tagLoving WivesCheating At Cards Ch. 04

Cheating At Cards Ch. 04



"And that's where the simple truth ends," I told him. "This is where I start to tell you two different versions of what happened on my night out. Are you ready? Do you want me to continue?"

He nodded.

"Okay," I said taking a very deep breath to control my nerves; knowing that both accounts had to be equally convincing, "This is the first version... but remember... don't try to judge it until you've heard both of them."

CH 04

"I'm going to tell it like a story," I said, "and I don't want any interruptions or any questions. If any of it upsets you, tell me and I'll stop... but if you do that, I won't carry on afterwards; I'll just leave it there! Is that okay?"

He nodded, clearly more nervous than ever; and so, after a moment or two, I began:

"Okay... so the Diamonds nightclub was about to close. Muriel had disappeared and I was with Jimmy. I stared helplessly at the clean table and, befuddled as I was, tried to work out what I needed to do. I knew I had some money left in my purse and it would normally be enough to see me home in a taxi... but they charge double rates between midnight and six and I knew I didn't have enough for that.

'"I heard Jimmy say, 'Looks like both of us have been left to our own devices, doesn't it?' and I suddenly realised that I was clutching his hand. 'How're you getting home?' he asked me as I freed my hand and started rummaging through the small clutch-bag I'd brought with me... desperately hoping that there might be another tenner hidden under the few bits & pieces of make-up I'd brought with me.

"But apart from the five pound note, all I found was some small change, which didn't even add up to another pound. I'd intending sharing a cab with Muriel and, to be honest, I was going get dropped off at Mum's house -- I've got her spare key -- to stay there for the night just to teach you a lesson. I mean, I don't know what time you rang her..."

"It was nearly one o'clock!" he interjected, momentarily forgetting about not interrupting; but that was exactly what I'd hoped for and I let him ramble for a moment to add; "She was really annoyed at me and told me not to ring her again. I did risk it again later but I think she left the phone off the hook!"

'Excellent!' I thought, 'the only ace he had left and he's just let me trump it.'

"Anyway... never mind all that," I said, doing my best to sound irritated, "Do you want me to go on or not?"

He nodded and gave a mumbled apology, so I went on:

"Jimmy offered to lend me some cash, but I couldn't accept it because I'd no idea when I'd see him again so, after dithering a bit, we decided to share. The idea was that he'd get dropped off first and then he'd make sure I had enough money to get to my mum's.

"But the trouble started as soon as I got outside in the cold fresh air and the alcohol really seemed to begin hitting me; I started to feel really bad, swayed a lot... and then I threw up! I'd had far too much to drink, so it shouldn't have been a surprise, I suppose... but it's a good job Jimmy was with me because all the drivers on the rank had seen it and I don't think they'd have agreed to take me if I'd been on my own! Even the one who took us wasn't exactly happy... but at least I didn't get sick again.

"The trouble was though, that it's a fair distance to where Jimmy lives -- about ten miles south of here -- and it was such a relief to be safe and sound that, somewhere along the way, I must have just leaned against him and fallen asleep.

"Actually... no... strike that! I didn't just fall asleep... I passed out! And the next bit I only know from what Jimmy told me later.

Apparently, when we got to his place, he tried everything he could to wake me... but all he got was a load of rambling nonsense before I went out like a light again! The taxi driver, of course, wasn't willing to take me on my own in that condition; he said something like that had happened to him before, and when he'd tried to haul the woman out of the cab she'd suddenly started screaming that he was trying to rape her and some of her neighbours had called the police.

"So by that time the cabbie wasn't in a particularly cooperative mood. He absolutely refused to go to my mum's and then back to Jimmy's, even with the promise of a large tip, because he said he was tired, it was his last run of the night and he wanted to go home -- which was over on the Heatherlanes estate. In the end, I suppose there was no point in arguing so Jimmy just picked me up and carried me into his house. I have a very vague memory of being laid down and some sort of cover being put over me... and then I was completely out for the count again.

