tagNonHumanCharlie's Abduction Ch. 01

Charlie's Abduction Ch. 01


Charlie had the horrifying dreams for years, starting when he hit puberty. He told his parents about them, along with the school counselors, but they always told him that they were just dreams and nothing was wrong with a young man having what they called “wet dreams.”

Well, five years after graduating high school, two different psychologists, and loss of several friends and girlfriends over the dreams had brought him nearly to the brink of sanity. He had decided that he would have to write down his dreams and see if anyone could recognize what was happening to him.

After trying to write everything down for a couple of nights, he discovered that his memory was fading faster than his fingers could write. That was when he recorded his dreams on a tape recorder. We (the police) found the tape recorder next to his bed. The covers were still messed up, as if someone had never made the bed when they rose the next morning.

The following is a transcript from the few-recorded dreams Charlie put on that tape…

“God, that was vivid. I’ve really got to get this down.

Um, This is Charlie Gooding. Today is July seventeenth…make that July eighteenth. I can’t believe I’ve been asleep an entire day. There is no way that these are dreams.

Okay, here it goes. I remember going to bed last…I mean two nights ago. I had turned out the lights with every intention of waking up yesterday morning. I’m just glad that it’s a weekend.

Back to the dream, Charlie. I’ve got to focus.

In this dream, I was surrounded by what I’ve been told are called grays. Dr. Mills says that there are many people like myself that are abducted every day and he suggests writing down what happened as soon as you wake up.

Focus, damn it.

Okay, it was around 11 o’clock when I turned out the lights. I had the strange feelings again that I always get when they are coming that night.

Sure enough, I was asleep almost instantly. I found myself surrounded by them in my own bedroom; then there was the blinding light again. I was suddenly inside a very sterile room, something like what I would expect an operating room to look like.

They started by removing the pajamas that I was wearing. I don’t know why I wear them anymore. Just like every morning after the assaults, I wake up without them and I have to buy more. I don’t think I will buy anymore, since they don’t do any good stopping these bastards from raping me.

Focus! Focus! Focus!

Okay, after they stripped me, I received their usual assault of thoughts that they always do. I swear I could hear everything that they were thinking, and then there was the one voice. This time wasn’t like before, though.

All the other times, it was a very sterile voice. I could never distinguish whether it was supposed to be a male or female voice. But this time, it was definitely a female voice. A very sultry, seductive female voice.

That was when I knew what was going to happen.

She told me that they needed my sperm to use for testing and I was going to donate it to them. This wasn’t a question or even a suggestion that I comply. I just was, and there was nothing that I could do about it. And that’s the way it happened, too.

I felt something like a hand, very cold and it felt like it was made of wax. It began masturbating my dick. I tried to deny what was happening to me, but the female voice continued in my head, moaning seductively, like she was the one receiving pleasure.

Before long, I was long. I can’t believe I just said that. Okay, back to the dream.

Well, as soon as my cock was fully erect and standing at attention, I looked down my prone body…I forgot to mention that I was lying down earlier. They had me on some kind of table. Anyway, I looked down my prone body and saw that one of the gray’s had their hand wrapped around my dick very tightly, keeping it erect.

There was this long…I don’t even know how to describe it. It was a long metal rod. It looked like it was a needle of some sort. It moved on it’s own, and it looked like it went up to the ceiling, but I couldn’t tell, because of the bright lights above.

Anyway, the needle positioned itself directly over the opening to my dick. I immediately knew what was going to happen and tried to scream No, but it happened before than I could.

The hand on my dick never let go, and somehow, I was restrained on the table/bed, whatever you want to call it. There is no way I can describe the pain. Even thinking about it now, I shiver. But you won’t believe the way my dick is reacting, though. It’s actually getting hard at the thought of that needle shooting up the hole.

Damn it, Charlie, back to the dream. I’ve got to focus.

Well, after the needle inserted, I could feel it slide down the inside of my dick and, somehow, curve with the tube. I wasn’t sure how much longer I could stand the pain, before the woman’s voice told me that I needed to relax and give in to the pleasures.

