Charly Ch. 03

byPandoras Desire©

The "Charly" series is written about country musician Charly McClain. Some facts are true, and some are purely my imagination. You, the reader, just have to decide which is true and which isn't. Ms. McClain is a very beautiful and talented musician. No harm was intended towards her in anyway.


Last time we met up with Charly, she was in the studio recording her "Paradise" album for Epic Records. She laid down the song "Paradise Tonight," with fellow musician and night club owner, Mickey Gilley. Tomorrow Charly will be laying down the tracks in the studio for the rest of the album. But tonight is a hot Memphis Night.

"Meet me in the middle of the bed," said Charly. As she ran upstairs towards their bedroom, with Wayne trailing on her heels.

A song off Charly's new album, "Meet Me In The Middle Of The Bed" is about a couple who have had a fight, and their bed isn't big enough for two stubborn hearts. So they meet in the middle of the bed, and settle their differences. And the makin' up is the fun part, so, Charly went for the jugular.

Before they could even get their cloths off, their hands were all over each other. As Charly was running her hands through Wayne's dark hair, she was kissing him very deeply. Allowing him her tongue, which he eagerly sucked on. They played like that for the longest time, before Wayne's hands roamed Charly's magnificent shapely body. They kissed one more time before Wayne started to take off Charly's sweater. Charly lifted her arms above her head, and the sweater was off. Wayne cupped her breasts, and then reached up and took her bra straps off each of her shoulders. Charly started undoing Wayne's shirt, one button at a time, before finally having each one undone. She placed her hands around his neck and down his arms, she took off his shirt, she tossed it aside. Kissing him again, and roaming her hands over Wayne's body. His torso, then further down, her hands roamed, and then she says, "hmmm, what do we have here, big boy?" With that, Wayne took his hands and cupped Charly's breasts again, and took off her bra. Then rubbing his thumbs across Charly's already hardened nipples, then bending his head and caressing one with his tongue before devouring it, like a hungry child.

He then switched to her other nipple, as she threaded her long fingers through Wayne's dark hair. He then traveled his kisses further down Charly's torso, laving her belly button. Charly's long fingers still threading Wayne's dark hair. Wayne then took his kisses further down Charly's lean torso, and down each leg and then back up to Charly's dark forest. Just as Wayne started working Charly's dark forest.. Charly speaks up and says, "nice try big boy, but we've already gone that route once today. Now it's my turn." And then she shoved Wayne down on the bed. As he laid there, Charly fell right beside him, and put her arms around him and laid a kiss so deep on him, that he felt it through his whole body. Like the electricity they felt backstage when they first met that night after Charly's concert. Then while kissing him, Charly let her one hand hang around Wayne's neck, while the other explored his body, finally resting her hand on his midsection. Which stood full attention at her touch. Charly's hand moved up and down, bringing him closer and closer, before she broke the kiss and went down on him, full throttle. Paying extra special attention to it's head. Just as Wayne started to moan a few words. Charly stopped. Wayne says, "my God woman, why'd you stop? That was great."

"I want you inside me," said Charly. "I need you," she continued.

Wayne reached up and cupped Charly's face, and gave her an explosive kiss. Letting her suck on his tongue for a few minutes, before placing himself at Charly's entry. He then entered Charly's dark forest, letting her get used to him inside her. When she was finally used to him he then started to thrust inside Charly. Then he would stop completely. Making Charly beg for him to continue.

"Quit teasing me, you big hunk of a man you," she said.

"Finish me off," she continued.

And with that Wayne finished her off all right. He came inside Charly harder than he ever came in his entire life. When Wayne was finally done, he pulled himself out of Charly and kissed her deeply again. Charly kissed him in return, but could barely move as she was so spent from their evenings events. Wayne reached down to the end of the bed, and pulled the covers up part way, then capturing Charly in his arms. She then nestled herself in the crook of his arms, and then placed her hand across his broad chest. Carefully Wayne pulled the covers up over his body, and over Charly's shoulder. Soon they fell fast asleep.

