Chatroom Fun


Missy rushed into the hotel room, dropping her purse, coat and briefcase on the floor--but she kept a tight hold on the little package in her hand.

Missy barely kicked the door shut before she was squirming out of her suit jacket and kicking off her black pumps. These landed unceremoniously on the floor beside the other items scattered on the floor.

The room was pristine from the cleaning that it had received earlier that day. Missy changed that in short order. Within a minute the dresser held her blouse and the nylons that she had torn from her smooth brown legs.

The bed covers were crumbled as she lay on top of them. Her chocolate legs held goose pimples as her skirt rode high on her thighs. She lay on her back, brown eyes glued to the laptop screen. It rested securely on her belly as she waited impatiently for the damned machine to power up.

She'd thought about nothing else the entire day. Even when sitting in the board meeting with the staunch, middle aged, executives, Missy could feel the slow heat rising between her legs. More then once she squeezed her knees together to stop the tingling...and of course that only made it more delicious.

Why couldn't she control this?! She was on the verge of orgasm just thinking back to the night before...


A week earlier, her Manager had made it clear that Missy could not get out of the business trip to Philadelphia with the Executive Board of her company. Although the trip would surely earn her a promotion, the last thing she wanted was to be in the company of the group of elderly white men with their narrow views on progress. They still referred to women as 'gals'! Being the only woman in the entire group was made worse by the fact that she was also the only African American.

In the three days since she'd been in Philadelphia Missy had dressed conservatively in charcoal or black suits—skirts knee length. Still she noticed the admiring looks of Board. She didn't even want to contemplate what they thought of her.

With her shapely hips and large legs, a suit did little to hide her voluptuous attributes. God had blessed Missy Ann Lewis with a large, shapely ass and breasts that stayed the center of attention in any room full of men! Her eyes were beyond brown...they were black and most people didn't understand why those eyes captivated them so deeply...not until they recognized the desire to swim in the depths of them.

Missy's lips were full and stayed parted not by any desire to appear pouty, or sexy(although that was the effect), but because her breath was deeper then anyone she had ever known. Her pulse raced as a norm and this had been documented by Doctors. Missy's temperature had always run two degrees hotter then any one else's.

Her hair was long and not by virtue of a weave but because she brushed it until it was silky and gleamed with golden highlights. The effect was striking against her coffee and cream complexion. Missy appeared, at first glance, a bit on the thick side...until you noticed her bouncing ass and breasts straining forward. Then it was all a man could do to not think about sinking into the glories of Missy Ann.

And it had been definitely difficult for the old men in the daily meetings and think tanks to keep their eyes off of her breasts and ass.

Alone for the second evening in a row, Missy had gone down to the hotel bar. Still wearing her suit she ordered a Ruby Red Vodka and Tonic and hoped she didn't get approached by another old white man.

Once the drink had relaxed her she sat back and enjoyed the piano player's fingers as they expertly stoked the keys. It made her imagine those very same fingers stroking her. She smiled to herself. As passionate as she was, it had been a long time since a man's fingers had been anywhere near the area's of Missy's body that she so missed being caressed.

Missy had been on the fast track at work for so long that she hadn't set aside time for romance. She was shocked when she counted the months of celibacy and it amounted to a full year! How could that be when she loved sex more then the average woman? Not that she had direct knowledge of this fact...only how could other women exist if just the sight of a man's masculine walk was enough to bring her? She didn't think anyone else felt about it like she did. Visuals just straight out did it for her.

Restlessly she picked up one of the many weekender magazines that littered the bar and absently leafed through it.

Her hand froze in mid turn when she set eyes on a chocolate brother in a large center spread, appearing to be wearing nothing more then a sexy grin. She didn't understand what it was about the picture but she found herself scanning the ad...for a chat room. Hmmm. She was just bored enough to try that...

Quickly Missy had returned to her room. She changed into her night clothes consisting of shorts and an old t-shirt. Her breasts seemed to swell in gratitude at being released from the confines of her bra.

She got comfortable on the bed with her laptop and anxiously signed on to the local chat room.

