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Charlie's Summer Cabin


None of this is true, not one damn word. But I wish it were.


After a couple of years of wandering the world looking for direction, I found myself planning on spending a long summer at my parents cabin in the mountains. I wanted some company, so I had invited a friend of mine, Eva, to join me for the summer. We had been close friends all through grade school. Her family moved away over ten years ago, but all through high school and the years after trying to find myself, we had kept in touch through email and phone calls. She hadn't found herself yet either, so a summer in the mountains with few distractions seemed just the thing. At the last minute, she asked if she could bring a couple of friends. I told her that was fine; I was looking forward to a quiet summer, but would enjoy a little diverse companionship.

I had gone to the cabin a week earlier to get it ready for the summer. It was early May. The nights were still cold, and it took several hours for the clear mountain air to warm up after the sun rose each morning, but the location was beyond perfect. The cabin sits on a couple hundred acres of isolated land in the high mountains. There are no other cabins or campsites for several miles in any direction, so it's common to go weeks without seeing anyone.

A small lake is off the front porch, and forest surrounds the house. Across the lake are some granite mountains. The view is absolutely spectacular and unspoiled.

The cabin is an open, two-storied building, with a huge common room, kitchen and master bedroom on the main floor. A staircase along one side of the common room leads to a landing and two smaller bedrooms looking out the back of the upper floor towards the woods. The front of the cabin is mostly high windows looking out at the lake, mountains and azure sky. It is the most calming and welcoming place I know.

For several days, I cleaned the cabin, chopped firewood, washed windows and generally got the place ready for the summer. .Despite the isolation, the cabin had some of the modern conveniences. A silent generator out back provided electric lighting and refrigeration. A pump and septic system provided running water. Cooking was done on the most awesome wood-fired stove. It was over a hundred years old, but with some careful experimentation, it could bake perfect bread or broil a t-bone or fry eggs.

After working most of the day, I would go for a quick swim in the lake followed by a soak in what the family called "the hot tub." The hot tub was a small pond a short distance from the cabin. A small mineral hot spring flowed into a pond and then into the lake. The distance from the spring to the pond was just right, so you could soak in the warm waters of the pond without scalding.

We enjoyed the pond so much that some years before, my dad and uncles had altered the flow of the water out of the spring for the summer and built a small tiled hot tub and large concrete patio right where the pond was. The tub was large enough for twenty people or so and had places to sit. The water was hot enough that plants wouldn't grow in the water and fish or other crawly things stayed away. A little scrubbing around the edge and it was ready for the summer.

On the day Eva was to arrive, I headed to the airport full of youthful excitement. My good friend, whom I had not seen in years, was coming to spend time with me. I was anxious to share my beautiful cabin and woods with her. I looked forward to fishing, hiking, swimming and relaxing together. As it turned out, we would do all those things and have a great time with each of them. But the summer held many more activities and surprises than I anticipated when I walked into the terminal.


I checked the monitors and found her plane had already landed. I walked the short distance to baggage claim and spotted her immediately in the crowd. Despite not seeing her for over ten years, I knew instinctively who she was. I looked at her in awe for just a few seconds before she spotted me and her entire being visibly filled with joy. My young friend had turned into a beautiful young woman. She came running over to me and gave me a crushing hug. We wrapped each other up in our joy. We hugged tightly for a few moments and said, "hi" in each other's ears. There was nothing more to say in those moments. Our mutual happiness at being together was more than enough, and no words were needed to express how we felt.

She introduced me to Jenn and Ryan, her two friends. Ryan was tall and slender and quiet. Jenn was petite and very sure of herself. We gathered their bags and headed back into the mountains.

When we got to the cabin, they were all in awe at the quiet splendor of the surroundings. "This is going to be a great summer," Eva said. Everyone agreed.

We spent the next few days relaxing into a rhythm and getting to know each other. Right from the start, everyone got along great. We often got each other to laugh with jokes or stories or little practical jokes. In the evenings, we would sit by the fireplace in the great room, watching the sun go down, drinking wine and talking about whatever. As the nights wore on, we often ended up draped over one another giving foot rubs or backrubs and falling asleep with someone's head in someone's lap.

