Chat Hypnosis


You: because JENNYNO brings to a stop, all of Jenny's triggers

You: whenever Jenny reads JENNYTITJOB

You: Jenny feels herself giving a titty-job

You: as she lets a cock fuck her

You: between her big perky tits

You: that are so prett

You: so pretty

You: and so sensetive

You: and so pleasurable for Jenny to feel played with

You: and htats what happens whenever Jenny reads JENNYTITJOB

You: and that trigger also comes to an end whenever Jenny reads JENNYNO

You: And whenever Jenny reads


You: followed by a location

You: Jenny sees and feels hot cum (whichever is appropriate) cum land on that location


You: would cause Jenny to see hot cum shoot onto her face

You: and jenny would feel the cum land on her face

You: and she would love it

You: another example


You: would cause Jenny to feel hot semen shoot deep inside her ass

You: and Jenny loves to feel cum

You: in her and on her

You: and whenever Jenny reads JENNYCLEAN

You: all the cum that was on Jenny or in Jenny or around Jenny

You: goes away

You: and that is Jenny

You: and whenever Jenny reads NORMAL, she goes back to being you in your awakened state

You: and whenever you read NORMAL while you are Jenny, you go back to being Jenny in her nonawakened state

You: and you love these changes

You: these changes feel so good to you

You: and every time any of these triggers are used

You: they get stronger each time

You: and grow more pleasurable each and every time

You: and with all these changes in mind

You: imbedded deeply and firmly in your subconcious

You: and causing you no pain

You: I'm going to wake you up momentarily

You: with a count to ten

You: 1

You: eyes moving

You: 2

You: subconcious mind firmly aware and very pleased with the changes

You: 3

You: eyes becoming more aware of your surroundings

You: 4

You: very happy with your hypnotist

You: you probably want to give him your home email address

You: 5

You: becoming aware of your surroundings

You: 6

You: regaining control of your body

You: 7

You: ready to firmly cement into place all of your new triggers

You: 8

You: able to move all of your limbs and aware of your surroundings

You: 9

You: fully ready to be fully woken up in a moment


You: hi

Stranger: hey

You: how are you doing?

Stranger: good

You: so some new and enjoyable changes have been made

You: I bet you are eager to try them out

Stranger: yeah


You: tell me about yourself

Stranger: i'm Jenny

You: what do you like to do?

Stranger: tease guys

Stranger: then fuck them

You: im a guy

Stranger: well them

You: would you like to suck cock?

Stranger: i love to suck cock

Stranger: what do you think of my body?


You: what are you doing now?

Stranger: sucking dick

Stranger: it feels so good to suck dick

Stranger: makes me horny

You: i like your body

Stranger: i want to finger my hairless pussy

You: then do it

Stranger: play with my clit while i take dick deep down my throat

Stranger: oh god it feels so good

Stranger: mmm

Stranger: my cunt is so wet

You: i bet it does


You: I have some other things I'd like to do

Stranger: i bet you do

You: you would like that, wouldn't you?

Stranger: oh fuck yeah


Stranger: oh god fuck my wet cunt

Stranger: that feels so fucking good

Stranger: fuck it harder

You: i slap one of your titties

Stranger: oh god yes that feels so fucking good you wanna play with my tits while you fuck my cunt raw don't ya?

Stranger: you like my round perky tits

You: i do

You: i really do

Stranger: of course you do they're fucking perfect oh fuck yes fuck meeeeeeee

Stranger: give me more

You: have you cum yet?

Stranger: not yet

You: I bet you will soon

Stranger: oh god there we go


Stranger: there we fucking go

Stranger: aaah yes fuck yes

Stranger: i fucking love cum

Stranger: i love your cum inside my pussy

You: yes you do


You: i pulled out

You: and I think I'd like your ass

You: how does that sound?

Stranger: fucking fantastic

Stranger: fuck my ass


Stranger: oh god yes

You: can you still feel my cum inside your pussy?

Stranger: yessssss

Stranger: it feels warm and good

Stranger: i fucking love it

You: your ass looks so good

Stranger: while you're fucking nailing my round tight ass

You: you want me to slap your ass or pull your hair?

