a tit back and forth. She broke off to ask, "What the hell are you doing?" and so Billy straightened and placing his hands behind his head bent his head back and thought of the delight of shafting 18-year old Sonia and then her two married sisters although one was questionable, being the late stages of her first pregnancy.

Julia slobbering and looking up wondered why he wasn't brushing her unruly hair from her eyes felt him thicken in her mouth, unaware because right at that moment Billy's mind had switched to the sexy Caroline. Julia simply thought the ecstatic look on his face meant at last the young man with low sexual experience had encountered a world-class cocksucker as she'd been told she was by some knowledgeable guys at law conventions. She assumed the accuracy of that thought when Billy blew into her mouth. She was of course unaware he was wondering if Caroline would take it up both channels.

Pulling up her skirt, Julia flopped back on to the bed. There was no need to remove her panties; she hadn't been wearing any. She assumed the very experienced Billy would see glistening around her cunt, indicating no further foreplay was necessary.

Billy filled Julia thickly and kept her grunting and on his eighth return stroke into her pussy her face turned puce and she bit into her arm and pushed, eyes rolling back into her head. Only eight strokes? His aunt had disappointed Billy.

Next evening Sonia and Caroline chatting all the time during the movie sent Billy asleep. That was a godsend because it was a stupid college movie by an innocent pretty kid with a flat chest who by the end of the first semester was beautiful with awesome tits who'd stopped being bagged by almost every guy in the college and then graduated to become the exclusive sexual plaything of the college's swimming super star.

At least that's what Caroline told him afterwards when he was shafting her doggie while fingering Sonia who was about to break into a screaming release. After he'd fucked them both they declared they were exhausted. So much for role models they'd just seen as the leads in that college movie. Sonia and Caroline needed to be gang-banged to tune them up.

* * *

Next morning was Monday and they joined the traffic crawl in from Long Island, Lance told Billy to drop the title of uncle because he was a big boy now. Then he said something that almost blew Billy away.

"I don't mind you fucking your aunt but I don't want Sonia to know, understand?"

Well that's a question of difficulty Billy had been trained to cope with. He had the chance to please his uncle by lying or to take a backhander across the mouth but then again his uncle would be pleased he wasn't a lying asshole. Oh so difficult but there was another option and he took it.

"What you say is what anyone would expect to hear from a responsible father."

Lance grinned, punched Billy on the shoulder lightly and said, "Well answered my boy. At the office we have on my last assessment sixty-three fuckable females. Don't ask me about the males."

"Are you working through the sixty-three?"

Lance grinned and said, "What you have asked is a question any uncle would expect from a conniving nephew."

Billy punched Lance's shoulder hard and knew from the gym-fit guy's huge grin he now had a 50-year old friend.

A tired-looking woman of sixty, or perhaps a little less, from HR took Billy through the seven floors of the dingy building occupied by Brown, Copeland & De Luca Law and introduced him to people who mattered. The males looked either neutral of threatened while the females simply looked as if they were mentally undressing him. Billy thought women today were such rude bitches at times.

Patti left his floor till last. All but one attorney on that floor, one below the top floor, looked really threatened, probably wondering would Billy be ahead or behind them at the time of the next assessment review, all acutely aware he was Lance Copeland's son. The exception was the 29-year old dressed in white of Italian descent, Monique De Luca. Her eyes only turned cold when Billy looked at her tits just a mite too long.

"I have a head start on you but my father says you will overtake me."

Billy liked her honesty. "Your father sounds a slave driver making implied threats like that."

She grinned.

Billy liked that.

"May I invite you to dinner tonight?" Billy asked, noticing Patti stiffen.

"Please get this straight. I am going steady; before that I was widely known as Miss Unobtainable."

"Neither of those statements turns me off. Dinner tonight?"


"I don't always seduce on my first date."

She smiled and said he was a little different.



"Am I free to date other women until you decide to date me?"

"Certainly. Should not you be moving on and begin to earn your inflated-salary?"

"I'll catch you later. I guess I have bed in mind but if I were to mention that I would be in breach of office etiquette of the serious kind."

"Yes, if I decided to complain. But you may move safely on Mr Belair."

The assistant manager from HR snorted as they prepared to leave Patti's glassed cubicle, "As privy to that conversation I am entitled to report misdemeanors."

"Do that to me Patti and I'll wish another pregnancy on you, this time twins."

"Oh Billy, we have two introductions to go and then I'll fetch you coffee."

"You have a fine mind Patti. Thank you."

As Patti walked off Monique smiled and whispered, "You are in danger of becoming office asshole on this floor."

"Delivered with a smile, so I accept your kind comment."

Monique's smile broadened.

Patti warned Billy he was wasting his time with Miss Unobtainable. He'd have a better chance with her."

"Is that an unwelcome sexual innuendo to a fellow staff member?" Billy said, grinning at Patti's embarrassment. But she recovered and said gamely he could be a candidate for office male asshole.

