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Cheating Wife Payback


Don was suspicious of the changes he saw in his wife. She had gone back to work after their youngest had started high school. Her new job seemed to require a lot of her time. She always seemed to be on the phone with her new boss Gary. When he called, her whole demeanor seemed to change. She would smile and giggle like a schoolgirl and would always go into the other room to talk to him.

Don also noticed she had begun to wear sexy underclothes. When she was asked about it, she told him she was feeling good about herself since beginning to work. That was fine, but it did not translate to any more sex at home. Actually, he seemed to be getting less.

Don had married Toni almost 20 years ago. Back then she was sexy and adventurous. She was also very easy going. After the kids were born, she seemed to change. She began to bitch and complain about everything. And their sex life that had once been wonderful, suffered.

She was no longer interested in oral sex or doing anything playful. Sex became a once a month, get on, and then get off of me situation. When he tried to open things up a bit, she shut down. Did he want her to act like a slut? Well not exactly, but a bit more wildness would certainly help!

Things had gotten so bad; Don had resorted to Internet porn. He visited several websites. Her preferred those that showed regular women, wives and mothers. He found it sexy when men would post nude pictures of their wives and elicited comments from admirers. He had once asked Toni about posing for some sexy pictures and she flat out refused.

So early one morning, Don was surfing, looking for some hot ladies to satisfy his lust. He found a new web page that had some very nice looking ladies. As he looked through the postings, he saw one that looked like fun. It was entitled I fuck his wife.

He clicked on the link, thinking some poor sap's wife is fucking around on him, and her boyfriend is posting pictures of her. How hot! The first set of pictures opened up and Don was surprised to see something that looked familiar, very familiar.

The pictured posted were carefully edited. You could not see the face of the woman, but she bore a remarkable resemblance to his wife! He wasn't certain until he paged down to a second set of pictures posted after many comments were posted. And there it was. The same sexy underclothes his wife had purchased a few weeks ago.

Don stared at the screen and his blood began to boil!

Farther down in the post were pictures were more graphic. They had pictures of them fucking, pictures of her spread open showing her pussy, and pictures of her sucking his rather large cock. Something she now refused to do for him!

Don wanted to run upstairs and confront Toni. He was steamed as he read the comments from the guy who had posted the pictures. He claimed to be Toni's boss and ridiculed the fact that he was fucking an employee that was married and her clueless husband had no idea. He went on to post all the wild adventures they had shared and how he had fucked her in her house one time while her husband was out of town.

Don was furious!

Don closed down the computer and went upstairs. His hands were shaking. He didn't know what he was going to do. All he knew is he had to get out of the house before he confronted his wife with her unfaithfulness.

Don took a long drive and parked by a lake. He went from crying to screaming at the top of his lungs. And he thought and thought. First I need some real proof. He had a friend that did part time detective work. He decided to call him and have his wife followed.

He went home and acted as though nothing was going on. It was hard. He had never been so angry. He called his friend that afternoon and asked him to watch his wife. About a week later, his friend called.

They met for lunch and the friend was carrying a large envelope. In it were pictures, date, and times. It seemed that they went to a local motel 2 to 3 times a week, not far from their office for lunch.

Don looked at pictures of his wife entering and leaving the motel. Then he flipped to the last picture. It was taken from a partially opened curtain. His wife was on her hands and knees getting fucked by her boss. It was grainy, but clearly showed her and what she was doing.

Don held the picture as rage enveloped him. He would divorce Toni. He was certain of that. But he thought of how he would still have to give her 1/2 of everything they owned. It didn't seem fair. She was the one that cheated.

His friend seemed to read his mind and said it was a shame that he would get screwed in the divorce even though she was the one that cheated. Don agreed and said he wished he could do something about it. The friend smiled and asked if he really meant that. Don asked why.

His friend told him that maybe something could be arranged, depending on what he wanted, and how much he'd be wiling to pay. Don twisted his face. He did not want his wife killed or anything. He just wanted some justice, some revenge.

