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Chasing Love Ch. 05



"What is going on here?" Danny wanted to know.

"Cal is being a pig headed jack ass!" Claire shouted.

"And Claire is acting like being pregnant doesn't change anything!" Cal exclaimed, the vein in his shoulder pulsing; his anger coursing through him.

"Of course it changes things, but I can still have a career!" Claire said, her voice shrill.

"You should be resting and taking care of yourself!" Cal said.

"This is insane! Jessica worked for YOU during the majority of all of your pregnancies!" Claire exclaimed.

"Yeah, and she nearly miscarried with Kylie and had a stillborn!" Cal shouted.

Jessica sighed and Danny reached for her hand and squeezed it gently. Jessica looked at Danny and saw her pain in his eyes.

"Don't make this about me, Cal Hawkins," Jessica warned, her voice quiet, but steady.

"The near miscarriage had nothing to do with her working for you. It had everything to do with me being on a mission in the fucking jungle!" Danny hissed.

He cared deeply for Cal; Cal and Jake were like brothers to Danny, but using his and Jessica's loss to prove a point was going too far.

"And the still birth had nothing to do with working either." Claire looked at Jessica who nodded. "It had everything to do with the fact that his lungs and heart hadn't formed properly. He wouldn't have survived without a transplant and even that wouldn't guarantee his survival," Claire said. Danny's heart clenched; he hadn't know the reason for his son's death, only that he and Jessica had lost him before they were ready.

"That's beside the point," Cal said stubbornly.

"That's exactly the point!" Claire exclaimed. "Besides, why the fuck do you care? You don't even want the baby!"

Cal took the two steps required to stand directly in front of Claire and pushed her back against the van. "I said I don't know if I want the baby, but I sure as hell want you," he growled.

"Let me go," Claire said, her eyes wide with fear and anger. "Cal, you're hurting me, let go!" she repeated. She had seen Cal lose his temper before, and she had seen him angry, but she had never seen him this angry and out of control; especially with her.

"Cal, let her go," Danny said, his voice firm and threatening. Cal let go of Claire's wrists and Jake and Danny pulled Cal away from the girls and into the compound to help cool his temper. Danny looked back at Jessica who gave a small smile before closing the door behind him.

"What's going on?" Caitlin asked, hurrying towards them. "And where are Will and Kylie?"

"They're with Paul and Jeff," Jessica said. "Is Craig okay with Danielle?" Caitlin nodded. "Good. We're going to town," Jessica said, grabbing her keys from the hook on the side of the garage.


"I can't believe Cal's being such an ass," Caitlin said as they sat in a diner eating slices of dutch apple pie.

"I know. He's always been a hard ass, but never like this," Claire agreed.

"But you love him anyway," Jessica said softly. Claire nodded and wiped away a stray tear.

"Right now, I just want to kill him. I feel like he's acting like my master and I'm his slave," Claire whispered. Jessica sighed. "I'm not going back. Not until he realizes that I won't be hurt by working," Claire said.

"What?" Jessica and Caitlin asked together, exchanging looks of shock.

"I received a job offer in Ann Arbor. I'm going to take it," Claire answered.

"Are you sure?" Jessica asked gently.

"Very. Cal needs time to think, and he can't do that with me around," Claire said. Jessica sighed.

"Okay, if you're hell bent on doing this, you'll need some help. Here's what we're going to do," Jessica told them.

-2 hours later-

"What do you mean you and Claire are going away?" Cal asked, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Claire needs to be able to relax. The constant stress caused by your fights isn't going to help anyone, and it certainly isn't good for the baby. I haven't had a vacation in years, so Claire and I are going to take a small vacation. Danny's still recovering, but with Jake and Caitlin, I'm sure he'll be fine and he needs to bond with the kids anyway," Jessica said, leaving no room for argument.

"I forbid you from going," Cal told Claire who raised an eye brow.

"You forbid me!?" Claire exclaimed.

"That's enough Cal," Jake said gently.

"Danny, tell your wife ..."

"Danny doesn't command anything from me. I'm his wife not his slave, and Claire is your girlfriend, or was until you made that stupid comment about forbidding her to leave for a VACATION! Now Cal, you may not be sure on if you want to be a father, BUT I know you care for Claire which is why you're being such a pig headed son of a bitch! And if you care about Claire as much as I think you do, you will not stop her from going on a much needed vacation!" Jessica shouted, having had enough of Cal's stupidity.

Cal turned to Jake and to Danny.

"We both agree with Jess," Jake said. Cal sighed but nodded.

"Have a good time. I'll see you when you get back," Cal told Claire before storming off to his office.


"How long have I been sleeping?" Claire asked, rubbing her eyes.

"About five hours. We're almost there," Jessica answered.

"Are you and Danny okay?" Claire asked. Jessica nodded, unable to get their conversation out of her mind.


"Jess, how long are you going to be gone for?" Danny asked as he watched his wife pack, unable to keep the pain out of his face.

"Just for a week or so. Claire needs this Danny. Cal has become so overbearing. Claire is going to lose her mind and she needs to talk to someone and I need some time to think," Jessica said. She stuffed two more tee-shirts into her bag before putting her tooth brush, hair brush and shampoo into the side pocket. Jessica gave Danny a gentle smile and brushed her fingers by his cheek. "I will come back," she promised. Danny wrapped his arms around Jessica and gave her a gentle, loving hug before sliding her panties down her legs. "Danny," Jessica moaned as he pushed his pants and boxers down. Danny lifted Jessica into his arms and plunged hard and fast inside of her. "I love you," she cried as her climax hit her hard and fast, Danny's followed right behind and he exploded inside her.

"Don't go," Danny pleaded, his brown eyes full of love and sadness.

"Danny, Claire needs a friend and needs to get away from Cal for a little while. I will be back, and I'll call you when we get to the hotel," Jessica said as Danny set her back down on her feet. Danny watched as Jessica pulled her panties back on and righted her appearance.

"I love you too," Danny said as he watched Jessica walk away.

end flashback

'Why didn't you wake me sooner?" Claire wanted to know.

"You needed the sleep," Jessica answered, pulling into a small hotel.

"Wow, we're here already?" Claire asked in surprise.

"Yeah, I found a short cut," Jessica said, parking. "One room or two?" Jessica wanted to know.

"One room with two double beds will work," Claire answered. Jessica nodded and walked into the hotel.


Danny was waiting in the driveway with Cal when Jessica pulled into the driveway of the compound. The minute Jessica stepped out of the car, Danny had his arms around her, kissing her and hugging her. "Danny, I can't breathe," Jessica said with a laugh. Danny loosened his grip but continued to hold her.

"Where's Claire?" Cal wanted to know, looking at Jessica in concern.

"She decided to stay for a little while. She needed some more time. She's fine and has asked me not to tell you where she is," Jessica answered. Cal walked over and pulled Jessica from Danny's arms.

"Where is she?" he asked, his voice low, his anger mounting.

"Cal, that's enough," Danny said. Cal let Jessica go and stalked away. "You okay?" Danny asked.

"Fine," Jessica said, rubbing her arms where Cal had grabbed her.

"Let's go home," Danny murmured, leading Jessica towards the path that would take them home.

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