tagInterracial LoveCheating Wife: Black Friday

Cheating Wife: Black Friday


"Ughhhhhhhhh ... I don't care. Just get something you really want."

In truth, I expected this response. We celebrate every Thanksgiving with his family, and the only thing they truly share is a love of drinking. I don't complain about this, because we all have our vices.

"Come on, hun, come with me." I pleaded, although I already knew the answer. 

"Shit, Janet, its 4 AM. There is no way I'm getting up."

"But Tom, its Black Friday. Don't you want to come shopping with me?"

"Sorry, babe, but fuck no I don't. Just go and have fun."

Theatrically, I stomped off, put on some old sweat pants and a sweatshirt, and made my way back to his side of the bed. "How do I look?" I joked with my still drunk and very tired husband.

"At least you'll be warm. Now let me sleep, woman!"

And with that I left the room, grabbed my long winter coat, picked up the bag I had packed the night before, and headed out to my car, which started easily. I was looking forward to the heat once the engine got warm. I had a 45-minute drive ahead of me and I wanted to be comfortable. 

I reached Rt 90 pretty quickly, and took 'the pike' out west until I hit 495. I took 495 north and got off on Rt 9, and then jumped on Rt 30. I could have stayed on Rt 9 but I needed to make a call, and I knew that I would be able to park at Friendly's while I dialed the numbers. 

After 3 rings a sleepy voice answered, "What?" 

"Hello, I'm sorry for calling so early, is this Richard?" 

"Yea, you got him. Who is this and why are you calling?"

"Hi Richard, I'm happy to reach you, and I'm sorry for calling so early. I'm looking to purchase a specialty item, and my friend Wanda recommended you. I'm calling so early, because I'd like to make the purchase in private, before normal store hours. Is that possible?"

"Its 5 AM. But, yea, for Wanda I'll open the store. When will you be here?"

"Thank you! I can be there in 15 minutes. See you soon."
I had a feeling he'd open for Wanda. Guys will do a lot for her, because she cannot -- and has not -- said no to a guy for as long as I've known her.

And God knows I love her, but she cannot keep her mouth shut. I'll have to ask Richard to keep this between us. Heading back on Rt 9, I hope that Wanda, as chatty as she can be, is at least honest in her descriptions. 

I found the establishment easily, noticed both that the light was on and that the closed sign was still in place, and I parked out back. I turned off the engine, gathered my bag, walked around front, knocked on the door, and was welcomed inside. 

So far Wanda had not exaggerated. Richard was just as described. He was at least 6'4", had impossibly broad shoulders, a narrow waist, and muscular arms. His jeans fit loosely, his shirt was stretched across his chest, and his feet were bare. 

He must have noticed me looking. "Sorry for the bare feet, I've just come down from the apartment upstairs." He said this matter-of-factly, and I thought I sensed a little disappointment in his tone.

My guess is that he was hoping for 'Wanda' and what he was getting was a stranger in sweats. "Don't be silly. I am thrilled that you are helping me out!" I assured him. And with that a smile broke out across his face. His white teeth emerged from between his full lips, the image all the more striking given the contrast with his almost blue-black skin. 

"Do you mind if I use the restroom? I've had a long drive." He didn't mind, of course, and showed me to the bathroom.

Before beginning my transformation, I took a moment to gather myself. Richard was beautiful, and we contrasted perfectly. He stood almost a foot taller than me, his body was sharp and hard, whereas mine was curvy and soft, even his dark hair differed from my blond curls.

Not wanting to wait too long, I quickly removed my sweats and sneakers, and replaced them with a black dress and leather spike-heeled boots. I pulled my hair back into a ponytail, heavily emphasized my make-up, applied a thick coat of red lipstick, put my long coat back on, and walked back into the store.

He seemed to miss the boots, but I could tell that he clearly noticed my make-up. His interest flared up. 
"Now, just what is it that you need, at this time of the morning, in an 'adult' store?"

"My husband suggested that I purchase 'a little friend'. Although I shouldn't say it out loud, I think he believes it will help with the growing discrepancy in our sex drives. And he might also like to see me with it, on occasion." As I spoke, Richard and I never broke eye contact. 

