Charly Ch. 05

byPandoras Desire©

As Wayne entered the house, he dropped the mail onto the table by the door, and went down the hall to the kitchen and saw Charly in her black and white sweat suit, not with pants, but with shorts. Shorts that were barely covering Charly's curvaceous posterior. She was standing at the counter making lunch for the both of them. Wayne went to the counter, and placed his strong, broad hands on Charly's shoulders, then ran his hands down her arms then encircled her in his arms, Charly leaned her head against his broad chest as she tried to finish making lunch. But Wayne turned her around in his arms and then lifted her head and stared into her beautiful brown eyes, then bent his head down, and kissed her passionately and luxuriously. He then drew back slightly and sucked her lower lip as he kissed her again.
Familiar with his wants and needs Charly rested her hips against Wayne's midsection, then breaks the kiss and says, "what's this big boy? Hmm?" Wayne really didn't need any encouragement he was already dancing like the American flag. Pushing against the fabric of his jeans. They didn't need to say what each other wanted, needed, the electricity was flowing through the air like an electrical storm. He picked up Charly in his arms and walked out of the kitchen and into the living room. He then laid Charly down on the couch, then grabbed a blanket a placed it on the floor, in front of the fireplace, then got some pillows off the other end of the couch, and placed them onto the blanket. He then picked up Charly and laid her down on the blanket. Wayne then drew her closer to him. Taking his hands and placing them upon her shoulders, and his lips upon hers, again sucking her lower lip as they kissed.
Wayne then let his hands slide down Charly's arms again, then his hands then went straight for the middle of her top, and found the zipper on Charly's sweat suit. Wayne began pulling it down, his mouth still crushed against hers. After he pulled the zipper on her top down, his hands went to her shoulders again, and slowly he pushed the top down her arms, revealing her bra covered breasts. Charly gave Wayne her tongue to suck on, which he did. And then he the same. Wayne then lowered Charly's bra straps down her arms, revealing the tops of her still covered breasts. He then kissed her mouth one more time, then traveling his kisses to her neck and her ears. While he was kissing her ear, he finally managed to get Charly's bra off of her. His hands roaming her torso, massaging her already hard nipples. Charly's voice maybe powerful when she sings, but when she's makin' love her voice is so soft because she let out a soft moan as Wayne bent his head and took one of her hardened nipples into his mouth. Laving and bathing it with his tongue. Charly then clasped her hands onto the back of Wayne's head, and pushed him closer to her. She then leaned her head back, to enjoy his ministrations. Mewling like a baby kitten, in her Memphis drawl. Charly's hands ran through Wayne's hair, still pulling him ever so close to her bare breasts. His lips clutched to her nipple, one then the other. Wayne then stopped suckling her bare breasts, and leaned himself up enough for Charly to start undoing his jeans. He then kissed her again, sucking each others tongues as they kissed. Charly finally had his jeans undone. Wayne then broke their kiss, Charly gave another moan, this time in protest. Wayne jumped to his feet and got rid of his shirt and jeans, and his boxers. Charly then arched her curvaceous posterior into the air, enough to remove her shorts. She then reached her hands up and gently tugged him between his legs. Wayne knew all to well what Charly was after. Charly then speaks up and says, "make love to me big boy, give it to me 'sweet and easy, soft and slow.'" Wayne got back down onto the floor next to his wife, and kissed her sweet blush lips. Charlys hands roaming Wayne's broad chest, her fingers curled into his hair, slightly pulling. Then Charly says, "Surround me with your love, big boy."
Wayne then kissed his wife fervently upon her lips. He sucked, and nipped her lower lip, then probing his tongue which collided with hers in her mouth. His hands roaming her chest, as her fingers threded his dark brown hair. Wayne then placed his hand between each of her bare breasts and felt her heartbeat. Which was beating wildly, and passionately. He then cupped one of her bare breasts, then bent his head down and wildly sucked a nipple into his mouth. Nipping, sucking, bathing, and repeating this process over and over again. His tongue caressing her aureole before settling his tongue underneath her nipple and began sucking again.
Charly tilted her head back, her beautiful dark brown eyes closed, her lips slightly parted, and between Wayne's gentle sucking motion, and the rise and fall of her sweet breasts, you could hear each breath. Her one hand reaching up holding Wayne's head to her breast, and the other lain at her side. He then switched to the other breast, and began nipping, sucking and bathing it. Before settling his tongue underneath her hardened nipple, and began sucking again. Wayne then stopped sucking her nipple, and cradled her neck with his hands, which brought Charly back to the moment at hand. He then kissed her beautiful sweet blush colored lips, their tongues clashing wildly together.