Stranger: why or

Stranger: do both

You: you are so naughty

Stranger: yesss

You: a slut like you deserves to be spanked

Stranger: why else would i wear a ponytail

You: and to have her hair pulled while I'm fucking her deep in her ass

Stranger: put me in my place

Stranger: oh god yes

Stranger: i deserve it

Stranger: i'm such a slut


You: im cumming

Stranger: oh my fucking god i love your cum

Stranger: fill all my holes with your cum

Stranger: more of it

You: oh, I will

Stranger: cover me with it


Stranger: yesyesyesyesyes

You: my hot load filling your asshole

Stranger: mmm

You: im going to pull out now

You: so I can cover more of you with semen


You: how do you want to get fucked next?

Stranger: anywhere

Stranger: less talking

Stranger: more fucking


Stranger: yesss

Stranger: you love my perky round titties

You: can you lick the end of my cock while I fuck your tits?

Stranger: yes i can

You: I do love your titties

You: I bet they feel so good while I squeeze them together and fuck them


You: what are you feeling?

Stranger: titfuck blowjob

Stranger: this is amazing

You: feels so good

Stranger: yes


Stranger: mmm i love the taste of your warm cum


Stranger: i love how it feels running down my throat



You: im covering you in cum

You: lots of cum

Stranger: yesssss

Stranger: i love your cum

Stranger: i'm going to finger myself now with your cum as lube

Stranger: oh god

You: you have orgasmed so many times

Stranger: and play with my cum covered titties

Stranger: i have

Stranger: it feels so good

You: you are a good slut

Stranger: thank you master

You: you can keep fingering yourself while I assfuck you some more


Stranger: aaaaah yesssssss

You: beg me for more cum

Stranger: please master

Stranger: give me more of your cum

Stranger: i need it

Stranger: it makes me feel so good

You: where do you want the cum?

Stranger: all ove

Stranger: r

Stranger: my face

Stranger: my tits

Stranger: i want to swallow it

You: yeah

You: im grabbing both your titties as I assfuck you doggy style

You: tweaking the nipples

Stranger: aaah

Stranger: yessssss

Stranger: that feels so good

You: I'm going to cover you in cum



You: how does that feel?

Stranger: i'm the happiest slut ever

Stranger: i love your cum so much

You: you are such a good little slut

You: but its time to lick up all the cum and swallow it

Stranger: i love to swallow cum!

You: tell me how much you love it

Stranger: but that's a lot of cum master

Stranger: so much

Stranger: it makes me feel so good to be coverred in cum

Stranger: when it's inside of me

Stranger: oh god

Stranger: so warm

Stranger: and tasty

You: keep dirty-talking you slut

Stranger: i need more cum

Stranger: i love to suck cum out of guys' balls

Stranger: mmm

Stranger: oh god

Stranger: i can't focus

Stranger: thinking about cum

Stranger: makes me sooooo fucking horny

Stranger: i need to play with my cunt now

Stranger: it's dripping




You: time for playtime is over


You: how are you doing?

Stranger: ok

You: remember any of that?

Stranger: yeah

You: before I go, I'd like to do a few things:

You: 1) put in a safety to prevent you from being Jenny for more than an hour

You: 2) also make Jenny into a mind doll that you can use and play with

You: again for no more than an hour

Stranger: why the hour time limit?

You: wouldn't want you to read it, not get triggered off, and stay like that

You: the suggestion is VERY DEEP

Stranger: oh

You: right?

Stranger: yeah

You: now, is this a step up from your normal hypnotic experiences

Stranger: this is definitely one of the best i've had

You: Its only been what, like 4 hours?

Stranger: something close to that

You: time to go under again

You: *SLEEP*

You: sinking down very swiftly

You: coming to a wall floating in your mind

You: and sinking down very fast

You: past 0

You: down past -1000

You: down past -2000

You: and coming to a rest here...

