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There's an interesting story I'd like to share with you my cherished reader. Several years ago I returned to the house I'd grown up in, in a quiet, conservative village not too far from Oxford. I'd moved back following the passing away of my parents. I worked in London and for a time I was seeing how commuting suited me.

As I recall it was a Thursday evening about seven. It had been a long week for me, twice the trains had let me down and the hour and a half round trip had turned into four hours. I'd just thrown together a cold dinner when my door bell rang. A little pissed at the disturbance I reluctantly answered it. As it was I was greeted by a rather attractive woman of fifty who I vaguely recognise from village events. She introduced herself as Veronica, a name I always find extremely exciting, she began her patter as soon as she had introduced herself. I was only half listened as she spoke, far more interested in the way her body moved as she tried to engage my interest in what turned out to be a charity for missionary work in the middle east.

Now I don't know about you, but when I hear the words charity or missionary I switch off. But usually the speaker isn't as attractive and I have to say enthusiastic as Veronica was.

Her spiel lasted about five minutes by which time I'd decided to have a little fun with my new friend. If she was as dedicated to the cause as she made out, I was sure she wouldn't mind accommodating me a little; in the interests of the missionaries you understand.

So I invited her through to my lounge where I asked her to tell me more of the good cause. Veronica at once began to enthuse about all the good work these interfering busy bodies claimed to have achieved. What I was interested in was the way her full breasts moved as she gesticulated enthusiastically.

When good old Veronica paused for breath I jumped in with my offer. As she'd been talking I'd decided what I wanted. I wanted to see Veronica naked. I wasn't expecting her to strip for me there and then, no like a fine wine I expected the pleasure to take time in arriving.

Veronica was dressed in a skirt with a matching jacket. It was her jacket which would be the first item to be removed.

'Veronica,' I began 'I'd like to help but I'm really not a charity person. To tell you the truth I have a big problem with the idea of simply giving money away.'

Veronica's 'oh' and deep sigh touched me deeply (ha).

'Here's a thought though, if I was to get something for my money I think I could cope with making a donation.'

'Right. Well I don't have anything I can give you I'm sorry.' Poor Veronica informed me.

'That's torn it then.' I chipped in with. 'Nothing at all?' Veronica dumbly shakes her head as she struggles to think, I got the distinct impression it was a new experience for her.

'Alright then, how does this sound.' Here it comes, 'How about in return for a ten pound donation you remove your jacket and walk around the room. Then in a way I'm getting something for my money.'

Veronica looked at me in a confused way so I explained it again.

'Well Veronica, you're an attractive woman.' Which I have to say she was, with, I hoped a fine firm body beneath her loose clothes. 'What man wouldn't pay for the chance to watch you closely?'

It seemed that for what she was worth my new little friend knew how to except flattery. 'Well Peter if it means you'll donate to this extremely worth while cause I'll gladly oblige you.'

And so saying Veronica jumps to her feet and deftly removes her jacket while gazing into my eyes. Once it had been unceremoniously dropped onto the couch Veronica proceeded to self consciously walk up and down in front of me, I remained seated in my armchair. As she moved I studied her very closely indeed, next time would it be the blouse or the skirt which would be shed?

'Thank you Veronica.' I said after a few moments. ' that has brightened my evening no end.' And so saying I handed over the tenner and shoed little Veronica out of the door so that I could return to my dinner.

It was several weeks before I got the chance to see more of Veronica. This time it was a warm Saturday afternoon and I had just dropped into my armchair after mowing the lawns. The dispossesses of Bangladesh were the subject of today's needy cause. As good old Veronica twittered on I again watched her. Today she had on a dress with I was sure a full petticoat underneath. I need hardly say that the 'poor' unfortunates of Bangladesh rated very low on my people in need list. I mean when you choose to live on a river delta you can hardly complain when you get flooded every now and then!

But still would Veronica remove her dress for a tenner? No it would need fifteen or even twenty. Her monologue completed I moved in for the kill.

'Well Veronica, I'd like to help but I can hardly pay you to remove you jacket today can I?'

Veronica laughed at my joke but didn't come up with a alternative, I did notice her face grow redder as she looked at me though.

'You've a petticoat under your beautiful dress haven't you?' It was priceless watching the significance of what I had said register on her face. ' I'll happily give you fifteen pounds if you remove your dress and walk around, just as you did last time.'

It was lovely to see the inner turmoil on her face, on the one hand there was the needy and on the other there was the act of removing her dress for me to see her in her petticoat.

'I'll tell you what, how about if I make it twenty, I'm in a generous mood.' This swung her, as I'd hoped it would.

'Oh all right then, it is for a very good cause.' And so saying Veronica gets to her feet and with three quick movements removed her dress and began walking about in front of me. I couldn't help but wonder if maybe she was actually enjoying my appreciation of her. For my part I most definitely did appreciate her fine figure. Watching her slip the dress back on was nearly as enjoyable as seeing it removed, but there again I always have enjoyed watching women dress and undress. I think it's possible the only time you see their true nature. Their face takes on a look you seldom see. As if they need to concentrate totally on the job in hand.

I showed Veronica to the door and wished her well with her campaign to right the world. I couldn't quite resisted dropping in a ' Drop in any time your passing.'

When would I see my little righter of wrongs again I wondered as I once more settled into my favourite arm chair, thoughts of veronica removing her dress filled my mind unbidden and quickly brought a satisfied smile to my face. It wouldn't be long before I saw more of my little friend, in every way.

It was two weeks before she came to touch me once more. It was the orphans of Iraq which were tormenting her that time. Unfortunately she had photos to pad out her pitch but I managed to just about stay awake until she ground to a halt. I resolved next time to bypass the tedium of her speech and get straight to the deal. But then again it was a sort of foreplay, granted not as much fun as the usual kind but I'm sure we both knew that if I was going to make a donation, Veronica was going to have to remove either her thin blouse or her loose calf length skirt.