Suddenly, my dream changed. I was no longer lying in that chamber of torture. I was on this luxurious bed, with a gorgeous red headed woman. She was lying next to me, her body was just a little longer than mine, and she was just as naked as I was.

Her eyes shown with great lustful need, as her hand that was holding my dick kept up its manipulation. I moaned as I neared orgasm and then nearly screamed as my cum left the balls and raced up my dick.

I was back in that sterile environment, feeling the cum shooting up into the needle blocking its escape. My screams grew louder when I saw that the woman was still lying next to me, and her hand was continuously stroking my dick.

The pain burned deep inside my groin and lower abdomen. I tried to fight the flow of cum, since that was painful, too; but I couldn’t move.

As the feeling started to subside, I heard the red head tell me that I needed to relax for a minute while they discussed a less painful way of extracting my…what were the words she used again, oh yeah…my “reproduction elements.”

I can’t believe after all these years; they still can’t get the proper terms for things. They aren’t very smart for aliens, or demons, considering the pain they put me through.

I felt the needle retract from my aching dick, which shriveled up every inch that it pulled out of. Its like that damn thing was actually holding it in that erect position.

After the needle pulled out, they gray’s walked away from me, while the red head just lay there, stilling holding my dick in her hand. She continued to stare lustfully at me, but I noticed that she didn’t blink or even seem to breath. It reminded me of a mannequin that you see in a store window, only she seemed very real. Her features didn’t look like they were painted on or anything.

When the gray’s returned from the little meeting, Red (I’m going to just start calling her that, since she never seemed to leave my side) told me that they were going to see which way I preferred to “donate” my “reproduction elements” for them. That didn’t sound very promising, and thinking back on the night, it wasn’t. Actually, on the past 32 hours.

Red let go of my dick and put her hand on my forehead and pushed it back down on the table. I felt my eyes close and sudden images started flashing before my eyes. Most of them were very erotic scenes, but many scared me.

I didn’t know that they were pulling everything out of my head that I’ve ever heard or seen that was sexual in nature; but that’s what they were doing. Think about it for a second. How many different things do you know of, from either images on TV, magazines, movies, or even on the Internet, that are sexual in nature. And don’t forget every nasty little story that you’ve ever heard or read too. Now, I’m not talking about just the things that turn you on, but anything that is regarding a man ejaculating his semen.

Think about that before you believe that this could be a truly erotic dream. Every deviant sexual fantasy that anyone has ever told you, you see suddenly happening for a split second, and then you know that you are about to experience every last one of them.

Well, the lights all went off in my head and there I was, lying on that delicious warm bed again. I found that Red was still there, and she was now rubbing her tits, while moaning out loud.

I watched while I was lying on my back, as she rolled onto her back and let one of her hands slide down from her tit down to her pussy. Her fingers started massaging it while her other hand continued to pinch and pull her nipples. Then her fingers stared to move into her body, her mouth opened wide with a moan of pleasure at the experience.

I was growing horny at the scene, and rolled onto my side to watch her. My own hand reached down to my dick and started stroking it. Then she started moaning for me.

She told me that she wanted me to cum for her. She wanted me to jerk off on her, before we really got it on. I swear those were her exact words.

Well, what can any red-blooded man do, but please such a hot woman. I got up on my knees and began pulling with all honesty and determination. Before long, I had shot a full load onto her stomach. But I swear, I never saw it just sit there. It looked like her skin soaked it up like a sponge.

Thinking that I couldn’t stay hard for long, I let my dick go, expecting it to shrivel up again. But she quickly moved and took my cock in her hands and pulled it into her mouth.

I felt like I was in both heaven and hell, from the pleasure of her warm, moist mouth and massaging tongue and the pain of her suction on my now sore dick. I wasn’t used to so much attention, and I didn’t know how long I could last. I didn’t even think that I could cum again.

