Charly Ch. 07

byPandoras Desire©

Chapter 7: Wayne's New Jag

"I'm gonna go upstairs and go on line, see if Wanda is on," Said Charly.

"OK," said Wayne.. "I'm gonna go on line for a few minutes down here, talk to a couple of friends. I'll be up in a while," he continued.

"OK," said Charly. Before she kissed her big boy on the mouth.

"Oh, I almost forgot, tell Wanda I said hi."

"Will do," said Charly. as she went upstairs, turning back making sure Wayne wasn't actually behind her. And he wasn't. So Charly went into the computer room, sat down in the comfortable chair and logged on line. And sure enough, almost as if Wanda was waiting for Charly to log on, she sent her an IM.

"Hey sis!"

"Hey!, how are you?," continued Charly.

"I'm good, and you?," said Wanda.

"Never better," said Charly, I have a few days off. And that's what I wanted to talk to Ya about."

"What is it sis?," said Wanda.

"Oh, nothin' bad, I'm gonna give Wayne a surprise, wanna help me?"

"Umm, sure.. but what is it, and how?," said Wanda.

"Well Wayne's Jag needs to be replaced. and I want to surprise him with a new one. I was gonna go tomorrow, well, see if I can get Wayne to take my truck tomorrow, then I, we would take his jag and go to the dealer, and then I'd come home and surprise him with it. Maybe get a few extras added to the package. So.. will Ya help me?"

"Sure sis," said Wanda, "just tell me what time you'd like me to be ready."

"I'll give Ya a call, as soon as Wayne leaves in the morning. He'll be gone most of the day, so we should have plenty of time," said Charly.

"Oh, he will be surprised for sure, honey," said Wanda.

"I know, I'm so excited, I can't wait."

As Charly and her sister Wanda continued to converse upstairs.. Wayne was talking with a buddy downstairs on the other computer. Mostly business talk, with a few pleasantries thrown in.

"I think my wife and her sister are up to somethin'," Wayne said to his buddy.

"Oh?," said Steve.

"Yeah, she's upstairs on the other computer talking with Wanda."

"Ah, say no more," said Steve. "You know how sisters can be," he continued.

"I sure do," said Wayne.

"Hold on," said Wayne.

"OK," said Steve.

So Wayne sends another IM, this time to his 'darlin_charly_belle.'

"Hi there, Charly Belle!," said Wayne, as he typed to his wife.

"Oh, hold on Wanda."

"OK, sis."

"Hey there, big boy!," typed Charly.

"What'cha doin', honey?," said Wayne.

"Talkin' with Wanda," said Charly.

"I'm talkin' with Steve, but I'll be up in a few. Got a surprise for Ya." as he sent a winking smiley face to Charly.

Charly sent Wayne a blushing smiley face, then a kissing smiley face.

Wayne says, "you should be blushing my one true love, with what I have planned for you."

Charly blushed as she said, "see Ya in a few, big boy." "Oh, say hi to Steve for me," she continued.

"Will do, honey," typed Wayne.

Charly X's out of her IM with Wayne, and goes back to talking with Wanda.

"I'm back," she wrote.

"Welcome back, sis," typed Wanda.

"Ty," wrote Charly.

"Wayne just sent me an IM, from down stairs," wrote Charly. As she sent a giggling smiley face.

"Ohhh?" said Wanda.

"He says he's got a surprise for me," said Charly.

"Do tell," said Wanda.

"Some things are better left to the imagination, my sweet sis," said Charly.

Wanda just sent Charly a winking smiley face.

Meanwhile... downstairs...

Wanye sends Charly, another IM. This time he sent her a rose.

Charly replies with a smile, then sends him a message. "thank you, and I love you forever big boy!"

Wayne types to his wife, "and I love you forever, Charly Belle."

"Charly?," wrote Wanda.

"Oh, I'm sorry, sis."

"Ya all right?," said Wanda.

"Yeah, I'm fine," said Charly. "Wayne just sent me an IM with a rose."

"Aww, how sweet," said Wanda.

"He is isn't he?," replied Charly.

"Yes, he is! You picked a good man there, my sis."

"I believe I did," said Charly. "Oh by the way, Wayne says Hello."

"Tell him I said Hello also," said Wanda.

"Will do," said Charly.

Meanwhile.. back down stairs...

Wayne still conversing with his buddy Steve, says, "Charly says Hello."

"Tell her I said Hi also."

"I will," said Wayne. As he continued with some business conversation.

Charly and Wanda finished making some plans about Waynes surprise. Going over what color they thought he'd like, and some of the options too.