Just when it seemed everyone was going to fall asleep for the night, someone, usually Jenn, would declare, "that's it!" and herd everyone off to their bedrooms. We all bitched about it, but getting a good night sleep in a bed in the mountains meant we always woke up refreshed and ready for the next day.

When I got into my room, which was the master, I would light a fire to keep away the cold until I fell asleep. Each night, I would lie on my back, watching the fire slowly go down until there were hardly any flames and drift off to sleep. One night, after Jenn had surprised us a little by breaking up the party a little earlier than usual, there was a quiet knock on my door.

"Come in," I said, a little curious and surprised.

The door opened, and in the darkness and shadows, I could not clearly make out who it was. She approached the bed, and as she came up next to me, I realized it was Jenn.

"I'm cold. You have the fire. Can I join you?"

"Sure." There was no hesitation. "I sleep naked," I warned. I pulled the covers back on the open side of the bed. She didn't say anything. She just pulled her long flannel nightgown off over her head and my eyes widened in surprise as I realized she, too, was completely naked.

"So do I and we aren't sleeping just yet." Despite the chill, she stood there a moment, giving me a full view of her beautiful smooth body. I watched with sudden anticipation as she stretched out her torso and pulled her hair back into a pony tail and then climbed in next to me.

She pulled the comforter up to her cheek and brought her body in next to mine. She was everything at once; smooth, athletic, soft, feminine, and sexy. I willed my skin to react to hers, to feel her, to connect. She laid her head on my shoulder and her hand on my chest. We laid there a moment, getting used to being with each other, no clothes between us, but even given the suddenness of the moment, it was not uncomfortable or awkward.

She moved her hand down my stomach to my smooth crotch, feeling my cock begin to grow in arousal. She paused a moment, feeling the silky skin of my crotch, reacting with happy surprise. I moved my hand from her shoulder to her firm little ass and squeezed. I wanted whatever was about to happen to happen.

She moved over me and began teasing my nipples very lightly with her tongue. After tending to one, then the other, she moved slowly down, pausing here and there for a little kiss or lick and eventually began hovering over my cock, blowing little puffs of air gently on to it. She wrapped her hand firmly around the base, her palm on my balls, and pointed my cock straight in the air.

"I love your smooth skin," she said. "It's...soft and hard at the same time." And with that, she began licking up and down from the tip to the soft underside of my balls. Her mouth opened more with each pass. She was sucking, blowing, licking, moving all over. I was in heaven. This was a blowjob like I had never gotten.

As she moved up and down, she grabbed behind each of my knees and spread my legs wide. She took one ball in her mouth, rolling it gently from side to side, then tried to take both of them, but couldn't. As she was doing this, her hand stayed at the tip of my cock, rolling around and around, covering her fingers with pre-cum. She would squeeze, almost as if she was trying to draw more out of me. She continued to work the soft flesh between my legs and balls with her mouth until her fingers were coated, and then, almost before I knew it, she was rimming me. This was a new feeling and I was out of my mind.

She circled my anus with her tongue, and then began licking directly on my ass. She took her hand away from my cock and I realized why she had been so carefully covering her fingers with pre-cum. She was going to finger fuck me with my own lubricant! This was a new form of physical intimacy, and yet, despite only knowing her a few days, I felt completely comfortable and relaxed. I willed her to fuck me as she slipped two fingers deep into my ass. My cock responded by becoming even harder.

She began sliding her fingers back and forth, and then in a deft move, took my cock into her mouth and began suck with a new vigor. She wanted to take it all in, and as she moved her head up and down on it, began taking it deeper and deeper. I was amazed by how much of it she was able to take. I watched for a moment in awe, then laid my head back and enjoyed the sensations of being finger-fucked and blown at the same time.

She slowly withdrew her fingers and mouth and came up next to my ear. "I want you to fuck me. I want you to fuck my pussy and my ass."

"I want that, too." I responded, not believing how open Jenn was or how open I felt with her. No girl I had ever been with had been so direct about what we were going to do.