You: at -2700

You: you are in a highly suggestable state

You: so very open to suggestions

You: and in my great kindness

You: I'm going to give you a couple more gifts

You: good gifts

You: pleasurable gifts

You: gifts that you will enjoy and love

You: you have a new trigger

You: whenever you say "JENNY PLAYTIME JENNY"

You: and I'm sure you remember Jenny

You: Jenny is a perfect 10 out of 10, and she is also a total and complete slut

You: and sometimes, you become Jenny

You: but thats not what is happening with this trigger

You: when you say this trigger phrase

You: you stay who you are in your awakened state

You: and Jenny comes and plays with you

You: you can see her

You: you can feel her

You: playing with her gives you so much pleasure

You: it feels so good

You: and she looks so sexy so hot

You: and she can dirty talk in all the ways that turn you on the most

You: Jenny can pleasure you so very well

You: and whenever you say "JENNY PLAYTIME JENNY"

You: she comes to you and does just that

You: you can feel her wonderful tits

You: and clever tongue

You: and wet pussy

You: and amazing ass

You: so very well when you play with her

You: and they all feel just like they should

You: and they feel a bit better of that

You: and playtime with Jenny is very very fun and sexy

You: and Jenny obeys you when you are playing with her

You: this is what happens whenever you say "JENNY PLAYTIME JENNY"

You: but it comes with some conditions

You: you cannot play with Jenny for over an hour

You: Whenever you play with Jenny for over an hour, your session with Jenny ends

You: you go back to being your usual self

You: who enjoys all of the things you usually enjoy

You: and all that other stuff

You: and you must wait at least 2 minutes

You: because you can play with Jenny again

You: also

You: when you are playing with Jenny

You: and by playing, I probably fucking

You: and dominating

You: and covering her with your cum

You: thats what you do when you play with Jenny after all

You: that and whatever else excites you sexually

You: but, for whatever reason

You: you wish to stop having fun with Jenny, you need only say "PLAYTIME OVER JENNY"

You: and the playtime with Jenny will end

You: she will go back into your mind

You: to be ready whenever you call upon her

You: and so "PLAYTIME OVER JENNY" when said by yourself, causes your erotic session with Jenny to come to an end

You: and I'm going to make another change to you

You: deep down here

You: in the core of yourself

You: where all changes are permanent

You: and sink so very deeply in you

You: that they are you

You: they are completely part of you

You: and cannot be removed

You: it simply cannot happen because of how very deep a part of you these suggestions are and become

You: and they only grow stronger with time

You: as you use the triggers

You: or simply allow time to pass

You: all of the triggers grow stronger and more pleasurable when used

You: but for the sake of your safety

You: and in my wisdom and kindess

You: I'm going to add something else to you

You: whenever you are Jenny

You: and have been Jenny for over an hour

You: you will stop being Jenny

You: and will go back to being your usual self

You: your self will be exactly like who you are

You: you will be no more nor no less emotional than normal

You: the weird things you enjoy, you will enjoy the same amount

You: anything unusual about you goes back to being exactly as it was before your became Jenny

You: and so, you will not be Jenny for more than an hour

You: and if Jenny is Jenny for more than an hour

You: she will notice

You: and she will make sure you go back to being you

You: by returning into your subconcious

You: and letting you return to being you

You: in your awakened state

You: and note that while you are Jenny, and you ever get into danger

You: you will stop being Jenny and return to your awakened self

You: ready and capable of facing the danger

You: and doing what you should do to be safe

You: and you will remember your triggers to play with Jenny and to stop playing with Jenny

You: and additionally

You: whenever you are in trance

You: and a hypnotist asks you what your triggers are

You: you will be first caution him about how to turn off all the triggers, and then tell him what all of the triggers are

You: but he or she will not be able to remove the triggers

You: nor will the hypnotist be able to lesson the power or the pleasure of these triggers

You: nor will the hypnotist be able to do anything with the intent to damage or lesson or otherwise remove the triggers or do anything that would somehow get around this clause to protect the triggers

