Charmaine and Tony


He placed his mouth over her vulva looking up at her as her smile became almost sadistic. He waited apprehensively as she began to comfort him with words of encouragement and approval in what they were doing.

She knew what he wanted. Surprisingly the idea excited her as well. She thought it was man's ultimate way in paying homage to womankind. She knew the act was probably disgusting to most everyone but it was safe, as long as she didn't have an infection or some disease, which she didn't. Even some tribes used urine to bathe their infants and newborns.

"Oh this is so naughty," she said shivering as she felt herself letting go. He let it fill his mouth allowing it to run out over his chin, onto his neck and chest before going into the drain. He watched it mixing with the shower water feeling his erection becoming harder as though he had been given some kind of aphrodisiac.

"Drink it!" she demanded, "How dare you let it go down the drain!"

This was exactly how he wanted her to behave in his fantasy; to be demanding insisting he swallow her piss as she grabbed his hair tightly in her fist forcing him to do her bidding. She held his head by his hair so forcefully he couldn't have moved even if he wanted to. The effect on him was what he'd hoped and she played the role exactly as he had wanted her to. Though it was very exciting, he knew he'd never want to repeat it, not ever. He knew something else too...he loved her.

She felt a level of intimacy with him unlike any she had for another human. She felt certain it was a result of the act and wanted him to experience it too. But it couldn't happen in his current state of arousal. He was so aroused he came in her mouth in less than a minute. She said,

"Okay, my turn."

It took him awhile to relax enough to get to the point where he could pee. She knelt opening her mouth running her tongue over her lips as she smiled up at him. She sat back on her heels and when he positioned himself correctly he watched as it filled her mouth. She allowed the excess to run out of her mouth the way he had done and then while he watched he saw her throat opening as her mouth emptied; it was as though someone had pulled the plug in a sink.

They held each other tightly clinging to one another trembling in what they'd done. She knew she didn't love him but she was aware he was beginning to feel those things for her. Though they both avoided the "L" word he had to tell her he loved her and he'd like to marry her. She said,

"It was great sex Tony. The best ever but I'd never leave him and my life. We share a family and friends and we have a position in the community. Besides I love the new Sub-Zero refrigerator we just bought."

Her words hurt deeply and for many months but they were a wake-up call to him and knowing their time together had met its end, they said their goodbyes. A few times he was "passing through" and called her so they could have an intimate rendezvous but those encounters soon ended since his emotions were too difficult to deal with for him.

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