tagErotic CouplingsCheating on Jessica with Jessica

Cheating on Jessica with Jessica


I was at a friends party and didn't feel like taking part in any of it. My girlfriend was with her parents out of the country and would not be back for at least another month. So I talked to some friends for a bit and made my way to the furnished basement and watched TV as the music blared upstairs.

My girlfriend was gorgeous, and not that she'd put out if she were here, but I'd be alot less horny and lonely if she were. She's very religious, church twice a week, and celibate until she marries. We've messed around a bunch, but no real sexual stuff ever went down. Either way I loved her, so it wasn't a big deal.

After half watching some lame horror movie for an hour or so Jessica, a girl I knew from highschool, came down stairs and sat down next to me on the couch. She was two years younger than me but we talked now and then and were pretty friendly with eachother. Jessica was wearing a pair of snug jeans and a tight pink shirt with a low neckline that showed some nice cleavage. She didn't look as good as my girlfriend, also named Jessica, but she had a very sexy nature. She was the kind of girl who seemed to never stop flirting, and wore a bit too much makeup.

We talked about whatever for some time and Jessica was getting comfortable, she kicked off her shoes, laid back against the other side of the couch and put her feet up on my lap. The conversation eventually came to my girlfriend and I told her how she was away and must of been kinda buzzed cuz I told her that she was all about church and not having sex.

Jessica said that that was too bad and it must be tough being so hot and not being able to get any. I knew she was hitting on me but didn't care too much let her work her way on to my lap as she asked me to massage her shoulders. She was sitting basically on my right thigh with her left butt cheek on my package while I gave her shoulders a fabulous rub. Well, I was also looking down her shirt too, but I didn't get wicked hard and poke her or anything, just a bit twitchy, you know?

This lasted for some time, I was breathing in her apple shampoo and light perfume, becoming a bit more turned on. Jessica has sat on my lap before and we've given eachother those flirty massages, so I thought that this would just fizzle out and she would go back upstairs or I'd fall asleep.

Um, yeah, that didn't happen. Instead I kept getting hornier as she sat sideways on my lap with her knee resting against my stomach and we got to talking about sex so I knew that I wasn't in the best situation.

We talked about what kind of underwear we liked to wear and she got me to unbuckle my pants a bit and show her my favorite pair of boxers, there totally 80's checkerboard Ska kind of thing. Then when it was her turn to show what kind of panties she was wearing she through her leg that had been resting on my stomach over my lap and was straddling me. She then unzipped her jeans and pulled them down far enough for me to see the ouline of her pussy lips on the fabric. The panties she was wearing were pink bikini type with a white outline that ride up on the ass. Yeah, she bent forward to show me what they looked like in the back too.

Well, I buckled my pants back up and she said jokingly, "oh man" or something to that effect and then I told her that she still hasn't showed me all of her underwear. She smiled and pulled down the front of her shirt to show me a matching pink bra and most of her almost C-cup tits.

After that she just kind of looked in my eyes then leaned in and kissed me on the cheek and then on the lips. I kissed her back for a few seconds before I pulled away and said that I loved my girlfriend and didn't want to hurt her. Jessica was irritated and got up and started to leave, but once again for some reason, I grabbed her hand. I said, "Hey, I still want to hang out with you, where are you going?" So she smiled and sat back in my lap, I suppose she knew that she would be more successful if she tried again in a bit, but I'm not aware of what I was thinking, because I'm an idiot.

After talking for a few minutes about my girlfriend, Jessica was back sitting sideways with her knee resting against my stomach and arm on the side of the couch. I didn't think that I would be able to resist a move by her again. Her hoop errings were swaying back and forth as she spoke about what kind of stuff she likes guys to do for her.

I decided that I didn't care too much anymore and figured that I knew how this was going to end, so I leaned in and stuck my tongue in her mouth. We locked lips and made out passionately, I kissed her neck and she nibbled on my ear. Then she got up and took her shirt off, revealing that nice rack in a cute bra. I took my shirt of to match her and she then turned around and pulled her pants down, bending over in front of me.

Her ass was great, a nice pair shape, shown off in a sexy pair of panties. Jessica sat back down in my lap and started to unbuckle my belt. I took her face in my hand and kissed her mouth. I then laid her back and slipped her panties down over her thighs and off of her ankles. She was totally bare, and had a nice looking cooch, not that sloppy stuff you can get used to seeing on other girls. I dove in and ate her out while she rested her hands on my shoulders and directed me.

Jessica was quite wet as I tongued her clit and inserted a finger in her vagina. An 'ooh' escaped her mouth as my finger went in up to my first knuckle. I finger fucked her for a bit while licking the entire range from the top of her pussy to the bottom of her ass crack on the sofa. She loved this and cooed as I inserted another finger into her wet vagina.

She came on my face and screeched a sigh as her orgasm subsided. I took my pants all the way off and took out my erect cock. She immediately grabbed it and started to jerk it as I savoured the feeling for a few seconds. I then unclasped her bra and the material fell away to reveal a nice set with medium sized areolas. I took on of the round globes into my mouth and swirled my tongue around her nipple as she continued to jack me off. I then realized that I didn't have a condom and told her that I didn't.

She put my dick in her mouth then took it out and said, "I don't care, I'm on birth control, I want it in me now!" Once again I didn't think as clearly as should of and just said, "ok" and placed her ankles on each of my shoulders. I slid my cock in her pussy nice and slow, letting her get comfortable, before starting a nice deep fuck. We fucked like this for about 10 minutes and she came but I wasn't through. I took her ankles off my shoulders and turned her on her stomach on the couch. Her hands were under her and her knees were on the rug as she parted her thighs, ready for me to enter her from the back.

I started by fingering her pussy then entering her but with my index finger, she loved it, moaning her appreciation. After some of this I thrusted my cock in her right to the top on the first stroke and we fucked hard and fast like this. Her tits were rubbing against the fabric of the couch and her head was turned sideways, half moaning half grunting with every stroke of my cock. She was thrusting her ass back at me after a while and it became a battle of who's fucking who.

I told her I was going to come so she said, "Just come on my chest". She got up and sat down leaning her amazing jugs forward. I came hard a blasted her tits and tummy with my semen. She rubbed the semen into her skin as a I kept cumming like someone who hasn't jerked off in a while does. When I was finished she was still rubbing the semen into her skin as it dripped down to her shaven pussy.

Jessica looked at me and said. "Well, I guess your happy that your girlfriend went on vacation and left you all alone." I had blown it with my girlfriend so I just responded, "Well I wouldn't say she left me all alone." and stuck my already hardening dick into her surprised mouth. She sucked my cum covered dick back to it's full height and I fucked her sideways, her on top, and played around with her asshole some more that night.

We slept together on that couch and fucked nightly until my girlfriend came home. Well, even after she came home the other Jessica and I fucked all the time. And we did this for a couple months until my girlfriend wanted to surprise me when she knew I was home alone and walked into the back yard, finding me with the other Jessica in the jacuzzi mid coitus. She cried and ran back to her car and hasn't spoken with me since. But hey, I still got a Jessica to fuck around with.

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