tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCharlie's Angels: Mexico Connection

Charlie's Angels: Mexico Connection


Jill shut the door behind her. She and Sabrina paused for a moment at the top of the stairs, letting their eyes adjust to the dim light in the wine cellar. Hundreds of bottles glittered on the shelves as they walked past, searching for just one. Their eyes darted around the room, squinting at the labels hurriedly. Kelly was stalling the smugglers, providing a limited time to find what they were looking for.

"Jill!" Sabrina whispered, picking up one heavy bottle and holding it up triumphantly. "Hold this, let me see if I-"

As she handed it to Jill, the bottle slipped from her hand and shattered, leaving a mess of glass shards and white powder on the floor.

"Oh no!" Jill gasped. "What are we going to do?"

"I don't know...I'll see if I can find something to put it in," Sabrina said, walking away to look around.

Suddenly the door creaked loudly at the top of the stairs. Jill crouched down behind a barrel as she heard three sets of footsteps coming closer.

"Looking for the swimming pool, Miss Munroe?" Bartone said, locating her almost immediately. One of the other men pointed a gun at her. "You have exactly one minute before Mr. Doyle puts a bullet into that pretty head of yours."

Sabrina hid behind a row of shelves, listening closely.

"I was.. just wanted to see all the wine. I'm sorry I dropped that one, it's just that you frightened me," she added, looking down at the mess on the floor next to her. Mentally she cursed herself for failing to invent a better story.

"What a shame it is that you happened to drop this particular bottle," he responded. "It's very expensive."

"Oh I'll be happy to pay for it," she said, reaching for her purse. "How much?"

"Ten thousand dollars."

"Ten thousand dollars?" she repeated, looking up at them in disbelief.

"Do you have ten thousand dollars with you?" he asked.

Jill shook her head.

"Then we'll have to work something else out before you can leave."

"Like what?" she asked.

"Well, while you're down there," the man in the back said, stepping forward and tugging the front of his pants down. His penis hung limply in front of her. The other two chuckled.

"What! I've never even seen you before," she protested.

"Oh, where are my manners. As you know I am Mr. Bartone. This is Lee, and this is Jim. There now, this won't be quite so...impersonal." he smiled flatly, unzipping his own pants before her face.

Jill tried to stand up but Lee, the biggest and burliest of the three, placed one hand on her shoulder and settled her back down.

Hey, little do they know, she thought, I might have done this for free!

Exaggerating her reluctance, she got on her knees in front of Bartone with a sigh and took hold of his dick. She stroked it several times, feeling it start to inflate, and licked it tentatively. As her tongue worked over it, it soon stood up on its own until it was firm enough for Jill to suck it into her mouth. Slowly she eased his fat pink cock further, deepthroating him a few times before pulling away. His unattended cock wagged in the air, shining with saliva.

Jill turned to her left to find Jim's cock already fully erect. It was on the thin side and curved rather dramatically upwards, pointing towards the ceiling. She leaned in and wrapped her lips around his dick. His hands flew to the back of her head, gripping her hair tightly as her head dipped up and down. The curve caused his cockhead to rub against the back of her throat when she sucked him all the way in, making her gag a little. She eased off and sucked the first few inches, a string of precum swinging from her lip.

Looking to the side, she noted that Lee had set his gun down and was slowly masturbating while watching her blow Jim. What a great looking cock he had! Nice long, smooth shaft, no veins..

She moved over to him and opened her mouth wide like a baby bird waiting to be fed. He guided his cock into her mouth and she sucked on it eagerly, holding the base of his shaft with one hand. His smooth shaft slid easily in and out of her throat. With her other hand she cupped his balls, feeling the heavy, hairy sack rest on her palm. Precum oozed from his thick purple helmet, lubricating her lips as her head bobbed.

Sabrina peeked around the corner. Seeing that Jill was more than enough distraction, she scurried past and up the stairs.

Realizing she was spending much longer on Lee than the others, she dropped him from her mouth and moved back to service Bartone's cock. She deepthroated him, keeping his meat snugly in her throat for a few seconds, and pulled off. As she did the same to Jim, Bartone moved behind her and lifted her dress.

