tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCharlie's Angels: Angel Hunt

Charlie's Angels: Angel Hunt


"Are you sure he wanted us to come right now? It's not even noon yet," Kelly said as the jet slowed to a halt.

"For the fiftieth time, he said it's urgent. Here, you can read the cablegram again!" Sabrina slapped into Kelly's hand a folded square of yellow paper, which she quickly opened up. Her lips moved as she read the message to herself.

"'Diablo Island'? I've never even heard of this place," Jill frowned over her shoulder.

A short distance from the plane, a jeep was parked in the tall grass. A man wearing sunglasses stood leaning against it, and the instant all three of them stepped off the jet he rushed over to them. The jet rolled off across the field again, the roar of the engines growing quieter and quieter.

"Hello, you must be Mr. Townsend's people?" They nodded.

"My name is Malcolm Case," he introduced himself. "I'm Mr. Townsend's client, or yours."

"Ah, glad to meet you," Sabrina said, shaking his hand. "My name is Sabrina Duncan, this is Jill Munroe, Kelly Garrett." They smiled politely.

"It's hot out today, why don't we drive and talk? My lodge isn't far from here." He ushered them towards the car. Sabrina walked around to the passenger seat and Kelly and Jill climbed into the back. The jeep turned in a circle and drove back on the same tracks in the grass that it flattened on its trip over.

"Thank you for coming so quickly, I apologize for such short notice."

"No trouble," Sabrina replied. "What is it exactly that you'd like us to investigate?"

"Well," he said, "I happen to be a collector of these rare artifacts, and it seems a number of them have gone missing."

As he continued to explain, the car's path wove through trees and turned around a rocky hill, bringing a small building into view. He parked in front of it and turned the car off.

"Here we are."

They walked into the building and he offered them three stools to sit on.

"So Mr. Case," Jill said. "Can you show us where you've kept these artifacts you were talking about?"

"Malcolm," he corrected her. "Please call me Malcolm. And yes, I was about to suggest just that. Through that door is the room where I kept them, and where they were taken from. Now, what I would like to do is to get each of your first impressions. I want to see if you notice what I did, if you think anything is strange. So you will not influence eachother's thoughts I will ask you to step into the room one at a time and tell me what you think. Is that all right? Who would like to be first?"

"I'll go," Jill volunteered, standing up from her stool.

"Fine, right this way." He led her to a door on the other side of the room and opened it for her. "We'll just be a moment," he said over his shoulder to Kelly and Sabrina.

Jill stepped into the room, and he followed and shut the door behind them. She looked around the room, which appeared to be basically the same as the one they had just been sitting in.

"This is the crime scene?" she asked.

"Yes," he said. "Look very closely, tell me if you notice anything unusual."

"There seems-" her words were cut short when he suddenly seized her from behind, clamping a damp cloth to her face. "Mmmff!" she struggled, grabbing his arm and trying to pull it away from her, but he was too strong and didn't budge. Her hands reached out, trying to claw at his face. A strange dizzy feeling overtook her after several seconds, and right as her eyes drooped shut she finally recognized the familiar smell of chloroform.

Malcolm caught her as she fell limp, her head hanging back awkwardly. He laid her down on the floor and tucked the cloth into his coat pocket. Straightening up, he composed himself, smoothing his clothes and running his hand over his hair, and then emerged from the room once more.

"Alright, Miss Munroe has given me her opinion. Who's next?" he asked cheerfully.

Sabrina joined him. The door shut and Kelly was left in silence, wondering what was so important to observe in that other room. She examined her fingernails. After a minute he came back out, standing in the doorway.

"Last but not least?" he smiled.

Kelly returned the smile and rose from her seat, walking over to him. She stepped inside the room, wondering why this time he did not bother closing the door, and then she saw Sabrina and Jill on the ground.

A wave of panic swept over her and she turned to Malcolm, but it was too late. She even thought herself strangely calm as he held the cloth over her nose. Her hands tugged halfheartedly at his arm, already too weak to make any real effort. There seemed to be plenty of time to think things through.

Chloroform, she identified the smell. Then Sabrina and Jill must not be dead.. they sure look like it though...wwhat'se going.. to dooo? The room spun sideways and faded to black.

