Cheating First Time


We got up, and raided the refrigerator, kissing like newlyweds. On the kitchen table, I put my feet on his cock which came to life again. I asked him if he wanted to fuck me in the ass. He was almost shocked, but he gave in to his hard on. While I was kissing and licking his penis I told him I would guide him. He was so surprised by my open sexuality. I went to bathroom, came back with a jar of Vaseline and started to put on the head of his penis. I instructed him to lubricate my ass hole also. He tried to lead me to bedroom as we have never had sex outside the bedroom. But I just startled him as I set on his penis. George' huge cock had already stretched my ass hole. I started to dance on my husband's cock just like I did earlier on George' cock. He was concerned not to hurt me. I told just put his cock all the way in my ass. He started to fuck my ass real hard. I guided his hand to my pussy, as I grinded my ass to his cock. He laid me on the floor on all fours and continued to fuck my ass furiously. He came filling my ass with his cum.

Every time George's ship comes to town, we meet at a hotel and fuck all day long. He told me, he would jack off thinking of me while his ship is sailing. My husband would get suspicious at times. But before my affair, I would deprive him of sex for a while, so when I come home and he questioned me I give home a sexy smile and start to suck his cock. He is satisfied and so I am.

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Live a little

die a lot

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