Wayne then broke the kiss and pulled his wife towards him, his long leg then parted her leg giving him access to her darkness. Wayne then kissed Charly as he eased himself inside her. Kissing her until he could feel her getting used to him. Wayne was buried deep within the depths of her darkness, as he began to thrust in and out, slowly at first. Then as their passion grew for each other, his thrusts became more and more common. Wayne then cradled Charly in his arms as he continued to thrust in and out of her darkness, then he rolled Charly atop him, her breasts crushed against his dark haired chest. Charly then began to kiss him with her sweet blush colored lips. Adding her tongue into the mix, which Wayne readily accepted. They stayed like that for what seemed like hours. But it was only actually minutes, before Wayne rolled Charly underneath him again, not missing a beat he continued to thrust deep within her, as Charly began to mewl like a kitten again, in her Memphis drawl.
Wayne continued to thrust deeper into Charly's darkness, a little harder than before, Charly mewled like a kitten again, letting Wayne know he was satisfying her every want and need. Wayne continued to kiss Charly's beautiful sweet blush colored lips, taking her lower lip into his mouth, and gently sucking it. Charly then took her hands and then threaded them through his dark brown hair. Then roamed her hands down across his back, pushing him further into her. Then Charly breaks the kiss and says, "whisper to me sweet and low, whisper to me soft and slow." Wayne then obliges his wife, and whispers some sweet nothings into her ear. Which were so sexy, that Charly began to mewl like a baby kitten again. Between each of Wayne's thrusts into her darkness, and her hips meeting those thrusts, and Wayne's sweet nothings whispered into her ear, little earthquakes of orgasm sweetly washed over her. Not once, not twice, but three times. On her third orgasm, Wayne finally erupted inside her. This time they orgasmed together. Once the orgasms were awashed over their sweet bodies, they began to kiss and fondle each others bodies again. Then Charly speaks up and says, "Baby you're the greatest thing that's happened to me, I love you big boy."
And you're the greatest thing that's happened to me, Charly Belle, I love you!.
"Let's stay here for a while, your love is all that matters to me, I want to be in your arms forever," Charly said.
Wayne says, "that's an long time, but honey, I'm sure happy you think that way!" Charly then reached up and grabbed a blanket off the couch and began to cover her and Wayne with it. Then after they were covered with the blanket, Charly finally snuggled into the crook of his arm, with her head laying on his broad chest, and her arm draped around him. So between the fire in the fire place, and the blanket and Wayne's arms around her, Charly knew that she was so loved, and that she was in love, for the rest of her life. So she entwined her legs around his, and fell fast asleep.
Charly and Wayne slept through the night. They missed lunch. In fact, the lunch that Charly was preparing for them was still out on the counter, and they missed dinner. But neither one of them seemed to care. Their hunger for each other was all they needed. They were in love, are still in love.
By morning, Wayne was already awake, his darling Charly belle, was still wrapped in his arms, so content and sound asleep. So he just laid there caressing her beautiful face with his strong hand. Which to his surprise, Charly turned in his arms, and slowly woke up. Readjusting herself, then looked up at Wayne with a big smile on her face, she then took her hands and cupped his face, and then laid a huge kiss upon his lips, giving him her tongue to suck on, which he readily accepted.
Wayne then ended the kiss, and said, "kissing me so fervently like that this early in the morning, is a nice welcoming, and the start of a beautiful day! I love you Charly Belle," said Wayne.
"And I love you too Wayne Massey.
"I'm gonna go take a shower," said Wayne.
"Okay," said Charly, taking her arm from around Waynes broad chest., and letting it drop to her side. As Wayne pulled the covers off himself, he placed them back down over Charly, then leaned down and kissed her again on her blush colored lips. He then got up, and it was then that Charly realized one of the reasons she loved her 'big boy'. He was completely nude, and lookin' mighty fine from where Charly was laying covered in blankets on the floor. Wayne then bounded up the stairs, to take a shower, and Charly laid there a few minutes more, stretching herself, on the blankets. She then decided that she would go up stairs herself. So out from under the covers she came, completely nude herself, and went up the stairs, where she heard the water running in the shower, so she entered. Wayne heard the door open, so he opened the shower curtain, and beckoned Charly to join him. Charly then says, "I'd be delighted to big boy." But Charly just stood there, staring at him. Her beautiful, hungry brown eyes starring at him from head to toe. Wayne then says, "you just gonna stare at me honey, or are ya gonna join me?" Charly begins to walk towards the shower, and steps in, closing the curtain behind her. Once Charly enters the shower, Wayne playfully pushes her up against the wall, and kisses her passionately on her blush colored lips. Charly then breaks the kiss, and says, "let's do it again, a little bit slower this time, I want to cherish every moment with you my handsome husband. "You got it, my beautiful and talented wife," he said as he kissed her again, this time, slowly. Charly's hands on the wall behind her, and Waynes hands upon her shoulders, his lips attached to hers, kissing her fervently. Charly then mewled like a baby kitten again, as Wayne sucked on her lower lip. The water from the shower head beating down upon them, as they stood there, kissing and touching each other. They made love in the shower again. His lips upon hers, she then gave him her tongue to suck on, which he did. her hands roaming his broad chest, then across his big strong arms, his hands romancing her torso. Caressing the undersides of her breasts, making her nipples harder than they already were. It was then, he bent his head and took a nipple into his mouth. His tongue underneath it's crest, and his mouth draped over the top, he then began to suckle her. With the hot steamy water beating down upon them, and Waynes ministrations, it was making Charly hotter than ever. She began to mewl like a kitten, as he entered her.