Something tickled Jill's shoulder. Rousing partially from her sleep, she swatted at it with one hand, brushing off an insect. Wait, why was her shoulder bare? She opened her eyes and frowned, squinting in the bright sunlight. With a gasp she realized that she was completely naked. Alarmed, she sat up quickly, triggering a pounding pain in her head. Her entire left side felt itchy and prickly, as she had been laying on the ground here for who knows how long. A few leaves and some dirt stuck to her skin on that side, and she brushed them off.

Raising her head, she looked around in all directions, growing increasingly upset. Where were Kelly and Bri? And more importantly, Malcolm?

Finally she spotted on the ground a few feet away a small green drawstring bag. She leaned over, picked it up, and pulled open the top, peering inside cautiously.

Sabrina pulled from her bag a small metal device with a single toggle switch on it. Turning it over in her hands for a minute, she gave up trying to identify what it was and reached back inside. There was a canteen and a small plastic packet. She opened it up and sniffed it. Beef jerky? She frowned. Being very thirsty, she picked up the canteen again, unscrewed the cap, and raised it to her lips. She hesitated a moment, and then, figuring she'd already been drugged, took a sip. It was only water, and though slightly warm, it tasted pure and crisp. Satisfied, she took a few hearty gulps from it. After replacing the cap, she pulled out of the bag the last of its contents, a piece of paper folded in half. She opened it up.

"'As you may have guessed already, you were not really brought here to solve a mystery, though you are here to solve a problem for me. I used to be quite into game hunting. I spent a great deal of my time hunting on this very island, and over the years I have grown tired of it. You are here to provide me with an entirely different kind of prey. Do not worry - you will not be harmed, as I will not be hunting you in the traditional sense. Though I am armed for self-defense, I will not be using any kind of weapon against you.

Upon your capture, I intend to use each of you to satisfy my own personal needs. When I am finished, I will return you to the lodge where you may relax and no longer be a target.

I have provided you with a small supply of food and water, and an emergency tracking device. Should you find yourself in any kind of distress or danger, switch it on. Your location will appear on my radar system and I will put the hunt on hold and come to your aid. However when the situation is cleared up, we will resume after a fair amount of time.

My hunt will begin at sunrise.'"

Kelly blinked, rereading the paper a fourth and fifth time. 'Personal needs'? She frowned. As she thought of Malcolm's unattractive, wrinkled face and pot belly, she hoped 'personal needs' didn't mean what she thought it did.

Judging by the sunlight it was later in the day, maybe 4 or 5 o'clock. If she could just get back to that lodge, she thought. There was a phone and a radio in there, if she could get to it while Malcolm was out, all three of them would be saved! With a plan in her head and the bag in one hand she began to walk. Of course she was walking in the direction she happened to be facing, but it didn't really occur to her. She tiptoed carefully at first, pebbles and twigs pricking her soft, bare feet as she crunched over them. After a while she paid no more attention and walked normally. Almost normally, at least, seeing as how she'd never been on a naked trek through the wilderness.

She passed trees and bushes and rocks and even a small stream, where she stopped to refill her canteen. It was getting dark and Kelly hadn't come upon anything, so this seemed as good a place as any to stop for the night. Trying to hide herself from view, she curled up behind a bush, using her bag as a pillow. Though she was tired, she was absolutely not sleepy and her eyes stayed open and alert all night. If it wasn't so pitch black she would have kept walking. She froze every time she heard a leaf fall to the ground, imagining Malcolm standing over her...

Jill had begun to walk again as soon as the faintest light of morning lit the trees. Now she crept through the trees in the dim morning light, being cautious even though the sun had not officially risen. Where was everybody?

Sabrina had to pee. Even though there was nobody around that might see her, at least she hoped, she crouched behind a bush. As she was peeing, she heard a twig snap loudly. She stopped quickly and held in the rest, which is hard enough to do when you're not in a panic. The silence rang loudly in her ears as she listened hard.

After a minute or two passed, she felt no danger anymore and resumed peeing. The warm liquid felt so good as it drained out of her and splashed on the ground, leaving her feeling more relieved by the second. She wiped herself with a leaf and tossed it back on the ground. Just as she stood up, she heard a loud crunch of leaves and froze again, half-crouching. Her eyes darted around.

"Bri?" she heard from her right side. She turned quickly and spotted Kelly peeking out from behind a tree several yards away.

