Chastity with Ex as Keyholder


"Well, I think you've worshipped my feet enough for one night. I'll allow you to kiss each leg up to and ONLY to my shorts. Then, I need to get out of here. Remember, anything above the shorts is OFF LIMITS," she said sternly and waiving her finger in front of me.

Starting with her right ankle, I took as much time as I could with kisses around her leg. They must have special nylons at her work because I had never found these pantyhose anywhere in local stores. I could smell the lotion she used on her legs after showering with each kiss. Eventually I made it up to her knees and finally up her thighs. I took as much time as I dared kissing each and every inch of her upper thighs.

Finally, I came to her inner thighs. I could smell her sex through the thin, spandex fabric and realized her rubbing had been a double-edged sword. It would not only illustrate how easily accessible her pussy was, but it would also release those sweet smelling juices that made me want to bury my face deep within her crotch.

Oh, she was evil alright. More evil than I had ever given her credit for.

With all the self-restraint I could muster, I resisted the urge to kiss above her shorts.

"Good, if you had tried anything with my crotch I would have had to tell my boyfriend since I don't think I could've stopped you. And THAT would have been cheating. Well, I should be off. I'll be taking these," she said attaching the chastity keys to her key-ring. "And I will see you the day after tomorrow. I don't work until then so I guess have fun. Enjoy the present!"

She pulled up her pants and jacket and was out the door before I could even get off the floor.

Ignoring the glass and grabbing straight for the bottle, I took a rather large shot of whisky.

Did that really just happen?

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by Anonymous

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by willowind11/07/17

Great concept.

I've recently got my own chastity device and have been thinking about seeing my ex girlfriend. Going to read the rest of your story and think further before i do anything.

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