tagLetters & TranscriptsChat Protocol [Mar 27 2008]

Chat Protocol [Mar 27 2008]



This is my first story I'm submitting here to Literotica, so please give me some Feedback =)


Just a Chat Protocol

[18:53] a.: Would it be mean to tell you know that [18:53] a.: I would love for you to touch me?

[18:53] a.: just gently first?

[18:53] a.: and maybe kiss?

[18:53] a.: and kiss my neck?

[18:53] a.: and then work your way down?

[18:53] a.: because if it's mean, I won't tell you

[18:53] L: no, please go on

[18:54] a.: well. we could be naked. in a big, soft, warm bed

[18:54] a.: we can add a crackling fire for the cheesy hell of it

[18:54] L: I am sitting at my desk in the university and have a hard on. *grin*

[18:54] a.: and for the warmth, because we're naked and spooning, and your hand is on my breast, caressing it. I'm moaning ever so softly because you're playing with the nipple until it's all swollen and hard and you're pinching it. It makes me squeak just a little - and press my ass against your dick - so, with your other hand you cover up my mouth and tilt my head back a little and move your hand up to my throat, just gently though and proceed to bite me in the neck.

[18:56] a.: And I'm so sensitive everywhere that it gives me goose bumps down my arms and my spine

[18:57] a.: (you know, I can always stop if you'd rather work!)

[18:57] L: NOOO

[18:57] a.: just checking =)

[18:57] L: Go on!

[18:59] a.: I can feel you heating up a little, with tiny tiny sweat drops appearing on my body and I wish I could draw in some air through my mouth because I'm so exited.

I'm starting to pant slightly, just through my nose because your hand is very firm on my mouth and it almost hurts - the pressure you're applying to it - but at the same time, your other hand has moved down, across my tummy, scratching it a little. Now it's nestled between my legs and you're just letting it lie there flat, just covering everything, feeling the little rhythmic pulse that's going through my labias and my clit and how I'm getting wet.

[19:00] a.: You can feel it with your fingertips

[19:01] a.: And if you would move your hand just a little bit further I would have a serious breathing problem, because the tension is so arousing already and I really really want you to spread your fingers a little and spread me in the process, so I move my legs a little, to spread them, and to encourage you, to just please please play with my clit a bit?

[19:03] a.: Suddenly, you let go of my mouth, grab a handful of my hair and pull my head further back to whisper in my ear not to move, just let you do as you please and I comply.

[19:04] a.: I can feel your fingers moving between my legs, just carefully at first, as if you were searching your way until you've found my clitoris, which is a little swollen right about now and probably very sticky because everything's become so wet in the last few moments, just because of the thoughts that your hands have put in my head.

[19:06] a.: I start to grind my ass against you, just slightly, to see, if I'm allowed to and you don't punish me for it, so I continue and I feel your dick pressing into me.

I wonder how long it will take until you will replace your hand with your dick to fuck me and I can't decide what I want more at this moment.

[19:07] a.: (still more?)

[19:07] a.: are you even still there?

[19:08] L: Yes I am

[19:08] a.: because I imagine that I might be so turned on by this that I forget what you told me and would try to reach back, to grab you and hold onto you.

[19:09] L: Well, bad choice girl

[19:09] a.: and that would probably result in your hand being pulled away from my pussy to slap me, not too hard, just to remind me who's in control and I would shriek a little and roll on my back confused but still so excited.

[19:09] L: Yes, it would

[19:09] L: Go on!

[19:10] a.: Then I'd apologize because I never meant to, I was just overpowered a little bit and I really need to feel you again in my pussy, but your hands are only teasing me now

You spread my legs apart and just randomly let your hands slide all over my body and I cringe every time you almost reach a sensitive spot, but you just circle around my breasts and my pussy and my breasts again -- I'm not allowed to move and feel so damn helpless.

[19:11] a.: All it does is turn me on further and further and I feel almost obscene, because I'm getting so wet, wondering, if you mind that I'm getting so dirty.

[19:12] L: No, I do not at all

[19:13] a.: I can't help but to pant and gasp and make tiny noises until you look at me and catch my eyes with yours and bend down to kiss me: Not like one would to show affection, this is not a soft kiss, not a silly lovers' kiss from the movies.

This is serious exploitation of my mouth, the way you invade me and explore me and seem to be everywhere, sucking and nibbling on my lips until they hurt. But it hurts so good that I almost forget about your hands until they have found my nipples again and play and tease and squeeze them until I scream into your mouth because it hurts so much.

[19:15] a.: and it seems that you liked that

[19:16] L: I love to hear your choked screams.

[19:15] a.: I feel you pulling away and I'm tempted to move my head to see what you're up to, but this time I know better, so I just stay put and wait.

[19:16] a.: I can feel the air brushing past my exposed breasts and then, suddenly, more pain and I realize that you've put on some kind of clamps and they fucking hurt!

[19:17] a.: My whole body tenses, you can see it and see how I struggle to adjust to the pain until I get used to it a little bit

[19:17] a.: and a little bit more

[19:17] a.: until I finally come around and the pain even arouses me, making me so sensitive that it's hard to bear any sort of touch and then with just two fingers, you touch my nipple again and I start to scream out

[19:19] a.: But you've anticipated this and your other hand quickly jumps to my throat, cutting off the air and all I can bring forth are strange noises of pain. My eyes are wide open, begging you for a little mercy, so you let go of my nipple and replace them with a slight flick of your tongue, making them wet and then blowing softly on them which makes for an interesting tingle.