Veronica was looking at me with an expectant look on her face. I came right out with the suggestion that I'd like to see her remove her blouse or skirt, for which I'd donate twenty five pounds. Veronica blushed deeply at my suggestion but straight away asking which I'd prefer. I said the blouse. With hardly a seconds hesitation Veronica stood up and slowly removed her blouse.

It was at this point that I became certain she was getting a huge thrill out of her behaviour. Her hands visibly shook at she undid each button. Once she had dropped it where she had been seated, she began to walk around the room with all the poise and elegance of any cat walk model. Even thought her bra was a functional plain white number she still looked extremely fit. I suppose it couldn't have been more than three minutes or so that she was like that but it seemed much longer.

Once my little charity worker was ready to leave we shook hands at my front door. 'Remember any time your collecting….'

For the next few weeks I debated in my mine what would happen on her next visit. Once again there would be two choices. I could ask her to parade around my room in just her underwear but I decided long before I saw her two weeks later, that I would request that she show me what I hoped would be an excellent pair of tits.

Land mine victims from central Africa where the topic of her next collection. Some how I managed to resist cutting her short, it was strangely compelling how animated Veronica was as she poured her heart out about that weeks needy. When she had finished I said with no preamble that if she were to remove her brassier I would donate thirty pounds.

'Oh my. I'm not sure I can Peter, I've never done any thing like that before.'

'Ok. How about you remove your blouse like last time and I'll chip in twenty five pounds like before. Then if later you feel like taking your bra off I'll add another fifteen, how does that sound?'

'It sounds very generous.' Veronica said as she stood to begin removing her top. Her bra this week was far from plain and functional. It was a delicate black lacy number. As she moved around before me I could almost see the inner turmoil on the poor girls face. Her full breasts were hardly contained in their lacy cups both trembled as she moved.

'You'll give me forty pounds if I take my bra off?' Well there was nothing wrong with her mental arithmetic. I nodded in response to her question. And could not stop myself smiling as she came to rest squarely in front of me. Her eyes looked into mine for a few seconds as she reached behind her back to deftly unclip her bra.

Now I've seen countless women remove their bras and I'd say none of them ever did it with quite the elegance as the woman in from of me that afternoon. The worst thing any can do is twist it around to the front to unclip it. If Veronica had done that I would have been deeply disappointed. The next error is to tug it off in one pull, that would have been forgivable as most women would do the same. Veronica went one step further she seemed to some how twitch her shoulders so that her bra seemed to remove it's self.

I hope to god I didn't gasp because Veronica's tits were every bit as attractive as I'd hoped they'd be. Full, at least a D cup. Nipples which had clearly seen the attention of at least one baby but this only seemed to make them stand out all the more. They were both perfectly placed and had a very pleasant dark pink completion. All in all easily as attractive as any I'd ever seen, anywhere.

I'd never spoken as Veronica had for want of a different word posed for me, but I couldn't stop myself from letting her know how fantastic I thought she looked on that afternoon in my lounge. My words of appreciation brought a deep blush to her face but also a very satisfied smile appeared as well.

I'm sure Veronica allowed me to view her for a full five minutes before checking with me if it was ok to put her cloths back on. Reluctantly I agreed but was happy handed over my hard earned as we once again shook hands at my front door.

Now the case was really hotting up. Judging by the last few visits it would be two weeks before I saw more of my little friend which meant I'd just have to be patient. In the mean time I amused my self by trying to decide what sort of knickers good old Veronica would be wearing the next time she came to call. My money was on what has come to be known as Bridgette Jones type things but I have to say I'd be very pleased if when she slipped her skirt off for me at her next visit, she was wearing a racy pair of thongs.

True to form it was two weeks later that a blushing Veronica rang my front door bell. Try as I might I can't remember what it was she was collecting for, it could have been her sons school fund for all I cared. As she spoke I took the opportunity to watch her as I had done on all the other occasions. Immediately I noticed Veronica had on a slightly see-though top. Under it I could plainly see her dark lacy bra. By the looks of it, it was extremely flash and I couldn't quite see it matching up with anything less than an equally attractive pair of thongs.

I was so immersed in my inspection of her attire I completely failed to notice that Veronica had finished her speech. Recovering as quickly as I could, I came straight to the point, fifty pounds if this week she removed her skirt as well, forty if you prefer to just remove your bra like last time.

'I think I can cope with showing you my legs.' Veronica told me before she all to quickly began to strip before my hungry eyes. This woman could earn a small fortune in any strip club. The elegance with which she removed each piece of her clothing was exquisite. I held my breath as she removed her bra as erotically as the last time and didn't let it out until she had dropped her skirt onto it.

My guess about her knickers had been spot on, because Veronica stood before me, looking justifiably proud of her fine physique, wearing nothing but her medium heeled shoes and as skimpy a pair of black lace thongs as I've ever seen. Letting my pent up breath with a deep sigh made Veronica smile.

'So you like what you see.'

'Do I ever.' I quickly told her.

At this Veronica began to move around the room, always staying in my sight. I'm sure this weeks exhibition lasted a good quarter of an hour, I could have happily watched her for hours. As I looked upon her near perfect figure I thought back of the last couple of months. I wondered if then she knew she would be in my house allowing me to watch her in just the briefest of briefs.

Regrettably it became time for her to once more dress her self but like I've said this is something I enjoy equally as much as undressing. At the door we shook hands after I'd handed over the agreed sum. Her enigmatic smile made her look even more attractive, I'm sure it meant that next time……..

I suppose I should wait until that visit but I thought I'd post this as a sort of taster for what I hope is to follow.

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