tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCharlie's Angels: Bull's Eye

Charlie's Angels: Bull's Eye


Sabrina rode down to the abandoned hangar where Jill was being held hostage. Her jeep rumbled to a stop in the dirt and she hopped out. Peeking around the corner she saw Jill sitting on the ground, the man pointing a gun at her. She tucked her gun back into her belt and walked through the doorway. The man quickly turned his gun on her and she stopped.

"Who are you?" he demanded. "What do you want?"

"My name is Sabrina," she said calmly. "I came down here to make a deal with you." He frowned at her, still holding his gun.

"See Jill here is my friend," she explained, squatting down on the ground next to Jill. "You ok?" she asked quietly. Jill nodded.

"Whaddya want lady?" the man barked.

"I was wondering if you'd be interested in making a little trade with me," Sabrina answered. "Simply put, I'll give you a blowjob if you let her go." Jill raised her eyebrows in surprise.

The man was taken a bit off guard. He searched for a response but before he had strung together a sentence Sabrina had knelt in front of him and was stroking the front of his pants lightly, and smiling sweetly as she looked up at him.

"You st..I can't be...why do.." he stammered, trying in vain to protest.

"Do we have a deal?"

His self restraint crumbled as he felt the first stirrings of his dick starting to stiffen. "Yuruh..yeahhuh," he blurted out almost defeatedly. She smiled again, still stroking his groin.

"Wonderful." Sabrina ran her hands around and squeezed his ass, pressing her face up into his warm crotch. She felt the front of his pants beginning to bulge as her cheek rubbed against it.

He took a deep breath, feeling his cock now pressing against his jeans. Her fingers stroked it through the front of his jeans. It grew painful as it strained against the fabric. He exhaled loudly and shifted his weight.

At this sign, Sabrina undid his belt and zipper, pulling his pants down an inch or so. His ridid cock sprang free, standing seven straight inches out at her face. She reached between his legs and cupped his balls, weighing them in her hands. As she massaged one in each hand she moved in closer and began to lick his sack. He gasped silently as her warm tongue traveled all around his balls. She fit them as far possible into her mouth one at a time, sucking gently. When she withdrew her mouth, his saliva-coated sack felt wonderful in the cool air.

Bri wrapped one hand around the base of his shaft, squeezing it slightly. She tugged his skin a little up and down, not sliding her hand, just pulling. She wrapped her other hand around his shaft as well, more towards the tip. She squeezed one hand and then the other, on and off. She heard his breath coming faster as she squeezed and tugged at his stiff rod. He almost groaned in disappointment when she stopped.

She licked one hand and wrapped it back around his shaft. This time she began to stroke slowly up and down. Her free hand resumed massaging his balls. He squeezed his eyes shut as she jerked him. She carefully wiped the gob of precum from his tip and smeared it all around his meat. Her palm slid easily up and down his veiny shaft. She was careful not to touch the swollen purple head just yet. He began to thrust slightly in her hand, trying to rub his cockhead on her slick fingers, but she would not let him. She jacked him faster now, her fist pulling his cock in an "o" as it slid down and pulled up. His crown swelled as it grew more and more sensitive, aching to be massaged with the rest of his manhood.

Jill watched silently from the floor, rubbing her nipples through her shirt.

After jerking him briskly for several minutes, Sabrina stopped sliding her hand. She raised his cock and licked the underside slowly in a straight line from the base almost to the tip. His leg twitched as he felt her hot tongue licking him for the first time. She placed more long, deliberate licks up the length of his cock and felt his breathing quicken more. Another large glob of precum had leaked from his tip and was glistening on his swollen mushroom head. She kept licking, keeping an eye on the shining drop. As it was about to drip off, she decided it was time to relieve him.

Sabrina wrapped her index finger and thumb around the very base of his shaft in a tight ring. She waited until he looked into her eyes, and then sucked his purple cockhead into her hot, wet mouth, never breaking eye contact. Her tongue licked the warm precum from his cock as it nestled inside her mouth and she swallowed. He groaned loudly. Her lips sealed tightly around his head and she sucked softly and then harder, softly and then harder. He felt about to cum when she finally released him from her lips.

Her fist closed again around the middle of his shaft and lifted it to her mouth. She swirled her wet tongue around his throbbing tip and licked him like an ice cream cone. She pumped his cock again in her hand as she continued to lap at the sensitive underside of his swollen head. As he groaned again Bri sucked him a few inches into her mouth. Her tongue continued to tickle his shaft as she lowered her mouth onto him again and again. She grasped him tightly around the backs of his legs and forced his cock further and further into her mouth until her nose pressed into his pubic hair. After holding her position for several seconds, she released it from her mouth with a gasp. Kelly had just bounded through the doorway with a gun.