The next day, Charly awoke before Wayne, and decided to take a shower. When almost finished, Charly was startled by the shower curtain opening. It was Wayne. "Hey gorgeous," he said.

"Come on Wayne, we haven't got time. We need to be in the studio by 9 am and it's almost 8:15.

Charly then did the unthinkable, she turned the faucet all the way to cold, then got out of the shower and grabbed a towel, before running to the bedroom. Drying off and getting dressed, leaving Wayne to deal with a cold shower.

Once dressed, Charly grabbed her purse, and headed downstairs and into the kitchen. Once there she went to the refrigerator opened it, and grabbed a huge bottled water to take with her to the studio. Charly would have opted for a nice down home cooked breakfast with Wayne. But as any typical musician knows, if you are going to sing, you can't sing on a full stomach. It just isn't possible. Wayne, hearing Charly in the kitchen, finally appeared. He walked over to Charly who had a sly mischievous grin on her face. Wayne grabbed Charly and planted a huge kiss on her blush colored lips. Charly breaks their kiss and says, "Wayne, want another cold shower?"

"Not particularly," Wayne said. Then Wayne paraded his arm like Vanna White at the letter board, ushering Charly out of the kitchen, and down the hall to the foyer and out the front door. Once outside they reached their car, Charly in the passenger seat and Wayne in the drivers seat. Once they got their seat belts on, Wayne down the road to the freeway. Charly turned on the cassette player to listen to the songs that were gonna be on her new album. Just a dry run before she got into the studio that morning.

About 30 minutes later, they arrived at the studio. Charly and Wayne got out of their car, and headed inside. Charly says, "I'm gonna hit the bathroom before I go in."

Wayne says, "OK."

Once inside, Charly found the bathroom. And Wayne went into he studio sound booth, and greeted everyone with a handshake. As he says, "Charly will be here in a moment." And almost right on cue she appeared with a warm smile upon her face. The musicians all gave Charly a hug. Which she readily accepted. Charly then said, "all right, shall we get down to business?"

And with that, everyone started heading out of the booth and went next door and got their instruments all set. Charly placed her headset on, waiting for the men to strap on their guitars. Once everyone was in place, they heard Wayne's voice came over the PA, and said, "everyone ready?"

"Yup," replied Charly. And with that, Charly and her musicians heard the into to the first song on the new album. "I'll Meet You In The Middle Of The Bed." With that, Charly said, "Stop, please, stop for a sec." She couldn't contain her laughter. Thinking about when she said that to Wayne the night before. When Charly finally gained her composure, she says, "OK, all ready now." And the song intro. began in their headsets again. Right on cue, Charly chimed in with her beautiful voice. The song finished, and Wayne played it back for everyone. They decided it was a keeper. They decided to go onto the next one. Which was, "This Hearts For You." And so on and so on it went like that in the recording studio all day and part of the night. By 8 PM. They were finally finished. Wayne says, "That's a rap guys." Charly and the rest of the guys took their headsets off. Charly got up from the stool she was sitting on, and placed her headset on it. Then Charly and the other musicians struck up a conversation. Wayne had apparently tidied up in the booth then appeared in the studio. Greeting Charly with a hungry kiss upon her beautiful soft pink painted lips.

Charly and Wayne thanked everyone for such a good job. Then they all headed out of the studio and down the hall, out the door, and to their cars. Most of them headed home, with some of them stopping off at a club or eatery to find some fine dining. "That sounds like a good idea," said Charly.

"What does?" said Wayne.

"Getting something to eat," replied Charly. "I'm famished," she continued.

"I've got better plans, than eating," said Wayne.

"Oh Wayne, you can have me anytime, you big hunk of a man you. But I'm hungry."

"OK, OK," said Wayne. "But when we get home, you're all mine," he continued.

Charly blushed, and got into their car. They drove off into the Memphis sunset, searching for a place to satisfy Charly's hunger.

Look for the next Chapter in the "Charly" series. "Memphis Belle."

You'll find Charly decked out like the Belle of the ball, at the CMAs.


I have enjoyed writing the "Charly" series. As well as growing up and listing to Charly McClain's beautiful voice. No harm was intended towards her in any way.

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