"I don't think I slept for very long because when I woke up, absolutely desperate for the toilet; it was still dark outside. It felt as if I was in the middle of a nightmare... the kind where you can't really be sure whether you're awake or still dreaming... and I remember trying to work out where the bathroom was. That's the trouble with being so used to living in a bungalow... you forget about 'upstairs.' Eventually, despite my addled condition, I managed to work it out and... God alone knows how... I also managed to get up the stairs without either making too much noise or falling and breaking my neck! Unfortunately, it was all just a bit late... because I peed a bit in my knickers before I could get them down! I know I took them off... well, obviously... but I've no idea what I did with them. They're probably still in his house somewhere!

"The next thing I can remember is waking up with a stinking headache... naked and all alone in a big, double bed.

"Jimmy told me later that he'd heard me stumbling around in the bathroom for quite a while before the cistern flushed and then, a few moments later, I staggered into the bedroom, took the rest of my clothes off and slipped in between the covers! I really have no memory whatsoever of doing that! You can't even begin to imagine how embarrassed I was when he told me about it!

"And it didn't help one little bit when he told me how tempting it had been for him! Apparently, he'd fancied me for quite some time... since we were teaching at the same school... although he'd never let on to me before. So, when I suddenly stripped off like that and climbed into his bed, I suppose he must have thought....

"Well... I'm sure you'll understand the kind of things he must have thought! The thing was, though, that he controlled himself... and he really did behave like a perfect gentleman. As soon as he was certain I was asleep... by the way, do I really snore loudly when I've been drinking? No, never mind about that. Once he knew I was sleeping, he sneaked out of bed and went downstairs.

"He ended up spending the night on the two-seater couch where he'd originally put me. God only knows how he was able to do that! I'm five-three as you know... but he's well over six-foot, and pretty solidly built, too... so it couldn't have been a comfortable experience for him and I really can't imagine that he got very much sleep.

"Well, I'd not long woken up and I was still a bit disoriented when I heard him tap on the door and ask if it was okay to come in. I could hardly refuse, could I? It was his bedroom in his house after all! So I said 'yes' or, rather, I groaned something that sounded like it.

"And I have to tell you, it was a very strange situation. I'd become extremely aware of the fact that I was naked by this time, and I'd pulled the covers right up so it was just my head and my fingers that were visible... when he came into the room with a big, beaming smile on his face and a cup of coffee in his hand. 'Frosty this morning, isn't it?' he said and, even though it was corny, I couldn't help but return the smile.

"He was wearing a pair of pyjama bottoms, but no top, and I found my gaze wandering from his cheerful smile to the mass of curly hair on his chest and, if I'm really honest, to the very well-toned muscles. He's big and he's broad, but he doesn't seem to be carrying an ounce of spare of spare flab anywhere. I watched him as he carefully put the cup down onto top of the cabinet on the side I was occupying and I queried why he wasn't having any. But he told me he'd already had two cups while he'd been waiting for me to wake up. I hadn't realised until then that it was almost noon!

"Being a gentleman, he was about to leave me to it but I wanted to know exactly what had happened the night before. I mean, I could tell that nothing had happened between us... but I needed to know how it was that I'd ended up, stark naked, in his bed. It was while he explained what had happened that I got the first indications that he really fancied me. I can't be sure how many times the phrase 'if I hadn't known that you're married' came into it... but it was certainly more than once.

"Eventually, I learned that he'd put my clothes in his washer-drier because there'd been some vomit on them, and that they weren't quite ready yet. He told me I was welcome to take a shower... that there were fresh towels and one of his old dressing gowns in the bathroom... and he'd wait for me downstairs. After he'd left... and I'd heard him go down the stairs... I drank the coffee, had a shower, and put the dressing gown on.

"It was absolutely huge! If it was full-length on him, you can only imagine what it must have been like on me! I must have looked an awful sight in it... but at least it covered me up! I headed back to the bedroom to pick up my watch and my earrings which I'd left there while I showered. I was feeling a lot better by then but, just as I turned to leave, I must have stepped on the hem of the dressing gown because I lost my balance, stumbled a bit, and fell headlong... half on the bed and half on the floor! It obviously made a bit of noise because he came charging up the stairs to see what had happened yelling, 'Patsy! Are you alright, Patsy?'