Charly sends Wayne another IM with a winking smiley face. As did Wayne.

Wayne finished up his conversation, with Steve, and then shut the computer down. And tidied up downstairs before heading upstairs with his darlin' Charly Belle.

Charly finally heard Waynes footsteps on the carpet coming up the stairs. And says to Wanda, "I need to get. Wayne's comin' up the stairs, I'll call Ya tomorrow after he leaves."

"OK," says Wanda, "I love you, take care, sis," she continued.

"You too, sis, I love you," said Charly. As she sent her last message, she erased her conversation in her messenger archive, and logged off the computer. Just as Wayne entered the room.

"Hey there!," he said.

"Hey there, big boy!," said Charly, as she turned around to meet his stare, then got up from the chair.

Wayne walked over to his wife and wrapped his arms around her and laid a deep kiss on her sweet blush colored lips.

"Hmm, what was that for?," said Charly, as they broke the kiss between them.

"No real reason," said Wayne.

And with that, Charly leaned up on her toes and gave Wayne a huge kiss upon his lips.

Then breaking the kiss, Charly says, "oh, would ya do me a favor, tomorrow morning, would ya mind takin' my truck, I need the car for a few errands." Wayne a little puzzled, finally agrees. Then wraps his arms around his darlin' wife, and says, "Have I told you lately, how much I love you, my darlin' Charly Belle?" He said.

"You've told me a thousand different ways, big boy," Charly said.

She then kisses him so passionately, then Charly says to Wayne.. "make love to me."

Wayne cupped the side of Charly's face, then placed his lips upon hers for a long lingering kiss. Then he traveled his hands down her arms and grabbed the hem of Charly's sweatshirt. Charly raised her hands up above her head, and Wayne pulled it off of her. When he was done, Charly undid the buttons on Wayne's shirt, then placed her hands around his neck and then ran them down his arms, removing his shirt. Then reaching behind her back, and unhooking her bra, letting herself fall free. Wayne then took his hands and caressed the side of her face again, as Charly leaned into his hand. Wayne then took his hand and ran it down her side, caressing the side of her breast. He then took her breast in his strong hand and massaged his fingers over her nipple. Which sent ripples of pleasure down Charlys spine. With her head back, she then began mewling like a kitten. They each heard a scratch outside their door. Which brought them back to reality for a moment. It was Lucky, the kitten that Wayne had gotten Charly a few days earlier. He obviously heard Charly. They both kind of laughed, although Charly's face was a bit red.

Wayne just kissed his darlin' wife again, as she undid the button and the zipper on his jeans. Wayne then completely stepped out of them, and tossed them aside. Charly did the same with hers. Charly took her fingers and placed them at the waistband of Waynes boxers, then pulled them down, as he stepped out of them. She let them drop to the floor as he sprang to life. Charly then pulled Wayne closer to her, and kissed him deeply, feeling him against her abdomen. Wayne then broke the kiss and playfully shoved Charly down on their bed, and said, "I'm puttin' my love inside you," as he places himself at her entry, and teases her.

Charly says, "baby I'm a want you, baby I'm a need you, but don't tease me."

With that, Wayne entered Charlys rich darkness. Then decided to wait for Charly's body to mold to his entry.

Charly speaks up and says, "common big boy, what'cha waitin' for, 'Surround Me With Love.' With that, Wayne didn't waste any time, he began thrusting his love inside her. Charly began mewling again, as Wayne's waves of desire filled her very being. Wayne bent his head down and kissed his Charly Belle on her blush colored lips, which she reciprocated adding her tongue into his mouth for him to suck on. Which he did. Wayne then traveled his kisses to her ear, and then nibbled on her earlobe, then nuzzled her neck, giving her kisses. He then trailed his kisses down her beautiful torso, and filled his mouth with her breast, enveloping it's nipple. His tongue underneath its crest and his mouth over the top sucking like a babe feeding from its mother. Charly placed her hand on the back of Wayne's head bringing him closer to her breast. Charly could see the gleam in his eyes, as Wayne still attached to her breast looked up at her. Charly just smiled, and said, "ya like that huh big boy?"

Wayne replied by sucking at her breast in earnest, while still thrusting in and out of her darkness. Wayne stopped sucking her breast, as Charly tilted her head back, and her body went still, then began to shudder. He also eased up on his thrusting, then when Charly's body began to settle down again, he again quickened his pace. His head tilted back, his mouth open, like a howling wolf. Wayne then went still and burst forth his seed into Charly. Charly began to feel another deep sense of welling inside her, which sent her spiraling into another wave of orgasms. Tilting her head back, mewling like a kitten. Lucky was outside the door, wondering what was going on, cause he heard Charly mewling, and to him it sounded like another cat. Wayne just smiled to himself, and let Charly's body come down from her orgasm. He then eased himself out of her, and then grabbed her shoulders, and then laid a deep lingering kiss upon her lips. Which she readily accepted.