"Kelly!" she whispered loudly. Both abandoned their hiding places and rushed together. They met and hugged eachother tightly. Each found comfort feeling the other's warm skin as they held eachother, half laughing and half crying.

"Are you alright?"

"Mmhm. I was so scared you were Malcolm," Kelly breathed into Sabrina's neck.

"Same here!" she said. They walked together, glad for the company.

Jill sat on a warm rock in the sun on the far north edge of the island. She ripped the tough jerky with her hands and teeth, feeling like a dog. The packet was now empty and she discarded it on the ground behind her, getting up. After walking for a minute she rushed back and picked up the plastic packet, tucking it inside her bag. Can't have him finding that, she thought, and feeling clever she walked off again.

A few hours later Kelly and Sabrina quickly ducked down into the bushes, peering out at Malcolm. They were surprised he hadn't heard them, the way they had walked so close to him before noticing. As they had both expected him to be in full camouflage or something, they were surprised to see him wearing nothing but black shorts and carrying the same grey drawstring bag they were.

"If he sees us, split up or he'll catch both of us," Sabrina whispered as they watched him from their hiding place. Her heart skipped a beat as his eyes met hers. He came towards them.


They leapt out of the bush and took off in opposite directions. Kelly tripped as she ran frantically down the hill and tumbled a good distance down. As quickly as possible she got back on her feet and kept running.

Sabrina forgot her bag on the ground and sprinted through the trees, hearing his steps behind her. She hadn't gotten very far when she lost her footing and the ground fell beneath her. She cried out as she fell and landed on her back in the dirt almost ten feet down. Leaves and palm fronds fell down on top of her. With one hand she sheilded her eyes and looked up. It was a trap. He dug a hole and covered it with leaves, and I fell in it like a dumb animal, she thought. Though it was hot outside, a shiver ran through her as she heard his footsteps approaching.

Kelly's heartbeat thudded in her ears and she ran as fast as she could and as far as she could, the bag swinging in her hand. Leaves scraped her face and sharp rocks poked her feet, but she paid no attention. As she finally slowed, she hid behind a tree and tried not to gasp loudly as she caught her breath. Not hearing Malcolm around, it dawned on her that he must have followed Sabrina instead. She turned to go back and help her, but realized that she didn't even know what direction she had come from. Determined to help, she rushed off in an ultimately random direction.

Malcolm peered down at Sabrina over the edge of the hole. He hopped down into the ditch, landing on his feet next to her.

"What are you going to do to me?" she rasped after a short silence.

"You make it sound so tragic," he said. "I'm not going to hurt you. Honestly, I think you might enjoy it."

"Enjoy...what?" she asked. He ignored her question, remaining quiet.

"Did you know...that I have not been with a woman in over seven years?" he said finally.

Sabrina stared back at him.

"As you can see, I am not the most attractive specimen. Due to this I have lived a fairly lonely life."

Still silent, she studied his face. He was certainly right about not being attractive. She already knew where this conversation was leading.

"To be blunt, I am in great need of sexual release," he added, "and you will be the first to give me that release." He moved toward her, and she scrambled back until her skin pressed against the dirt wall.

"I said, I won't hurt you. Please relax, and it will be enjoyable for both of us." He reached out and cupped her breast. Normally she would have slapped his hand away but right now she was still too scared. His thumb rubbed across her nipple, back and forth.

He squatted in front of her, putting his knees between her legs and holding them open that way. With his other hand he reached down between her legs. Sabrina jerked a little as his finger found her clit. He began to stroke it very softly with one fingertip. In disbelief, she felt herself starting to get wet.

How can this be? she thought miserably. If he's going to rape me why doesn't he just get it overwith? However, time passed and she grew less miserable. He stopped rubbing her nipples and instead leaned forward to lick them tenderly.

Malcolm smiled to himself as he felt her juices starting to slick his finger. His cock was bulging in his pants, but he was calmly taking his time, sucking her nipples and massaging her clit.

Sabrina's legs didn't even need to be held open anymore, they rested apart on their own. She caught herself closing her eyes and enjoying the sensations. Her panic had faded away, and her plan to knock him out when he least expected it was put on hold. Much as she hadn't wanted to get caught, she had to admit that he was very good at this.