Her fingers, however, began stroking and caressing my balls, as her tongue licked and tickled my dick closer to ejaculation. I tried to tell her that it was too much, but she just pushed me onto my back and pinned me down by lying on my upper thighs.

When I came again, I could tell that it wasn’t as much as the first two times. I started to relax as the last of my semen was sucked out of my dick, when she rose up and crawled over my prone body. She told me that she was going to use her cunt to suck me off this time.

I’m not lying. This woman was using the words that I would expect to hear in a porno, and her body was working like one, too. She reached down, lifted my shrunk dick and held it to the lips of her wet pussy. I didn’t think that there was anything that could get my flexible, worn-out dick inside her hole, but then the suction started.

I first felt her lips touch the tip of my cock’s head and then I was pulled inside her. I moaned at first at how wonderful it felt, but then the suction continued as she just sat there.

Pain began to make itself known in my groin and I started groaning in pain. She seemed to know that I was hurting, because the suction stopped and she pulled herself off of me. She laid herself on the bed next to me and told me that she would let me rest before continuing.

I felt her hand on my forehead again, and I was immediately asleep. I had a last second thought that I was going to wake up in my own bed again, but that didn’t happen.

I woke up after who knows how long I was asleep to find myself on the sterile table again. The grays were all around me again. It felt like they were antsy for something, but I could sense they were happy as soon as I was awake again.

I heard Red’s sultry voice in my head again, telling me that they were interested in this coupling that males and females do in my species to cause reproduction. I almost laughed, when everything was changed back to that bed again.

This time, Red was there, but she wasn’t alone. I saw that there was a shorthaired blonde with her. Blondie was lying on my left side and Red was on my right. The both were lying on their sides, looking at me, staring lustily at me.

I suddenly knew what was going on, because I remembered this idea of having two women at the same time being from one of the images they pulled from my mind earlier.

I know that I might sound crazy at doing this, but I resisted, as best as I could, being manipulated by those two women. And I was almost able to keep myself from rising to the occasion, when I felt something like fingers tickling my scalp.

I looked up and saw Red had put her hand in my hair and was just scratching it. Then I felt her fingers actually claw past the skin, through the skull and dig into my brain. I was no longer able to control what my actual body did anymore. I knew it as much as I could feel it.

The first thing I noticed was that my chest was burning, because I hadn’t taken a breath for a few seconds. Then my eye’s started to sting and burn, because I hadn’t blinked, either. I guess they must have noticed I was having trouble, because I suddenly started flashing my eyelids real fast as I took a very deep breath. I also noticed then that I could hear my heart beating again.

I now knew that I was completely under their control, no matter what I wanted, and I was their plaything.

While Red kept her fingers stuck in my brain, Blondie straddled my thighs and grabbed my now rock hard boner in her hand. I tried to fight it, but I was no longer in control.

Blondie slides up my thighs and placed my dick’s head at the opening of her pussy and let the suction just pull it deep into her body. Apparently, they decided to keep up the charade of sluttish women, because she started riding me like a wild horse, while massaging her tits, squeezing them together and up to her mouth for her tongue to lick, or playing with her clit.

I can’t deny that the scene wasn’t actually getting me turned on, though. Watching this beautiful woman grind herself on me as she screamed in what I would have to guess as mock orgasms was more that I could bare. I started to piston my hips up into her body as she slammed down on me.

Before long, I gave them another dose of what they wanted from me. I hoped that they would be done, but it seemed they no longer just needed cum.

Red leaned down and whispered into my ear with that sultry voice of hers. They were going to manipulate my cock with the brain connection and keep me hard while they discovered what all of these couplings of sexual acts were like. That’s when I got really scared.

Blondie rose off my rock hard dick and turned her smooth frame around and positioned her ass over my dick. Before I could tell them that they needed to lubricate it first, she slammed down onto me.

I passed out as I was screaming. Before everything went completely blank, I felt the head of my dick touching the base of my dick, but knew that I was still stiff. They had broken it in half.