When they were done, they laid on their bed both spent, and panting heavily. Then Charly speaks up, and says, "honey pull down the covers, will ya, I need to use the bathroom, and I'm gonna let Lucky sleep on the bed with us, OK?"

"Sure honey," said Wayne. As he let his darlin' Charly Belle out of his arms so she could get up. Charly then got up off the bed, and went to the door. Wayne gets up and walks up behind Charly and gives her a pat on her posterior. Charly turned around and looked at her handsome husband, and said, "you little devil you," then reached up and kissed him on his lips. She then turned around and opened the door, and as she did, Lucky bounded in the room, and atop their bed. Charly went into the bathroom, then washed her hands and dried them when she was done, then she quickly brushed her teeth, rinsed her mouth, grabbed a small drink, and washed and dried her face. Charly then walked out of the bathroom, and into the bedroom, where Wayne had pulled the covers down, and was beneath them, with himself covered and her side of the covers down waiting for her, Lucky was on the end of the bed. And before Charly hopped into bed, she stood at the end of the bed, and took her hand and petted lucky on his head, which he leaned into the palm of her hand. Wayne speaks up and says, "dang darlin' you look beautiful."

Charly looked at him and said, "ya don't think I'm fat?"

Wayne replied with, "I think you look as gorgeous as ya did on our wedding day."

Charly looked at him, with a sort of smile on her face, then says, "ya didn't answer the question, honey."

Wayne then said, "no honey, I don't, ya look absolutely beautiful."

Charly smiled and hopped into bed, and said, "good answer." Then kissed him upon his lips again, and pulled the covers up over herself, and rested her hands at the sides of her barely covered breasts. Lucky came and jumped on her, which made Charly jump a foot off the bed. Wayne just laughed.

Charly says, "what am I gonna do with ya, huh?"

Wayne says, "I can think of a million things ya can do with me babe."

Charly says, "down big boy."

Wayne sent his wife a whimper. Charly just laughed as she continued to pet Lucky upon his head. Wayne laid his head upon his pillow, and placed his right hand behind his head, and then motioned Charly to sit herself up a little, so he could put his arm around her. Which she did. Soon Charly, Wayne and Lucky were fast asleep, with Lucky still atop Charly, her hand now resting upon his back.

They continued to sleep like that for hours. Then the alarm went off. Wayne hit the button of the alarm, and then turned back and noticed that Lucky was still asleep atop Charly. Lucky glanced up at Wayne, then stretched and meweled as Wayne patted his head. Charly was sound asleep. Wayne didn't want to wake her, so he quietly crept out of bed, and out the bedroom door, and pulled the door half way closed, then went into the bathroom to take his shower. He stood to use the bathroom, then realized that when he was done, he flushed, and would half to wait a minute or two for the water pressure to return. He went to the closet and grabbed a towel and placed it on the rack, then got the water in the tub to it's right temperature, then got in and washed and conditioned his hair, them washed himself. When he was done rinsing off, he turned the water off, opened the shower curtain, and grabbed his towel, and toweled himself off. He then went to the mirror and grabbed his comb and ran the comb through his hair, and blew it dry. Wayne then went into the bedroom, and got out a pair of jeans and gently laid them onto the edge of the bed, then went to the closet and grabbed himself a sweater, then some socks and boxers from the dresser. He then proceeded to get dressed. Charly then stirred in her position, when Lucky came up and licked the side of her face. Charly then woke up, and petted the cat on the head, then noticed that Wayne was gettin' dressed. Charly then says, "hey there big boy!"

Wayne says, "sleep well, my dear?"

Charly says, "like I haven't slept in years."

By then, Wayne had finished gettin' dressed, and had come over to Charly where she laid on the bed. He then bent down and gave her a kiss upon her lips. Which she accepted.

Charly says, "you remembered ya have to take my truck right?"

"Yes, honey," says Wayne.

"Good," says Charly.

Wayne then kissed her upon her lips again, and headed out of the bedroom door, grabbing his shoes as he went.

Charly speaks up and says, "What time shall I expect you back?"

Wayne says, "probably around five."

Charly says, "Ok, have a good day, I love you big boy."

Wayne says, "I love you too Charly Belle," then went down stairs.

