author's note: in keeping with some of the requests and feedback that I've received for stories in this category, I've tried to write this story with a theme of anger/betrayal rather than the so called "wimp husband". I may continue this story as well if people would like...


Bradley was confused when he found the unmarked tape among his wife's things in their closet... he'd finally gotten around to cleaning out their room and organizing everything, the way that she'd been nagging him to, and this was something he was sure he'd never seen before. They'd made some erotic tapes together of special nights of course, but those were all kept in the box under his bed... he'd even watched a couple of them for fun while he was organizing. Why would Suzie have an unmarked tape so carefully hidden behind her shoes?

Suspicion warred with the trust that he put in his wife... the trust and love that made a marriage what it was. Still, he told himself that the reason he was going to watch it was for curiosity, not suspicion. As the tape came on he realized that suspicion would have been the better choice.

It was Suzie, laid out on the bed with her legs high in the air... she was wearing garters, thigh-high stockings and a pair of stiletto heels. Between her legs bobbed the head of a man... a blonde man, with much lighter hair than his own. It wasn't possible that the man so energetically eating her out was him. Still, Bradley reminded himself to calm, to stop the initial spurt of rage that was going through his head as she began to play with her nipples, pinching them while she moaned outrageously and encouraged "Chuck" to suck on her clit.

Perhaps this wasn't so bad... perhaps this was from a time before they were married... she did look a little younger in this after all. Not that much younger though, his reluctant mind told him... not young enough to have been from before their wedding. Still, every part of him wanted to deny it, except maybe his fists which were clenched in rage. Shockingly his dick seemed to be revolting against the rest of him too... he couldn't deny that she was beautiful, even though it was another man between her legs. She looked incredibly erotic as she twisted her nipples, wailing as she started to cum while her breasts jiggled and her flushed face thrashed from side to side.

If he'd been there he'd have wanted to slam his dick so deep into her... but it wasn't him. It was "Chuck" who lifted his smug face from between her legs, kissing up her stomach to those gorgeous breasts... "Chuck" who murmured something in her ear that made her moan. Bradley watched with his stomach curdling while "Chuck" pressed his dick into Bradley's wife's pussy. Her eager, wet, recently orgasmic pussy... Bradley watched while Chuck began to move in and out, he knew just how much Chuck was enjoying that fantastic pussy.

Not only did he have first hand experience, but he could see it on Chuck's face too... the pleasure as her pussy wrapped around his hard dick, caressing and squeezing it... Suzie had amazing control over her inner muscles. One time she'd tied Bradley up, sat on top of him and made him cum just from the way her pussy massaged his dick. It had been a long, aching, but also incredibly exquisite experience, both astounding torture and pleasure. Now it was some other man fucking that amazing pussy... that amazing MARRIED pussy, the pussy that was supposed to belong SOLELY to Bradley!

Of course Bradley didn't begrudge Suzie previous lovers, he hadn't come to the marriage a virgin and she hadn't either. Although he would have been hurt that she'd kept a tape of another man, there was possibly even something understandable in that, especially if it had been a very special experience. Not that he would have ever wanted her to WATCH the tape again... but there was no way this was before their wedding. She didn't look THAT much younger... no this was more recent than that. Still, not something that had happened the other day... but she'd cheated on him. While they were MARRIED.

He watched as she moaned and bucked underneath Chuck, encouraging him to fuck her harder... those same ecstatic moans that Bradley had heard just the night before. She writhed and humped, pushing her hips up to meet his thrusting dick... her orgasm was long and hard and still he was fucking in and out of her heated hole. Then, suddenly, it happened.

Chuck pulled out of her pussy, his dick an angry red and very hard. Putting the lubricated member at her asshole, he began to push in, and Suzie's ecstatic cries abruptly changed.

"NO! Chuck I don't do that!" she protested, trying to struggle against him, but it was useless when he was on top of her and one of her legs was thrown over his shoulder like that. He ignored her cries, pushing deeper and deeper into her ass, deflowering it...