Jill wore no panties and her smooth pussy lips were glistening with wetness. He used one finger to slick her asshole with her juices. She made a halfhearted attempt to squirm away, but Bartone held her firmly in place. While she licked Jim's cock, he fingered her ass and then, gripping her hips tightly, forced in his fat cock. He planted his knees between hers, spreading her legs as he began to fuck her doggy style. She groaned as her tight little ass stretched to accept him. He pumped steadily into her for several minutes, pulling her hair from behind.

With Lee's assistance she stripped naked and three hands hastily groped her chest. Pushing her down onto the floor, Lee began to rub his slick cock between her breasts, pushing them together with both hands. Her fleshy mounds enveloped his cock and he slid it between them, watching his tip poke out the top and disappear back in. She opened her mouth, letting the tip of his cock slip through her lips each time it emerged from between her breasts. Lee grunted in approval. After a minute he gave up this position, looking fairly reluctant.

He moved to Jill's right side with Jim on her left. Each gripping one ankle, they spread her legs wide apart and held them firmly. Jill yelped slightly because her legs were pulled open so wide, but Bartone took it differently.

"Don't struggle, Miss Munroe. It will only be less pleasant." She cried out when his thick cock penetrated her and began to plunge in and out. As he held her wrists down and watched her face while he fucked her, she realized that he really thought he was raping her. She squealed accordingly, trying to sound reluctant. Honestly it turned her on even more.

Bartone plowed into her over and over for quite some time, pushing her whole body up and down on the floor. She watched beads of sweat collect on his forehead, sure he was about to come. Instead he removed his cock completely and moved to one side.

"Don't let her climax," he instructed. "She's the one paying us, remember."

Jim nodded and settled between her legs, picking up where Bartone left off. All three took turns using her body, slamming her cunt while the others held her legs apart, each believing they were gangraping her against her will. It turned them on even more, and they fucked her viciously. Her sore pussy was a mere object to them.

Bartone got down on the floor, laying flat with his prick sticking up in the air. He took hold of Jill's hips and pulled her over to him, guiding her tight ass down over his cock. He held her tightly down and thrust up into her. She began to ride him, but instead he pulled her back down flat on his chest.

Before she understood what was going on, Lee swung his leg around and mounted her, plunging into Jill's cunt with one smooth thrust. She moaned loudly; she was on fire and her dripping wet pussy clung to him. His hot cock felt so good inside her; its girth filled her perfectly. As he humped between her legs, he felt his cock slide past Bartone's through her thin wall.

Jill had of course been penetrated in both holes but never at the same time, and the sensation was incredible. She kept moaning as the two engorged cocks pounded in and out of her. Their bodies rubbed against hers above, below and inside.

Her moans became muffled when Jim stepped in and filled her mouth. She sucked him wildly, crazed by the thought of three cocks inside her at the same time. Pussy juice coated both cocks buried between her legs and trickled down to the floor.

Then both pulled out and switched sides; Lee fed her his cock which she accepted eagerly. After licking her fluids off his shaft, she held his cockhead between her lips and flicked it rapidly with her tongue. Jim took his place and began to fuck her, his thin cock slipping easily between her sopping pussy lips. The tip of his curved meat pressed up against her slick wall, rubbing her g-spot. Her breath came in short gasps, egged on by Lee's cock filling her throat every now and then. As she was on the verge of a climax, Jim stopped and traded places with Lee again.

Bartone's chest heaved beneath her. He rolled his hips on the floor, thrusting continuously but not making much progress in the tight space. It didn't matter to Jill, she just loved feeling a thick cock buried up her ass. She reached further between her legs, feeling his balls and trailing her fingertips up his shaft to where it met her own body. Every inch of flesh she touched was slippery with her warm juices. Feeling her fingers on his shaft, he silently unleashed his seed deep inside her. She felt the warm liquid flood her ass, coating her insides and trickling down. His cock stayed plugged in her ass, keeping the bulk of his cum from adding to the small puddle on the floor beneath them.

Jim held his cock in front of her face. It glistened with her cunt juice and she eagerly sucked it off. Not wanting to gag any more, she lowered her head between his legs. He stroked his own shaft, holding it vertically against his belly while she licked his balls from underneath.