"OK, I think I know what you're looking for. Come on down here and I'll show you some options." And with that he led me down to a glass case containing a large number of sex toys. 

"So -- battery or manual powered?" Seeing my slightly confused look, he clarified. "Are you looking for a vibrator or a dildo?"

"Oh, sorry! Definitely not battery powered. That just seems odd to me."

"Alright then, a dildo it is. What size are you looking for?"

"Well, I'm not really sure. What size do you have?"

"I think you mean 'what sizes do I sell'"! 
We laughed. 

"They come in all sizes. Here, take a look."
He was right; the display had many, many dildos in different shapes and sizes, in different materials, differing in how lifelike they looked. 

"I should probably get one like this." I pointed to a smallish, tan-colored one. 

"Sure, if that's the one you want."

"My guess is it's the only one my husband won't mind seeing me with! But may I just look at a few others?"

"Look all you like."

"Some of these are really big!" I said in an offhand way. 

"They get bigger." Richard replied. 

I pointed at a particularly 'healthy' one and commented. "Wow, that's bigger than any real one!"

Richard laughed. "I assure you they come bigger than that in real life."
We shared a quiet moment, each enjoying the private message. 

"What colors do they come in?"

"The real question is what color do you want?"

"I'm not sure my husband would be pleased if I answered that honestly."

"Then it'll be our secret."

"Actually, I'd prefer if this was all a secret -- can we keep today between the two of us?" He nodded his agreement. 

"Then I'll tell you. I think the black ones are the sexiest." Richard just smiled at me. 

"It is getting a warm in here. Do you mind if I take off my coat."

"Make yourself at home."
And with that encouragement, I removed my coat, and revealed not my sweats but my black dress. And not just any black dress, but a dress with purpose, an Italian ladder-front Bandeau dress made of stretch lycra.

Richard stared, and didn't say a word. We shared the silence while he looked me over. I rotated so he could take me in. From the cut, from the material, from the outline of my nipples, he knew that I was not wearing underwear.



"My husband would kill me if I brought home the one I wanted."

"Ya, I bet he would. So what are you going to do?"

"I was wondering if you had a trial version? You know, so I can at least see if it fits, and if it does fit, see how it feels."

"Well, shit! You are in luck. I've got a self-propelled version, in just your color, that you can try right now."
There was no mistaking his intent. Richard walked around the counter, took my hand in his, and led me up to his apartment.
I happily followed.

The apartment was quiet, clean, and brighter than I expected -- although all I cared about was his bed, which was in the middle of the room. It was a simple box spring and mattress on the floor. This would drive me crazy in my home (for cleaning purposes), but here I liked the height.

I turned to kiss him, but he stopped me. "Naw. Not now. That's not how this is going down. You want a trial spin with this dildo, you better get yourself ready." And with that he began to undress, leaving the challenge to me.

Understanding him completely, I sat on the edge of his bed and pushed my dress down to free my breasts. I began to squeeze them for him. As he watched, I gently pinched and twisted my nipples.

His penis hung heavily toward the floor. As its head propped up slightly towards me, I wiggled completely out of my dress. My legs were now completely spread, hiding nothing from his view. I mimicked oral sex on my middle finger, and then brought it down between my other lips. Slowly I ran circles across my clit, and allowed quiet moans to escape my mouth.

The look on Richard's face was unmistakable, and I could see his penis hardening. I lay back and began to tease my lips apart for him. Using my thumbs to play with my clit, I pulled myself open for him, and quickly brought myself to orgasm.

With two fingers from my right hand, and one from my left, all inserted just to the first knuckle, I began to stretch myself wider. Richard clearly enjoyed this, as he quietly moved closer. I felt him grab my boot, but stopped him.

"No, not yet, not like this."

I rolled over, got on my knees on the edge of the bed, and began inserting my fingers again, this time deeper. Using one, then two, then three fingers I brought myself to a second orgasm -- an orgasm that would leave me needing much more than my own hand could provide.

"Please, please. Take me now."