His friend said he knew of a group of men that might help. Don asked how. His friend told him he had used these guys before in a divorce case. Don asked how. The friend smiled and said in a low voice, are you sure you want to know?

Don said yes.

His friend told him these guys break into the motel and catch his wife in the act with his boss. The boss would be subdued and his wife "handled". Don asked what that meant. The friend smiled and said they would drug her and rape the shit out of her. And they would film it. The tape would be handed over to him to use against her. After these boys got done with her, she'd agree to about anything in the divorce.

Don was shocked. He'd never considered anything like that. He told the friend he'd think about it, and left the restaurant. On his way home, he thought of what his friend said and he thought, no he could never do such a thing. He'd just divorce Toni and that would be it.

When he got home it was late. Toni was in bed watching TV. He went into the bathroom and changed into his pajamas. As he threw his dirty clothes in the hamper, he noticed his wife's dirty panties near the top of the hamper. He pulled them out and noticed the crotch was wet and sticky. She had been with her boss that day!

Don became enraged. He came out of the bedroom and got into bed with Toni. He reached over and began to touch her. She pushed his hands away, telling him she was tired. Normally, he would have given up, but he was angry.

She yelled as he tried to run his hand under her pajama top. When she pushed it away, he tried to put his hand down her bottom. He was rebuffed again. Then his wife began to yell that he was a sex maniac and he should just go down and look at his computer girls.

He just looked at her as she berated him about looking at Internet porn. He said he wouldn't have to if she would have sex with him. She said she was tired of sex and had no desire any longer. She also made comments hinting that he was a bad lover and that was another reason she did not care for sex with him.

Don stormed out of the bedroom and went downstairs seething. He slept fitfully that night and left for work without talking to his wife. When he got there, there was a message on his voicemail from her telling him she wanted a divorce.

So this was it. He was angry. He was sad. He did not know what do to.

But he did. He thought suddenly of his friend. He called him and they agreed to meet for lunch. The details and money were worked out. Don went home and packed. While there, his wife and him fought again. And in the back of his mind he was thinking, you'll get yours soon enough.

A week passed and Toni was at work with her boss Gary. They made plans to meet at their usual motel. Gary went ahead as usual, getting the room. Toni would follow 15 minutes later with Gary leaving a key to the room in his front seat.

Toni arrived and found the key where Gary had left it. She entered the motel and took the elevator to the third floor. She walked down the hallway to room 312. She put the key into the lock and turned it. As she entered, she was surprised to see the room was dark.

It happened in a split second. Toni's arm was grabbed and she as pulled into the room and the door shut. A large hand covered her mouth and her arm was twisted behind her. She screamed, but a large hand muffled it. She heard a deep voice whisper in her ear to shut the fuck up, or she'd be hurt. Toni quickly stopped screaming.

The lights were turned on and she saw there were five other men and one woman in the room besides the one holding her. They all had masks covering their faces. Gary was tied to a chair, his hands and legs secured and a piece of tape covering his mouth. He looked scared to death.

Toni was drug over to a chair right beside him and tied in a similar fashion. Tape was placed over her mouth. The leader held up Gary's wallet and pulled out the money inside. It was several hundred dollars. He put it in his pocket. Then he opened Toni's purse and found her wallet. He removed some money from her wallet and placed it in his pocket also.

Both Gary and Toni hoped this would be a simple robbery and now that they had all of their money, they would leave without hurting them. Then the leader looked at the Gary's driver's license and then at Toni's. Then looked at both of their left hands and saw wedding rings.

You two are married, but not to each other? He said laughing.

Gary and Toni just stared at the man. He quickly placed a knife next to Gary's throat and asked if they were cheating on their spouses. Gary quickly nodded yes. The leader laughed again and said. I think we'll have to do something about that.

He told her that they were going to have a little party this afternoon. Then they we told that if they were both good, they would live. If they were not, they wouldn't see another morning. It was an idle threat, but Toni and Gary did not know that. And the knife being held against Gary's throat scared them incredibly.