She sat straight up and straddled me, taking my swollen cock with one hand and positioning herself over it. She dropped slowly down until the tip was just pressing at the opening to her shaved pussy. She moved her hand away and I could feel her wetness and heat through the tip of my cock.

"Do you want this?" she asked.

I responded by thrusting up off the bed and plunging deep into her.

"Oh, God." she moaned and dropped down onto me, filling her completely. She leaned forward, a little overcome by the sudden penetration. We began thrusting and moving with determination, reveling in the sensation of being intimately joined. Her body was tight and athletic, and her pussy felt the same way. The walls of her vagina flexed and relaxed on their own tempo that added to the ecstasy. She moved up and down and around in ways that were mind blowing. I had never had a lay like this, especially for a first time with someone. She leaned forward, taking both my wrists in one hand and pressing them against the pillow, keeping my movements confined to the thrusting I was enjoying more and more. With her other hand, she reached behind us and began fingering my ass again. It was almost too much.

"I'm going to cum, but I need you to hold it in a little longer." It was a whisper and a command at the same time. I was happy to oblige.

Her movements slowed. She began carefully rising up until I was almost out, then dropping down as hard as she could. She would stop there for a moment, feeling the twitching of my cock and the flexing of her vagina, then do it all over again. She stretched out her orgasm as long as she could, and then, almost regretfully, lifted herself completely off my cock.

She again took control of the situation. She smacked me lightly on the hip, telling me to get over, and then took my space. She laid down on her stomach, and then brought her ass up in the air, her legs spread wide. With one hand, she began rubbing her pussy, getting her fingers soaked. She worked her hand up between her ass cheeks and began finger-fucking her ass. I kneeled behind her and added my hands and fingers to hers. I was enjoying fingering her when she said, "Fuck me now."

Who was I to argue? My cock was still rock hard, dripping pre-cum like crazy. I moved her hands out of the way and began sliding the slick head of my cock up and down between the cheeks of her ass.

"Fuck me NOW!" she insisted.

I hadn't realized that she was so intent on getting on with things, but I couldn't stand the anticipation much longer either. I planted my cock against the rim of her ass and pressed in hard. She pushed back at the same time, and just like before, she was suddenly completely impaled on my cock. It was a new sensation and all I could do to keep from having an orgasm right then.

Jenn reached her hand up and began rubbing my balls against her pussy.

"Small strokes," she said. We began moving only a little, but quickly. All my thoughts were focused on my cock, my ass, my balls, and this intense woman I found myself with. Her body from every angle emanated sex. I watched in fascination as my cock continued to thrust in and out of her ass.

I couldn't contain myself to small strokes any more. I began to pound her deeper and harder, and she responded by pushing against me as hard as she could. As I felt the cum begin to explode out of me, I pressed my cock into her as deep as I could. We came together, both of our bodies pumping passion into the other. It was a bliss I had never known and didn't want it to end.

Eventually, we caught our breath and fell back onto the bed in each other's arms. We were both totally content and comfortable and fell into a warm sleep even as the fire slowly died down.


The next morning I awoke on my stomach with Jenn draped partially over my side. I could feel her firm breasts in my back and her pussy against my bare ass. I rolled gently out of bed trying not to wake her. She half-woke anyway and rolled onto her back. The sheets and comforter fell away, and in the early morning light, I got my first full view of my new lover. I could not believe my spectacular good luck.

Over the next few days, Jenn came to me each night. She would knock quietly and then come in. Each night, she wore something different. I particularly enjoyed the night she showed up in a black lacy thong and low-cut bra. But each night, the clothes would come off and we would fall into each other, exploring our bodies in new and exciting ways.

She took control each night, gently giving instructions or coaching me in certain ways. Sometimes she would ask what I wanted to do and then coach me on how to do it. I didn't mind her giving instructions. I liked having a partner who was willing to try anything and was very clear about what she wanted to do. We brought each other to climax time and again. I came on her firm chest, in her ass, her mouth and her pussy. She came on my balls, my face, my chest, and on many occasions, my cock. We rode in harmony with each other and often climaxed at the same time.