Her hips meeting each thrust, his mouth still suckling her nipples, Charlys hands threading Waynes dark hair. Then with one last thrust Wayne erupted inside Charly. Little earthquakes awashed over her, then as she came down from her high, she leaned up on her tip toes, and placed her arms around Wayne and laid a huge kiss upon his lips. They then finished their shower together. They soaped and rinsed each other off. Then each grabbed a towel off the rack by the shower, and dried each other off. They exited the shower, Wayne went into the bedroom for a minute to get his cloths ready for the day, and evening, as he and Charly had to play the Tennessee State Fair that evening. Charly stayed in the bathroom for a few minutes more, coming her beautiful long brown hair. She then plugged in the hair dryer and dried her hair. Then went into the bedroom, and noticed Wayne hadn't gotten dressed yet.
"I thought you would'a gotten dressed by now, honey?"
"I wanted to, but I wanted to be with you, darlin'."
"You're gonna wear me out, big boy," she said as she wandered over to the bed where Wayne laid. He then grabbed the towel off his darlin' Charly Belle, and let it drop to the floor, then he grabbed Charly and eased her atop him and began kissing her again. His arms wrapped tightly around her, as he entered her. Waiting for Charly to get used to him again, he kissed her blush colored lips. Nipped and sucked her lower lip. Charly again mewled like a kitten. Then as Wayne felt Charlys body get used to him, he began thrusting inside her. First slowly, then as their needs grew, so did his pace. Waynes hands upon Charlys arms, he then rolled her underneath him, not even missin' a beat. His head bent with his lips meshed with hers, he then traveled his kisses further, to her neck, then nibbled her earlobe, then kissed her neck again, and down her torso, encapsulating her nipples. One at a time as Charly arched her back for him. His thrusts became more and more frequent. Her hips meeting his, in slow motion. With each thrust Charly began mewling in her Memphis Drawl, Until sweet ecstasy awashed her again. His lips meshed again with hers, in an explosive kiss. Then when they finally came down off the orgasm high, Wayne rolled off, then took his darlin' Charly Belle into his arms and cradled her. Charly then took her hands and placed them across Wayne's broad chest, and curled her fingers around the hair there. Then running her fingers through his hair.
Then after a while, Charly and Wayne got up and each of them got dressed. Wayne in Jeans, and a nice shirt, socks and sneakers, and Charly in sweats and a T-shirt, socks and sneakers. They headed downstairs, Charly decided to cook some breakfast for her and Wayne, then realizing that before she could cook anything, she had some things to clean up from yesterdays half made lunch. Wayne decided to pick up the living room. The blankets where he and Charly slept the night before, which he folded neatly and placed them on the back of the couch. He then placed another log onto the fire, as it was kind of dying down. Then he went into the kitchen and asked Charly if he could help with anything.
Charly says, "you can start by telling me what you want for breakfast honey."
Wayne says, "I've already had my breakfast. In fact, I've had it twice. But I'll have some toast and bacon and some eggs if ya don't mind honey."
"Not at all," said Charly, "sounds good to me," she continued. As Charly went about getting the ingredients for their breakfast. Getting out a pan for the bacon and one for the eggs. Wayne went to the refrigerator and grabbed the bacon, eggs, and the bread for the toast. Wayne told Charly that he would make the toast, when it was time. Which Charly agreed. "Make a couple of extra pieces for me please," said Charly. I'm skipping lunch. need to be free of food for the concert tonight.