[19:21] a.: I'm desperate to use my hands on you, I want to get my hands on you and in sheer frustration, pound my fists into the mattress, but you notice and grab hold of them and hold me to the bed very very firmly. It hurts, I'm pretty sure it will leave bruises on my wrists, but right now, I don't care! I fight you back, just because it feels so good to be held down and controlled by you and feel how much stronger than me you are.

[19:22] L: Yes, I am, bitch!

[19:22] a.: But you seem to grow tired of this little game. You move closer to my face and your breath tickles me as you growl into my ear "Lie still, bitch!"

Since I'm not giving in instantly, you take my wrists over my head and bind them to the bed, so I'm helpless and naked.

I suddenly wish for something to cover me up because it feels scary to be so exposed to you, not knowing what you think of me and I wriggle a little bit until I feel some of the pillows pressing into my side, giving me some comfort to await what is in store for me

[19:25] a.: Your hands are back to the teasing and sometimes, ever so slightly, brush my nipples which are almost numb by now. But every time you touch them, pain shoots through them and I clench my jaws so no sound can escape.

I feel your weight shifting on the mattress until I feel your hot breath between my legs.

[19:27] a.: I can't help a soft moan escaping my lips when I feel your tongue parting me, tasting me, finding my clit and playing with it, but you haven't heard it. Or maybe you don't mind?

[19:28] a.: You're sucking my clit into your mouth and I have to restrain my body from writhing and moving too much, so I can give you all the access you need and I moan even harder when you use your hands on me. You stroke the inner part of my thighs roughly, until you reach my pussy and you stroke my pussy, too, so hard it almost hurts, but it feels so good and I'm desperate to have something stuck inside me so I can grind my hips back and forth and just fuck something right now, damn it!

[19:29] a.: I groan in relief when finally, you at least put a finger in my pussy, but then it's even more frustrating! You're not moving that finger an inch and I need you to, so much! I can almost not take your mouth on my clit anymore because I'm so desperate to be filled.

Then you start to finger-fuck me, stick in more fingers and it feels so damn good that I can't help but to move my hips to fuck back onto your fingers and work myself off. I'm so wet that all your hand is covered in my juices, the air is filled with a thick scent of sex that's arousing the both of us and by body's burning all over.

[19:33] a.: Suddenly you stop your movement and I can feel you reposition yourself, move yourself up between my legs, then your hand is at my mouth and you say "lick it off, slut", but I refuse. I don't want to get my mouth dirty like that. I can see the anger glimmering in your eyes that I dare to refuse your command.

You bring up your other hand and I await to be slapped, but instead you wrap it tightly around my throat so I have to gasp to be able to breath and precisely then you stuff my mouth with your hand. I'm so turned out that I actually start to like it and lick your fingers and your hand, can't get enough of the feeling to have something in my hand, something to suck on, and then, finally, I can feel your cock at the entrance of my pussy, just playful at first, getting yourself covered with my juices.

Your hand is still at my throat, making it hard for me to breath while I can hear you moan as you bury yourself deeply into me.

[19:38] a.: I'm getting so hot I know you must feel it, the heat around your dick, my wetness coating you as you slide in and out and I clench myself around you, not wanting to let go, I want to be filled entirely by you.

The lack of oxygen makes me dizzy as I try to follow your fuck rhythm and you seem to notice and let go of me for a moment, grabbing me by the hips with both hands, entering even further. Then, suddenly, you take off the nipple clamps and I scream as the blood rushes back and it feels as if my nipples, as if my tits were on fire.

You lower your face onto mine and I can see that in your present state you don't care about the pain you're causing me, all you want to do is fuck me and you do, so hard that the bed is shaking from the sheer force that's being exchanged between the both of us.

The bounds around my wrists seem to tighten as I hold onto them to find some kind of stability in the mix of all of this and I hear you whisper that I need to shut up, but I can't; I have to scream and moan every time you pump into me.

So you close my mouth with your lips, again, like an attacker more than a lover and it makes it hard to breath.

I try anyway and you can feel the hot air from my nose on your face as you bring your arms to my side to rest on your elbows and put your thumbs to either side of my throat.

I suddenly slow down my movements, trying to concentrate on the feeling that's building up in my stomach while you continue to fuck me.

I feel my head becoming void of all thoughts, just black emptiness and then, with the continued pressure on my throat, I can feel it coming on.

I almost feel as if I was passing out, I close my eyes and see white spots dancing around and then all is dark.

From far away, I can hear you screaming out, I feel you letting go of my throat, pressing yourself into me even deeper and I feel your dick twisting as you cum into me. It's all blurry.

[19:47] a.: When I come to, you're lying next to me, sweaty and worn and panting and I'm shivering all over. After a moment of regeneration, you draw the blanket over our exhausted bodies, put an arm across my tummy and hold onto me.

[19:49] a.: We're both to spent to speak and I close my eyes and inhale the scent that is lingering in the air and as I drift off, I wonder when you will unfasten the bounds on my wrists...

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