When asked to choose a screen name she quickly typed in Missy#1. She immediately landed in an area called lobby, but there were other rooms with cute names like Lover's Lane, Café Perk...Since Lobby is where she landed that's where she explored.

Immediately, though, she was lost--not understanding any of the codes that the other chat room members used. LOL was the extent of her online knowledge. And what were those little boxes...?

She clicked on one of the boxes and was shocked to see a picture appear in the corner of the screen. She almost fell of the bed when the picture moved and she realized that it was webcam.

Missy stared at the woman on the video as the woman typed on the computer and seemed oblivious to the fact that just any old person could be looking at her. After several minutes Missy decided to check out the other boxes.

Ooookayyyy...some people really should think twice about using web cam...Missy's breath came out in a shocked hiss that was sudden and surprising to her ears.

That man from the photo...the cutie pie from the weekender magazine was on webcam!

Tastichoco-lit was his screen name. Missy smiled. Now here was some chocolate that she'd gladly taste...

She watched him as he typed on his computer and periodically glanced at his cam. When he did that it always sent a bolt of electricity through her chest that spiraled to the pit of her stomach to settle somewhere between her thighs.

Missy scanned the typed in messages searching for Tastichoco-lit's.

There! He was chatting with several people, all women vying for Tasti's attention. Their banter was witty and quick. She followed it the best that she could. There were still thirty-five other people in this particular chat room and how they kept who they were talking to straight, was beyond Missy.

~who are you Missy#1?

"Oh my God!" Missy's skin grew molten hot. The message blinked like a neon beacon in the dead of night. She stared at it for what felt like forever.

The message was from Tasti. Tasti was talking to her!

Who was she?! Somebody stupid enough not to have found a more discreet screen name!

~you've been watching me. I see you have been docked for thirty minutes...So? Who are you?

Missy shook her hands frantically while looking at his picture wide-eyed. He knew that she had been watching him?! Frantically she scratched her scalp, trying to think of how to respond when all she wanted to do was stab the logout button and hide in the bathroom!

This is ridiculous! Tasti was staring dead into webcam and seemed as if he were watching if he could actually see her. Calmly she began to peck out a response.

~Hi. I'm just observing. I'm new to chat...hope you don't mind me watching.

Tittipritti sent a message. KISS

Oh, that was sweet. Missy thought. But then immediately several messages came up in rapid succession demanding to know why Titti was hating and who she was calling stupid.

Stupid?! Missy googled Internet abbreviations for KISS, which meant- keep it simple stupid.


Feeling her cheeks grow hot with embarrassment as well as anger Missy typed a rapid response.

~Titti. Play nice. Or you'll have to get out of the adult pool

Immediately, Tasti sent her a smiley that was winking and grinning widely. Others were sending laughing and winking smileys.

Missy grinned. She was liking this.

~Missy WTGP?

Missy felt her palms sweat. This from Tasti. Was it another insult? Quickly she looked up the acronym. Want to go private...

Missy smiled.

~look, I don't know anything about these acronyms.

Missy typed out as soon as Tasti had created a private room.

~don't worry...don't have 2 use them. Do I know u? U don't have a pic.

Missy grinned. What she wouldn't give to know him... She examined his sexy webcam footage. Yum! He looked at the camera again and seemed to be staring right at her. Missy felt her breath come that much faster as her heart beat quickened.

~you don't know me. I'm from out of town. I'll only be here another three days. Business.

~oh. Pics aren't necessary. I have a good imagination. What do u look like?

~curvy, thick thighs, brown skinned

Missy found herself wanting him to really see her. She tried to paint a picture.

~I'm 5'10", so I'm statuesque. I have shoulder length auburn hair, my eyes are black. Really, they are. And I have lips...that you can call big, full, whatever—but they would make Angelina Jolie hide her face in shame. My butte would hardly be accepted on a Paris runway, but J-Lo has nothing on me! and because I can fill out a DD bra I'm not lying when I say that I have a true hourglass figure

The laptop screen remained blank. As Missy stared at the Webcam Tasti's face stayed glued to his screen. And still her screen remained blank.