"Let her go!"

"It's ok, Kelly, you can put the gun down," Jill called from the floor. "We'll be out of here in a few minutes."

"But-" Kelly began.

"I made a deal with the man, and I intend to hold up my end," Sabrina said, licking him again, coating his shaft in her saliva. Kelly confusedly sat down next to Jill. Sabrina looked back to him and he fed his cock to her again.

The man pressed both hands on the back of Sabrina's head as she deepthroated him again.. After another gasp of air she began to bob her head quickly between his legs, slurping loudly as she sucked his length in and out of her mouth. He began to move his hips, thrusting into her mouth a little. She sucked hard and her tongue flicked over his cockhead as she held it between her lips.

As Sabrina felt his cock start to twitch she pulled her mouth off of him and opened it wide, allowing him a clear view of the first powerful blast of his sperm exploding onto her tongue. She jerked him vigorously as he groaned and thrusted, spraying shot after shot of hot white cum all over her tongue and lips. Her other hand rhythmically squeezed his sack as his balls pumped six jets of thick cum into her mouth. She swallowed loudly and then sucked him back into her mouth as the last weak spurts dribbled from his cock. Her hands stroked him hard and slow, milking the last drops of sperm from his balls.

Sabrina loved the taste of a man's thick load of cum squirting into her mouth just as much as she loved lapping the sweet juice from a quivering pink pussy. She really could not get enough of it. Her greedy lips sucked him dry and then bathed his deflating cock thoroughly with her tongue, licking up any remnants of cum her fingers had left there.

He stood there dazed with his limp cock hanging out of his pants long after Sabrina stood up. When he finally came back to his senses, he stuffed it back in and zipped up. Bri smiled at him, licking his jizz from her lips.

"Well," Kelly said after a moment. "Will we be needing to call the police now?"

"Nah..I don't think so, do we mister?" Jill asked.

The man shook his head and walked shakily out the door. They heard his engine start and smiled at eachother as his car rumbled off down the road.

"I guess that takes care of that," said Kelly.

"That was a nice show, Bri. Thanks for helping me out," Jill said, flashing a dazzling smile.

"I'm going to need to go home now," Kelly said, grabbing Sabrina's wrist, "and I'm definitely taking YOU with me."

"I wanna come too!" Jill pouted.

"Oh, you will," she answered with a grin.


"I didn't know your talents were so varied," Kelly said as she walked through the door and flicked on the light.

"I was married once, you know," Sabrina answered slyly.

"Sabrina, what does a man's cum taste like?" Jill asked. "Is it like a woman's?"

"Well...sort of," she answered slowly. "But it's not as sweet. It's kind of thicker, and salty usually."


"Hey," Bri said with a crooked smile, "maybe you can still taste some." She kissed Jill lightly, letting her lick the dried cum from her lips.

"Taste any?"

"A little. I like it," Jill giggled.

"Save some for me," Kelly said, pushing Jill aside and taking Sabrina's face in her hands. Bri parted her lips and allowed Kelly to suck the flavor of sperm from her tongue.

As her two best friends kissed, Jill took one of Sabrina's hands and tucked it down the front of her pants. Bri opened one eye as she realized what the sensation was. Jill was so wet! The crotch of her panties had completely soaked through. Bri kept her hand down Jill's pants and rubbed her clit through the drenched panties.

"I like it too," Kelly finally declared, breaking the kiss. Seeing Bri's hand down Jill's pants, she seized them both by the arms. "Bedroom, everyone." They undressed as they walked through the doorway to Kelly's bedroom, leaving a trail of clothes on the floor.

"I didn't realize I gave you two such a turn-on!" Sabrina remarked as Kelly stepped quickly out of her pants and began to stroke her own clit.

"Of course you did," Kelly responded breathily. "I got wet the instant I walked in and saw you on your knees in front of that guy."

"I'll say," Jill added, sitting down on the edge of the bed. "Kelly and I were both so hot, we made out in the car the whole way here."

"So that's why it was so quiet back there," Bri smirked, and knelt before Jill. She saw a dark spot on the crotch where her juices were starting to seep through. She almost gasped as Jill kicked her pants off, exposing her lacy white panties. Less white actually than translucent; she was so wet that almost all of the fabric was soaked through and her pussy lips were clearly visible. Bri hooked her fingers under the band and peeled the saturated panties from Jill's sopping wet crotch. Kelly had finished undressing and watched the process in awe. She snatched the wet panties from Bri's hands and began to suck on the crotch of the fabric, squeezing and wringing out a little of the fluid into her mouth.