One night, she climbed off me right after I had climaxed in her pussy. She quickly moved up and straddled my face. I loved playing with her pussy with my lips and tongue, but it had always been as foreplay. Without thinking about it, I began licking at her and realized that I was tasting my own semen. The combination of her sweet taste and my semen was surprisingly arousing, and I devoured her with a new passion. She came almost immediately, coating my face even more with our juices. After that, she would kiss me deeply after I came in her mouth, or coat her fingers with our juices after we came together and we would suck on them together.

I realized one night as I watched her sleep that there wasn't anything we hadn't shared together or done together sexually. I felt completely at ease with her. She was obviously aroused by me, and just the thought of her and what we would do next would stir my cock.

Despite the intensity of our sex, the nature of our relationship stayed confined to the bedroom. We would spend our days doing whatever came to mind around the cabin. The four of us would do things together or in pairs and Jenn and I didn't pay particular attention to each other. It was an unspoken agreement that we would just be friends during the day.

After a week or so, I smiled as I heard the now familiar quiet knock at the door. Jenn didn't wait for my answer anymore, she just came quietly into the room. But tonight she had a surprise.

"I've brought someone with me for us to share."

I expected to see Eva, and wasn't completely sure how I would react, but instead Ryan stepped into the light of the fireplace. Jenn continued to surprise me by the way she directed our relationship. Ryan looked a little timid as he stood there in a pair of long, loose shorts. He had always been something of an enigma since his arrival at the cabin. He was quiet, but very attentive to any activity around him. He was always eager to jump in and lend a hand, especially on the chores that were especially physical like splitting wood or clearing away undergrowth. His naturally lean physique had seemed to respond to the hard work, good food and fresh air.

I had to admit that I had stolen a few glances at him climbing out of the hot tub or going for a swim. I attributed them to a healthy respect for a beautiful body without concern for gender, but as he stood there quietly smoldering in the light of the fire, I couldn't help but wonder if there wasn't something more to it; something I had been afraid to admit even to myself.

Even though I felt a deep-seated curiosity, I felt compelled to protest. "Jenn, I'm not..." I couldn't even finish my sentence.

"C'mon, Charlie, admit it," she interrupted. "You like things being stuffed up your ass. Don't worry, he'll be gentle...sort of."

I thought about the situation and the possibilities and decided if I was going to share my bed with another man, it might as well in this time and place with these people. But I had no idea what to expect or do. As usual, Jenn took charge.

"Lay back, Charlie. Just relax." She lifted off her the extra long t-shirt she was wearing and pulled the covers off me, knowing I would be naked for her visit.

"Isn't he gorgeous?" she asked Ryan. "Just watch for a moment." He was already looking me over and I had the distinct feeling that I wasn't the only one who had been stealing furtive glances over the past couple of weeks.

Jenn climbed into bed. She gave me a deep kiss and whispered in my ear, "I know you are going to enjoy what is going to happen. When we are done, you can do anything to me that you want. Anything." I grinned at her offer but had to admit there wasn't much I wanted to do with her that we hadn't already done. I would try to come up with something.

She began lightly kissing and rubbing different parts of me, talking about them to Ryan. "Look at these powerful shoulders," she would say to him as she kissed them. "And these arms." Kiss. "And don't you love his chest, all tan?" kissing one nipple. "And smooth?" kissing the other nipple. "And hard?" gently licking between my chest muscles. "My favorite is his abs. Well, that's not my favorite, but I do love them. They are so tight and smooth. But when I get here," she stopped for a moment just below my navel, "I'm torn. Do I stay here, on these gorgeous abs, or do I move down to the real prize?"

I watched Ryan as she explored my body. She was getting him aroused without him doing a thing. He was fixated on what she was saying and watching her intently, but he would steal glances at my slowly hardening cock as she moved from one region to the next. As she moved down, the feeling of openness and uninhibited arousal that I experienced the past few nights with Jenn slowly took over. I didn't know if it was the sound of her voice, her sure but gentle touch, or the feeling of her hands and breasts and mouth moving against my skin that caused me to live in the moment, but I was.

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