Lee pistoned into her boiling cunt, holding onto her breasts with both hands. She had calmed down since Jim stopped fucking her, but her orgasm was rebuilding rapidly. After only a few minutes they were both about to come again and sensing this, he pulled out. He smiled to himself, seeing that Jill was clearly very frustrated.

Jim forced her legs further apart pushed his cock into her. Again his curved tip grazed her g-spot as he pumped in and out. He thrust harder, ramming her so fast that his cock slipped out and slid up against her clit for three strokes before he noticed. He reached down and repositioned himself, sliding all the way back in.

"Ohhhh fuck yeah!" Jim howled. His cock exploded inside her, pumping her womb full of his cum.

Jill moaned, feeling her cunt filled with hot cream and she could hear it slosh and squish as he kept fucking her. As soon as her cunt begin to clench also, he yanked out of her with a wet pop. She screamed out in frustration, and a tear streaked down her face. Strands of her blonde curls stuck to her sweaty forehead. She was so close!

Jim stood and pulled her up off of Bartone, who also got back onto his feet. She was now faced with two semi-limp cocks, each dripping with milky white semen. Taking one in each hand, she funneled both their soft cockheads into her mouth, trying to suck them off at the same time. Putting them end to end, she ran her tongue from Jim's balls to his cockhead, over to Bartone's cockhead and his balls. She licked and sucked their cocks like a giant harmonica, sliding her head back and forth. When they were too limp for this she turned her attention to each individually, licking them completely clean, swallowing the delicious mixture of sperm and pussy juice.

Lee pushed them both aside, gripped Jill tightly by the hair and began to fuck her throat. He grunted with effort and approval as his cock drove deep inside her mouth. With a final plunge, his strong hands held the back of her head tightly against his crotch, with his cock all the way in. Her lips stretched wide, pressing up against his balls as he blew his load straight down her throat. She tried to turn her head away, feigning reluctance. He forced his cock back into her mouth and drained his balls onto her tongue, jerking himself with one hand.

"Yeah," he said through gritted teeth,"swallow my cum, you little whore." Jill did as she was told, secretly enjoying herself as she gulped down the salty, gooey treat she had worked for. His orgasm lasted several squirts longer than she expected, much to her delight. Finally he released her and she tumbled backwards. Having finished, he put his cock back in his pants and stepped back.

"Quite satisfactory, Miss Munroe," Bartone said. "You are free to go."

The three men excused themselves and climbed back up the stairs. The door opened and shut at the top and she was left in silence. She lay shaking, flushed and panting on the cold cellar floor with semen dripping from both her holes. Her heart raced. Desperate for release, she reached down and began to rub her clit.

After a moment she heard the door creak again, only this time it was Sabrina that came down the stairs.

"Jill! Are you ok?" she asked, kneeling next to her on the floor.

She nodded weakly. Sabrina looked at the cum drizzling out of her, and her fingers flying over her clit.

"Didn't you come?" she whispered.

Jill shook her head.

"Well then, I owe you one," she said, lowering her head between Jill's legs.

Sabrina's gentle tongue was a welcome new sensation on her ravaged cunt. Jill moaned as she sucked softly on her throbbing clit. It didn't take much. Finally having gotten the attention she needed, her orgasm re-approached quickly. After getting cut short several times, it built up so much that when it finally struck her she was helpless against its force. Her entire body flailed and spasmed, her hips bucking violently against Sabrina's face. Deep moans and gasps escaped her mouth.

Her convulsing pussy released a gush of fluid, pushing out the plug of thick sperm before it. Sabrina thoroughly enjoyed herself as she ate up this unexpected creampie, sealing her lips over her pussy. She swallowed continuously as she sucked more and more cream from between Jill's legs.

Next, she licked the semen from Jill's asshole. Her tongue burrowed inside, flicking and slurping, and at the same time she stroked Jill's clit lightly with one finger, giving her a second orgasm and not stopping until she was licked completely clean. Jill rested exhaustedly on the floor until Sabrina helped her sit up.

"Hey," Jill panted, "that's ten thousand dollar sperm in your mouth, let me have some."

"Wow, that makes thirty thousand dollars worth of bodily fluids I've swallowed today!" Sabrina whispered. Jill looked back at her questioningly.

"Kelly got caught doing a little investigating upstairs," she said, leaning in with a smile and kissing Jill's wet lips.

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