Missy frowned. Not every man went for bootilicious. Some still liked stick women.

~Wow! Was his response and her lips curled in pleasure.

After that, talking to a perfect stranger was easy. He was flirty, sexy as hell and he gave all of his attention to her.

A while later, when Missy glanced at the clock, she noted in surprise that it read almost eleven pm, which meant that she had been chatting for close to two hours! How could that be?

~do you know that we've been online almost two hours?!

~do you need to go?

She did. She'd have another long day of meetings tomorrow...but it had been so long since she had talked to a man like this and every time she looked at her screen...

~I don't have to go

He smiled.

~good. Because I want u to do me a favor.


~oh...that's exactly right. Missy I want you to give me your best O face

Missy's mouth dropped but she was smiling at the same time. She laughed out loud.

~tasti, you can't see my O face...unless they've invented two-way web cams.

~told you...I don't need pictures. I have a good imagination. You game? Because if you show me yours...I'll show you mine

Missy's mouth grew instantly dry.

~u still there?

Was she game?

~I'm game

~you've never done this before, have you, Missy?

~how do you know? No... what exactly do you mean by THIS?

~come here baby. Get comfortable. Let me rub your neck a little...and kiss behind your ear. Mmmm. You taste good. My fingers are firmly on your shoulders, kneading, caressing...You see?

Missy almost forgot to type her response.

~Ahhh...kiss me then, where my neck and shoulder meet. That's my spot. You can blow there also. Let me take your hand and show you how to touch my breast...Palms up, then you can hold them in your hand. Heavier then you thought, huh? Mmmm. Use your thumb to raise my nipples. They're so hard now. You like that. You can suck them if you like

She watched Tasti as he read her response. He blinked and looked into the camera an honest look of surprise on his face.

~maybe, I'm wrong and you have done this before?

~only in my imagination

~damn...then my lips are right where you told me, between that sweet spot where your neck and shoulder meet. U taste like honeysuckle. Yum. Feel my tongue travel down past your collarbone. My hands are still on your beautiful tits, but now so are my lips. I'm sucking your nipples into my mouth. Mmm, baby. You taste like chocolate!

Missy swallowed, her eyes glued to the screen. She found her hands mimicking the motion that Tasti described. Her fingers found her nipples already hard and standing out, ready, sensitive. Her eyes fluttered closed as she tugged on first the right then the left one. She pictured Tasti's tongue and lips there and a groan escaped.

~are you touching yourself, Missy? Tell me?

~my...My fingers are

~what are your fingers doing, Baby?

~touching my nipples

~just your nipples?

~Feeling hot all over, Missy slid her hand down past the waist band of her shorts. Her fingers slid even lower until she reached the patch of tightly curled hair. With a sigh her fingers spread her wet lips. Her clit was already quivering.

~tell me, baby

Tasti encouraged.

~my clit

~look at webcam, missy

In all of the excitement she had momentarily forgotten the webcam. What she saw made her fingers work rapidly.

Tasti was standing and he was removing his shirt. She chewed her lip as his hand slid down over his abs to the waist band of his pants. Swiftly he opened them and lowered them until he was standing in just boxer briefs. The sight of his hard-on sent electrical pulses shooting low in her belly until they spiraled outward through all of her extremities. Missy groaned.

Tasti's hands massaged himself through his brief and Missy thought that she'd never be able to blink. If he didn't show what was hidden behind those boxers she'd scream.

~pls, show me! She typed frantically.

She saw Tasti glance at his computer. He looked back at the webcam and winked at her. His hand slid below his waist band. Oh my God...he withdrew a cock that was hard like pipe plumbing...

Even though she didn't want it like that, Missy felt her vagina explode. Rapidly her fingers stroked her pulsating clit. Her moisture made her palms slick! With a loud cry Missy came. Too fast, she wanted more. It was too fast.


But now she had her own webcam. Missy frantically set up the camera. It took such precious time when all she could think about was showing him.


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