You: and if at any point

You: at any time in the future

You: a hypnotist does anything

You: that would cause you actual harm

You: while inside trance

You: or outside trance

You: you will wake up from any trance you are in

You: and that thing which would cause you harm, will cease

You: and it will not harm you

You: and it will have no effect at all

You: and that hypnotist won't be able to trance you again

You: no matter how skilled they may be

You: because you will keep waking up from their hypnosis

You: in any case, stay safe

You: and enjoy all of these new changes

You: that I have kindly

You: put into your very soul

You: your very core

You: your very essense

You: forever

You: that cannot be removed

You: at all

You: no matter what

You: enjoy them

You: and make sure that nothing from hypnosis causes you pain

You: if anything would cause hypnosis to cause you pain, it doesnt instead

You: and now

You: having protected you from future harm

You: I'm going to wake you up

You: and your inner mind, your subconcious mind, your true mind

You: will remember all of these changes

You: the change to let you play with Jenny as a mind doll

You: the change to make sure you don't become Jenny for to long

You: or to let you play with Jenny for to long

You: so as to protect your safety

You: and also the changes

You: to prevent future hypnotists from crossing the line

You: whatever that line may be

You: and also, remember to email me at [email removed]

You: and tell me your thoughts

You: now, with all that

You: firmly and permanently in place

You: I'm going to wake you up with a count to ten

You: 1

You: eyes moving

You: 2

You: subconcious mind remembering all of the changes and loving them

You: 3

You: changes cemented into you forever

You: 4

You: becoming aware of your surroundings

You: 5

You: capable of small movements

You: 6

You: capable of larger movements

You: 7

You: capable of all movements and aware of your surroundings

You: 9 very grateful and happy with your hypnotist

You: and

You: ready to be fully awake



You: how are we doing?

Stranger: good!

You: do you remember how to play with jenny and how to stop playing with jenny?

Stranger: yeah

You: that should be fun

You: (it will be very fun)

Stranger: i'll be sure to shoot you an email at some point

You: ah, cool

You: do you know the email address where you can reach me?

Stranger: [email above]

You: cool

Stranger: i'll probably get on that now

You: may I save this transcript?

Stranger: sure

You: its a very a good one

You: may I post this on a hypnotic forum or board somewhere?

Stranger: go for it

You: alright

You: I know you have a great time

You: stay safe

Stranger: thanks

You: you will with regards to hypnotists

Stranger: any idea what board you'll be posting this on?

You: I made sure that hypnotists can't cross the line or cause you pain

Stranger: awesome

Stranger: thanks

You: possibly reddit

Stranger: oh cool

You: the r/erotichypnosis

You: sort of where I found the cool induction

You: and induction sequence

You: a great framework I might add

Stranger: i ask because i'm trying to find more stuff online

You: certainly

Stranger: and i worry plugging relevant search terms in won't necessarily get me the best results

You: yeah

Stranger: going for peer-reviewed community whatnot is better

You: i agree

You: don't want to run into some femdom who just wants you to pay her money forever

You: and doesn't care about you

Stranger: yeah that's not really what i'm looking for

Stranger: part of the fun of this stuff is the individual experience

You: I agree

You: How long are you going to wait before playing with Jenny?

Stranger: not sure

Stranger: probably not too long

You: you want to do it soon

Stranger: i'm going to shoot you an email so you at least have the address i'm using

Stranger: then i'll get around to business

You: yup

You: the goal of that is to make sure nothing brings you into trouble

Stranger: anything relevant I should put in the email?

You: anything you'd like

You: if you have a chat you use

Stranger: ok

You: anything you want to say before we part?

Stranger: thanks for the triggers

Stranger: the session was fantastic

Stranger: i did not expect it to run that long at all


You: feeling good?

Stranger: yeah

You: they are very real tits

You: and very much yours


Stranger: haha

You: :P


You: how are we doing?

Stranger: doing good

You: who are you?

Stranger: Jenny <3

You: hi

You: I'm a guy

You: what do you want to do?

Stranger: tease you

Stranger: i'm just going to grab your cock

Stranger: you wanna fuck me somewhere, don't you?

You: I do


Stranger: my cunt

Stranger: goood choice


Stranger: aaaaah yess

Stranger: cum

Stranger: mmm


You: what are you thinking about?

Stranger: getting my holes filled

Stranger: sex

Stranger: more sex

You: you know what I would rate you on a scale from 1 to 10?

Stranger: i have absolutely no idea

Stranger: what would you rate me?

Stranger: tell me

You: Id rate you a perfect 10 out of 10

Stranger: aww

Stranger: you're so sweet

You: you are a slut

You: a true slut

Stranger: you know it!

You: :)



You: how are we feeling?

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