I woke up a short time later and found that I wasn’t in pain anymore. As a matter of fact, I was still lying on the soft bed, with Blondie’s asshole engulfing my cock. I was buried up to the hilt into her sphincter and she was grinding her hips down on me, moaning in both pain and pleasure.

I also noticed that Red had an arm around Blondie’s waist, doing something around her crotch area. Red told me that I should sit up and take over for her. She said that the other woman (that’s Blondie) wanted my fingers deep in her hot wet cunt, while I fucked her ass doggy style.

Again, I knew that I was supposed to have a dick broken in half from these alien bastards, but I felt those little fingers in my head take over and force my body to sit up and slide my knees underneath me.

Blondie repositioned herself, without even pulling off my dick, and started pushing against my dick. I unwilling slid one hand around her waist, gliding across her hip bone, letting her pelvis guide my hand to her shaved lips. There, Red’s hand guided my fingers to start digging into her pussy, while my hips started pounding into her backside.

I was shocked at how easily I was giving into these deviant sexual urges, but it just felt to damn good not to. When Red let my hand go, I noticed I was now in control again, and started to pull my fingers out. They must have thought I was going to resist again, but I shocked them (at least I think I did).

My fingers started to tickle and pinch Blondie’s clit. My other hand slid around her rib cage and started to squeeze her breast, pinching and pulling on her nibbles. Blondie was now screaming, pushing against me with all her might. She was the epitome of every nasty slut on a porno movie. She started yelling for me to fuck her, fuck her.

And I did, willing at that point in time.

I was just getting ready to explode inside her, when those fingers in my brain started twitching again. I no longer needed to cum.

I used my hand on Blondie’s tit to make her rise up on her knees in front of me. Her back arched as she continued to move up and down on my dick. I let my mouth start to kiss, lick and suck on her neck.

She leaned her head back onto my shoulder; her hand pulled my head into her neck and forced me to keep it there as I started to actually bite. I felt another warm body move behind me.

The first point of contact was the nipples of two breasts. Then a woman’s arm slid around my waist and reached between Blondie’s body and mine. Another arm reached all the way around both of our bodies and pulled us tighter together.

I heard Red moan into my ear that she wanted part of the action as she stared nibbling and sucking on the lobe. I was entranced at being mashed by these two hot, horny women. Then Red’s hand reached past the base of my cock and grabbed my balls.

At first she stared gently squeezing and massaging them. Then she got rougher with them as her mouth became more aggressive with my earlobe. I felt her tongue slide down my neck and then her teeth bite down and her mouth start sucking as her hand began to tighten unbearably on my balls.

I could no longer hold back. The pain was too much and I let go of Blondie’s neck and started screaming in pain. Blondie took this a cue to start pounding harder on my dick and turn her head to face me as best as she could.

Her hand reached behind my head and pulled me into a very aggressive kiss. Her arm must have been resting on Red’s head, because she was pulling me from that direction onto her mouth. Her tongue drove deep into my mouth, fighting more than massaging and playing with mine.

I felt something start to run down my neck from where Red’s mouth was latched onto it. It was warm and slow moving as it slid over my collarbone. That was when I started tasting blood in my mouth. I couldn’t tell where it was coming from, because when I thought about my mouth, I started to focus on the tongue that was now moving into my throat and choking me.

The world dimmed into a painful orgasm as I exploded into Blondie and I felt my life fading away.

I woke up again on that sterile table, and all of the grays were looking at me. Red stood there, blood smeared around her lips as she looked down at me. She said that she was sorry about what had happened, but she wanted to see what the whole vampire fixation was all about.

Apparently since I wasn’t equipped with fangs to show them, they decided to see what it was like for me. I tried to reach for my neck, but the fingers in my brain were still in control.

She told me that I was going to be sent back to relax for a while before they came back. The next thing I know, I’m waking up one and a half days later. I hope I get to let my shrink hear this tape before they come back. But I’ve got another month before my next session with him.

Wish me luck.

To be continued…

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