Bradley suddenly knew exactly when this happened, exactly what he was watching. Four years ago he'd gone on a business trip that had lasted five months. Five long excruciating months without his wife, without any sexual comforts other than his own hand... when he'd returned Suzie had been so excited to see him. They'd fucked like rabbits all weekend, and out of no where she'd asked him if he'd like to fuck her ass. Not only that, but she enjoyed it immensely, despite the fact that it was something she'd never wanted to do. He'd only asked a few times, being more curious than anything... and it had been fantastic and it was something that they'd continued.

Right now, he was watching the reason for that. She'd cheated on him during those five long months, that time period that he'd been so faithful to her... and not only that, but she'd continued the new activities that she'd learned after he'd gotten back home. Rage filled him as her moans changed on screen, he could see that she was starting to get into the anal fucking, Chuck was reaming out her ass, buggering her like a pro. His hand slid down in between her legs, rubbing her pussy harder and harder as he fucked her ass... Bradley knew just how it felt, to be buried in that tight elastic ass, with the inner muscles rippling around him. What made it worse was that he'd been completely convinced that he was the first one in there, it had been something special that had been just between them because he knew it was something that she hadn't done with any previous boyfriends or lovers.

Now that was sullied too... their marriage, their intimacy, their sex... she'd ruined everything! And he'd stayed so faithful to her over that time period, blew off so many gorgeous women who'd been hitting on him, masturbated every night as he thought longingly of his perfect wife! That BITCH!

The tape ended as Suzie screamed in orgasm, her tight ass clamping down on Chuck's dick and sucking the cum from it. He was completely embedded in her ass, groaning loudly about what a slut she was, how hot she was, how tight her ass was. When the picture suddenly turned to blackness and grey lines, Bradley realized that he was incredibly hard, despite his anger and the intense hurt.

Closing his eyes he wrapped his hand around his hard dick and pumped vigerously, although he tried to imagine himself with Suzie, or himself with another woman, or anything else... the picture of Chuck fucking his wife's pussy and then her ass kept invading his head. It didn't seem to matter, Bradley quickly reached orgasm, and although his dick deflated, his rage at his wife's betrayal certainly hadn't.


The video was on when she got home, playing loudly with the volume turned up, just at the point when Chuck was entering her ass. Suzie let out a loud cry of despair, looking around desperately for her husband... she ran through the entire house calling his name but he was nowhere to be found. Her heart aching, dear God why had she kept that awful tape anyway? She'd been unfaithful to Bradley several times while he was gone on that awful trip, leaving her alone for so long with little to do and barely any time to talk to her... but Chuck hadn't been able to give her what she'd really wanted. About halfway through Bradley's trip she'd realized that she'd been trying to make Chuck into a replacement for her husband, and he just wasn't good enough.

Or not that he wasn't good enough, but he wasn't Bradley and nothing else was actually going to satisfy her. She and Chuck had made the tape before she'd decided that, and she'd hidden the tape away, thinking that maybe she'd watch it again. Of course, she never had. After waiting three more long months before Bradley came home, during which time she'd gone back to being the faithful wife and hadn't even watched the tape, she'd been so happy to have her husband back... the tape had completely slipped her mind. Sure, she knew that she needed to get rid of it, but it just didn't seem important since it wasn't something that mattered to her anymore.

She should have told him, possibly as soon as he'd returned... but if she had would he ever have looked at her with the same kind of love and trust? Would he still have seen her as perfect and beautiful?

There was a note waiting for her in their bedroom, on their bed.


I've seen the tape. I know what you did... and I know that you did it while I was away on that trip. I don't know what to feel right now, I still love you but this is something that I might not be able to get over. I've gone to spend the night at the hotel... I just need to be away from you right now.


With tears sparking in her eyes, she sat down heavily on the bed, suddenly having trouble breathing. It had been wrong... she would deserve it if he left her, especially because she'd never told him... and why had she kept that DAMNED TAPE! Screaming insults at herself in her head, she shook with emotion as the tears welled up. She would deserve it if he left her... but she didn't want him to.

The hotel... there was only one hotel near them, the Holiday Inn. Grabbing her coat she went out the door. He still loved her, it said so in the letter - maybe if she acted quickly enough she'd be able to salvage their marriage. At the very least, she had to try.

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