* * *

Billy was to work in dispute resolution. He'd figured he'd be dealing with titans of international companies but his first brief was to work on their client who yesterday had been offered a handsome improvement in settlement from her hitherto intransigent outgoing husband. The brief ended: 'Your role is to be an intermediary, to bring Mrs Gold into the real world'.

Billy called for an interview and the woman who answered said her mother had no wish to see another attorney.

"So you can read your mother's mind?"


"You know for a fact your mother will not talk to me."

"No, but..."

"No buts. Let me talk to her."

"She's asleep."

"Do you make good coffee?"

"Excuse me."

"If I come now and wait will you make me good coffee?"

There was quite a pause. "At least you don't sound boring. You'll know where we are."

The rather plain woman who answered the door smiled when he said, "Call me Billy."

"I was expecting an older man."

"Instead you have me. Any idea how we can pass away the time."

He grinned when he saw the forty-something lick her top lip.

"Yes, good idea."

Billy watched as Renatta went to her handbag on the table, pulled out a condom and tossed it to him. "I'm not getting undressed; mother could wake up and come in here."

"That's fine, you get the coffee."

Renatta did pull out a tit to give Billy something to play with after he'd fingered her wet. She was big but knew how to tighten on him. They were at it almost an hour and almost in silence before he was unable to holdback any longer and came. She grunted and came immediately.

"You're good," he said.

She grinned and said she was off to have a bath. "My husband lasts no more than fifteen minutes and both his brothers occasional have me and neither can top thirty minutes. I'll ask my mother to come out and see you. She's in her bedroom fretting and reading."

Augustine the hard-faced mother came out and Billy's heart sank. She was gaunt, dark-eyed and looked tougher than tough.

"How did my youngest daughter entertain you?" asked the 71-year old.

"Exceptionally well."

"Why are you here?"

"To give you a big challenge. I'm just out of law school and this is my first day at Brown, Copeland & De Luca Law Mrs Gold."

"A novice?"

"Yes but a good one, just like you would have been when you entered the business of the man who was to become your husband. Let's make this short and positive. How much more do you want me to get for you?"

"Five million."

"No show. What about $2.5 million, nothing more nothing less? My firm sent me here to knock sense into you but I sense you'd throw me out the window if I mentioned that. Do we have agreement...if I can get you $2.5 million more you'll settle."


"Excellent Mrs Gold. I'll call the attorneys on the other side and try to arrange a meeting for tomorrow."

"I have arranged to go out with a friend tomorrow."

"You may still do that. I don't want you at that meeting. Just Mr Gold and his attorneys and me – unless of course Mr Gold will also go shopping."

"He only does things to make money. You don't make money shopping."

Principle counsel Steve Miller and his team that included pretty Monique De Luca sat on one side of the long conference table scowling at Billy.

Steve said politely, "You can't come in here and on Day One resume stalled negotiations on our behalf. It just isn't done. Instead of having stalled negotiations you'll collapse them."

"That is arguable. I was asked to go to Mrs Gold to move her. I did but in the wrong direction but I see daylight."

"You see daylight," sneered another senior attorney. "You say she wants more money and yet you refuse to say how much. Have you taken over as managing partner?"

Billy ignored that. "Steve, I want to try my way and don't believe I am being reckless any reject any thought that I might be attempting to gain kudos. It is very probable Mr and Mrs Gold have been screaming at each other for months, possibly years. I want him to see me as fresh blood and to be seen without a team of associates."

The attorney who'd sneered before threw up his hands and said that was madness.

"That's enough Ivan," Steve said. "Go on Billy."

"It becomes a classic stand-off. Mr Gold will see it as just him and me. It won't be able to outsmart him but I'll be able to think and talk faster that he can. My task is to make him see it's either this or he goes to court and he's already said he doesn't want to pull his wife through the court system and disgrace her before her friends."

"That's a negotiating tactic," said Steve.

"Steve, Mrs Gold is harder than your belt buckle. "She and her friends, her real friends, wouldn't care if the outcome meant she had to appear in court. So as I see it, it's either my way or you go and see Mrs Gold. And what are you going to say to her Steve?"

"It's a risk, but let him do it Steve."

Steve looked at Monique. "You don't even know the guy."

"That irrelevant. Do you honestly think he'd going to fuck this up on his first week here?"

"Watch your mouth Monique," Steve said. He slumped back in his chair for a few seconds and then said, "Meeting over. Do what you have to do Billy and good luck."

"You have a great ass," Billy said, as Monique got ahead of him going down the stairs to their floor below.

"Billy Belair. You are on the brink of big trouble."

"Even if I was thrown into jail to rot I'd still think of your great ass."

"Billy, stop it," Monique said, now running, the sway giving Billy a hard-on.

Back in his cubicle Billy called the senior on the other side. The attorney laughed and said he would arrange the meeting. "Then you will be unemployed although you've got a cheeky edge to you so come and see me; we could be interested."

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