That was all I managed to say, although I am certain I felt his hand on my hip before the second 'please'. Quickly following his hand, I felt the head of his penis press forcefully against me, and then into me as my body accepted his. Now with him inside me, and both hands holding my ass, he spoke.

"Lets go, girl, you better make this work for you."
And with that I pushed back onto him. My body fought with his girth, but I wasn't to be denied. In slow, short movements, I was taking him deeper. Evidently, I was moving too slow.

"You are lucky that this is a self-propelled model!"

And with that I felt him thrust forward, powerfully, into me. Words escaped my mouth, but they were incomprehensible. Richard, once deep within me, pulled back and then powered back in again. And again. And again. Using his hands to both hold me in place and to slap my ass, Richard fucked me.

My orgasm exploded, unmistakably, even with my head buried in his pillow to silence my screams. His followed quickly, with quiet grunts, delivered with hard, short thrusts from his penis. For a brief moment, from within, I felt him flex his penis.

I pulled forward, rolled over and stared at him. Richard, sweaty, with a glistening and softening penis, stared back. And then ... laughter. Uncontrollable, euphoric laughter. He lay next to me and we laughed until we fell asleep.

I woke before he did, and took the time to marvel at his lovely body. His penis, though now soft, still seemed massive, its color lighter than his body, the head closer to pink than brown. I rested my head on his belly and pulled his soft penis into my mouth.

I tasted our lovemaking.

His breathing indicated that he was waking, his penis now beginning to throb I took the opportunity to stroke him. He continued to grow in my hand and in my mouth as I continued to coax him from his slumber. My body was responding as was his, which is not surprising given how erotic I find giving oral sex.

His rhythmic hip movements suggested he was fully awake, but it was his hand on the back of my head that left no doubt. "Can't get enough, can you, girl?" I mumbled in the affirmative.

Pulling away from me, he looked me in the eye.
"You did alright earlier, but I think you can handle a little more cock than that, can't you?" 
Richard rolled me on my side, straddled my thigh, and pulled my ankle towards his neck.
 "Well, we're gonna find out right now." My eyes told him all he needed to know.

"Damn, girl, you're wet," he said as he slipped his head, sideways, into me. "Can you feel my balls on your thigh?"


"Heavy, aren't they?"

"Yes!" I answered as he pushed deeper into me. He was making progressively deeper thrusts as he moved up between my legs. I could feel his testes dragged back by the friction between our bodies. Slowly but confidently he took me, bringing his pelvis closer to mine, resting now my entire leg up his belly and chest.

Looking down at me he smiled. "You feel good, girl. Want to find what you can do?" My eyes answered, and with his arms holding my thigh, precluding any movement, and our legs scissored together, he thrust completely into me.

There was some bearable pain mixed with the unbearable pleasure. I bucked and screamed. Richard held my leg tightly with his left hand; with his right he pulled my torso toward his knee. I was at his mercy, and he showed me none. He took me with rapid, deep, powerful thrusts.

"Hold on, hold on. Not yet!" He commanded as he came close, and I obeyed. I held back my own orgasm until he released his.

"Now. Let it go!" And with that, almost immediately after I felt the warm internal pressure of his release, I experienced my own perfect, powerful completion. As before, I felt him flexing his penis before removal.

"Damn. Respect, girl. That was amazing." I just lay there trying to bring my mind back into this world.

"Richard, I have to go. May I use your bathroom?" I gathered my bag, and went off to prepare for the trip home. I didn't want to leave, but I had to.

"Thanks again for helping me out today!" I sang as I exited his bathroom, now dressed once again in my sweats and sneakers. "I really appreciate your kindness." My eyes, locked upon his naked body, reinterpreted those words for him.

"Damn, girl, I can tell that you loved the trial model." He was right, and cute for saying it. My behavior betrayed my preference, and I liked him knowing it. "Still, you shouldn't rush into a purchase like this. Why don't you bring that ass back here some time, and I'll have a few additional models here to help you decide?"

That question surprised me, but didn't upset me!

"I might be able to do that. Do you have other models in my color?" I giggled as I walked closer.

"Oh, yea, I can fill that order." He said, while pulling my head down toward his hardening penis.

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