Her eyes snapped open as his mouth and fingers left her skin. He sat back, repositioning himself and lowering his head between her legs. His rough hands gripped her hips, pulling her gently for better access. As she was about to protest, his mouth pressed over her slit and she shivered. His warm lips felt shockingly good on her skin, and her mouth opened in a silent gasp as he began to lap at her pussy.

His hot tongue slipped between her folds, on either side of her clit and pussy lips. The taste of her sweet juices on his tongue was his first reward. His mouth pressed more firmly into her crotch as he lapped, and began to lick deeper. Sabrina gasped out loud as his tongue darted in and out of her pussy, sending a tingling shock of pleasure through her body each time. She was only being penetrated half an inch or so, but with his talent she was soon writhing on the ground and sighing. Her juice leaked steadily out onto his tongue as she grew more and more excited.

Moving up an inch, he sucked her clit into his mouth. Her eyes flew open and she gasped loudly as his wet lips enveloped and sucked her. Her hips began to swirl against his face, and she felt herself approaching a crushing orgasm. Just as her hands found his head, he licked her clit a final time and then withdrew.

She looked at him, her face contorted in pleasure and confusion.

"Are you enjoying yourself after all?" he asked.

She nodded.

"Do you want me to continue pleasuring you?"

She nodded again, hoping he would resume licking her. He did not.

Instead he stood up, hooked his fingers under his shorts and pulled them off. His cock stood proudly in the air and Sabrina's eyes went wide. It was huge! There was no way that was less than ten inches, she thought. And so thick! His balls were also very large, hanging down between his thighs. He stood in silence, watching her looking at his enormous erection.

As if a signal had gone off, she lunged forward and grabbed his cock with both hands, feeling his thick, beating flesh under her fingers. Her lips wrapped around the tip, stretching her mouth as wide open as it had probably ever been. Her tongue flicked across his swollen head, licking up his precum hungrily.

Malcolm was not going to ask her to blow him, but by no means was he going to stop her now. His eyes closed and he smiled as his aching penis received its first real attention in years.

Her lips slid up and down his thick meat as she tried to take him deeper. His cockhead stretched her throat as she tried to swallow as much of him as she could. Not all of his length would fit down her throat, but he didn't mind. She pumped the last few exposed inches at the base of his cock with one hand as she sucked him. Her tongue ran up and down the bottom of his rock hard shaft while she slid her mouth over him again and again. One of her hands felt his balls, so big, so heavy, and so full of pent up sperm. This was the biggest and most beautiful one she had ever seen. Her jaw ached from deepthroating such a thick cock, but she kept sucking him like a woman possessed.

He stopped her, feeling himself getting too close to release. He wanted to have this orgasm inside a warm female body. When he pushed her back, she eagerly spread her legs before him. He sat between her legs and rubbed her nipples for a minute or two, waiting for himself to calm down a bit.

"I need your cock in me!" she cried finally.

Needing no more suspense, he wrapped one hand around his stiff cock and guided it between her legs. She moaned as the smooth mushroom tip rubbed against the length of her slit.

Her eyes pleaded. He pushed the head of his cock into her cunt, and she let out a half-moan, half scream, climaxing instantly. Her pussy spasmed hard around his tip, leaking her fluids out around it. He eased himself further in, sinking all ten inches completely into her. His long, thick cock filled her completely.

"Fuck me!" she cried again. He drew it out, her stretched pussy clinging to him, and plunged it back in. A rhythm formed as he thrust into her faster and faster. Her breathing was a continuous moan; her legs locked around his ass and her fingers clawed at his back. Her pussy rippled in another orgasm and another as his huge cock pounded into her.

Malcom clenched his teeth, trying to delay his climax. The hot, silky inside of her body felt indescribable as it squeezed his cock. Her walls clenched him as he slid in and out, massaging every inch of him like his hands never could. He wished this could last forever.

Sabrina cried out incoherently as she thrashed in another orgasm, grinding her hips desperately around his cock. Her tight cunt contracted rhythmically, milking its enormous intruder. It was the final straw for Malcolm; he stopped holding back and slammed into her, bringing it on. His cock impaled her deeper than it had before and he remained buried there, pressing hard into her and trembling in the final second before his orgasm struck. He felt his balls tighten and the searing hot liquid rising up his shaft. He bellowed as his cock exploded, releasing nearly a dozen long, hard sprays of thick semen deep inside her.

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