Toni was asked if she understood and she nodded. Gary was asked the same and he nodded. The big man smiled and said let's get the party started. Toni looked at the six men. They were all large black men. She feared what might be coming next. She thought perhaps she could reason with them, offer them money and they might let her go.

They had other ideas.

The big man stood in front of her and placed the knife at her throat. He told her he was going to uncover her mouth and if she screamed, her throat would be cut. Did she understand? She nodded yes. He smiled and slowly pulled off the tape.

Toni began to softly beg for her release. She offered money, possessions, but they were not interested. The man smiled and told her she had only one thing they wanted. As he smiled, he pulled out a rolled cigarette and lit it. Toni recognized it quickly. She had smoked pot in college, but it had been years ago.

The man put it in her mouth and told her to inhale. She thought about refusing, but she felt the pressure of the knife on her throat. She inhaled and then coughed. The man laughed and took a long drag, than handed it back to Toni. She inhaled again, this time not coughing as bad as the first time.

The man told her to take the smoke deep into her lungs and hold it. They shared the joint a few more times and then it was passed around to the other men and the other woman. Another joint was lit and put into Toni's mouth. This one she had to herself, as the men watched her inhale the potent smoke. They saw her eyes getting glassy as inhaled puff after puff. She had no idea this joint was laced with some other potent drugs.

A third joint was lit and passed around eventually getting to Toni. 30 minutes had passed since she'd entered the room. The pot had taken its desired effect and she was as high as a kite. Her entire body felt like it was floating. The fear had left her and she fought to control her thoughts as the pot clouded her mind.

One last joint smoked, all of it by Toni. It too was laced with powerful drugs. Toni was now pretty much out of it. She was incredibly high. Her head rolled back and she looked blankly at the ceiling. Her mind full of jumbled confused thoughts. Toni felt herself being lifted up. Her bonds had been removed and she could barely open her eyes as she was stood up. Her arms were lifted over her head and her blouse quickly removed. Her bra was quickly pulled off and her nipples felt strange as the cold air hit them. She felt her slacks being pulled down and she was turned and laid down on the bed.

Gary could do nothing but watch as this was happening. As she was laid down, she tried to cover herself but she was not allowed to. The large black men looked at Toni and saw how far out of it she was. The leader then instructed the other men to hold her arms and legs. Four of them each grabbed an arm and leg and spread them out. She struggled slightly, but she could do nothing to stop them.

The black woman stood and slowly stripped off her clothes. Toni lay there with her eyes half closed, floating in a haze staring off into space, as the leader instructed the woman to prepare Toni for what was about to happen. Toni watched as she undressed, not comprehending much of what was going on. She closed her eyes and drifted off into a drug-induced haze.

Toni felt a weight upon her and soft kisses kissing her neck and then her breasts. It felt so good, her nipples felt electric as they were expertly licked and sucked. Toni felt so aroused. Her mind began to fill with sexual thoughts, memories of what Gary and her had done. Then she slowly opened her eyes and reality hit her as she saw the woman slowly kissing her way down to her pussy.

Her mind was a mess of jumbled thoughts. She felt like she was floating out of her body, out of control. She weakly said, No, please stop. But she was ignored as the young black woman began to softly lick the outer folds of Toni's pussy. Toni squirmed and softly begged for her again to stop. She was ignored as the young black woman licked and sucked Toni's pussy.

Gary had to watch as the young black woman played with Toni's pussy. She slowly began to push a finger in and out of Toni as she softly tongued her clit. Toni struggled weakly against the four men holding her, but she could do little other than lifting her torso and trying to get away from the young woman licking her privates.

All that did was push the woman on. She began to lick and suck on Toni's clit while she pushed one and then two fingers in and out of her pussy. Toni struggled in and out of awareness. What was happening to her what so repugnant to her, but it also felt unlike anything she'd ever felt. She was so high she was having trouble sorting out her thoughts.

Toni's clit felt like it was 6 inches long. The nerve endings were so sensitive and were exploding in pleasure as the young black girl gently sucked and then rolled her tongue softly over it. Then as she began to finger fuck her harder while she lightly flicked her tongue over her clit, Toni's body began to shudder in pleasure.