"Me too," said Wayne. "I might have a piece of fruit or something, but that's it," he continued. So Charly set about making, bacon and eggs for her and Wayne, while Wayne set the table, with the plates, flatware, and their glasses, for orange juice, which Wayne got out of the refrigerator, and poured. Charly informed Wayne that he could start making the toast he was gonna make. So Wayne got the bread off the table, and went to the toaster and started making toast. While the bread was toasting in the toaster, he went to the refrigerator again, and grabbed the butter, and placed it on the table. Charly placed the bacon and eggs on their plates, and soon after, Wayne appeared with the toast he was toasting. Charly sat down and opened her napkin and placed it in her lap, as did Wayne. They each grabbed a piece of toast, and some butter, then placed it on their plates, with some small talk between bites.
"You got your outfit ready for tonight?," said Wayne.
"I have to go into town and pick it up, at the dry cleaners," said Charly, "want to join me," she continued?"
"I'd love to babe, maybe take walk through the park, for a while."
"We have to be back by 4 P.M. Ben, the bus driver, said he'd be here by 5:30 PM., we'll change on the bus."
"Sounds great to me honey," said Wayne as he winked in Charly Belle's direction.
"Hmmm.. remember the first time I met you. I was like a starry-eyed kid. Then you asked me to join you for a few days. You made me so happy!"
"I remember it well," said Charly, as she winked in his direction.
"Jeannine, your publicist came looking for us.. and well, who knows what was going through her head," said Wayne, with a hearty laugh.
" I can imagine. Jeannine can have a pretty wild imagination," said Charly.
Their small talk finished as did their breakfast. They each placed their plates and flatware in the dishwasher. They both went upstairs and brushed their teeth in the bathroom. And then Charly got her purse, and Wayne his keys, and they headed out to Wayne's Jag, and got in and strapped their seatbelts on, and headed into town to the dry cleaners for Charly's outfit. Which was a blue sequined pant suit. They headed out of their driveway, and down the road to the highway. Charly turned on WSM Nashville, to listen to some music. Which was playing a good mix in Charly's mind.
They finally reached the dry cleaners, Wayne found a parking spot right out front, he then shut the car off, took off his seat belt, and got out of the car. Charly took off her seat belt and fumbled around inside her purse for her receipt. Wayne opened the door for her, as she was fishing around for her receipt. When she finally found it, she closed up her purse, and got out of the car. Wayne then opened the door to the dry cleaners for her, and they went inside.
The proprietor of the "Wash-n-Dry" dry cleaners, came out when she heard the bell, attached to the door, letting her know she had customers. "Hi, I'm Net, what can I do for ya'll?"
"I'm here to pick up my dry cleaning," said Charly, as she handed the woman her receipt. The woman took Charly's receipt and looked at it, then said, "yes, yes, I remember, let me get that for you."
Charly said, "thank you." As the woman whisked away for her garment for the evening. The woman magically appeared with Charly's garment, a moment later. And said, "here it is ma'am, this is a beautiful garment. You must look very beautiful in it."
"Why thank you," said Charly.
"Wayne finally speaks up and says, "believe me, that outfit looks VERY beautiful on my wife."
Charly just nudged Wayne with her elbow, when she looked at him. Wayne just smiled at his Charly Belle.
The woman, gave Charly her outfit, and told her the price of the dry cleaning. "That'll be $27.50, ma'am.
Charly handed the woman $30.00 dollars. The woman gave Charly back her change, which she put away in her purse. She and Wayne then said their thanks yous and headed out the door. Once they reached their car, Wayne opened the back door and hung Charly's outfit on the hook, then closed the door. Charly already was in the front seat bundled up in her seat belt. Wayne noticed this, and headed himself to the drivers seat, opened the door and got in, pulled his seat belt on, and shut the door, and started the car. He looked back to see if anything was coming in the other direction, when the cars came by and he saw that it was clear, he pulled out and headed down the road. A few miles down the road, he pulled his car into Monument Park. There were all sorts of people milling about. Some walking, some on roller blades, and some walking their dogs on leashes. They each got out of the car. Wayne went to the trunk and grabbed a blanket. And then went to the passenger side of the car where Charly stood waiting for him. He then took Charly Belle's hand and they went walking through the park, and finally stopped by the lake and placed the blanket down. They both sat down on the blanket, Wayne noticed that Charly looked a little cold, so he put his arm around Charly and leaned her close to him, as they stared out at the lake, watching the mama ducks waddle across the lake with their baby's in tow. Charly leaned her head against Wayne's broad chest, and stretched out her feet, crossing them at her ankles. They stayed in that position for what seemed like hours. Until Wayne decided to lay down, and pull Charly Belle down with him, this time he turned her around, and gave her a huge kiss upon her blush colored lips. Which she readily accepted. After a while, Charly placed her hands upon Wayne's shoulders, and let them slide down his arms, and let her head fall against his chest again, as she fell asleep. Wayne just stayed there holding his dear wife, caressing her arms, as she slept.

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