Sabrina did not protest, and instead turned her attention back to the source. She licked slowly all the way from Jill's tight little asshole up to her clit, making her shiver. A pool of wonderful nectar collected on her tongue and she swallowed it eagerly. She licked and sucked Jill's cunt lips and all around her crotch where the juices had trickled to. Jill squirmed as Bri lapped up the juice from her leaking pink love hole.

Kelly, wet too long without release, tossed the drenched panties aside and hopped on the bed, straddling her face. Jill's eyes were closed and just as her mouth opened in an intense moan, Kelly lowered her pussy onto Jill's parted lips. Her eyes flew open in surprise and she began to explore Kelly's slick folds with her tongue. After a sigh of satisfaction, Kelly reached over and pulled on Sabrina's shoulder, moving her up onto the bed. She leaned sideways and buried her head between Sabrina's legs as Jill continued to tongue her.

Bri let out a deep moan, vibrating her lips on Jill's pussy. As she burrowed her tongue into Jill's velvety pussy seeking more delicious nectar, she moved her face back and forth so that her nose tickled her clit. Jill's pussy juices trickled onto her chin as she tongued her tight hole. She used her fingers to spread her labia wide apart, licking the sensitive pink flesh tenderly. Then she licked slowly and deliberately down to Jill's asshole. Jill let out a coo as Bri licked circles around her puckered little hole. Occasionally she pushed her tongue into it a little harder, but not enough to actually enter her. Bri knew she didn't like anal and was careful not to do anything Jill wasn't into. She moaned in appreciation as Sabrina delicately tongued her tight asshole.

Kelly spread her legs ever wider, feeling Jill's large blonde curls resting all over her hips and thighs. She closed her eyes tightly as Jill's talented tongue delved into her boiling depths, savoring her sweet juices. It curled and slipped inside her, making her whimper and gyrate her hips against her face. Jill held Kelly's hips with both hands as she ate her out. She enjoyed tasting Kelly's essence, as she called it; it was like wonderful liquid candy to her. She inhaled Kelly's scent deeply and continued lapping at her pussy. Jill slipped a warm finger into her tight cunt and began to search for her g-spot. Kelly continued to whimper and tangled her fingers in Jill's hair.

Bri gasped for breath as Kelly sucked hard on her clit. She tugged it in her lips and even bit it gently. Bri humped desperately against her warm mouth, holding Kelly's head with one hand and double-fingering Jill with the other. Kelly licked up the juices that dripped from her slit as she approached her climax. She licked her middle two fingers and then pushed them inside, laying her palm flat over Bri's mound. She began to vibrate her hand against her friend's slit. Sabrina moaned as Kelly's palm shook against her clit and her fingers stretched her pussy back and forth. Finally she reached down and held Kelly's hand against her pussy as she rubbed herself furiously against it. Juices trickled from her contracting pussy and ran down Kelly's fingers.

As Sabrina's moans quieted, Jill's increased; during her orgasm Bri had given her a vicious tongue fucking and it was enough to push her over the edge. Jill clamped her thighs tightly around Bri's head as she came, impaling her cunt on her outstretched tongue. Bri opened her mouth wide over Jill's slit and drank her sweet juice as it spilled from deep inside her. Jill shuddered and humped against Bri's face held tightly between her legs.

At the same time, she curled her finger inside Kelly, pressing against her g-spot. Kelly cried out and threw her head back as Jill's finger swirled in circles over the sensitive spongy area, pressing harder and harder up against it. Jill placed her other hand flat over Kelly's mound, pressing down firmly. She felt her finger rubbing through her friend's body. Kelly whimpered as she felt a pressure building inside her unlike any she had felt before. Like magic Jill drilled her finger on just the right place on Kelly's secret, most intimate spot as if she had known all her life. Kelly could take the pressure no more and finally burst. She screamed as a stream of her clear fluid squirted from between her legs in a foot-high fountain. Jill opened wide, letting Kelly's juices rain down onto her face and fill her mouth. Kelly pulled her legs even wider apart and went stiff as she screamed again, shooting her juices all over Jill's face. Jill drank it all, gulping noisily, and some of it spilled over her lips and down her neck. A final, smaller gush left Kelly drained and she went limp on the bed, breathing shakily.

Jill lapped up the juices from her legs and trembling pussy. Sabrina quickly moved over and cleaned the shining fluid from Jill's neck and breasts. She tenderly sucked a drop of Kelly's sweet nectar from each of Jill's nipples.

"Didn't know you could do that," Sabrina said, looking impressed.

"Neither did I!" Kelly panted.

"Well, isn't this going to be a fun weekend..."

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