The leader instructed the men holding Toni's arms to suck on her nipples. Toni weakly begged them not to, but the men ignored her and began nursing on her large nipples. Their attention sent further shock waves of pleasure rippling through her body. The drugs had her so messed up she could barely resist what was happening to her.

Gary watched as the men and the woman played with Toni. He felt sick to his stomach and so helpless. He saw her body rise and fall now in rhythm with the attention of the young black girl. Toni's eyes now closed as her head moved from side to side and her breathing becoming more and more shallow.

He looked over and saw one of the black men now taping what was happening. He had a huge grin on his face as he filmed the action. The leader walked over to Gary and smiled as he began to undress. He was huge and muscular. He smiled at Gary as he dropped his trousers and under shorts. He stroked his large black cock hard and asked Gary how he thought his girlfriend would like this. His cock was huge and black. Gary turned away in disgust.

The leader moved between Toni's legs and instructed the young girl to shift around so she could lick Toni's clit as he fucked her. The two men holding Toni's legs raised and spread them as the leader positioned his cock at her moist opening. The young black girl moved around next to Toni. She spread Toni's pussy lips apart and began softly flicking her tongue over Toni's swollen clit.

The leader looked down at Toni as he rubbed his huge black cock up and down Toni's very wet pussy slit. His cock head was soon coated in the juices leaking from Toni's aroused pussy. Gary watched as Toni humped back slightly against his huge black cock moving up and down her pussy slit. He then positioned his cock at her opening and slowly pushed it in.

Toni's eyes were still closed but her breathing instantly became more labored. Her face slightly contorted and she moaned softly as her body jumped slightly in reaction to his entry. The leader laughed and told the men to watch her and see how good he fucked this cheating white married whore.

Gary was sitting on the side of the bed facing Toni. He wanted so to help her, to stop what was happening, but he was helpless. He looked at Toni's face and saw her eyes were still closed and her mouth slightly open as she began to breath even harder. He watched as her body reacted in passion to the massive black man slowly entering his girlfriend. Then he heard her moan deeply, as with each stroke of his massive cock, the leader went deeper and deeper.

The leader looked down at Toni. He watched how her face twisted in pleasure as he slowly fed her more and more of his massive black cock. The young girl pulled the hood covering her clit back even more and began to flick her tongue around it at a slightly more frantic pace. That made Toni's body jump in delight.

The leader slowly pushed deeper and deeper into Toni's pussy. After each deep thrust he would slowly withdraw before pushing his huge black cock back into her, going just a bit deeper each time. His cock was now shiny with the juices beginning to ooze from her enflamed pussy. Inch by inch, he pushed more and more of his massive black cock into her waiting pussy.

He felt his own passion begin to rise and he now was almost full buried in her pussy. It felt tight and hot as began to fuck her with long deep slow strokes. On the third deep stroke, he hit bottom and Toni moaned loudly as her pussy was filled with cock like never before.

He turned towards Gary and told him he as going to ruin her fucking pussy for his tiny white cock. Keep watching, he told him, and I'll make this whore cum like she's never before. The men holding Toni's legs now let them go, and they rested on the massive arms of the huge black man fucking her.

Toni began to pant and moan as the massive black man began to fuck her harder and harder. The young black girl began to flick Toni's clit at a faster pace with her tongue. Gary could see Toni pumping back against them and wetness now seeping out of her aroused pussy. He could also hear the excitement as she began to moan louder and louder as she was being fucked.

The leader then signaled the girl to back off and he pushed Toni's legs back as far as he could as he rammed his massive cock at a furious pace. He lifted himself up slightly and began to fuck her with deep hard strokes, grunting loudly on each thrust. Toni began to thrash and moan, her arms now locked around the heads of the men still nursing on her nipples, holding them in place, as her eyes opened slightly as she looked up at the massive black man fucking her.

Her eyes were glassy and her mouth opened as she began to repeat, Oh God, Oh God over and over again. The leader felt her clenching her pussy tight against him, her body urging him to fuck her harder and deeper and faster.

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