"I didn't know whether to laugh or cry! I mean, I hadn't hurt myself or anything... but I felt so stupid! The damned dressing gown seemed to have wrapped itself around me and I was struggling to free myself and get to my feet again; but by that time he was in the room, picking me up as if I weighed nothing at all; and gently putting me down on the bed, even though I kept protesting that I was 'fine.'

"But all the time, something was happening to me. I didn't understand it at first... but I think it was something to do with the strength of the man... about the way he could pick me up so easily... as if I was nothing more than a rag doll, and just put me down again so gently. It made me feel so helpless but so... how can I explain it... so safe and secure when he held me. And then there was this kind of raw, animal, smell from him that made me feel dizzy. It sounds stupid just saying it but... he was so incredibly masculine that I could actually sense my temperature rising!

"Without even being aware of what I was doing, I curled my arms around his neck when he lifted me and then, when he'd put me down on the bed and attempted to move away I... I just held on to him! I just clung to him, Geoffrey... I couldn't help myself!

"He tried again to move away from me, very gently... but I wouldn't... just couldn't... let go of him. Our eyes met and I could see the desire in him and feel the heat in myself. I heard his voice whispering; 'Patsy... you're married. We....' But I didn't want to hear that... I wanted him! I heard my own voice saying "pretend I'm not... please," and then I brought my face up to his and... and I kissed him!

"He was still unsure... I could see that... but I didn't care. Our lips met... barely brushed together... and then his resistance seemed to crumble. I felt his arms start to tighten around me again... gently at first and then his lips were pressing firmly on mine and it was as if some smouldering embers had been breathed into life and a fire was beginning to rage inside me.

"There was never a chance of it being any kind of slow and gentle seduction... it was wild and fierce! We kissed again and again and the belt holding the dressing gown he'd lent me came undone as he eased himself down onto the bed beside me. I brought one hand down to run my fingers through the hairs on his chest, and then moved it again because I wanted to feel the friction of them on my breasts and against my nipples. It felt so wonderful... I just kept kissing him... pushing my tongue into his mouth ...and my head was spinning from the way it made me feel.

"There were no thoughts after that... it was purely touches and responses... entirely physical... simply a fire-fuelled lust that was blazing out of control! I can't even remember the sequence of events properly because it was as if I'd been swept up and hurled into an entirely new plane of existence.

"I know I was muttering encouragement when he toyed with my breasts... that I practically erupted when he sucked on my nipples and, above all, that I immediately spread my legs apart when his hand moved down between them.

"When he touched me there, it was almost as if I'd been hit by a bolt of lightning! His finger slipped inside of me so easily that I must have been soaking wet; and he only had to move it... very gently... before I exploded with the most incredible climax!

"Words that I can't even recall were pouring from me ... in between all the gasps and groans... and I was wriggling and squirming to try to get him on top of me... while he was desperately struggling to push his pyjama pants down and attempting to kick free of them. And then he was in place... ready... and he held back for a second or two until our eyes met... until he was able to be absolutely certain that it was what I wanted... but there was no thought of anything else at that moment! And then the tip of his cock began to open me, very slowly... to open me wide... and wider still; until I thought that it was actually going to hurt me... but then the head of it entered. I could feel my flesh contracting around it so tenaciously that I wanted to scream with the joy of that feeling.

"I fastened my arms around him as tightly as I could... clinging to him with all the strength I possessed as I kissed his neck... so fiercely that I left marks all over it... and I lifted my legs up to try to wrap them around him as well and give him all the access that he could want. He had far more self-control than I did... and it was probably just as well because he was able to ease gently into me, bit by bit... to give me time to become accustomed to the way it stretched my insides.

"Whether it was length or girth that made the difference, I've no idea... but he seemed to fill me in a way I wouldn't have believed possible before then. I think I was actually sobbing from the pleasure he was giving me. I'm certain I wasn't able to say anything that was coherent... just a helpless stream of babbling words that probably made no sense at all... and once he began to ease in and out of me... well... I can't even put it into words! I was yelping like a dog... practically screaming his name and urging him on.