Charly continued to pet Lucky on his head, and waited till she heard Wayne leave the house, before she got herself up and headed into the bathroom. She took her shower and washed her hair, dried off, combed and blow dried her hair. Then remembered she was supposed to call Wanda. So she wrapped the towel around her curvaceous form and headed to the upstairs extension and dialed Wanda's number. When Wanda answered, Charly says, "Hey sis!"

"Hey yourself!, said Wanda.

"Wayne just left and I just finished my shower, I shall be ready in a few," said Charly.

"Good, I'm all ready, I'll come over right now, by that time, you shall be ready," said Wanda.

"Right," said Charly, "drive safe, I love you," she continued.

"I love you too sis, see in a few." And with that, Wanda and Charly hung up their phones.

Charly quickly made the bed, then got out her cloths and laid them upon it. A pair of tight fittin' jeans, a nice hot pink shirt that accentuated her upper curves. Her socks, panties and bra. She then got dressed, then put on her shoes, grabbed her purse, and then headed down stairs. She went into the kitchen and as she did, Lucky came in, and nuzzled himself against her leg. Charly bent down and grabbed his water bowl, and went to the sink and put some water in it, then put the dish back. She then grabbed his food dish and went to the pantry and filled his dish with cat food, then put the food dish back next to his water bowl. Lucky stopped drinking water and nuzzled Charly's leg again, as to say thank you for his food and water. Charly petted him on the head.

Wanda soon arrived at Charly's house, Charly met her sister at the front door, and motioned her in. Charly gave her sister Wanda a hug, then said how much she loved and appreciated her. Wanda placed her arms around Charly, and said, "I love you to, sis."

Charly said, "lemmie get my coat, and purse and I shall be ready."

"Great," said Wanda with a smile in her famous sisters direction.

Charly grabbed her jean jacket and put it on, then grabbed her purse, and Wayne's set of keys. And they headed out of the door. Charly turned around and made sure she locked the door behind her. Then they headed to the driveway where Wayne's car was sitting. Charly unlocked the doors with the remote, then they both got in and strapped on their seat belts. Charly then started the car, and backed the car into the turnaround and then headed out of the driveway. She headed out of town and hit the freeway. Charly asked Wanda if she had eaten yet. And when Wanda sid no she hadn't. Charly asked if she would like to get a bite to eat before they head to the dealer.

Wanda said, "sure honey."

They both laughed out loud at the sound of their stomachs. Charly found a little place kind of out of the way, hoping that she wouldn't get noticed as much, as she would in a bigger place. Charly pulled the car into a parking spot at the Sit-n-Sip diner. The both undid their seat belts, and Charly turned off the car, grabbed her keys, and placed them in her purse, opened the door and got out, as did Wanda. They headed to the diner, with Charly holding the door open for Wanda. They ventured in, and the waitress looked up and said, "just a minute."

Charly speaks up and says, "sure thing ma'am."

The waitress finally appeared at their side and said, "two?"

"Yes," said Charly.

The waitress took Charly and Wanda to their booth and sat them down with menus in front of them. Then she asked if they would like some coffee. Charly says, "orange juice for me."

Then wanda says, "orange juice and coffee, please."

"Coming right up ladies," said the Waitress, as she disappeared behind the counter, for their drinks. Charly and Wanda quickly gave the menu the once over and decided what they wanted for breakfast. Then suddenly the waitress appeared with their drinks, two orange juices, one for Charly and one for Wanda, and one coffee which was set in front of Wanda. Then the waitress asked Wanda if she wanted any cream. Wanda replied, "no thanks."

Then the waitress asked if they were ready to order their food. Charly and Wanda replied in unison, "Yes."

So the waitress took out her pad and her pen and wrote their orders down, and said, "It should be up soon."

"Great" said Charly.

So as Charly and Wanda waited for their food, they did some small talk between them. And before you know it, their food was brought to them. Charly with a modest plate of eggs, bacon and toast. And Wanda with a plate of griddlecakes and some bacon. Charly placed some butter on her toast, as did Wanda with her griddlecakes. Then Wanda added some strawberry topping she asked for.

With all that done, they both started to eat, their food. Some small talk in between bites. Mostly about how Charly was doin' out on the road, and about the car that she was trading in for Wayne. "Ya think Wayne will be surprised?," said Charly.

"Oh definitely," said Wanda, "have ya decided on a color yet?, she continued. "I'm not really sure, I guess I'll see what colors they have when we get there."

Wanda just nodded her approval at her sisters answer, and then took another bite of her griddlecakes. Then decided to wipe the corners of her mouth and place her napkin on her plate.

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