"At that moment I just wanted him to take me... to have me... as completely as it's possible for a man to have a woman; and he responded perfectly. He managed to hold back somehow... for a while... God knows how, because I felt as if I was practically trying to milk him with my internal muscles. But he lasted long enough for me to reach two more shattering orgasms... so intense that they actually frightened me... before he finally began to gasp and to lose that wonderful rhythm he'd found.

"The greatest fear I had then was that he'd try to withdraw... because I didn't want him to! I wanted all of him... everything he had. And, the way I clutched him must have let him know that because, finally, with a groan that was more like a triumphal roar, I felt those astonishing and wonderful spasms deep inside me. It was absolutely glorious because, with each powerful twitch he seemed to expand inside me and allow me even greater sensations... and it seemed to go on and on as if it would never end!

"By the time it finally stopped, we were both desperately fighting to draw gulps of air into our lungs but we carried on kissing each other feverishly until eventually, and still reluctantly, I released him and allowed him to roll off to one side. But we kept our arms around each other and we continued with our gentle touches and soft kisses until, before too long, we drifted off to sleep.

"Heaven only knows how long I slept for but, when I eventually woke, I realised that it was nearly four o'clock and you have no idea how much I panicked! I was relieved that he'd turned over in his sleep because it meant that I was able to ease myself out of bed without disturbing him. I had to leave the dressing gown behind because he was lying partly on top of it, so I was naked when I fled down the stairs. I managed to find my way to his utility room, opened the washing machine and emptied it; but, no matter how much I searched, I simply couldn't find my bra.

"In the end, I was in such a state of frenzy that I decided just to leave it. I also had to dump my tights because they were torn beyond repair (I've no idea how that happened), so I ended up dressed in what I had left and quietly escaped from the house.

I'd no real idea where I actually was, so I walked to the end of the road and found the street sign before switching my phone back on and calling for a taxi. I was hoping I could get home and into the bathroom before you could notice the state I was in... make-up hurriedly applied and hair roughly brushed while I was in the back of the cab... but you were waiting for me."

I stopped then and waited for my husband's reaction. All the way through my narrative I'd been observing him very carefully and those observations had virtually confirmed what I'd suspected. It seemed as if I'd only had to hand him a spade for him to start digging himself into a hole.

Not once had there been any sign of anger - the kind of perfectly natural response I would have expected from someone who genuinely loved me; and the look of excitement in his eyes had been unmistakable. Several times, I'd watched him shift as if he was feeling uncomfortable, but it was pretty obvious from the way he moved that he was trying to get more comfortable with the erection that was probably straining inside his trousers -- and the truth of that became apparent when I asked him if he'd mind getting me a glass of lemonade, because it was sticking out like a tent-pole when he stood up.

I watched him closely as he poured my drink and, this time, helped himself to another glass of his rum. "So... what ... I mean....?" He began to say as he handed me my glass, but I held my hand up to quieten him, and said;

"That's just the first version of what happened, Geoffrey. If you want to stop right there and believe that it's the truth... well, that's your choice. But I'd prefer you to hear the alternative report of what I did last night first."

His face fell and I could see him struggle to come to a decision. Even as he nodded his agreement and moved to sit down again, I'd swear I saw his erection begin to wilt beneath the material of his trousers. And I understood exactly how he felt because, while I'd been telling the story, it had produced a glow inside me that was surprisingly warm.

"If you're ready," I told him, "I'll start on the second one. It's very different and it's a lot shorter than the first but remember... when I've finished it, I won't be telling you what's true until you've told me everything about yourself and Calvin... okay?"

Once again, he just nodded and I could see him sink him into despair. The knowledge that I'd spent part of the evening with Muriel -- Calvin's recent mistress -- probably made him believe it would be almost impossible to lie when it came to his 'confession,' and I'm pretty sure that it must have been enough to completely deflate the erection my first story produced.

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